15 Female Celebs Everyone Loves But Should Hate

There are some celebrities that are universally loved, like Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. It's just not possible to hate them and we can all agree on that. If we bring them up with our best friends, it's not going to start a big fight or anything. Then there are the celebs that are more divisive. We might adore them but our friends might not be able to stand them at all. We usually find this out the hard way (aka after a pretty heated and passionate discussion that might turn into us not speaking for a few days). Yup, we take our pop culture idols pretty seriously. No, we don't think that we're being too dramatic. This is really important.

Have you ever had a friend who is obsessed with a celebrity that you just hate? It’s totally normal that you do. Maybe you have an ‘unpopular opinion’ and you just hate this celeb because they’re annoying. And that’s totally fine, sometimes celebs are annoying, attention grabbing and just unappreciative of what they have. The celebs on this list is definitely celebs who are wildly famous and have lots of fans, but they really don’t deserve those fans. They’re nothing special and can downright be pretty awful people. So we’ve given you an escape to know that you’re not alone in disliking these celebs. So here are the 15 celebs everyone seems to love, but should probably hate.

15 Taylor Swift - Doesn't Want To Be Part Of The 'Narrative', Yet Is Literally Always Part Of The Narrative.

Is there a more divisive female celebrity out there than T-Swift?! Probably not. It seems like half of us think that she's a brilliant singer-songwriter who is getting a bad rep by the press... and the other half of us think that she's a "snake" who wants too much attention and starts too many feuds with other famous people.

The truth is that we love to hate Taylor Swift. We love to say that her music is overrated and that we're not thrilled that her new album, Reputation, is finally out... and we also love listening to it and finding our new favorite songs. We can't help but be big fans of her catchy pop songs and at the same time, we don't get why she seems to fight with so many stars and why she has such a bad, well, reputation. It's definitely a big mystery.

14 Kate Upton - 'Just One Of The Guys' AKA Hates Her Fellow Females

Why do we love to hate Kate Upton? It's a pretty obvious (and kind of petty) reason: because she's super hot. She's literally perfect looking. And since us girls are pretty competitive and jealous creatures, that means that we can't say that we 100 percent adore her. That's just the unfortunate way that it goes. She totally knows that this is how everyone feels about her, too. Or at least that's what we think.

We know that she seems like a nice person and that it's not like she's doing anyone any harm. She's just so gorgeous. Every time we see a photo of her we're all "Ugh she looks so good, it's so unfair, what is even happening?!" She's like that pretty popular girl in high school that we all say that we hate while secretly hoping to be them. Yup. That's exactly what it's like.

13 Cara Delevingne - Can't Even With Being Interviewed

There's just something about Cara Delevigne. She's a famous, successful model who is doing really well for herself, starring in movies like Paper Towns and staying in the headlines at all times. While we agree that she's beautiful and talented, she's hard to love because she's kind of... cold. And harsh.

Just read any interview with her and it's super obvious that she's not really all warm and friendly. She honestly hates being interviewed (like someone else on this list...) and it's kind of weird. Is that really such a big deal? Can't you just smile and get through it? Isn't that part of being famous? In one particular interview that got a lot of press, the actress was asked if she had read Paper Towns by John Green and she was super sarcastic. Not the best...

12 Kim Kardashian - Can't Read About Her Anymore, Can't Stop Reading About Her

Some of us absolutely adore Kim Kardashian. The rest of us love to hate her. There really is no other way to think about the celebrity.

Why is that? Maybe it's because she's so in our faces all the time and so it's basically impossible to avoid her. We can't seriously hate her because that would be kind of weird. It's not like we know her personally or anything. We don't even really know her at all since it's possible that most of what we know about her has been filtered through her particular brand. Everything, from her social media posts to her reality show, has been edited and carefully constructed. Since it's possible to look at her as someone who became famous for doing nothing, as the party line goes, it makes sense that we're not super enamored.

11 Lena Dunham - Not That Kind Of Girl

The truth is that we all want to love Lena Dunham. She's a really inspiring female celebrity. We've probably all seen every single episode of Girls and are eagerly awaiting her next career moves. We've read her memoir and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

So what's the deal? Why do we love to hate her? The problem is that Girls is kind of a problematic show. It's both super feminist and kind of not at the same time. We want to love it but we just can't 100 percent love it. There are a lot of really gross scenes that are hard to get behind and hard to forget. Some women aren't fans of Lena because they think that she's too crass or that she can seem way too privileged sometimes, and we have to say that we can see how they would feel that way.

10 Bella Thorne - Queen Of Dirt and Grime

It seems like Bella Thorne is the It Girl right now... which also makes her the female celeb that we love to hate the most. It's a cycle and there's always a new star that we feel this way about.

We wouldn't have to think negatively about Bella at all if she dressed much better. She honestly dresses in such a super strange way, we can't even. Whether she's wearing fishnets or some pieces of fabric that in some universe resemble a skirt or top, we're always shaking our heads, wondering why she's not wearing actual clothing. She probably has younger teens who are fans of her and her TV shows and who look up to her, and these are not outfits that they should be wearing. Or that anyone should be wearing.

9 Ariel Winter - Growing Up Way Too Fast

We've all seen Modern Family (and laughed a lot) so we know Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy. She's smart, she's a bit dorky, and she often thinks that she's in the wrong family. Yup, she's pretty relatable and pretty great.

That's not Ariel Winter, though. At least not these days. The 19-year-old actress is dressing like she's at least an entire decade older than she actually is. They say if you've got it, flaunt it, and the girl is definitely flaunting it. Maybe a little bit too much. Sometimes the outfits that she's wearing make us kind of uncomfortable because of how young she is. She also posts a lot of photos of PDA with her boyfriend (like a lot) and that can be kind of awkward as well. Maybe this is all just a phase and she's just growing up and soon it will all calm down...

