15 Famous Bachelors That Make Us Question All Men

Raging tempers, egotistical attitudes and full-blown breakdowns, these men are among the most famous bachelors. From musicians, to A-list actors, to those that appeared as The Bachelor on the hit ABC show, there isn’t one on this list that hasn’t had some questionable behavior at one point of their time in the spotlight. And they’re also making women everywhere question if there are any true, sane and good single men left.

The money and the talent that these men possess doesn’t erase their reputations – no matter how slight or big they may be. Unfortunately for a lot of women, some of these men just seem even more appealing coupled with their bad boy reputations.

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15 Dan Bilzerian

via GQ

According to E, this “King of Instagram” and professional poker player now wants to run for president and his first official campaign video features pool parties and lots of women in bikinis. Some other bits of his questionable behavior include: hiring a beard stroker, his entire Instagram profile, dubbing himself a flashy lunatic, having a lawsuit filed against him by Vanessa Castano and throwing an 18-year-old in a pool which broke her foot (which was in fact a stunt gone wrong). Based off of what's seen, most would agree he may not be the best guy to bring him home to Mom and Dad, as his social media accounts have numerous pictures of him with beautiful ladies, most of which are wearing barely anything.

14 John Mayer


When a man divulges intimate details of a past relationship to his pals, he’s then known as untrustworthy. But when John Mayer, serial dater, told the world about his sexual experience with Jessica Simpson, some would say he took the term to an entirely different level. He has had other supposed “bad” behavior in relationships before (remember Taylor Swift's song "Dear John"?), but Mayer at least decided to admit that he put his foot in his mouth and acted “like a jerk with Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift,” according to US Weekly.

13 Juan Pablo Galavis


According to Daily Mail, this Bachelor star was not only hated by the producers of the show but he also, allegedly, slept with three of the show’s contestants. He even decided to stop doing publicity for the show, although, no one cared that he did. Another thing he refused? Galavis decided not only to not propose to his final choice, Nikki Ferrell, but he didn’t want to tell her that he loved her either. Even at the “After the Final Rose” special, he had no interest in telling the world about his love for Ferrell. Not to mention some of the, reportedly, vile and offensive comments he made to some of the other women on the show.

12 Chris Brown


Who doesn’t know about this singer’s past? In 2009, Brown was charged with assault against the popular Barbadian songstress, Rhianna. According to Billboard, Brown tried pushing her out of a car after the discovery of a text message from another woman on his phone. He then pushed her head against the window, punched her and continued hitting her while he drove, says the affidavit. Afterwards there were some threats involved as well, making it seem like no matter what straight and narrow Brown seems to be on now, his violent behavior will haunt him throughout his career.

11 Ben Flajnik

via Celeb Buzz

Here’s another Bachelor star who’s decisions haven’t given him the best reputation around. Even though Flajnik got engaged at the end of his season, to “mean girl” Courtney Robertson, he didn’t seem to treat her as a fiancé after filming was over, according to Hollywood Life. Apparently, he would go several days without contacting her and was busy running around with other girls in New York City throughout their engagement. He was even photographed making out with another woman while the ring was still on Ferrell’s finger.

10 Zach Braff


Known for his role as Dr. John Dorian on Scrubs, Braff, reportedly, can be quite mean behind-the-scenes. According to a past set assistant, the actor wasn’t an “outright jerk, he just needed a lot of ego massaging.” Some of the most revealing clips about Braff from this encounter:

“He comes across like he’s very insecure. He had a thing about not wanting attractive guys working around him because he didn’t want to look ugly by comparison. He wears a LOT of makeup on camera.”

“He was high maintenance- wouldn’t drink coffee from our office or any of the nearby coffee shops- he’d only drink it from a specific store a couple miles away.”

The Garden State director may have a bit of a diva complex, which may make future girlfriends or a possible fiance think twice.

9 Alex Pettyfer


Fans know him from Magic Mike and Endless Love, but they also might know him from the rumors of his on-set behavior and attitude. According to Daily Mail, Pettyfer is known for being rude in Hollywood and had some ‘massive fights on set’ with writer, producer and star of the film, Magic Mike, Channing Tatum. It was even reported that Tatum believed the English actor to be quite the diva. To make matters worse, he admitted to have a tattoo above his crotch reading, “thank you.” Explaining he put it there, “in case I forget to say it.”

8 Bill Maher


Comedian, actor and best known for his HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, at almost 60 years old, he’s never been married. Maher was quoted on his website saying, "I'm the last of my guy friends to have never gotten married, and their wives—they don't want them playing with me. I'm like the escaped slave—I bring news of freedom." Although his “arrogance is part of his shtick,” it doesn’t make it any less unattractive.

7 Shia LaBeouf


It seems as though everyone has heard of LaBeouf’s crazy antics. From plagiarizing his directorial debut to sending phone photos of his goods to get roles, there have been some more than questionable and uncomfortable behaviors coming from this talented, young actor. But one that just seems particularly odd is when he was reported to have filmed a woman while she was throwing up one evening in London. There was some backlash though, a passerby who saw him, ended up punching him in the groin for his lack of respect towards the woman.

6 Charlie O’Connell


Here’s another Bachelor star that made headlines for being less of a romantic and seemingly more of a mean guy. Lesser-known brother of actor, Jerry O’Connell, was quoted saying, “Hugh Hefner can only handle seven [women] at a time, I handled nine.” Sadly, whether it was known or not that O’Connell had a drinking problem during his run as the Bachelor, it was apparent to viewers and critics alike, making him even more of a mess as he tried to jump into bed with any woman on the show who allowed it.

5 Michael Fassbender


He may be an A-list actor, but he also has quite the violent past. Seen in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies such as 12 Years a Slave and Inglorious Bastards, Fassbender knows how to shade his abusive past by having viewers fall in love with his talent. Allegedly, he abused his ex-girlfriend, which seems hard to look over when it comes to potential partners. And his ex's broken nose was only a small part of the altercation.

4 Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen, star of Two and a Half Men and the inventor of the "winning" movement, is also a bit temperamental, violent, bizarre, crazy and well, yeah, he's talented too. Here's a small list of just some of the behavior that makes him an ex that Denise Richards will never (and could never) forget: his ongoing drug use and spending $2,000 on it a day, when he was fired from Two and a Half Men and his alleged history of violence towards women.

3 Tommy Lee


And then there's Tommy Lee, ex-husband to Pamela Anderson and founding member of Motley Crue. And although he's been married three times, he's been left a bachelor by all. He served time in prison for kicking Anderson while she was holding their son, dangled his son in front of their 130 pound rottweiler and got into a fight at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007 with Kid Rock, among other legal issues and questionable behaviors.

2 Matt Prokop


Prokop is an actor but he’s most known for his relationship with beloved, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. In 2014 the two broke up after a 7–year relationship with Hyland citing abuse and even had a 3-year restraining order put on Prokop after he threatened to hurt not only her but her dog too. Allegedly, there were a series of abusive incidents that led to the restraining order including when he choked her “with a grip so tight that she could not breathe or speak.”

1 Joe Budden

via BET

Budden is a hip-hop recording artist, and also a self-proclaimed bad boy. He’s been in trouble for unpaid child support, spent a night in jail for parking tickets, missed a court date for a domestic violence allegation and was wanted by the NYPD for, allegedly, stealing his girlfriend’s phone. And if that’s not enough to keep his status as a bachelor, this tweet about what he does behind closed doors most certainly will.

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