15 Female Habits Guys Care About Most

This will come as no surprise to any of us who are in relationships, or have been in relationships: guys really do care about our hygiene. As much as we try to hide flaws, or even embrace them, there’s always the few things that slip through the cracks. Usually, it doesn’t matter, at least to us females out there. For guys, though, they see them as shortcomings. Gross things that are so far out of their field of experience they can’t help but judge. They’re watching every step of the way when we get ready, and they’ve gone to the anonymity of the Internet to tell us what matters most to them.

While that doesn’t mean we have to care about what they think, it does mean that most of us have a few hygiene habits that we may be lacking on. The men of Reddit have spoken (very loudly) and they’ve told us what hygiene habits they care the most about. You might be surprised… Some of these are habits that we didn’t even realize mattered! Guys notice the funniest things. While it’s not enough to make us change, it sure is enough to give us a laugh… After all, men have some pretty gross habits, too.

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15 Messy Eating - Yes, Girls, Pay Attention When Chomping Those Fries

cosmopolitan.com / IG

If you’re anything like us, you LOVE food. Cheesy, salty, carb-laden goodness is more than enough to help you heal and grow no matter what tragedy is happening in your life. Whether it’s your boyfriend breaking up with you or failing a super important midterm, pizza and wings will always be there. With love comes passion, which means less self control than you might want. Especially when it comes to the actual process of eating the food. Messy eating is inevitable with some things, but it’s actually one of guys’ most hated hygiene habits.

Reddit has spoken: “If a girl can’t eat without getting food all over herself or her face, I can’t date her. It makes it seem like she’s a toddler who can’t handle the simple function of getting food into her mouth.”

14 That Dry Shampoo Is NOT Covering Your Grease Up!

@stef.s_style / pinterest.com

“My girlfriend thinks that spraying stuff in her hair is good enough and so she won’t wash it for a few days. I don’t get it. It just looks… greasy.”

This comment comes from a Reddit user who has clearly never let their hair grease build up. While we haven’t used much dry shampoo before, we do know that it works in a pinch to minimize the look of grease. But after a few days? This Reddit user is probably right. Their girlfriend needs to re-evaluate her choices, and maybe rinse her roots more often than she is now. While we might not mind some grease (it definitely makes the flyaways more manageable), other people take real issue with it… Especially the guys who are rubbing their faces in our hair at the end of the day.

13 Pimple Popping Should Be Minimal, Especially If It Hits The Mirror

pinterest.co.uk / IG @bananaorgasms

“She used to have pretty bad acne and would spend a while every morning popping it in the bathroom. I remember watching her one day and seeing her get so close that the juice would hit the mirror post-pop. I don’t think she ever cleaned it off either.”

This story is one of the worst we’ve come across. Ladies, not only is popping zits a bad way to get scars, but it’s also actually really gross! There are so many other options out there for fixing your skin problems that popping them onto the mirror shouldn’t be an option. At least keep a tissue there for clean up! While some of these hygiene habits we don’t think guys should care about, this one is certainly one that we all can agree on.

12 Fake Nail Flakes (And Fall Offs)

pinterest.com / @amandabork_

Fake nails are awesome. Whether you go for acrylics or press-ons, there’s nothing better than giving other girls nail envy. Colour, length, shape, bedazzling… There are just so many options! But sometimes, especially with press-ons, things can get ugly.

“This one time I was making the bed and found a fingernail in the sheets. I freaked out until I realized my girlfriend wore fake nails and it had just fallen off. Super gross, though. I thought it was real!”

While most fake nails are pretty obviously fake, there are some that have more of a heightened natural look. Apparently, when those fall off (or break off) it can be pretty terrifying… Especially if your guy doesn’t know! The moral of this story? Keep your nails ON, or else they might think you’re losing them completely.

11 That Wet Ball Of Hair On The Shower Wall Isn’t Going Unnoticed


You might think you’re doing a favor by taking those hairs that accumulate and sticking them to the wall of the shower rather than letting them go down the drain. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. It’s kind of scary to find a lump of something in the shower.

“My gf sticks hairballs to the shower wall and it’s terrifying because they look like spiders.”

This situation might not apply to you, however, if you’re one of those folks that take the ball of hair with you. If you can remember to throw it out, we think this is a way better option than letting it go down the drain. We know we’d rather handle it when it’s cleaner than when it’s been stuck down there for a while.

10 Guys Think Your Exfoliator Wand Is GROSS!


“She’s got this thing that's supposed to take the ‘dead skin’ off your face. It basically looks like a really big electric toothbrush, but it’s always covered in a layer of what I assume is the dead skin. Is that… sanitary?”

That’s a good question, man of the Internet. Typically you are supposed to clean your exfoliator. However, you don’t need to do it every time. Thus, the skin will build up over time. It doesn’t do too much harm, and these exfoliators are a game changer when it comes to getting a clean and clear complexion. Our stance on it: While it is important to clean your beauty products (exfoliators and makeup brushes included), your guy shouldn’t worry about the sanitariness of your tools… It’s only ever soap and water that touches them, after all. So what if there’s a little skin residue?

9 Makeup At The Gym Is Actually Not Attractive, According To Guys


You might think that part of the #lookgoodfeelgood trend is wearing makeup while you get your 5 miles in on the treadmill. Guess what? It’s absolutely not. At least, not according to the fitness guys out there.

One Redditor said that he “doesn’t understand girls who come to the gym wearing makeup. You know you just look like a melting snowman, right? I don’t care what’s on your face, I want to see how much you can squat.”

Ladies, don’t worry about one guy’s opinion. We think that if you want to wear makeup to the gym, you go for it. Whatever is going to inspire you to work hard and work out. That being said, maybe leave the foundation on the lighter side. You’ll let your skin breathe a little easier and won’t have to worry about makeup stains on the gym towels!

