15 Facts On The Fiery Swimsuit Model, Demi Mawby

Demi Rose, whose full name (according The Sun) is Demi Rose Mawby, has taken the world by storm with her incredible figure, outstanding beauty, and positive attitude. Her gorgeous looks gave her a massive social media presence, which you probably know if you’ve scrolled through any modeling tags. Her smouldering eyes and flawless skin has made the world fall in love with her. If you don’t know her from her social media modeling, you definitely would recognize her as the Kylie Jenner look-alike who dated Tyga back in 2016, as Daily Mail reports.

How did this girl go from being more or less unknown to being hugely successful, seemingly overnight? There’s more to her than meets the eye, and you’d be surprised to hear how her success happened. We did a little more digging about Demi Rose and found interviews, articles, and old photos that explain exactly who she is; inside and out. Curious about if she’s had surgery? Wondering what her parents think of her lingerie modeling career? Look no further. We’ve got 15 facts here about the fiery model Demi Rose Mawby, and they might shock you. Read on and find out everything you need to know about this next big supermodel

15 She’s Happy As An Independent Woman


Demi Rose has been in and out of the media, but is quickly making a name for herself. In the same way that the Kardashians have almost turned themselves into a brand, so has Demi Rose. Her curves have received praise and she’s been hired to do any number of modeling and music video gigs. While we’ll get into her current career a little later, there’s a few things to discuss first. Daily Mail has linked her as the ex of Tyga, Kylie Jenner look alike and arm candy extraordinaire. But is that what she wants? According to Daily Mail, Demi Rose comments that she’s, “happily being an independent woman and is keeping her options open…’I’m happy being single but if someone comes along he just has to fit in with my busy life, really. Who knows?'” Who knows indeed!

Her parents went on record with Daily Mail, with her dad admitting, “Demi hasn't had a boyfriend since her three-year relationship with a boy she met at Fuerteventura ended three years ago,”

Her mom said, “she has a lot of male friends but nothing more serious – she's a very private girl who likes spending time with her close friends.” Hmmm… It seems like she really is the independent type!

14 She’s Struggled With Self-Confidence


Even the most beautiful stars have their dark past. Whether it’s jail time, cosmetic procedures, or substance dependency, there’s a lot that can bubble up when a star is on the rise. For Demi Rose, though, her dark past is only full of self-confidence issues. On top of telling The Sun about allegations of bullying (which we talk about in another entry), she admits to having struggled with issues regarding food, eating, and self-image. Birmingham Mail released an article which reported on her response to a “before and after” picture going around the internet, which people said was due to cosmetic procedures. While we get into that a little later, it’s actually from a period of her life during which she wasn’t being healthy. She told Daily Mail more details, saying “I had a curvy figure at 16 and wanted to lose a load of weight so I went through a period of getting so skinny and putting myself on a strict diet. I was so unhappy and hated my body… One day I woke up and realized I had to get better for myself. I started going to the gym, eating normally, and now I’m so confident with my body.” We’re glad that her self-confidence has blossomed, as it shows just how beautiful she is, inside and out.

13 She Receives Some Pretty Weird Gifts From Strangers

pinterest.com / IG: demirosemawby

Okay, so there’s no big secrets in her past. Maybe a little disappointing for those gossip-oriented people, but we’re glad that she’s really as sweet as she seems. We respect Demi Rose for speaking up about her past and her issues, and for being such a supportive presence for those going through the same thing. Not everyone seems to respect her though, as some of her gifts seem to suggest. Apparently, people will send stars weird things; we don’t really know why. But Demi Rose is no stranger to this. She told The Sun that, “I actually received something really weird the other day. It was a bag which came to my door - it had in it a nail file, $5 from America, a [rude novelty] checkbook, so you opened it and it said ‘I owe you a [favor]... Or whatever.’ I was like ‘ what the!’ It also had in it a scarf, a card in it like a business card... And a cheap ring!”

People of the world, if you’re really trying to get Demi Rose to notice you, you’ve got to do better than a cheap ring, a book of favors, and a scarf.

We’re unsure about what the point of this package was. Was it to try and get close to her? Were they things she was supposed to like and accept as gifts? We don’t know.

