15 Female Prison Guards Who Fell For Inmates

I won’t lie, it’s tough out there wading in the shallow end of the dating pool as a single gal – but, man, there are some lines that some women shouldn't really cross. Like, ever. “Dating” an inmate while on the job should be a rather obvious one, but a lot of professional female guards didn’t get that specific memo. Sure, we’ve been exposed to the dyslexic version of these stories: we see and hear about MALE prison guards who fall for inmates all the time (or take advantage of them), mainly through episodes of Orange is the New Black. But what happens to women when they end up falling hard for convicts while on the job? As we can see with these 15 stories, it’s not at ALL a fairy tale that Walt Disney would touch with a 15-foot pole, and some of these women simply do not care that they’ve ruined their lives in the least.

15 The Rule of Fours

If you’re a single guy and hate it, you might want to look into taking a trip (up the river) to Baltimore. Back in 2013, four (yes, FOUR) female prison guards became pregnant by the same inmate at the Baltimore City Jail. Those four guards were among 25 people who ended up facing federal charges for being involved in a major smuggling gang inside the system. 13 of those were actually female guards. The ringleader of the gang, Tavon White, made as much as $16,000 from smuggling cell phones, greens, prescription pills, and cigarettes into the prison in order to sell to other inmates. White was known to shower two of those female guards with gifts and gave diamond rings to three of the officers he knocked up. Dude likes to get around.

14 A Happy (?) Marriage

Sometimes, women happen to stumble upon their fairy tale ending when they fall in love with the man of their dreams… while giving him a cavity search. Jenee worked at a correctional facility as a corrections officer when she met and fell in love with Robert, a man who was serving time for second degree manslaughter. “I was standing there with my brother and a close friend and I looked at her and we kind of met eyes and I told those two, “That’s gonna be my girl one of these days,”” Robert told Cosmopolitan magazine back in 2014. “They were just looking at me like, “You don’t even know her name!” The two didn’t speak other than professionally at first, even though both were attracted to each other. “It didn’t scare me, knowing the person I knew,” Jenee said of her now-husband’s crimes. “I knew when I met him that there had to be a reason for his actions.” Uh, how romantic?

13 Stepping Out of Line

Sometimes you end up falling in love with a guy, and sometimes, you end up being charged with assault for falling in love with that very same guy. A Rikers Island correctional officer by the name of Nicole Bartley was arrested for planning to sneak drugs into the jail in order to give it to the inmate she was in love with and “dating”. “I was in love with him,” Bartley said in her criminal complaint. “He used me and played me for a fool. I was intimate with him on one occasion in the jail a few days before January 30.” Bartley was charged with third degree assault because inmates can’t legally consent under New York law. Goes to show you, you could never really trust a convict… that you know is a convict because you literally work in the prison where he’s serving time.

12 The Joyce Mitchell Debacle

Sometimes, you just get played like a fiddle – maybe it’s because you’re desperate and lack the self-esteem (not to mention the self-awareness) needed in order to survive out on your own. This appears to be the case for Joyce Mitchell, a prison tailor-shop supervisor who fell head over heels in love with a convicted murderer named Richard Matt. Mitchell was so in love that she aided Matt and another convicted murderer (David Sweat) with the tools they needed to make their escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemore, New York. Mitchell was duped by Matt and the other inmate into believing the murderer actually reciprocated her feelings. Mitchell even said she had a relationship with Sweat as well while she was working at the prison tailor shop. The murderers successfully broke out of the prison thanks to Mitchell’s help.

11 "Besotted" Stuff

Sometimes, you just can’t stop love from slapping you right in the face. This was the case of Hannah Stewart, who fell head over heels in love with an inmate named Andrelle Leedham at the Staffordshire Prison. The pair had actually met in the education department of the prison before he was released. Steward started being intimate with the convict on a normal basis and even started smuggling him in cell phones, liquor, and drugs in order to sell. Of course, like most of these cases, Leedham was just using the prison officer for his own personal gain. Leedham was reportedly extremely charming and had Stewart wrapped around his little pinky. Stewart picked up the supposed contraband from Leeham’s mother the day before she was scheduled to work and would deliver the goods to her boyfriend.

10  Some Inmate Lovin'

Man, a LOT of crap goes down at Rikers Island when it comes to guards doing the nasty with prison inmates. Talk about intimately-starved women. Yolanda Dickinson, who worked at the prison from 1997-2004 called the events that would transpire between guards and the inmates a "soap opera”. “There are a lot of lonely single women on the jobs, and you’re surrounded by these cute guys,” Dickinson explained about her place of work. “They’re working out. They’re attractive.” Um, they’re also hard criminals serving time. Dickinson claims that while she was never intimate with an inmate herself, she witnessed a great deal of her co-workers fall for the charms of some of the criminals, and she even STARTED to fall for a former gang member who bragged about killing another criminal. “People looked up to him for that. He said he did the world a favor.” Dickinson said that she started looking at the inmate differently after he told her that and developed a soft spot for him. Yikes.

9 So Very Lonely

Earlier this year, a 31-year female prison guard was crucified by her co-workers for forming an illicit relationship with a murderer inmate named Kieran Loveridge in Mid North Coast Correctional Centre in Kempsey. Loveridge, nicknamed “One-Punch Killer” was serving time for fatally punching another inmate in a different prison before being moved to the prison where he began a relationship with the young female guard. “Makes it bad for all officers and especially women,” one female prison officer commented on Facebook about the recent string of illicit affairs going on between prisoners and guards. Of course, the guard in question apparently smuggled items in to Loveridge and communicated with him using aliases during their relationship. JUST GIVE ONLINE DATING A GO, LADIES, JEEZ – YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE “THAT” LONELY.

