15 Famous Men & Women Who've Got More Rolls Than A Bakery

There isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room in Hollywood when it comes to weight gain, yet some celebs seem to have an extra few packed on without any problems (kind of). It seems if you’re in the funny business that there is more slack given to those that have a little extra weight around their waistline, but boy the critics can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to both the big and small screens. Can you imagine living under the pressure of constantly checking in on your scale on a daily basis? No, thank you, I say.

However, there are a few celebrities that are known for packing on some extra weight over the years, or even since the beginning of their careers. Some of them have been butchered by the Hollywood crowd and others have just gotten by all the gossip without a problem; some were even the heart throbs of their day but lost sight of their thin-days past. It just makes you wonder, with all of the money and opportunities they have to connect with the very best personal trainers and dieticians—why can they still not get their weight under control? I guess some questions just don’t have an answer.


15 Kevin James

Via Long Island Pulse Magazine

Kevin James is a pretty funny guy especially when he teams up with fellow comedians like Adam Sandler. But, like many other comedians, he has a body that won’t make the pages of GQ. But he doesn’t seem to be too incredibly bothered about it since his career isn’t based around being the character with the bulging muscles and lean physic.

Known for his sitcom-like humor in his successful show The King of Queens and movies like Hitch, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Grown Ups, Zookeeper, and Pixels, James usually plays the role of the average Joe, so his weight isn’t really playing against him when it comes to his profession. Outside of his career, James is a pretty big family man that doesn’t seem to care too much about being super lean anyway.

14 Janet Jackson

Via Daily Mail

Oh, Ms. Jackson, the struggles you have with your weight is enough to make anyone cringe. Sometimes she looks fighting fit and other times she looks like she could drop a cool 50. She definitely knows the art of the yo-yo diet that’s for sure, but it seems like she spends some significant time at the higher end of the yo-yo, unfortunately. We all know that staying thin isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to balloon up either girl!

Can you blame her for all the pressure she received as a child actor though? Her dad was not an easy guy to live with as we know from her brother, The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Perhaps this is her way to deal with all of her childhood trauma rather than turning to hard drugs or alcohol.

13 Mariah Carey

Via Billboard

The diva of all divas, Mariah Carey really has put on some weight over the years. Then again, she really has put on a lot of things over the last few years like a major does of attitude issues and a plethora of mental issues. Although she isn’t everyone’s favorite person ever, you can’t help but feel bad for her, especially when she hit rock bottom with all of her psychiatric problems. Come on, no one deserves to go through that.

Here’s the thing though, she really should reconsider some of her outfit choices because she isn’t doing herself any justice with some of those skin-tight outfits she dons sometimes. She definitely isn’t that 20-year-old she used to be in the ‘90s and she probably shouldn’t be dressing that way anymore.

12 Kevin Federline

Via FanPix.Net - FamousFix

I’m not entirely sure if Kevin Federline is more famous or infamous because he’s really not known for doing much for the positive anyway. Yeah, he had his time being a backup dance for Brittney Spears and he married her for what seemed like three seconds, but what did he really do to make a name for himself? Yeah, not a whole lot.

However, this backup dancer really has fallen a far way from grace since the days of his lean dance body days as he has really packed on the pounds. Some ask why because it obviously couldn’t be from his hectic schedule. Maybe it was from his very public breakup. Not many people can handle being in such a famous relationship then having it blow up in their face for all of the world to see. You have to admit that’s pretty brutal.

11 Brendan Fraser

Via Zimbio

Wow Brendan Fraser, what the heck happened? Remember back in the day when he was in George of the Jungle? You could wash your laundry on his six-pack for crying out loud, but as Fraser is aging is six-pack isn’t coming along for the ride. Known for his appearances in the Mummy trilogy, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Crash, and Gods and Monsters, Fraser has a decent report under his belt.

Unfortunately, he is no longer revered for his looks as much as for his action-hero acting skills. Clearly, since everyone mostly knows him for being an archeologist who does battle with many types of mummies thanks to, yeah, The Mummy. His career doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon, but his days of donning a six-pack are long in the past.

10 Kirstie Alley

Via CloudPix

Dear Kirstie Alley, what happened since the days you were on Cheers? You were so thin and pretty, it just seems like you completely let yourself go. Known for being in movies outside of her famous sitcom like Look Who’s Talking, It Takes Two, Sibling Rivalry, and Drop Dead Gorgeous, Alley really made a name for herself in the ‘80s and the ‘90s. Sometimes the pressures of Hollywood just get to you after a while, I guess?

In 2012, she appeared on The Dr. Oz Show where she admitted she began gaining weight since 2003. She also said she spent her whole life eating obsessively and noticed her body change when she went into early menopause in 1992. While working as the Jenny Craig spokesperson, she lost 75 pounds, only to put it all plus a little extra back on again a little over a year later. It has been a tough battle.

9 Russell Crowe

Via Diario AS

Long gone are the days of being General Maximus Decimus Meridius, Russell Crowe. Sure, age is a factor in your weight gain, but you still act like you’re the early 2000s heart-throb you were almost 20 years ago. I will say he has a string of great movies under his belt like A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Robin Hood, and, Noah, but come on let’s not act like the guy doesn’t have a beer gut.

It doesn’t help his cause that he’s not known for being the nicest guy in Hollywood either. People tend to be much more forgiving when people are at least nice, but since he’s such a fight-loving jerk we can call him out for being a little too pudgy and not feel that incredibly bad about it.