8 Kristen Stewart - Thinks She's Too Cool For Hollywood and Complains About Being Famous

Back when Twilight came out, it was cool to like Kristen Stewart. Of course, right? She was the star of the biggest teen movie franchise at the time and everyone was obsessed with the love story of Bella and Edward. Then she started acting kind of awkward in interviews and saying that she didn't feel super comfortable being interviewed or even being famous.

And even though of course there are downsides to being a celebrity and she has every right to prefer the craft of acting to press and promotion, we were all annoyed that we had to hear her complain. We just hate hearing celebs complain about being famous, right? We can't help it. We know that it must suck to deal with all that stuff, but hey, we would love to be in their shoes (and have all that money, let's be real here).

7 Jennifer Lawrence - No Longer The 'It Girl'

Jennifer Lawrence is a curious case. She was America's Sweetheart. We loved that she's an actress who actually eats (and eats junk food like Snickers... and talks about it, too). We Winter's Bone and The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. We loved that she fell down the stairs an at awards show because she seemed so real and like someone we could be friends with and relate to.

But then... something changed. We don't even know what. We just started to find her a bit irritating. Maybe it's because it's hard to truly believe that a celebrity is that real and relatable. After all, they're famous. They have more money and success and opportunity than us. It's not like we're the same. Whatever happened, we just don't really feel the same way about her anymore.

6 Anne Hathaway - Hatha-Hate Is A Thing

Anne Hathaway was one of Hollywood's It Girls. She starred in The Devil Wears Prada and looked gorgeous with her long brown hair with bangs. She then got... super annoying. Yup. Soon we were all completely frustrated by her and felt that she was way too much of a goody-two shoes. This switch from love to Hatha-hate (as people call it... yes, really, that's a thing) happened pretty quickly, around the time that she starred in Les Miserables.

The very fact that we have a term for how we feel about this actress just proves that we honestly love to hate her. Hey, it can be tough to look at so many images of pretty and perfect female celebrities all the time. Sometimes we just need a reminder that they're normal people too and that they don't always act in a way that we're going to adore. There's nothing really wrong with Anne Hathaway, of course. She seems like a perfectly nice person. We just decided as a pop culture society that she became a bit annoying.

5 Demi Lovato - Fights With Literally Everyone On Twitter

Demi Lovato has some really fun pop songs, like "Confident" and "Sorry Not Sorry." She's very inspiring and cares a lot about important issues like mental health and bullying. We're super grateful to her for that and we love that she speaks out about the things that mean a lot to her. It would be so much better if everyone would do that, whether they were famous or not.

The problem? Demi can be way too outspoken... aka she starts fights with lots of other celebrities. She does this on Twitter a lot. It's just all kinds of awkward. It would be much easier to love her if she didn't act this way. She can't really have that much beef with every other famous person, can she?! It just doesn't make any sense to us.

4 Avril Lavigne - Desperately Trying To Remain Cool And Edgy

Back in the day, it was literally impossible to turn on the radio without hearing Avril Lavigne's hit single, "Complicated." We all loved it. We more than loved it. We were happy to listen to it on repeat... and that's exactly what we did. We loved her baggy pants and ties and we were big fans. Then we grew up and found it kind of embarrassing that we thought that she was our favorite singer when we were pre-teens or teens.

These days, she's someone that we love to hate because we tend to think of Avril as kind of a guilty pleasure. Sure, we probably all like some of her songs, but we don't really want to admit it. Even if she has grown up since those days and has recorded more mature music, we can't really admit to our friends or boyfriends that we like the girl who sang "Sk8ter Boi."

3 Kylie Jenner - Claims To Hate Playing The Fame Game, Is Selfie Obsessed

Kylie Jenner is so easy to like because she seems like a really sweet, harmless girl. She talks about how much she loves makeup on her reality show Life of Kylie and she has an adorable BFF and she laughs a lot and acts pretty silly.

On the other hand, she's a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, and therefore, she has more money than she knows to do with. And she seems to not really love playing the fame game. Or at least that's what she's been saying lately. We love to hate her because we can't imagine that she really does hate being famous. She totally admits that she posts selfies on Instagram and then deletes them if fans don't like them or if she doesn't get enough likes. That's not behavior that we love to be honest.

2 Caitlyn Jenner - Her Own Family Can't Even Stand To Be Around Her Anymore

Caitlyn Jenner is another female celebrity that we seem to love to hate. When Caitlyn first transitioned, we all championed her. Her story and journey were super inspiring and it was great that she was bringing some awareness to transgender rights.

But then she wrote a memoir called The Secrets of my Life and soon everyone was talking about the feud that she and the Kardashian-Jenner family were embroiled in. She and Kris seemed to lobby back insults back and forth in the media about whether Kris knew about the transition before it happened. It just seems like they're airing too much of their dirty family laundry, so to speak, and this is a very personal story. Caitlyn is also very disliked for her support of the Republican party and seems to have very conservative political views that a lot of people don't agree with.

1 Katy Perry - Can't Stop With The Cultural Appropriation

Katy Perry is a confusing singer. Let's just get that out there. She has some really catchy songs that are fun to listen to, but she's also gotten into a lot of hot water for Instagram photos that scream cultural appropriation.

It's hard to like someone who would appropriate someone else's culture and background and looks without even seeming to realize that she was doing it. There are also just so many female pop singers these days that it seems like we love to hate them. We don't want people to think that we listen to pop music because for some reason, we consider pop to be a guilty pleasure of a genre, but we know that we all listen to Top 40 songs pretty much 24/7. So the jury's still out on how we really feel about Katy Perry. We love her music but don't love the controversy. Let's go with that.

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