15 Facts About The Travolta Family

John Travolta has been appearing on our television screens for ages and he has played some of the most memorable roles in cinema history. From films like Grease, Pulp Fiction, and Hairspray, Travolta has made his mark on the big screen and has proven to be a pretty groovy dancer. When most people think of this goofy-acting Scientologist, they recall all of his comedic characters and his outrageous dancing skills. Just like every celebrityand every other person in the worldTravolta is hiding some dark things of his own.

Every family has a closet where they stuff all their confidential information. We know how that is. Our families have mysteries of their own. Well, the Travolta family has some things they are wanting to keep buried, but they are celebrities so people like the paparazzi, Reddit spies, and obsessed fans are more than likely to dig out all the little secrets they can. Once these secrets are dug up, these spies release their delicious information to the world. Little does Mr. Travolta know, we have found some fairly interesting facts regarding his family and we have listed them below for you. If you are a fan of the Travolta family or you are just someone who is nosy about celebrity life, read on to learn about some interesting family secrets.

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15 John Travolta May Have Had A Thing For A Co-Star

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Jeff Conaway played the memorable role of Kenickie in the 1978 show-stopping film Grease. According to accusations, Travolta attempted to give his co-star a certain naughty favor involving his kisser.

Conaway's erstwhile fiancé, Vikki Lizzi, spoke to the National Inquirer and stated that the dirty act was undertaken at Conaway's home sometime in the 1990s. Lizzi said that Conaway was so traumatized and angered by the deviating situation that he even broke off his longstanding relationship with the award-winning actor.

Lizzi also explained that she had found this information out by reading it on a suicide note that Conaway had written back in 2006. Fortunately, the suicide was unsuccessful, so Conaway got to have a little bit more time before he passed away from pneumonia in 2011.

14 John Travolta Really Likes Pilots

Travolta's Grease co-star was not the only fella he tried to land, according to some rumors that are all over the internet and celebrity magazines. In the 1980s, Travolta had a pilot who worked for him and this pilot's name is Doug Gotterba. Gotterba declared that he and Travolta had been having a six-year-long affair during the time he had been working for the actor.

The Golden Globe-winning actor denied the statement and claims that the pilot was just trying to come up with some scheme to put a little extra money in his pocket. Gotterba continued to argue against Travolta's denial and has even taken the situation to court. The judges involved in the case ruled that Travolta could not exactly fight the account.

Now, Gotterba has decided to write a book explaining all the happenings within his life and he has promised to add every detail possible. Details involving the alleged affair will be within the book as well. Travolta's attorneys are trying their best to combat the release of the pilot's book, but from the looks of it, they are most likely not going to win.

13 Kelly Preston Vs. Kirstie Alley

There is no denying that Travolta's fellow Scientologist and one of his best friendsKirstie Alleymay have a slight crush on her Look Who's Talking co-star. Alley admitted to Barbara Walters that Travolta was the "love of her life" and that she still has a special place for him in her heart. Alley went on during the interview to say that she does in fact flirt with the actor on many occasions.

Travolta's wifeKelly Prestonobviously is not fond of the idea of her husband's friend being flirtatious because she has confronted Alley about her behavior. Alley told Howard Stern during a radio interview that Preston would constantly ask her if she was flirting with Travolta when she was visiting the couple. Alley said she never denied her amorous behavior.

12 John Travolta Was Accused Of Battery

There are a bunch of citations out there regarding Travolta that describe him as a homosexual or at least describe him trying to partake in homosexual activities. This is one of them.

A 21-year-old masseur said that while Travolta was staying at a hotel in California, the actor groped his bottom and kept suggesting lascivious behavior while he also began to remove his clothes. The masseur explained that he was only expecting to be giving the Pulp Fiction star a deep tissue massage but got a lot more in return.

The masseur filed a report disputing Travolta's actions and the entire report has been published on the internet. Since gaining popularity, the case did not do what the masseur wanted because the officer in charge said it was all consented.

11 The Church Of Scientology Knows About John's Affair With Doug The Pilot

The Church of Scientology has gotten a lot of attention recently for their manipulative and possibly "cult-like" behavior. Actress Leah Remini has even released an amazing documentary series that goes over the haunting things the church has done to its followers.

It is said that the church gathers celebrities to join so that they can seem more appealing to non-famous people, but once celebrities are sucked into the religion, the church controls them to do what they want. It is also said that the Church of Scientology knows the truth about Travolta's so-called affair with his 1980s pilot.

According to hearsay, the church is blackmailing Travolta into doing whatever they chose for him to do. It is possible that the church has video evidence of the affair and has threatened to leak itand ruin Travolta's careerif he does not agree to do as they command.

10 Kelly Felt Left Out

With all the rumors of her husband having these illicit flings with men being shouted at her from every possible direction, is it wrong to think that perhaps Kelly Preston may have possibly wanted to have a fling of her very own? Is it? Oh...well rumor has it she did!

It is said that all of Travolta's gay affairs prompted the actress to have a liaison of her own with the ever-so-popular actor Kevin Costner. This information was supposedly found out after Travolta's business managerJonathan Kranepassed away and his private journal was plundered through.

Within the journal, Krane wrote that the couple had a "twisted marriage" and that Preston did what she did because of Travolta's actions. Krane also wrote that the act sent Travolta into a jealous rage.

9 Did John Travolta Switch Faces?

Mr. Travolta may have starred in the 1997 thriller Face/Off with Nicolas Cage, but maybe the title of that film was foreshadowing a future event for the actor. Suspicious fans are claiming that Travolta's face in one of his more current roles as Robert Shapiro in The People v. O.J. Simpson looks a tad bitor maybe a little more than a taddifferent than his face has during his past roles.