12 Her Parents Support Her And She Supports Them… Literally!


When you’re one of the biggest lingerie and swimsuit models in the world, it’s only natural that you receive some backlash from your parents, right? If you’re planning on going on an adventure to find your fame, maybe take a page out of Demi Rose’s book. She shows her parents everything she does, including what she posts on social media! This is according to Daily Mail, who had a conversation with her parents. Daily Mail quotes them as saying, “we don't mind at all. She always said she wouldn't [reveal too much] not that we've told her not to, her pictures are…suggestive but she shows them all to us. We're right behind her. She's such a beautiful girl, why shouldn't she? If you've got it, flaunt it.” It’s a testament to how sweet she is. It’s natural that Demi Rose and her parents have a good relationship; The Sun says that “Demi’s visa ran out in late 2015 and she returned to Britain to help her mum Christine, 62, who is wheelchair-bound after suffering a heart attack and stroke when Demi was just 17, leaving her unable to move her left arm and leg.” The family that supports each other is truly the best, as Demi Rose can attest to.

11 MySpace Was Where She Started…


Having a past full of self confidence issues and bullying it might come as a bit of surprise that she ended up gaining popularity online. Demi Rose told Daily Mail that posting photos on the internet was a great way to learn about herself, and to see herself for who she really is. Daily Mail quotes her as saying, “even when I was at school, I would be posting pictures to MySpace. I had a profile at a very young age to contact my friends so I would post pictures on there – even bikini pictures, so that was the first stage of building confidence.'”

Her MySpace ended up taking off in terms of popularity, which started her on the path to online fame.

The Sun goes on to discuss this quote from Demi Rose: “In school, I was quite popular on MySpace and that kind of followed on to Instagram. It was really weird when people started recognising me and stuff on the street. I just got used to it.” It makes sense that her popularity grows with her platform presence. We’re surprised that she had MySpace at such a young age, but it makes sense; for this model the camera seems to be her best friend.

10 ...But One Social Media Platform, In Particular, Has Been Her Big Claim To Fame

mybataz.com / demirosemawby IG

If you haven’t checked out this blossoming star’s Instagram page, you’re in for a treat. Gorgeous dresses, adorable outfits, and incredible parties are posted there almost daily. While it’s not super innocent, according to Daily Mail her parents do approve. When you’re as gorgeous as Demi Rose, it’s nice to have a platform to be able to pull it off. According to The Sun, Demi Rose says “I’ve had Instagram since I was 18. Posed for selfies and pictures and it just grew from like 60,000 to 200,000 to a million to 3.2million now.” It’s not just a numbers game, though. This is a place for her to keep growing her confidence and to boost her brand. She’s the queen of content, and The Sun gives an insight into what content actually does the best. The Sun reports that she knows “bikini pictures usually do the best, and body pictures, cute dress and a smile...but usually if my body is in it, it does well.” It’s natural that being so well practiced with online platforms led her to such dramatic Instagram success. Moving from MySpace to Instagram was a smart personal, career move; and don’t even get us started on her amazing Snapchat!

9 The Kids At School Were Cruel


Hands up, how many of us were bullied during our school years? If you’re the average kid, you probably were bullied at least once, even if it was indirectly. Celebrities are no different. Even Demi Rose Mawby has had to deal with bullies, according to an interview she did with The Sun. She told them,

“I rarely wanted to go [to school]. Bullies used to throw chewing gum in my hair and pull chairs away as I was about to sit on them."

"I hated it. They all thought I looked and acted weird. I couldn’t wait to finish.” It might sound like a cliche on the surface, but don’t let that fool you: her story is touching and lovely. Not only did she manage to get her modeling career off the ground, but she’s blossomed with confidence too! It takes a huge amount of confidence to pursue a modeling career, and we would love to see the faces of her bullies now; no doubt, like any good teen movie or Avril Lavigne song, they caught a glimpse of her on TV, in a magazine, or on a newsstand and couldn’t believe their eyes. Good on you, Demi, for showing those bullies who’s boss!

