15 Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears is best known for being the little sister to pop icon Britney Spears. She was also a Nickelodeon star, and most famously appeared in Zoey 101 from 2005-2008. In 2007, she made headlines for announcing her first pregnancy, when she was just 16 years old. She decided to keep the baby, and subsequently suffered from a paparazzi parade throughout her pregnancy, and after her daughter was born. She would later split with the baby's daddy, Casey Aldridge. Her career took a dip south, until she re-emerged in 2013 with a new solo country music venture. She is now a happily married woman, establishing her new career, and enjoying the perks of motherhood.

Life wasn't always so full of sunshine for the young Jamie Lynn, however. She grew up in her extremely successful sister's shadow, and had to deal with being "the other sister" for almost a decade, when Britney was at her peak fame. It seems that she sought out her own attention in many ways; whether that was via her acting and singing, or by being a wild and crazy teen. The bubbly blonde wanted nothing more than to make a name for herself, by herself. Being the little sister, Jamie Lynn naturally got pushed to the sidelines time after time. There are so many interesting facts about this Hollywood starlet that were never fully brought to light, because the world was so focused on her big sister. We have all of the juicy bits that you might've missed out on! Here are 15 Shocking Facts You Definitely Had No Idea About Jamie-Lynn Spears.

15 She Was Involved With A Serious Robbery And Pulled A Knife On Someone

When you think of celebrities that might come to your defense during a robbery, you probably wouldn't automatically think of Jamie Lynn Spears. But, she did just that, back in 2014. A fight broke out at a Louisiana branch of Pita Pit, while Jamie Lynn was ordering her food with friends. Instead of just standing by and watching the fight unfold, Jamie Lynn took action. She grabbed a bread knife from the counter, and started waving it in front of the perpetrator, in an effort to distract him and scare him off. Later, it was revealed that the person who was attacked was a friend of Jamie Lynn's, and she was stepping in to defend him after he got pushed to the ground. The security cameras caught all of the action, and the Internet was treated to this photo!

14 Her 8 Year Old Daughter Was In A Bad Accident That Almost Lead To Her Death

In February of this year, a serious ATV accident left Jamie Lynn's daughter, Maddie, in serious condition in the hospital. The accident occurred on a Sunday afternoon, when Maddie and her parents were out on their ATV's. The child attempted to avoid hitting a drainage ditch, and inadvertently drove her vehicle into a pond. Jamie Lynn and Jamie immediately jumped into the pond to try and free her from the ATV, but to no avail. Her seatbelt and the ATV's netting kept her submerged underwater. Luckily, emergency services arrived within minutes and freed the girl from the cold water. She was airlifted to a hospital in New Orleans, where she was treated for her injuries. She was in critical but stable condition for a few days, but made a full recovery.

13 She's Tried (And Failed) At Becoming A Country Singer

It's no surprise that the Spears girls were raised on a healthy dose of plaid outfits, cowboy hats and country music. The Mississippi natives hail from a small town, where the most successful citizens went on to become either football players, or musicians. In 2013, after having spent quite a few years playing house and raising her daughter, Jamie Lynn made a comeback with the release of her debut country single "How Could I Want More". In 2016, she performed at the Nashville Grand Ole Opry, and released a second single, titled "Sleepover". Although her EP album didn't get a whole lot of recognition, Jamie Lynn is committed to working on new music, and rumours of a full-length album release are circulating. Let's see if the little sister can embrace her inner Britney and top the charts!

12 She Got Pregnant At 16 Because She Was Too Shy To Talk About Birth Control

When Jamie Lynn told the world that she was a pregnant 16 year old in 2007, the world exploded with judgement and criticism. The Louisiana native, who was raised in a fairly traditional Catholic household, shocked fans with her admission. She also had to deal with the focus shifting to her then boyfriend's age. Casey Aldridge, who was 18 at the time that Jamie Lynn got pregnant, was suddenly the center of investigation for dating and impregnating a minor. When Jamie Lynn was interviewed about her pregnancy, she admitted that she was too shy to talk to her parents or a health care practitioner about her love life, so she didn't seek out suitable methods of birth control. Well, 16 is young, but not that young. She definitely knew what risks she was taking when getting physical without adequate protection!

