15 Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been a key player in Hollywood since her 2007 acting debut in Superbad. Within a decade, she has risen to the top of the charts, becoming one of the highest paid actress in the industry, and scooping up her first Academy Award. Not yet 30, the feisty redhead is as successful as she is likeable.

Her signature humour, raspy voice and red locks (that are sometimes blonde) have made her a fan favorite. She is relatable, intelligent and sarcastic, and doesn't take life too seriously. She has stolen the screen in Blockbuster hits Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Help, Easy A, The Amazing Spider-Man and La La Land. 

Unlike many stars, Emma has managed to keep her private life out of the tabloids. From her teenage years, she has always maintained a healthy balance, and hasn't allowed a crossover between her professional and personal life. Her dating life is particularly mysterious; we are only aware of her dating her Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield, but all other unions are just speculation.

Emma's confident attitude, ability to laugh at herself and youthful energy have captured our hearts. We love watching her on screen, and are amazed at her acting range. She is the girl that we would want to hang out with, and also the girl that every guy would love to date. Her beauty is more than skin deep, but she's definitely a pretty package to look at, too!


15 White Hot Ginger But That's Not Her Natural Hair Color

One of Emma Stone's most notable features is her fiery red hair. Funnily enough, the 28 year-old bombshell is not a natural ginger. She has natural blonde locks, which she sometimes sports for various film roles or a change from the red. When she first auditioned for her breakout role in Superbad, she impulsively dyed her hair red, which set her apart from the other people auditioning. Her role gained her a Young Hollywood Award for Exciting New Face. After this breakthrough debut, she would land roles in The Rocker, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Zombieland, all released before the end of 2008. By this point, Emma was gaining quite a bit of notoriety, and different roles were being offered to her from various directors.

14 She Suffers From One Of The Most Common Illnesses


It might come as a surprise that this outgoing, confident lady has actually suffered from anxiety since she was a young girl. She has opened up about her struggles with panic attacks, and how she has dealt with them while acting. She has undergone therapy, but has often said that acting has helped her push through the panic; performing has allowed her to focus on being fearless and brave. The anxiety started when she was in grade school. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Emma would get nervous and anxious if she didn't get straight A's. She often visited the school nurse during lunch hours when she felt overwhelmed with her emotions. Needing to control everything, she often feared that bad things would happen that she couldn't change.

13 Her Relationship Made Headlines Everywhere, But It Didn't End So Happily

Not too much is known about Emma Stone's personal life, and that includes her dating history. The pair were first linked when they co-starred in 2010's The Amazing Spider-Man, and an off-screen romance quickly developed. It wasn't until 2012 that they officially spoke out about their relationship. Over the next few years, they would be spotted at events separately, and then sometimes together, raising suspicion that the couple were very on-again-off-again. When asked by reporters what the status of their relationship was, Emma explained that she hated sharing her personal life details, for the exact reason that people were so quick to speculate on her status. Most recently, she has been linked to SNL actor and writer Dave McCary, but we don't have any confirmation on that, yet!

12 She Suffers From Yet ANOTHER Common Disease


Another of Emma's most recognizable traits is her sexy, raspy voice. Her signature sound can be attributed to the fact that she has suffered from asthma since childhood. That, paired with a very serious bout of colic when she was an infant, in which she apparently screamed and screamed for hours on end. She noticed that she was getting very short of breath when singing, and even had a medical emergency during filming of Easy A. In a scene where she is screaming and singing, the actress over exerted herself and ended up having a pretty serious asthma attack that required an oxygen mask to get under control. Now that she knows her triggers (singing and screaming too much don't help!) she has to pace herself so that she doesn't end up in the hospital again!

11 Her Real Name Isn't Even Emma

Like many actors, Emma uses a fake name. Although, it's not far off from the name she was born into: Emily Jean, and she didn't do it by choice, but out of necessity. Because the name Emily Stone was already associated to an actor in the Screen Actors Guild, she had to make some slight adjustments. Originally, she was debating going by either Riley Stone or Emily J. Stone, but settled on Emma, which is what her mother often called her. Stone is her family's real surname, her parents are Krista Jean Stone and Jeffrey Charles Stone, of Scottsdale, Arizona. Her father is the CEO of a general contracting company, and her mother is a homemaker and was a stay-at-home mom when Emma and her brother Spencer were young.

10 She Broke Two Body Parts At The Same Time


When Emma was a child, she was very active in gymnastics. Although things were going well for quite some time, one day, disaster struck. The clumsy starlet had a bad fall off of the parallel bars when she was just 7 years old, resulting in her breaking both of her arms simultaneously. Needless to say, that was the end of her career as a gymnast. Not one to brood over spilled milk, Emma turned her tragic story into an SNL digital short, called, you guessed it, I Broke My Arm. The hilarious spoof, featuring Andy Samberg was aired in 2010. Emma hasn't broken any bones since her gymnastic tumble, but she has admitted to being very clumsy and accident prone, and has to be very cautious to avoid injury.

9 She Tends To Only Hang Out With Other Popular Celebs

Emma Stone has had the chance to work with so many famous actors, that her friend group is naturally made up of Hollywood personas. Her friend list includes the likes of Taylor Swift, Matthew McConaughey, Nina Dobrev, Jennifer Lawrence, and of course, Ryan Gosling. To the dismay of fans, she has never had a romantic bond with Gosling. Though the two share some of the steamiest moments together on-screen, and appear to be made for each other, they have always had a brother/sister kind of relationship. Eva Mendes doesn't need to worry, then. Despite the fact that her six year relationship with Gosling has been kept very private, we'd like to think that the pair are doing well. Someone needs to take care of Ryan for us!