8 But A One-In-A-Million Chance Event Changed Everything


You probably know this part of her story: Demi Rose went to LA on a trip to visit a friend but ended up staying for a long time. The Sun says that Demi Rose puts it as, “I only went there to see a friend to celebrate my birthday but it led to other things. Through friends, I ended going to these hip-hop parties held in clubs where girls wore hotpants, or often practically nothing at all. I was then invited to host them. The girls were different to the ones I was used to seeing in England,” and she must have liked it enough to stay, right? The story goes deeper. The Sun says that during this trip she gained a connection to Taz’s Angels. Demi Rose tells The Sun, “No it was never [unsafe or inappropriate]. We were hosting clubs and having fun. Just being popular on social media and showing people a bit of our life. The Taz’s Angels are still happening, but I’m just not a part of it anymore. We went to parties and hosted clubs, we went to America, we saw the world. It did make me more internationally known.” While there’s been some questionable discussion surrounding Taz’s Angels, but Demi Rose doesn’t seem to be connected to any of it.

7 Her Regime Is Ridiculously Strict… But It Definitely Pays Off


For models and actors, your body is one of the biggest assets you have. Not only do you need to keep it in tip-top shape to be able to do the physical aspect of the work, but for Demi Rose her body is her brand. Is this something she was naturally blessed with? No way! Demi Rose tells The Sun about her regimen, saying, “I have a Nike trainer and I train with him in Birmingham. We do lots of glutes work and abs work, 30 mins each. It’s hard work, and I eat quite healthy too. He trains a lot of footballers and has worked with Anthony Joshua."

"If I’m in Birmingham I try to go to the gym three to four times a week. I don’t really have much carbs, basically nuts, nuts, nuts."

"For breakfast, it’s usually eggs, lunch it has to be something light like a chicken or prawn salad with a superfood. For dinner I like protein, like fish with vegetables or sushi. Then more nuts. My guilty pleasure is chocolate nuts or salted nuts!” If that’s what it takes to get a body like Demi Rose, well… We’re still not convinced we’d ever even attempt to put in that much work. While we like the idea of having a world-famous body, we think we should leave that fame to Demi Rose. We’ll stick with the ice cream tubs and McDonalds runs.

6 She Studied At A Beauty School


Nothing is gained without knowledge, and to have the type of success Demi Rose has had, you need to have a fair bit of knowledge (and confidence)! While this girl might seem like she’s appeared out of nowhere, she’s actually been studying beauty for years. According to Daily Mail gave us an insight into her time in beauty school, with a quote from her dad to boot! They said, “It was a three-year health and beauty course at Walsall College that changed Demi's life and she went into modeling two years ago. [Her dad] said: 'She was always interested in beauty and a good-looking girl to boot. I could always see it coming as she's very ambitious." Seems like her parents really were supportive, even after her life took a turn for the rich and famous. Her mother chimed in on the beauty school discussion too, but this time with The Sun. She said, “Demi Rose didn’t think she was quite good enough but she excelled in beauty school and it her made her ambitious to pursue her dreams.” It seems like everyone agrees: beauty school was a confidence booster that allowed Demi Rose to really build the drive to go for her goals.

5 She Dated Tyga (And Yes, They Still Talk)


This is the point we were all waiting for, right? Not only has Demi Rose seemingly skyrocketed to fame, but many people claim it was because she was picked up by one of the biggest rappers and whisked away into the world of high-fashion and paparazzi. If you ask Demi, though, that’s not exactly how it worked. She told Daily Mail, “I was quite known before I even met him. But I’m still referred to as Tyga’s ex…” Do we sense a sore spot? It’s hard dealing with exes, especially when they’re as famous as Tyga. No doubt they’ve written each other off like so many celebrity exes… At least, that’s what would have happened had it been anybody else. But Demi Rose is too sweet to cut off.

She told Daily Mail, “we still talk now and then, you know, just ‘how are you?’ and stuff.”

The Sun says that it wasn’t a bad breakup anyway. They talked to Demi Rose too and she’s on record as saying that “[Tyga and I] really liked each other but logistically it didn’t work out in the end. But you know, everything happens for a reason. I’m not heartbroken though. For now, I’m just doing me!” Sounds like a level-headed decision. We wish all celebrities could be this big about breakups!