8 Rose O'Donnell

Via Wikipedia

Rosie O’Donnell is one that has done a lot for the LGBT community, so you can’t say she hasn’t stepped up as a celebrity to help those that need it. She also has a slew of great movies but is most known for her work on The view, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Rosie Radio, and her various appearances on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network to support her buddy, Oprah.

The only thing O’Donnell really hasn’t gotten a handle on is her weight, which she doesn’t seem to be overly bothered about. Her time seems to be much more focused on gay adoption right, lesbian rights, her memoir, political disputes, voicing her opinion on-air, and keeping her career in motion. She doesn’t discuss her weight all that often, and as long as she’s happy who are we to judge really?

7 Oprah Winfrey

Via Stanford Graduate School of Business - Stanford University

This might be the most notorious person on our list when it comes to yo-yo dieting and the inability to lose weight. Although we all know that Oprah is uber famous for her talk show, her book lists, endorsements, television network, and pretty much owning the world when it comes to daytime television, she could never conquer her weight as hard as she tried and despite the resources she has available.

Everyone wishes they could have a personal chef and the money to have the best personal trainers on staff, but Oprah goes to show that money can’t always buy you everything you want, and in her case, that is a trim body. She has gone on record saying she is happy with her appearance, but the world knows that isn’t true as she’s always coming out with a “new breakthrough diet.”

6 John Travolta

Via Just Jared

I just think back to the days of Grease where you could basically fit two hands around John Travolta’s tiny waist. Sure, he was in his 20s at that time, but man oh man did he balloon since then. Known for Saturday Night Fever and Welcome Back, Kotter in his younger days, Travolta also made a name for himself in Pulp Fiction, Face/Off, Swordfish, and Get Shorty in his more mature years.

Although he isn’t his tiny self any longer, he has also brought on a whole new persona to go along with it as well—you know, like being a Scientologist. Unfortunately, he also loss his 16-year-old son in 2009 as well so I guess one cancels the other out here. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

5 Val Kilmer

Via Bio.com

Val Kilmer! You were Batman! You could fit the suit! You had it made with your chiseled chest and rockin’ abs! Why? Not to mention, he also played Jim Morrison in The Doors—do you know how skinny he needed to be to pull that off? So Skinny! It is said that Kilmer prepares for his roles very extensively and meticulously, so were these skinny days just a farce?

It’s a shame that Kilmer isn’t aging the way we all thought he would, lean just like Bruce Wayne, but you also have to cut the guy a bit of a break because he is 57 years old too. Did you also know that Kilmer made several trips to help with the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief? I guess you can’t knock on the guy too much because he’s a pretty decent dude.

4 Ruben Studdard

Via Fashion & Style

There isn’t a ton to say about Rueben Studdard’s career beyond winning season two of American Idol. Yes, he has recorded some albums and he is a great R&B, pop, and gospel singer, but there hasn’t been a whole lot said about him since he went on to win idol beside the talk about his weight.

He has recorded albums such as Soulful, I Need an Angel, The Return, Love Is, and Letters from Birmingham, but his biggest success from all of that was actually making an appearance on the fifteenth season of the show The Biggest Loser where he attempted to lose some weight. However, he was eliminated during the eighth week, which means he dropped some weight but is still a pretty big dude. At least he tried!

3 Jessica Simpson

Via cahabent - DeviantArt

Although many wouldn’t have guessed it in the early 2000s, Jessica Simpson has always struggled with her weight. Starting out as a Mouseketeer and a squeaky clean singer, she rose to fame by starring on the reality show The Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica with her husband Nick Lachey. Of course, this was short-lived as the couple got a divorce a couple years later.

After all was said and done, Simpson’s weight skyrocketed and her fans were pretty shocked as they were used to seeing a lean blonde when they saw Simpson. However, the stress and her chronic battles with eating just got to her and she continues to battle with weight gain to this day. If this shows us one thing though, it’s that celebrities are just like us and struggle with the same issues as we do—like major weight gain. I guess we all can’t be perfect.

2 Kelly Clarkson

Via In Touch Weekly

She was the first winner of American Idol and everyone was rooting for her, well, they kind of still are actually because she is America’s sweetheart. She admits to having issues with her weight and many publications have knocked her for having a less than Hollywood acceptable figure. Seems like a hit below the belt, but Tinsel Town can really be tough to work in.

Known for her many, many hits like “My Life Would Suck Without You,” “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” “Piece By Piece,” “A Moment Like This,” and “Miss Independent” this singer has done her best to keep her head up despite being self-conscious about the numbers on the scale. Not an easy feat in all honestly. Her weight goes up and down more than an elevator, but all and all she keeps her spirits riding pretty high.

1 Jon Favreau

Via All Eyes On Screen

Jon Favreau is another one of those actors that was super lean and built in his younger years than just let himself completely go when his mature years came about. He’s also a pretty talented guy, he’s a writer, director, and actor so in all reality he’s not a one-trick pony by any means. He’s been in some great films too like Something’s Gotta Give, Swingers, The break Up, and I Love You Man.

Many people don’t know that he also directed movies like Elf, Iron Man, Cowboy’s & Aliens, and The Jungle Book, then was the Executive Producer for The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The guy has a lot to offer, but unfortunately that no longer includes muscles for days and washboard abs. Bummer man.

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