15 Of The Best Hairstyles For All Face Shapes

There are six different face shapes: heart, oval, round, square, oblong and diamond. And when it comes to finding the right hairstyle, it helps to know which category one’s face falls into. Would bangs or a bob be a good idea? Can a square face pull off long tresses or a pixie cut? Feeling confident is key and the key to confidence is accentuating the assets and camouflaging any self-received problem areas.

How can one tell where their face fits in? Here’s a quick refresher: Heart faces have wider foreheads and cheekbones with a more pointed chin. Oval faces are longer than they are wide with a forehead that’s wider than the chin. Round faces are just that, round, with the length and width being about equal. Square faces have very a defined jawline that match the width of the forehead. Oblong faces are quite long, even more so than an oval face with a pointed chin. And finally, diamond faces are all about the cheekbones, with them being the widest and most prominent part of the face. Now which popular hairstyles go along with these face shapes?

15 A Choppy Bob For Heart Faces

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According to About Style, a long, choppy bob full of texture and wave are perfect for heart-shaped faces. This cut softens the severity of a pointed chin but accentuates all the beautiful points of its figure, from the full cheekbones and beyond. Create layers because a super clean bob won’t help to romanticize the features of the hearts. And make sure to finish the style with extra tousling for interest and personality.

14 Curved Bangs For Oval Faces

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Longer, curved bangs are the perfect way to top a long, oval face. Following Allure Magazine’s advice, “Bangs on an oval face are a great choice, because they change the face shape by shortening its length.” Nix blunt cuts though, as the curved ends will add focus to the eyes. It’s also suggested to use a bit of smoothing serum to get a chic, frizz-less look like Liz Tyler’s.

13 A Topknot For Round Faces


Kaley Cuoco stuns with a slick topknot, an easy breezy way to get hair up and off the face. And when the face is round, attention and the eye is drawn up and away from the extra volume in the face. These styles create a longer, leaner look without overwhelming a round shape with “too much” hair around the cheek and chin area. Luckily this can adorn both more formal and more casual events throughout the year, from red carpets to days at the beach.

12 A Lob For Square Faces


Women with square faces dawn a more severe jawline, and the goal is to soften the look. And according to Cosmopolitan, getting a “lob” cut – aka the Long Bob – is just the way to do it. The magazine explains, “the two straight side panels of hair that hang down right beside each cheekbone, slightly mask the width of the cheekbones, forehead and jawline that widen a square face. These factors combines is why this style is spot-in for an angular shape.” You can even go for a tousled look by using some root-boosting mousse and a curling rod.

11 A Classic Bob For Oblong Faces

via In Style

One of the goals for oblong faces is to soften the chin and shorten its overall appearance. And one way to do that is to cut the hair into a classic bob. Chin-length or a bit longer like Courtney Cox’s, bob will break up a longer face and give the illusion of a shorter appearance. This look also takes the focus away from the chin with the visual divisions. Depending on the day or events, bobs can easily be made as a friendlier, waved style or sleek and chic, tucked behind the ear.

10 Full-Length Cuts For Diamond Faces

With the widest point of the face occurring at the cheekbone, diamond faces will want to blend their shape as much as possible. With longer tresses full of volume, Ashley Greene is able to frame her face giving it a more rounded appearance. The sideswept bangs also help to break up any extra length one may have throughout the face if they are looking to shorter the appearance.

9 A Slick, Cropped Cut For Heart Faces

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Don’t be afraid to show off a heart-shaped face, says Allure Magazine. For example, Jessica Stroup dawns a chic, cropped cut all the while not bothered by the attention it brings to her pointed chin. For women with asymmetrical, severe beauty, these looks are perfection when in need of elegance, sophisticated and a bit of confident dramatics. To get the hair this straight and smooth, use a flat iron and texturing cream or serum.

8 A Long Fringe For Oval Faces


Those with oval faces have tons of versatility when it comes to their hair. From formal curls to this classic, long fringe cut worn by Jessica Biel, it’s super easy to navigate the tresses department with this space. Even with this simple cut, which breaks up the oval face, accentuates and utilizes the length of an oval. Add the sheen with an anti-frizz serum and tousle the top and add volume with a root lifter.

7 Longer, Angled Layers For Round Faces


Round faces have to be careful not to overwhelm themselves with too much hair around the face, so if they’re looking to dawn long locks it’s important to create angle and shape. According to Redbook, Lauren Ambrose got it right with her lengthy look. The angled layers provide more length to her face without accentuating its roundness. A curling iron or rod can help recreate the simple, flyaway tousling.

6 Voluminous Updos For Square Faces


According to Marie Claire, one way to style the hair of round faces rather than just a cut is to create a voluminous updo. Whether a ponytail or bun, create height at the crown of the head. For example, with Jessica Simpson’s look, attention is drawn to her cheekbones and beautifully-structured cheekbones. This style is all about embracing a woman’s natural face shape instead of giving the illusion of change.

5 Messy Short Cuts For Oblong Faces

via Cosmopolitan

If one is bold enough, a messy pixie cut may be the route that should be taken. Shorter on the sides and longer on the top, Stella Tennant rocks this short do with a fierce confidence. And as Cosmopolitan says, “her style doesn’t add too much volume, which is key, since height tends to elongate the face even more.” This beachy wave can be created with a bit of tousling spray, sea salt spray or a quick flip of the hairdryer.

4 Deep Side Parts For Diamond Faces

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Use a deep, side part to pull attention away from the center of the face or a widow’s peak. Instead of accentuating the thinness of the forehead and chin, bring focus to a different point on the head. This creates a fullness to the entire appearance. And just like Jessica Alba, create a chic look by using some smoothing serum and a flat iron to complete the look.

3 Side Swept Bangs For Heart Faces


As previously mentioned, heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and cheeks with a pointed chin. So, when piecey, sideswept bangs are cut the attention is drawn away from the chin. This look brings a balance throughout the face and compliments the sharpness with a soft style. According to Allure, the key is to cut the bangs vertically and a bit longer than the eyebrow – never straight across or too short. Just like Reese Witherspoon, it’s flirtatious, it’s romantic and it’s ultra-feminine.

2 Pixie Cuts For Round Faces

via Total Beauty

It’s hard to pull off a pixie cut with this much ease. But Ginnifer Goodwin does is seamlessly. Total Beauty says, “For round faces, the goal is to make it more elongated by providing height at the crown.” This look is for confident women with bold, sophisticated style. And with the addition of the asymmetrical bangs, a round face gets a slightly slimmer illusion. These framing accents cut the broadness giving a more slender appearance.

1 Loose Waves For Square Faces


Jennifer Garner made a perfect choice when deciding on this feminine and free hairstyle. The loose waves and sideswept, fringed bangs soften her jawline, giving her a romantic and touchable appearance. As Marie Claire explains, these type of womanly and delicate styles diffuse sharper bone structures. Curling rods opposed to the irons will give one this look in a matter of minutes with a bit of silk cream around the bang area to calm any frizz.

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