4 She Doesn’t Have A “Type” Of Guy She Likes, But A Few Have Caught Her Interest…


What does it take to win the heart of a beauty queen like Demi? It might be simpler than you think. She told The Sun, “I don’t really have a type because I like personalities better. So I don’t really look at guys like Oh My God, ‘I’d love to be with him ‘ because you never know how they are going to be… I’m not into pretty boys, I’m not into abs. It could be anyone. It could be like a fat guy. I surprise myself ... As long as they have a good personality,” which might be part of the reason she’s been linked to so few people over the last year or so of her superstardom spotlight. Daily Mail reported on her leaving a club with Drake, but Demi responded, “He was there, but that’s all it was. He was around. It wasn’t a date. I think I said a few things to him but it wasn’t a date!” Daily Mail also mentions that she “was recently seen holding hands with DJ Tom Zanetti,” but once again her response was a negative: “'We weren’t [dating], we were just holding hands and acting like a couple for the video.” Believe it or not, we think she’s probably telling the truth. This independent lady is too busy for boys. She's also rumored to be presently dating DJ Chris Martinez, according to celebrityinside.com and the pictures of them on her own personal Instagram account.

3 She’s From The UK And Goes Home Regularly


Yes, this girl is from the UK — and she’s proud! “American guys loved my Brummie accent because it wasn’t like anything they’d heard before,” The Sun reports. While we haven’t heard it, we’re sure that that’s true based on the popularity of British accents in media and movies. Daily Mail offers another look at her origins, by claiming that she’s “a shy bank manager's daughter who grew up in a middle-class family in the West Midlands.” While the jury is out on whether or not she really was shy, her parents certainly have a unique insight on her.

Daily Mail reported that her parents get a different side of Demi Rose.

They reportedly said, “she's very kind and a really down-to-earth girl – nothing like what we are seeing in the press. When she's at home she's perfectly normal. She loves her cat Raggles and her big white Samoyed dog Leo. She's a great cook and is a homebody.” While she might be working in the USA (as all the supermodels tend to do), she does like going home. Her parents and she are close, according to Daily Mail, and she’s always happy to take a break from the spotlight.

2 Cosmetic Procedures? Nope! Just Laser Eye Surgery

virealni.online/IG: demirosemawby

A report surfaced recently that featured Demi Rose getting ready for a procedure. Fans went wild, convinced that the rumors about her having cosmetic procedures were true. Was this procedure done for self-improvement? Well… Yes, in a way. Daily Mail reported that she went in for laser eye work. She said afterwards “I feel amazing, after a week or so it has settled down and is absolutely amazing. I had a check-up and apparently I have 20/20 vision now. I had a lot of light sensitivity as well and now it’s completely calmed down. It’s a whole new world, it’s just incredible.” She’s no stranger to cosmetic procedure claims, though. Birmingham Mail reported that Demi Rose went on a small Twitter rant discussing the constant rumors about her having work done. Birmingham Mail says that she wrote, “For those saying the difference is [a cosmetic procedure], it wasn’t – just malnutrition. I don’t want sympathy, just to inspire. Many of us struggle for perfection rather than just accepting who you are (and) loving yourself… Nourish your body, don’t punish it! For anyone out there who is hating their body it takes time and self-belief, don’t ever give up! You’re as strong as you believe and it’s all about changing your mindset and running with it.” The words are inspiring and so is the message.

1 Where’s She Going Next? Hollywood Is On Her Radar!


After everything we’ve discussed, it should come as no surprise that she’s a hard working woman. We’ve talked about her building her fame from the ground up, the near-overnight success she had by linking up with a popular party group (as well as dating Tyga), and her past issues with her body image and self-confidence. Her parents have been supportive through and through, and with that support, it’s clear that Demi Rose can do almost anything she puts her mind to! What does she have next on the horizon? According to The Sun, Demi says that she’s got some famous friends, and the Hollywood life is calling. One specific one she pointed out:

“Michael Bay - he directed Transformers. I’d like a Hollywood career. I went to stage school so fingers crossed.”

With a determination like Demi Rose, we’re sure that she’ll be able to do it. After all, The Sun also mentioned that she’s had success as an actor in many different music videos. From her humble beginnings as a MySpace kid to her nearly world famous modeling career, there’s no stopping Demi Rose. We’re excited to see where she’s going next, and hopefully, there’ll be even more to learn about her soon!

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