8 She Almost Stole Hayden Panettiere's Job


One of Emma's most disappointing moments in her acting career was when she didn't get a role in the hit TV show Heroes. The show aired from 2006-2010 on NBC, and was amongst Emma's first Hollywood auditions (hence the major disappointment when she didn't get chosen for the role!). The lead female role of Claire Bennet was instead given to Hayden Panettiere, who launched her career off of the show. Luckily for Emma, she got her big break the following year, when she was cast in Judd Apatow's Superbad. This role would be an introduction to a very successful decade of acting. And now, 10 years later, she is among the most famous actresses in the world, with a solid repertoire of films under her belt, and plenty of upcoming roles scheduled.

7 Puberty Was NOT Her Friend

Growing up in a semi-religious family in Scottsdale, Arizona, Emma was a pretty quiet and introspective child. She was definitely far from a wild child. So when she moved to New York City to pursue her acting career at age 21, she was hit with a wave of big city realities that were previously only available to her on the screen. One of the first things she did was get her ears pierced. Since she had never had them done before, she kind of jumped on the piercing train and ended up getting 5 ear piercings in a short time. She wouldn't be as impulsive with tattoos, however. For the time being, the only tattoo she has is the one on her wrist: birds feet designed by Paul McCartney that her mother got at the same time.

6 Her Good Friend Is One Of The Most Hated Celebs In Hollywood


Emma Stone and Taylor Swift have been besties for quite a few years now. It all began when they met at the Young Hollywood Awards, organized by Hollywood Life magazine. This was before Taylor was super duper famous. Emma listened to some of her music after the awards show, and really enjoyed it. She sent Taylor a personal email telling her that she liked the songs, and that started the waves of communication between the two. Soon after, they went on a friend date, and the rest is history. They have been pals ever since. According to reports, Emma is responsible for introducing Taylor to her current beau actor Joe Alwyn. He is currently filming a movie with Emma in the UK, and she made the introductions that resulted in romance.

5 She Won Her First Academy Award At A Ripe Age

Emma's first Academy Award nomination came in in 2014, when she was up for the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Birdman. Although she didn't take that award home, she would win the Best Actress Academy Award two years later, for her role in 2016's critically acclaimed film La La Land. The film was one of the top grossing of all time, winning six Academy Awards in all. The super successful pairing of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling stole fans' hearts, once again. This Academy Award win brought Emma into a whole new category of acting; she is now the top paid female actor in Hollywood, and has no shortage of roles available to her. Not yet 30, she is at the peak of her acting career.

4 She's A Bit Of A Computer Geek


Emma is definitely a self-proclaimed geek of sorts. The nerdy redhead likes nothing more than learning. She has always been super interested in academia, and enjoys writing and reading. Before her acting career launched, she was actually helping people build and establish websites for free. Trying to learn HTML code, she offered her services to friends and family members so that she could get additional practice. During elementary school, she was home-schooled by her mother for two years. She officially dropped out of the all-girl Catholic high school she attended in her freshman year to pursue her acting, but this smarty pants is a natural genius. While she was establishing her acting career in L.A, she finished up her high school diploma by completing online courses.

3 She's Just Like Us: Listens To Popular Music

Emma is a huge Beatles fan. The song "Blackbird" is the reason behind her bird's feet tattoo. The stars favorite song, shared by her mother, was the motivation for their adorable matching tattoos. Emma sent Sir Paul McCartney a letter, telling him how much she loved the song, and asked him to draw the birds feet for her. It would not be the first time that she had a personal moment with the former Beatle. One time she visited his home, along with her Zombieland costar Woody Harrelson, where they ate veggie burgers and chatted. Clearly, her circle of acquaintances and friends is much more impressive than mine! Her personal link to the Beatles is now forever tattooed on her left wrist.

2 She Tries Not To Be 'Too Hollywood'


It shouldn't come as a surprise that Emma is one of the most down to Earth celebrities of our time. She is the quintessential girl next door, the laidback friend we all wish we had. Despite having a huge net worth and the ability to buy anything she desires, Emma chooses to live her life modestly and without too much glitz and glamour. She values her privacy more than anything, and has once said that her biggest fear would be to be disconnected from her normal life and living the Hollywood-esque life. Her critical acclaim and fantastic acting reviews have not gotten to her head. Emma retains a super humble attitude, and still enjoys giving back to the community and those in need by volunteering for different non-profit groups and charitable organizations.

1 She Is A Huge SNL Fan

Emma has been a long time fan of SNL and her dream was always to host an episode. Well, now she's done just that...and more than once, too! She hosted a total of three times: in 2010, 2011 and most recently, in 2016. On top of that, she's made guest appearances, namely when Andrew Garfield hosted in 2014. Emma has appeared in some of the most iconic and hilarious skits, and is good friends with Lorne Michaels and the rest of the staff at SNL. Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon has often had Emma on his show, as well. The two are close pals and enjoy creating hilarious improv skits together. We're sure it won't be too long before Emma is asked back to host another classic episode of the iconic show!



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