11 Her Ex-Baby Daddy Has Had Many Run-Ins With The Law

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge had a 5 year long romantic relationship, which resulted in the birth of their daughter, Maddie. They called off their engagement in 2009, and confirmed that they were officially broken up in 2010, when their daughter was a year and a half old. Since splitting from the young pop starlet, Casey has had his share of legal troubles. Last summer, the 28 year-old was arrested for driving under the influence, reckless driving and having drug paraphernalia. He was sentenced to one year of probation. Casey married his girlfriend, April, in 2014, and had a second daughter with her, Skylar. Casey was previously scrutinized for dating an underage Jamie Lynn, who was 16 when he was 18.

10 She Married A Man Much Older Than Her, With A Boring Job

After going through some relationship drama with her baby daddy Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn found herself a stand-up man that would prove to be a responsible and caring father figure for her daughter, Maddie. In 2014, Jamie Lynn married her partner, Jamie Wilson, in an intimate celebration in New Orleans. Jamie is 9 years her senior, and the couple have now been together for over 6 years. He owns Advanced Media Partners, a communications company, and is a self-proclaimed "normal guy". The two met on the set of Jamie Lynn's TLC special, Jamie Lynn Spears: When The Lights Go Out, and apparently, it wasn't love at first sight. Jamie didn't know that Jamie Lynn was famous, and treated her like just a regular run of the mill gal. After a few dates, the sparks really started to fly.

9 She Shares Another Sibling With Her Sister Britney

Britney might be the most famous Spears, but she isn't the only Spears!The 35 year-old pop sensation has a 40 year-old brother, Bryan, and of course, younger sister, Jamie Lynn, who is 26. Jamie Lynn and her brother, therefore, have an age gap of 14 years. All of the Spears kids are pretty spaced out in ages, so they grew up a little bit isolated from each other. When Jamie Lynn was 5, Britney was already a 13 year-old tween, working on getting discovered as a pop sensation. Brother Bryan might not be the most famous Spears face, but he does have quite a significant role in their careers. He is a television and film producer, the sole trustee of Britney's estate, and is also married to Jamie Lynn's manager, Graciella Sanchez.

8 She Decided To Not Work For Disney After Her Sister, Britney, Did. Instead Worked For Nickelodeon Who Dropped Her The Second She Got Pregnant

Jamie Lynn landed her biggest role back in 2005, when she played Zoey Brooks on the Nickelodeon hit, Zoey 101. The TV show, aimed at tweens, centered around Zoey and her friends, as they attend a boarding school in Southern California. The show was fairly successful and spanned four seasons, with a total of 61 episodes. The theme song, "Follow Me" was written by her sister, Britney, and performed by Jamie Lynn. When news was revealed that Jamie Lynn was pregnant, Nickelodeon dropped the show and the final episode aired just before Maddie was born. The 16 year-old would go through some tumultuous moments; she lost her career and was in the middle of a tabloid storm, right before giving birth to her child.

7 She Married A Guy With The Same Name As Her...Which Is Kinda Weird

Jamie Lynn has really only had two romantic relationships in her life: the one with Casey Aldridge, her daughter's father, and the one with her husband, Jamie Watson. She has said that Jamie is her perfect match because they share similar values, and he keeps her grounded. A down to Earth, regular guy, Jamie admittedly didn't even know that Jamie Lynn was famous when he met her. The pair actually went through a period where they were on-again-off-again, living in different cities and struggling to find a balance and a reason to stay together. But now, after close to 10 years together, they are both happy that they stuck through the challenging moments and gave their love a chance. They seem to have a very happy, balanced and meaningful life together and appreciate the love they have nurtured.

