15 Facts Only KUWTK Fans Know About The Fam (+ 5 That Are Still Secrets)

As one of the most famous families in the world, the Kardashians have made nearly every detail of their lives public. The public knows all about their love lives, their business achievements, their hobbies, and interests, and we certainly hear about it when a member of the family is going through a hard time.

It can be tricky to avoid hearing about the Kardashians because the particulars of their lives are splashed across newspapers, magazines, and websites all over the planet. Still, though, there are some Kardashian and Jenner facts that only true fans know about.

Some details don’t make it to the headlines, and the only way to hear about them is to watch their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or to literally keep up with them on their various social media platforms.

Only real fans know why Kim was so quick to marry basketballer Kris Humphries, and which two siblings went to college, and which sister was named after the family matriarch. We’ve also been able to uncover some Kardashian and Jenner facts that are so little-known, they’re basically still secrets!

Check out these details about the Kardashians that only fans of the show will know about, and top-secret facts about the famous family.

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20 Kim Only Wears A Bikini When It’s Overcast


Kim Kardashian is famous for her bikini body, but real fans know that she only likes to splash around in a bikini when the weather is on her side.

The TV personality has previously revealed that she will only wear a two-piece when it’s overcast because photographers can’t see her cellulite without the sun: “It’s a trick of the light. There are paparazzi everywhere, that’s a fact, so if I go out in bright sunlight all my cellulite will be lit up and visible. If it’s overcast, you can’t see it. I know it’s there, but you won’t.” You have to hand it to Kim for always keeping it real!

19 Kylie Jenner’s Middle Name Is Kristen


Most people can probably match up the Kardashian and Jenner sisters with their first names, but only certified fans know all the middle names of the family as well. Kylie’s middle name, for example, is Kristen after—yep, you guessed it—her mom, Kristen ‘Kris’ Jenner.

Kendall’s is Nicole, after Nicole Simpson, who was best friends with her mother, and whose husband, O.J. Simpson, was close to the late Kardashian patriarch, Robert Sr. Kourtney’s middle name is Mary, which is also Kris’s middle name and comes from her grandmother, Mary Jo Houghton. Kim’s is Noel and Khloe’s is Alexandra. See, the K fam is already deeper than you thought!

18 Scott And Kourtney Were Once Engaged


Unlike younger sisters Kim and Khloe, the oldest Kardashian sister Kourtney has never been married. But during an episode of KUTWK, Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick, whom she started dating in 2006, revealed that at one point, the two were actually engaged.

“I asked her to marry me. It was really weird,” Scott recalled. “I don’t think we told anybody. It was somewhat cute and then we just got scared about the media and this and that, and we were like: ‘Let’s just put the ring aside and we’ll talk about it another day.’ We never spoke about it again.” Say what?!

17 Mason Might Have Brought Kourtney And Scott Back Together

Entertainment Tonight

The relationship between Kourtney and Scott was turbulent, to say the least. If it weren’t for Mason, their first son who was born in 2009, the pair might have called things off completely that year. According to BuzzFeed, Before Mason was conceived, Kourtney and Scott had actually been apart for six months. They got back together in Miami for one night, and nine months later, Mason arrived.

If that hadn’t happened, they might never have come back together, and then they never would have had their next two kids, Penelope and Reign. So way to go, Mason, reality fans everywhere have you to thank!

16 Kris And Caitlyn Were Set Up On A Blind Date

Harper's Bazaar

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner got together long before KUTWK started filming in 2007, so not all fans realize how they came to be in a relationship. A few months after Kris’s divorce from Robert Kardashian was finalized, she was actually set up on a blind date with Caitlyn, and the two then became inseparable. See, good things can come from blind dates!

Although a few members of the family found the relationship hard to take, namely Kourtney, who was still sad over her parents’ divorce, Caitlyn did approach Robert and ask for his blessing before proposing to Kris at the time.

15 There Was A Reason Why Kim Married Kris Humphries Only 90 Days After Getting Engaged

Life & Style

Kris became engaged to Caitlyn only three months after her divorce from Robert, and the two were married only five months after they started dating. Speedy dating periods and engagements definitely run in this family, which may explain why Kim later married Kris Humphries only 90 days after he proposed to her.

