15 Awful Fashion Mistakes We've All Made

If you’re like any regular female, you love looking good. Fashion is important to you, as are make-up and great-looking hair. After all, when you look good, your confidence level is boosted and you certainly feel amazing. Then there are those girls who aren’t that much into fashion but who want to look decent and comfortable. In other words, it’s function over form for them. But either way you view it, those who are into fashion and those who aren't all run the risk of making some fashion mistakes. It’s all about striking a balance between fashionable and comfortable.

But whether you’re a super fashion-conscious gal or a dress for comfort sort, one thing’s for sure: it’s difficult not to fall victim every so often to fashion mistakes. But the good thing about committing a faux pas is that you learn from it and know not to have a repeat. Here are some basic fashion mistakes many girls have made at least once in their lives.

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15 Showing too much cleavage at work 

They always say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” And in no way is this more applicable than when it comes to breasts, whether it’s a little cleavage or some-side boob. Breasts are, after all, the ultimate feminine asset. But some girls overdo it and show way more boob than absolutely necessary when at the office. If you have a relaxed dress code at work please enjoy that but do not take that as an invitation to show too much skin at the office. You want to be taken seriously so wear clothing that compliments your beautiful body but wait to wear the plunging necklines until your work shift is over.

14 Love handles due to low-rise pants


Low-rise pants are one of those fashion pieces that are considered classics. Meaning they’ll never really go out of fashion and are considered a staple in almost every girl’s closet. The trick is to find a pair that compliment you, one mistake we often make is buying a pair of low-rise jeans that do not compliment our bodies, thus causing a little bit of a muffin top. The issue is that we are all so different in shape and that is a great thing, we just need to find the right stores that carry styles that will suit us. Always take your time when trying on jeans, find a style and pair that compliment your body.

13 Mixing up the wrong prints


While mixing prints is very fashionable, you want to make sure the styles of clothing you are mixing go together, as well as the prints. Our best advice is to check online for styles you like, there are also plenty of fashion magazines that offer great advice for those wanting to mix prints, once you find the look you like then you can shop around for it. Have a plan when wanting to mix prints and styles, you don't want to look like a hot mess when you show up to work or your date.

12 Stilettos with too-short hemlines

On their own, skinny heels and super short skirts are excellent pieces of clothing. But wearing them together is not the best of ideas, especially when heading out to work. A tiny skirt + tiny heels will render the wearer off-balance and awkward. A short skirt looks good with wedge shoes or chunky heels and skinny heels go well with skirts that skim the knees or high-waist pants. It’s all about balance.

11 One designer from head to toe


Owning a designer item is considered a status symbol by many, which is why a lot of money is forked over without any qualms just to own an item from a particular label. You strut around, wearing the label and a certain sense of satisfaction settles in. But one item from that brand is enough. There’s no need to wear a Burberry shirt, Burberry skirt, Burberry shoes, a Burberry hat, a Burberry bag, and a Burberry belt!

10 Clothing that you can barely move in 


For those who are obsessed with dressing to the nines at all times, form usually wins out over function. As long as you look good, you figure you’d feel good too. Right? Wrong. In all things fashion, comfort most certainly matters. Sure, you’ve spent hours in the gym to get that flat stomach and toned legs, so you put on a skin-tight dress that barely skims the tops of your thighs. But what happens when you sit and your skirt rides up your butt? Or when you need to walk fast, but can’t because of the tight fit of the skirt? It is not worth buying an item that will have you feeling self conscious all day or night.

9 A bad fake tan


Many of us love the look of bronzed skin and since we know how bad the sun is we are lucky to have such an option as fake tanning products. There are spray tan salons that offer various shades and also many products allow people to apply self tanning creams and foams from home. However, you must always test the product on a small section of your skin before applying it on your whole body. If not you run the risk of having a bad reaction or the color may not be what you had wanted, and no one wants to be stuck looking bright orange for a week.

8 See through stuff with underwear showing at the office


Dressing for success is important in almost every setting. But it matters most of all in your place of work, especially if your office has a certain dress code that needs to be followed. Most corporate settings require a very tailored and conservative look, which is why it’s in poor taste to wear blouses that are sheer with nothing but a bra underneath. That look conveys complete unprofessionalism and may raise the ire of your boss.

7 Wet hair at the office

It happens all the time. Your alarm doesn’t go off and before you know it, you’re late for work. You grab a really quick shower, tumble into your clothes, and run out the door, and you don’t have time to dry out your hair. So you come into the office with wet hair hanging down your back and leaving droplets on your blouse. Again, this doesn’t speak well for your corporate image because it sends the message that you’re sloppy and unkempt. The solution to damp hair? Tying it into a knot or twisting it into a braid.

6 Appropriate skirt length

Sure, you’ve got great legs and showing them off is totally fine, even in the workplace. But some people make the mistake of showing too much leg. The acceptable skirt length in an office setting skims the knees. Nothing higher than that or it can prove to be a distraction to colleagues and clients. Wearing a knee-length skirt with a good pair of pumps can certainly make you look like the power professional you’re striving to be.

5 Wearing too much makeup

Putting on makeup is a must for girls to enhance the features and increase confidence for the simple reason that makeup makes you look pretty—as long as it isn’t over the top. Heavy, full-on makeup is a no-no, especially during the day. Racoon eyes, heavy blush on, and a thick shade of lipstick combined all together make for a slutty appearance. Makeup in moderation during the day is the way to go: mascara, blush on, concealer, and lip gloss for a classy look.

4 Light bra under a dark top


This rule can get quite tricky, most of us love the dark bra under light clothes look but when you have a dark sheer top over a beige bra, the look tends to seem more like a mistake. For most occasions we advise people to avoid showing your bra through you shirt, but for a night out and a great sheer top, usually wearing a black bra underneath is the best look.

3 Thick leather pants


We all remember that episode of Friends when Ross wore the tight leather pants on a date and ended up sweating so much he had to take them off. Not only will these pants be warm but you may become so hot that when you take them off you will be unable to put them back on. Thin vegan leather is a great replacement and always make sure that you can last all day in your pants, you don't want to be sweating through your pants all day.

2 Bright velour track suits


Ok we do know that track suits are making a comeback and for some the trend never left. Many of us may still have velour tracksuits hanging in our closets because we spent so much money on them, we can't seem to give them away. Wearing the top of a neutral velour tracksuit is fine but we beg you not to wear a bright color two piece velour track suit. We also ask that you not wear nylon tracksuits as well.

1 Wearing thin leggings as pants


We all love leggings and the perfect time of year to wear them is fall, we can wear big sweaters or long shirts over tights and be comfortable all day long. However when wearing tights there are a few things to be careful of. Make sure your tights are not so worn that they are see-through and please make sure you do not wear them with a short top.

The last thing you want it to expose your bum or underwear to everyone walking behind you. Always check to make sure your tights are opaque and if not please don't pair them with a crop.

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