Riverdale Cast: 15 Steamy Beach Pictures

Are you searching for the hot celebrities from your new favorite show Riverdale? Just go by the water! Judging by these photos, they're sure to show up eventually.

It's summer, which means it's boiling outside and we are THIRSTY. Thankfully, there is no shortage of seductive photos of the Riverdale cast to keep us fully quenched.

If you haven't seen Season 1 of Riverdale, we couldn't recommend it more highly. It's all on Netflix, so binge it now. Season 2 is coming October 11, and we're already counting down the days.

Not only is the show amazing, but also, it has some added bonuses. As you'll see below, you're in for some serious eye candy, AKA the whole cast.

The super gorgeous actors of Riverdale looking sexy and beach-ready are the perfect summer treat for you to enjoy. These photos of them relaxing and enjoying life together are charming and irresistible. Plus, they've got more than just looks. They're all super talented and best friends in real life. What more could a girl ask for?

Which photos are your favorites? Or, to put it more accurately, which ones are you making your phone background ASAP? We're dying to know. As for us, clearly, we couldn't pick only one. Please enjoy these pics as much as we are!

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15 Beach Buffs Got Us Seeing Double

E! Online

How can they relax when there are still so many questions left lingering until Season 2? Well, it's easy when they have such great company and equally lovely weather.

Lily is looking flawless framed by the equally enticing Sprouse twins. It's kind of surreal to see them somewhere warm and bright where their biggest concern is sunburn and not finding out who murdered Jason Blossom!

We love the twin and best friend energy we're getting and are certainly hoping for more. But we are still waiting (and hoping!) for Lily or Cole to confirm their relationship. Is it a date with Dylan as a third wheel or simply a bunch of pals hanging out? I guess we'll have to keep watching to find out what develops.

14 Enjoying The View


Wow, what a beautiful view. Also, the scenery is nice, too.

KJ Apa doesn't even have to try, and it's not fair. But we're not mad. The blessings of his beauty are available to all thanks to Riverdale, Instagram, and some killer photography skills, and that's something to be excited about. Again, he's totally at home in nature, but if we saw him walking down the street, we'd find it hard to act natural while containing all of our excitement!

If you can't find the sun in the picture, it's his billowing hair in the wind. Maybe you didn't notice because of his perfectly chiseled profile. Those rocks look like they're waiting to be climbed, but they're hard to focus on when those rock-hard abs are calling the names of each fan near and far.

13 Forecast: Burning Up!


Camila is just as fabulous as the sassy, lovable Veronica Lodge she portrays so well. There's nothing more attractive than a girl with intelligence, and her book assures us that she's more than a pretty face. Not to mention her talent—she totally killed Season 1 and we're sure more greatness is yet to come in Season 2. But we have to admit, though her skills are captivating, we do get distracted by her gorgeous grin, and that bow bikini top is too hot to handle. And her dancing scenes in the show prove that she knows how to work it!

While a B&W filter can be hit-or-miss, we declare this one a success. But with our crush on Camila, there are absolutely no shades of grey.

Hey Camila, next time you take a beach trip, don't forget to call us!

12 "I Like Netflix And Long Walks On The Beach"


If KJ Apa told us he wanted to take us for a shoreside stroll, we would definitely join him despite the cliché. He is the kind of guy who cameras were made for, but it's really not fair to the scenery. He's simply too beautifully distracting.

His adorable squint into the sunlight and his contagious smile are only outshined by the abs. He's been working out to achieve what we think are some top-notch results.

Ladies, as far as we know, he's single, so let's get one of us on every beach and let fate decide. Someone has to be the lucky girl to bump into him and join him on that walk down the beach, but until that moment comes, we're framing this photo and rewatching Season 1 over and over again.

Oh, Riverdale! You have given us so much to be thankful for, and we can't wait to see what more is to come. Who are you most excited to see back in Season 2, and who is your Riverdale crush? Share and comment, because we're dying to know!

11 Birthday Babes (Yes, We Ship It)

Hollywood Life

If you love Jughead and Betty together in the show, you'll love Cole Sprouse and Lily Reinhart together in real life. Friends or more, we're obsessed with seeing their killer chemistry on- and off-camera. They're both amazing, drop-dead gorgeous people, and together, it's too much to handle.

These two look like they're about to enjoy a gorgeous sunset by the water, and to us, that sounds like goals. Unlike his character, Cole was happy to get dressed up sans-beanie and celebrate his August birthday. Like a typical Leo, he's happiest warmly cozied up to someone close to him, all while looking fierce. While Jughead may prefer the double feature route and Betty would usually don an ultra-tight ponytail, we're glad we got this cute shot of two of our favs all classy and cuddly by the beach as themselves.

10 Hot Water, Hotter Guy


Before KJ Apa showed up, the water was frozen over, but now, it's a real hot tub.

This guy is always out in nature, and he's equally comfortable and at home, whether he's enjoying a hot tub or a long walk on the beach. He's really as lovely as his character Archie, if not more so.

Though he's an adorable redhead as Archie, we have to say, his natural brown hair is irresistible and fits him perfectly. His tattoo is super cool too, and its meaning is even better. It's an homage to his family; his father is a Samoan chief and the symbol shows his pride for his heritage. With his authenticity, killer bod, and genuine smile, what's not to love?

Also, like his character, he plays guitar and wants to produce his own music someday. Swooning yet?

9 50 Shades of Bae


Cole Sprouse looks like he escaped a Shakespearian play to take this photo, but we're totally cool skipping his role as Romeo to see him as Jughead on Riverdale.