8 Keep That Hair… Where?


Men have no right to set the standard on what we do with our body hair. It’s our hair, right? Unfortunately, some of them still feel that they get a say.

“Body hair on girls is gross,” said one user. “I’ve broken up with girls before after finding out they don’t shave”, said another.

We can’t help but ask… Why? What did it ever do to you? This is one of those hygiene habit preferences that really shocks us. How is it possible that something so innocent (and easy) for us causes such offense to the men of Reddit? Luckily, not all of them feel that way. Some are really vocal about the fact that body hair doesn’t matter, as long as we shower and take care of ourselves. Thanks, guys. We’ll set our own beauty standards from now on, though.

7 That Perfume Cloud You’re Swimming In Is Doing More Harm Than Good

@maggielindemann / pinterest.com

“You know what the worst thing is? When girls bathe in perfume before going out. I wonder if they realize they’re fumigating any potential serious love interest away with their stench.”

OUCH. Reddit has a harsh side, and we’re seeing it in these way-too-honest hygiene confessions. We thought we’d see the usual stuff: brush your teeth, wash your clothes, and don’t leave dirty dishes to grow mold. We never thought we’d see backlash about the type or amount of perfume we wear! While it’s true that you should keep the scents to a minimum in public places, there’s nothing wrong with a spritz or two before date night or going out dancing. Girls, don’t worry. If they don’t like your perfume, you probably wouldn’t want to date them anyway.

6 How Often Do You Actually Need To Wash Your Delicates Though?

Natalie Gibson / trendingallday.com

“My girlfriend gets mad whenever I wear the same boxers I’ve slept in to go to work, but she only washes her bras once every two weeks.”

This is an unfair standard to hold us to, sir. Firstly, our bras are in a much more sanitary area than the boxers arena. Secondly, most women have more than one bra. While it might seem like we’ve worn the same one for a week or two, it’s usually only been a couple of days where it’s actually been on the body. Not to mention how we don’t (or at least, shouldn’t) sleep in them. The total amount of time wearing the bra is only ever 10 or 12 hours. After a few days of that, you’re probably going to want to start thinking about washing it. But every day? C’mon, guys. It’s totally not the same as boxers.

5 Real Nails Can Be Just As Bad - Keep Those Trimmings In The Garbage

Nail Designs

This is a turn off for both guys and girls. No matter who you are, your nails are probably in the process of growing. This means that you’re probably going to want to trim them eventually. For someone like this Reddit user, that was the nail in the coffin on their relationship:

“Nail clippings. Just put them in the GARBAGE. My ex (we lived together) used to bite her fingernails and spit them out onto the floor. Do you know how much old, dry fingernail clippings hurt when you step on them??”

Yes, Reddit user, we know. Trust us… This is a hygiene habit that everyone can agree on. Being courteous with your clippings is rule number one when you’re living with someone. No one wants an old toenail digging into their foot!

4 Not Doing The Dishes Is A Huge Turn Off

pinterest.com / IG @MERCEDES

“If a girl can’t clean up after herself, I’m not going to keep seeing her. I like a clean home, and I don’t want to be cleaning up after someone.”

Yes, there are people out there who get mad if the dishes have been in the sink for more than a day or two. While we appreciate the fact that there needs to be neat freaks in the world (who else would inspire us to pick up our clothes and take out the old pizza boxes), we don’t necessarily want to live our lives ruled by them. Someone refusing to date a person just because they leave their dishes in the sink, or don’t clean up after themselves right away, that’s just ridiculous. Leave the cleaning standards for Mom to uphold. We don’t need it with our partners too.

3 Clean Purse, Clean Person… But How Many Of Us Truly Do That?


“My wife’s purse is the most terrifying circle of filth you’ve ever seen. I don’t know how she finds anything in there. If I’d known that that’s how she kept her things organized I don’t know if I ever would have married her.”

That has to be an exaggeration… Right? There’s no way that a man is going to judge our purses when they don’t even have to carry that burden. Unfortunately, it’s apparently a sign of whether you’re a clean, organized person or not. Our thoughts? You can be a clean, organized person and still have a messy purse. They don’t negate each other. Purses are a confined space, which means they’re just going to get full of junk more quickly. It’s inevitable, and it's definitely not a character flaw, sir.

2 It’s Not All Physical: “Emotional Hygiene” Is Just As Important

kristina bazan / weheartit.com

“I hate when women talk bad about each other behind their backs but then act all nice and friendly in person to each other. Like… Just be honest.”

It’s not as simple as that, dude. Sometimes it’s easier to just keep the anger and sadness locked up and be pleasantly polite when faced with your enemy. And sometimes… We just don’t care. We’ll play nice to someone’s face while judging them behind their backs because it’s easier. While the whole world would be better if we could be honest, sometimes people really can’t handle getting told the truth. That being said, gossip is definitely a bad habit that shouldn’t exist. Talking behind people’s backs is a recipe for disaster; if you don’t like someone, just tell them or don’t say anything…to anyone.

1 It Should Go Without Saying, But Brushing Your Teeth Is Still The Most Important


Everyone from children to grandparents agrees: Brushing your teeth is really, really important. Not only does it help prevent cavities, but it also helps to keep your breath fresh. Without a doubt, the most commonly talked about hygiene habit is fresh breath and clean teeth.

“There’s nothing worse than snogging with someone and tasting a wee bit of their lunch between your teeth,” wrote one Reddit user. “If you can’t even brush your teeth I don’t think you can take care of yourself,” wrote another.

These might be harsh, but they’re not untrue. Brushing your teeth is a baseline hygienic rule. Everyone needs to adhere to it. We hope the Reddit folks that are talking about teeth brushing are putting their money (or their brush) where their mouth is.

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