But there might be another reason too: BuzzFeed reports that Kim wanted to look “young and at her best” in her wedding photos, so she wanted to tie the knot as swiftly as possible. And these aren’t the only couples in the family to get married so quickly—Khloe married Lamar Odom within a month of meeting him.

14 The Kardashians Weren’t Fans Of Kris Humphries

Kristine Blogs

Speaking of Kris Humphries, it’s common knowledge among fans that he was the family’s least favorite boyfriend/partner/husband of Kim. This all played out on the show, but briefly, before the wedding, Khloe was actually uninvited from the celebrations after questioning Kris’s intentions with her sister.

The night before the wedding, Kris Jenner asked her daughter if she wanted out because she wasn’t herself. And during the actual ceremony, Khloe was heard whispering to another guest that she gave their marriage six months. It turns out she was right, but not about the six months part; the marriage was over in 72 days.

13 Kourtney Is Planning On Protecting Her Kids From Scenes On KUTWK


There are several scenes on KUTWK that are super entertaining to fans but would probably be a little confronting to the Kardashian kiddies. Their moms do some pretty crazy things on that show! When Kourtney was asked how she’ll explain some of their antics to her three kids, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, when they’re old enough to watch the show and understand it, she said, “I’ll just say none of it’s true.”

That’s certainly a way of dealing with it, but that is a lot of lying... Middle sister Kim also has three children—North, Saint, and Chicago—plus another one on the way, Khloe has one daughter, True, Rob has a daughter, Dream, and Kylie also has a daughter, Stormi. Everyone better get their stories straight!

12 There’s A Link Between The Kardashians And The Jacksons

The Cut

The Kardashians are one of the most famous families, if not the most famous family, in the United States. But before they reached such levels of success, they were connected to several other high-profile names, including the Richies, the Hiltons, the Simpsons, and even the Jacksons.

Kim’s first boyfriend was T.J. Jackson, the nephew of music legend Michael Jackson. She even had her 14thbirthday party at Neverland Ranch and has kept several tokens from that relationship for all these years. Kourtney also dated Taryll Jackson between 1999 and 2005, and he was her last boyfriend before she moved on to Scott Disick.

11 Kim Originally Thought Reggie Bush Was The One

The Judiciary Report

Kim’s early dating history is a blur to many fans since now it’s hard to think of her as anything other than Kim Kardashian-West. But before she married current husband Kanye, and ex-husband Kris Humphries, she was in a relationship with Reggie Bush. And when she was asked about the relationship in 2008, just after she rose to global prominence, she revealed that she thought he was the one.

“This is it for me,” she said (via BuzzFeed). “Reggie has been my support system and he’s such a good guy. After we get married, we’ll have kids. Hopefully I’ll be pregnant within two years.”

10 Kendall Once Had A Normal Job

W Magazine

We know what you’re thinking: why would a Kardashian or a Jenner ever need to work a normal job? All of the kids were born into wealth and privilege, even before they became celebrities, so they’ve probably never needed to work per se, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had real jobs before.

Kendall, for example, once had a job walking dogs. That’s not a bad first job at all! Kim was a professional closet organizer and Kourtney’s first job was a production assistant. That’s basically an entry-level role in the world of TV and film, so Kourt’s come a long way!

9 Khloe And Kris Have Matching Tattoos


Not all Kardashian fans know that Khloe and Kris actually have matching tattoos. We don’t get to see them often, but it has been documented that they both have cross tattoos on their lower backs. Cute! Khloe has the word “Daddy” written with hers, which is a tribute to her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr.

After Kris had her cross inked on, she decided to add Kendall and Kylie’s names to it after she’d had a few drinks. That’s a nice thing for a mom to do, right? Except she said she didn’t “have space” for the names of her other four kids. Yikes!

8 Rob And Kourtney Went To College

Us Weekly

The Kardashians and Jenners have been able to find success in life without needing to go to college, but that doesn’t mean that nobody in the family has ever set foot on a university campus. Both Rob and Kourtney actually went to college. Kourtney attended the University of Arizona where she majored in Theatre Arts with a minor in Spanish. Those Theatre Arts have no doubt come in handy during her life in the spotlight!