If we look closely, we can kind of see how it may appear that Travolta has had a little nip or a little tuck here or there. Fans are saying that they believe he has had a blepharoplasty because his eyelids are much lower than they were originally. Others are claiming that Travolta has had several amounts of Botox injected into his face due to his lack of expression.

8 Tom Cruise Is Not His Friend

Above, we spoke of Leah Remini's documentary series that is combating the idea of Scientology and other narratives just like hers are causing the Church of Scientology to experience a lot of close examination, which is not the best news for them.

Apparently, after Travolta filmed Battlefield Earth—which was inspired by a novel written by the creator of Scientologythe current leader of the religion and one of the most famous Scientologists, Tom Cruise, claimed it was an embarrassment to the religion and that Travolta is an "Out-of-Ethics son of a bi***."

Rumors say that Travolta thought of leaving the church at one point and that as soon as Cruise found out, he wanted to destroy Travolta. This kind of behavior is not uncommon for Scientologists. It seems as if Travolta and Cruise are both fighting for the top spot to be the most famous Scientologist.

7 Family Has Been Disconnected Because of Religion

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A common behavior in the Church of Scientology is the act of "disconnecting." The way this works is if a family member or a close friend of a follower decides to leave the religion or makes any statements that may seem to be conflicting the religion, they must be forgotten about and treated as if they do not exist. Sometimes the church will even allegedly try to sabotage these people.

Some Scientologists will go years or maybe even the rest of their lives without even speaking to their mothers or their children because of this rule was given to them by their church.

Travolta's nephew left the religion a while back and claims to be "on the run" from the church. Travolta has not spoken to his nephew since and his nephew even claims the church has planted drugs on him and they have spread rumors of him being a pedophile in attempt to ruin the person that he is.

6 Scientology Could Have Caused Jett's Death

Jett Travolta was only 16 years old when he passed away on a family vacation at the Bahamas. Travolta's son was killed by an epileptic seizure and this tragedy sent Travolta into a deep depression that most any parent would experience after losing a child. People who have been studying the ideas and teachings of Scientology believe that the religion could have played a major cause in his son's passing.

The church does not believe in most medicines and they actually try to fight the treatment of neurological disorders because they believe they taint the body. Due to this fact, Travolta most likely turned down treatments for his ill son because he was ordered to by the leader of the religion. Scientologists are extremely against psychiatry due to the fact that they like to brainwash their followers.

5 Scientology Has Travolta Under Ethics Protection

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In this church, that is very similar to what you would describe as a cultthere are levels for each practitioner. Travolta is listed as one of the highest levels of Scientology there is. He's listed right under the leader of Scientology. Travolta may not be the leader's most favorite person in the world, but he is still a celebrity and we know how the church feels about having celebrities as members of their organization.

The church may blackmail Travolta to do as they please, but they will still protect him as long as he is a member to keep their image clean. Leah Remini stated in an interview with The Joe Rogan Experience that if Travolta were to kill someone in front of another Scientologist, they would be demanded to help hide the body because of how high his status is.

4 Kelly Was An Alcoholic... And Liked Psychedelics?

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In her mid-20s, Kelly Preston was abusing several different substances. She was dealing with a lot of stress and personal issues which she chose to treat with these goodies. She was said to have experimented with drugs such as cocaine, the infamous magic mushroom, marijuana, and ecstasy. She was an extremely heavy drinker at this time as well.

Kelly would reportedly oftentimes drink away her sorrows and would not even think of the idea of being sober. Preston claims her love for her children and for the Church of Scientology helped her conquer her addiction problem. Some people even think that her noticing all of the problems her ex-fiancéCharlie Sheenwent through could have triggered her to want to stop abusing all of the drugs and alcohol as well.

3 A Sexy Seaman May Have Gotten Involved

This is yet another allegation of Travolta seducing another man. Just like the nosy people of the world found out about Kelly Preston's spicy affair, they dug into Travolta's late business manager's private journal yet again to discover that he had written about Travolta having an affair with a Navy sailor.

Supposedly this Navy manwhose name must be kept privatewas convinced to leave his post and join Travolta in Santa Barbara, California for a bit of time to live out their extracurricular activities.

According to the journal, Travolta had fallen in love with this man and Kelly Preston apparently knew and had no problem with the situation. If this were to all be true, then it seems to be pretty unfair that Travolta had his jealous fit over Preston seeing Costner.

2 John Isn't The Only One With A New Face

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No celebrity stands a chance at keeping their cosmetic surgeries hidden. Fans and the paparazzi are insane–or could we just call them extremely dedicated? These people study these celebrities until they find out every detail possible about their lives.

Kelly Preston is one of these stars who just was not able to keep her surgery experience classified. Fans have insisted that she has had breast implants. They have also come to the conclusion that Preston has had a facelift or two done, as well as some possible liposuction due to the fact that her hourglass figure has gotten even more hourglass-like.

Plastic surgery and Botox have been so normalized by society lately that it is difficult to understand why some famous people would even try to hide the fact that they have taken part.

1 Travolta Bullies His Mrs

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Most of us have heard the situation about Kelly Preston and John Travolta possibly filing for divorce. The couple has been having their ups and downs lately and this is not an uncommon situation to see done by celebrities. Evidently, Travolta has told Preston that if she were to file for divorce, he would sic his big-time legal team on her and make sure she does not get custody of their children.

After the suspicion of divorce came into the public eye, Travolta has said some hurtful things about his wife. He has talked about her insomnia, he says she's unhealthy and he has tried to make her seem like an unfit mother. According to rumors, Preston even broke down over the phone while talking to a friend in Australia because she was scared that Travolta would destroy her.

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