Although, the theatrical quality is never lacking in his character. Jughead's dark, angsty energy radiates through every aspect of his personality, including his writing, his relationships, and his style. Cole himself is a thoughtful, talented, and creative guy, and this picture captures the intersection between him and his character. His whole Insta is super artsy photos. The fact that he's by the water in swamp form is all-too-fitting. And to us? This emotional, dramatic type is super hot!

His diverse acting background in Friends, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and more makes this role all the more impressive. His versatility is a testament to his talent, and it never fails to impress.

8 Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Ross?


"People sometimes call me... shade-y ?No, but actually. Not trying to be punny. I don't appreciate it."

The only things better sculpted than Ross Butler's puns are his abs. Seriously -- brains and brawn? This is what dreams are made of. He certainly deserved this Men's Health shoot. It's really unfair to the rest of men how attractive he is. If his character Reggie wasn't the meanest dude on the football team, he'd certainly have all eyes on him.

Lucky for us, Ross is a real-life guy with a lot more charm than his character, plus a sense of humor and a lot of acting talent. In addition to Riverdale, you may recognize him from Disney or Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.

We'd be down to get into our swimsuits and jump in the pool with him.

7 All The Troubles Floating Away


Don't you wish there was another tube right next to her with you in it? We're already blushing just thinking about it.

While most of us look like soggy umbrellas when we jump in the pool wearing a shirt, Camila Mendes is redefining the look. Hey, when you're that attractive, you can pretty much get away with anything. Her laugh is adorable, and did we mention her eyebrows? #onfleek

Her character Veronica is the kind of girl who can show up out of nowhere and immediately make friends, be comfortable, and become someone everyone wants to be around. Similarly, Camila is adored by fans and cast members alike. She's shamelessly herself and that's the hottest thing about her. Though we do love how gorgeous she is, too!

6 Lakeside Ladies


Because of the power of Riverdale, Lily and Camila have the closest friendship, and thankfully, they're documenting it on Instagram. As Camila so perfectly captioned the photo on Insta, these two ladies are "just 2 crispy mcnuggets tryna live life." There's no doubt that we can all relate to their goofy, adorable vibes. The only problem? McNuggets are usually served lukewarm, but these two are smokin'!

These beautiful girls have eyes you could melt in, and those soft smiles are so endearing. The backdrop is the ultimate summer site that is the envy of all. Boats and BFFs always make for the best times, and it's even better when they're making such a splash with the hit show that they dominate. We can't wait to see them cozy and cute in the park this fall!

5 Do You Even Lift, Bro?


"When you tryna get outta the pool all sexy for bae but realize you don't have the upper body strength till it's too late." Ross' Insta description absolutely nails the vibe of this photo. This Men's Health photo shoot is the gift that keeps on giving.

Clearly, he has more than enough upper body strength to spare, but he still has a way to make it relatable to the rest of us who have probably done fewer push-ups. His goofy comments compliment his muscles perfectly. Handsome and humble? It's all anyone could ever want.

Ross has got a great road ahead of him, and, even if we hate Reggie as a person, we are huge fans of how Ross plays the character. We're also pretty into the way he looks. Have we mentioned that?

4 Saucy In Every Way


Everybody knows that there's nothing more you need for a summer day than pizza, a pool, and a beautiful girl.

Camila Mendes is adorable and relatable as always. Whether she's dressing it up or dressing it down, she looks like a goddess. Her form-fitting "Your America" swimsuit is a super sleek choice, because our American dream is everything in this picture, even if the reality includes a little more pizza and Camila on the small screen and not in our backyards. While Veronica is used to pearls and designer clothes, it's so refreshing seeing that her actress is super down-to-earth and exactly like us.

She doesn't have a bad angle, and each new photo of her seems like the new best. Her flowing hair and playful glance tie together the look and what looks like the ideal afternoon. Keep killing it, girl. We're loving every minute of it!

3 Coachella Casual


Nothing screams summer like lounging by the pool with a drink in hand to enjoy good weather and good music. And that goes for celebrities too!

This photo of Lily Reinhart (or Reinhartthrob as the case may be) lounging back at Coachella is sure to make your day. She has gorgeous legs for days, a trendy messy bun (much unlike her character!), and a drink we wish had two straws.

It'd be a dream come true to be there partying it up at Coachella with her. This blonde beauty is just as fun and friendly as her character. In her words, "I’m like her in the sense that I do have a lot of love to give. She cares so much about her family and friends, and that’s how I am." She is too cool!

2 Artsy Ashleigh


Carefree and hotter than the summer sunshine, Ashleigh Murray is killing this rainbow bikini and looking as gorgeous as she does as Josie. Even without the cat ears, she's as fierce as ever. We're all about her dynamite presence onstage as the lead singer of The Pussycats, but we love seeing her relaxing and being herself by some gorgeous palm trees.

Ashleigh's musical talent is clear from her role, and we're obsessed with hearing her rock out. But we're as equally into seeing her dancing vibes in this photo as herself. Hands in the air towards the sky like she's at a concert, Ashleigh clearly has music in her veins like her character Josie, and we're right there with her. We look forward to seeing more of her in Season 2, not to mention more stunning photos of her like these.

1 Baes Catching Rays


Ahh, the whole cast together as flawless as ever. They're actually all great friends in real life, and it's adorable. Their cast trip to Mexico City is a vacation that totally gives us FOMO. It's just, all these beautiful people in such an incredible city beach-ready AF is too much for our young hearts to handle.

Again, to clarify, they weren't filming. They were literally there to hang out. On a completely unrelated note, is Riverdale hiring a new squad photographer, travel agent, stylist or even just someone to clean their set? Look, any way to get in with them would be worth it.

A hit show, a squad of super-attractive co-stars, and a location to die for? Riverdale really does make dreams come true. Excuse us until we continue living through these photos until the new season drops!

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