6 She Did A Tell-All TLC Reality Documentary About Her Teenage Pregnancy

After close to a decade off screen, Jamie Lynn returned to TLC last summer. Her reality documentary special, titled Jamie Lynn Spears: When The Lights Go Out, is a 43 minute collection of interviews with Jamie Lynn and her family. For the first time ever, Jamie Lynn tells her side of the story of her teenage pregnancy, and how the media unfairly attacked her. A visibly emotional Jamie Lynn gets very personal about her struggles and the hardships that she had to face while young and pregnant. The special also showcases how much Jamie Lynn has grown up and changed over the years; her daughter and husband are portrayed as being the stability she so badly needed when she was young. She seems to have a pretty good balance going on in her life, these days!

5 She Avoids Anything 'Hollywood' And Remains Out Of The Spotlight

Jamie Lynn has had firsthand experience with the ups and downs of fame. Both herself and her sister, Britney, were at one point subjected to media scrutiny, paparazzi chases and tabloid blasts. Rising to popularity at such a young age leaves little time for the normalcies of every day life. Just leaving the house can mean being followed, photographed and harassed by curious reporters wanting to get a glimpse into your life. So, when Jamie Lynn got pregnant and left her position at Nickelodeon, it was a welcome time out from celebrity life. She would virtually disappear from the map, choosing to enjoy a quiet life with her daughter and partner, instead. Jamie Lynn only re-emerged on the scene in 2015, when she began her country singing career.

4 She Played A Younger Version Of Her Sister In A Movie

Who doesn't recall Britney Spears' 2002 teen flick Crossroads? Written by Shonda Rimes, the coming-of-age film depicted a fictional (yet highly inspired by Britney's life) account of a group of friends' epic road trip. What few people know is that Jamie Lynn actually played the role of "young Lucy" (Britney's character). The then 9 year-old enjoyed this breakthrough role so much that it inspired her to continue acting. Although the film was officially a flop, (terrible ratings on IMDB and at the box office!) it became a fan favorite for Britney enthusiasts, and the cheesy film is still adored by those who love the pop icon. Next time you watch it, keep your eyes open for a young Jamie Lynn, who looks exactly like Britney did at age 9!

3 She's Actually Featured On Britney's Album, But Nobody Really Knows It

Britney Spears has released nine full length studio albums since her debut record ...Baby One More Time came out in 1999. It is estimated that she has sold close to 200 million records, and her net worth is also up around $200 million. Not bad for a 35  year-old, right? Jamie Lynn has credited her sister as being one of her musical idols, and she had the opportunity to sing with her on her 8th studio album, Britney Jean. The song Chillin' With You is a duet that features both Spears' sisters. It's not the first time that Jamie Lynn would sing with, or about her sister. In 2007, she performed a song she wrote called "I Look Up To You". The song was a hommage to her big sister's struggles in Hollywood, and how Jamie Lynn admired her perseverance.

2 She's Not About The City Life

Born in McComb, Mississippi, Jamie Lynn is a true southern belle. A love of country music was ingrained in her from a young age. The small town that the Spears' hail from is notorious for having many saloons and loads of live musical events, mainly country and bluegrass. The girls starting performing in talent shows at a young age. Although Jamie Lynn moved to Nashville temporarily in 2010 to pursue her acting career, she would end up moving back to Louisiana, where she calls home, after 3 years. One thing is for sure, this country-loving girl is not made for the big city. Despite having some experiences working in New York City and Los Angeles, she has stated that she would never be able to move to such a big city permanently.

1 She Won More Awards That You Would Even Think

Despite only starring in two films, Jamie Lynn was the recipient of several awards for her performance in Zoey 101. The hit Nickelodeon show earned her two Young Artist Awards, a Young Hollywood Award, a Kids Choice Award and a Kids Choice Award in Germany. On top of her wins, she was nominated for another dozen or so awards. Sadly, her popularity and fame came to a halt in 2008, when she left the Hollywood scene to raise her daughter. All of her awards were won between 2004-2008, and she has not done anything significant in the acting world since. She has never publicly talked about wanting to get back to an acting career. It seems like music is her true calling, as far as artistic pursuits go!

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