And Rob studied Business Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. He graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business in 2009, and put those skills to use when he created his sock line, Arthur George.

7 Khloe Was Involved In A Serious Car Accident In 2001


The Kardashians aren’t typically private people, so we know many details from their lives before fame too. Back in 2001, when Khloe was only 16 years old, she was involved in a serious car accident. During the incident, she flew through the windscreen which left her with a severe concussion, and she was diagnosed with long-term memory loss.

To this day, she still has issues with memory loss. The crash also left her with a deep scar on her leg. As hilarious and krazy as they are, the Kardashians have also gone through a lot of trying times—casual fans may not realize.

6 After North’s Birth, Kim Sent Fake Pictures Of Her To Friends

Page Six

The birth of Kim and Kanye’s first child, North, was one of the biggest moments for Kardashian fans. Knowing that the press would be paying incredible sums for a single snap of her daughter, Kim decided to put her friends to the test. She sent a group of friends fake pictures of “North” to find out who would try to sell them to the tabloids.

And it looks like Kim was onto something because it turns out those friends did try to sell the pictures to the media. So it’s not just tooth cavities Kim can sniff out, but fake friends too!

5 Top Secret: Kim’s 72-Day Marriage Wasn’t The Shortest In The Family

In Touch Weekly

Kim Kardashian has made headlines for a lot in her life, but perhaps the single incident that landed her on more newspaper front pages than any other was her divorce from Kris Humphries. The reality star announced that she was splitting from her husband after just 72 days of marriage, and was mocked by viewers, internet trolls, and the media.

But as it turns out, this wasn’t even the shortest marriage in the Kardashian family. Kim’s grandma MJ actually wins the award for the shortest marriage in the family: according to BuzzFeed, her first marriage lasted only two months in 1952.

4 Top Secret: Kanye Got His First Cell Phone Because Of Kim


Fans generally know that Kanye West values his wife, but they might not understand the extent to which he’s obsessed with her. When Kim started dating Kris Humphries and planned to marry him, Kanye responded by getting his very first cell phone just to contact her and try to persuade her.

He would send unflattering photos of the basketballer to Kim, captioning them, “This is your future.” Pretty intense! Kanye admitted that he’s had feelings for Kim since they met back in 2004, well before she was the TV personality we know today. Their first conversation took place over the phone and lasted eight hours!

3 Top Secret: Some Of Kim’s Jewelry Once Belonged To Elizabeth Taylor


It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the Kardashians have a lot of nice jewelry. But many fans don’t know that Kim Kardashian actually owns a chunk of jewels that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. $65,000 worth of Kim’s jewelry, to be exact, once belonged to the legendary actress. This included three of her jade and diamond Lorraine Schwartz bangles.

But Kim has changed her stance on flashing her nice jewels ever since she was robbed in a Paris hotel room in 2016. Now she prefers not to show off her expensive accessories in the hope that she won’t become a target again.

2 Top Secret: Kris Had Surgery On Her Ears

W Magazine

Who knew this was even possible? It has been reported that Kris Jenner recently had a section of her earlobes surgically removed. This came after she claimed that she had “the biggest earlobes in the universe” and wanted to make them smaller to improve her appearance. Now, Kris feels freer to wear big earrings and doesn’t feel insecure about the fact that they draw attention to her ears.

The Kardashians always tend to be ahead of the curve, so maybe thigh gaps and backside implants are becoming a thing of the past and earlobe modification is the next big thing coming for Hollywood?

1 Top Secret: The Name KUWTK Was Actually A Fluke

The Desert Sun

The name Keeping Up with the Kardashians has hooked the interest of millions of fans around the world. But it wasn’t exactly a well-planned name … it just kind of happened! The team behind the show actually decided upon the name when a producer arrived late to their meeting. He excused himself, saying, “Sorry—I’ve been trying to keep up with the Kardashians.”

History was made that day! Although viewers watch the show for more than the name, we think the show title sums up this family quite well. They are hard to keep up with, after all, and there's a whole lot to know about the fashionable and fabulous clan.

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