8 Crazy Inmate Affairs

Back in 2009, a then 20-year old Jang-Li Delgado-Galban was arrested and charged with breaking-and-entering and assault in Washington County, Oregon. Then, a couple years later, he reportedly pursued two female prison guards and was able to get them to do his bidding for him in exchange for physical action. One of the women was even the wife of a sheriff’s deputy who was literally caught on video being intimate with Delgado-Galban inside a supply closet at the prison. In a twist of fate, Delgado-Galban ended up filing a lawsuit claiming that his Eighth Amendment rights were violated by the affair he had with the guards. Oregon passed a law over a decade ago that bars any intimate contract between inmates and guards and inmates are unable to actually consent to any and all intimate acts while they’re still a prisoner. Remember, it’s just not worth it, ladies.

7 Corruption in Florida

It’s not just all male prisons that cover up corruption between inmates and guards – it happens at all female prisons too between female inmates and female guards. This happened to be the case with multiple officers at the Florida Department of Corrections who had been known to abuse inmates. The acts of violence had been going on for years and inmates claim that the officers treated prisoners with so much disdain, that they couldn’t remain silent any longer. Female guards had been accused of forcing themselves on inmates from 2011 to 2015. The inmates claimed that the act would be forced on them in bathrooms, closets, and even at the officers’ stations. The guards would often use their power over the inmates in order to force them into non-consensual affairs and would yield to the officers’ demands. The corruption got so bad that the warden had to step down and was replaced with Angela Gordon, who claimed that the abuse wasn’t as widespread as the prisoners originally stated.

6 Sticky Situation

Note to self: Never, EVER get involved with a carjacking prisoner, no matter how charming they happen to be. A female prison guard by the name of Alison Sharples was so enamored by a Category B Garth prisoner by the name of Marvin Berkeley, that she told others she was planning on having a baby with the inmate. In order to succeed in her plan to spawn with the prisoner, Berkeley handed her a plastic bag with contained his swimmers so the guard would be able to artificially inseminate herself once she was off the clock at work. But as she made her way through the security gate in order to head home, the medicine syringe that was filled with Berkeley's “little guys” was quickly confiscated. This led to her house being searched and officials discovered a love letter from Berkeley hidden inside one of her drawers. Sharples was then incarcerated herself for seven months for misconduct.

5 Fired For Getting It On

Sure, getting busy on the job will most likely get anyone in trouble, unless you happen to be an adult star. A prison guard by the name of Dawn Sheard learned this the hard way after being intimate with a prisoner while on the job. Not only was Sheard arrested for getting it on with some of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet, but a great deal of her co-workers were even sacked and arrested for doing the same thing. Around 60 guards were found guilty of having physical relationships with inmates in 36 different prisons all over the UK since 2010. Sheard was caught due to the fact that she made 580 calls between her and a prisoner inside the Doncaster Jail in a small span of two months. You’d think that after so many women have been arrested for having inappropriate relations with prisoners, at least female guards would learn to be a little more discrete.

4 Federal Investigation

Female prison guard Nancy Gonzalez is widely known for actually getting pregnant by a inmate with a known cop killer. Not only did Gonzalez do the nasty with a murderer, she also claimed that she got intimate with at least eight co-workers and two supervisors all while ON duty at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Oh, and she also threw another inmate in the mix too during those busy two years. Once caught, Gonzalez pleaded guilty to being intimate with inmate Ronell Wilson, who had been jailed for killing two undercover police officers. All of Gonzalez’s co-workers weren’t shocked after she was found guilty of all the allegations put upon her. Most people claimed that Gonzalez was a product of her environment and that she was just able to get away with both having consensual and non-consensual relations because everyone in the prison is thought of as “fair game”.

3 It's Not As Uncommon As You'd Think

It’s a very odd world when a woman has to stoop to contacting inmates trapped behind prison walls in order to get a little attention when, you know, nice guys on the outside can’t even catch a break. It’s another thing altogether when some women are resorted to treating the men in their workplace as objects for their own personal use. Two female prisons officers in a Jackson, Louisiana prison were accused of getting busy with some of the inmates. Bernadette Ellis and Terez Wicker were arrested on charges of malfeasance in the office. It’s plain to see that lonely women just fall for the attention of the inmates and some even consider it a pick-up opportunity, so all these happenings are not as uncommon as one thinks (well, obviously).

2 The Anita Whittaker Story

Anita Whittaker was a 53-year old female prison officer who had an affair with a prisoner at the HM Wormwood Scrubs in London and was sentenced to 15 months in jail. Whittaker had been exchanging love letters with an inmate named Kazadi Kongolo, who was more than 15-years her junior. Kongolo was serving a life sentence for stabbing a teenager to death. Elie Godsi, a clinical psychologist believes that the attraction between a guard and an inmate is considered forbidden fruit, which is a draw on both ends of the spectrum. “It’s really about [prison staff] being excited or attracted by the fact that something is forbidden so it becomes their little secret,” Godsi explains. “Something only they know about and which no one else could possible understand. A ‘we love each other against all obstacles’ kind of thing.”

1 And Now, Zanib Khan

Young Zanib Khan had her entire life ahead of her when she decided to have a relationship with not one convict, but multiple drug dealers and robbers who were placed behind bars of the prison she worked for. Khan was caught exchanging erotic letters with the prisoners, and has at least ten hours of phone calls to the inmates under her belt. “When people come out and try to have a relationship, it’s extremely unlikely it’s going to be successful because the strains of being in the real world kicks in,” Godsi goes on to say about prisoner/female relationships. “It’s a relationship formed in a completely different boundary-setting that can’t survive in the real world. Almost invariably, it’s going to end in tears.” Do most of these guards know and understand that? Or are they just in it for the thrill, like most shrinks say?

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