14 Facts About Runway Model Diets

Many runway models are looked to for their diet and exercise advice, mainly because they’re the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to being trim and achieving expert balance in their lives by knowing when to indulge now and again. What we need to realize is a lot of these women were born with very fast working metabolisms, while others work hard to maintain their fit bodies. Some models take diets to the extreme, especially when preparing for big runway shows.

Some use detox teas, others make sure they stay energized with coffee, this is an industry that is definitely tough on the body.

Here, take an inside look at 14 surprising facts about the diets that runway models follow in order to prepare them for the upcoming shows.

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14 Salmon for breakfast 


Salmon is an extremely healthy fish, one that aids in weight loss and providing a better mental well being through its high content of omega-3. According to Cosmopolitan, many models add this fish to help improve their diet. Model Anya Kazakova, for example, eats a plate of salmon for breakfast. She’ll pair it with gazpacho soup, a vegetarian sandwich for lunch, beet juice and two bottles of water.

While the fish itself doesn’t have miracle weight-loss properties, it is a lean protein that goes nicely with many diets and serves as a healthy substitute for fatty meats and other unhealthy breakfast foods.

13 Steel cut oats


With their energy being exerted running to and from different castings on any given day, many runway models look for a breakfast that will fill them up, yet also help balance out their diet. This is where oatmeal comes in. The steel cut oats, more specifically, are the healthiest kind thanks to it being made from whole grain and is used in many low-fat and low-carb diets.

Model Kate Bogucharskaia eats hers with fruits and nuts. You can also warm up apples or peaches to add a rich, healthy flavor or add a bit of organic maple syrup or organic chocolate to sweeten it up.

12 Lots of water 


In careers where they may be in front of the camera or strutting their stuff in bikinis, water is a go-to for models as a way to prevent bloating and just overall staying hydrated all day long. Many consume it right in the morning upon waking, with lemon or other healthy fruits inside to help aid digestion and detox the body.

Sparkling water is another option, especially for model Suvi Riggs. Drinking it can help you escape your boring water rut and could even be used as a healthier substitute for sugary cocktails, especially if you pair it with a squeeze of lime or lemon.

11 Lots of pressed juice


Pressed juice isn’t just for taking trendy photographs of to post on Instagram. The healthy benefits to juicing are a sure-fire reason as to why so many models in the fashion world choose to sip on it instead of pop or sugary juices.

Some hit juice bars on the regular, while others, like model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, have come up with their own signature recipes. She uses kale, celery, apple, cucumber and a squeeze of lemon and makes hers at home everyday. “I can feel my body – everything’s going the way it should and I don’t feel guilty if I don’t get to eat my five a day of vegetables,” she told Vogue.

10 They still eat sandwiches


One would think that sandwiches are in the “do not eat” zone for many runway models, but these gorgeous ladies have found ways to strike a balance by finding healthier alternatives.

Some gravitate towards the fattier ones like steak and cheese or pulled pork – these are clearly meant for cheat meals and thus eaten sparingly, but there are healthier sandwiches available that they snack on, like goat cheese and avocado sandwiches.

9 They bring their own food to shows


In the hustle backstage at fashion shows, most have catering services and long tables lined up with food for the models and staff. Model Vasilisa Pavlova, for example, told Cosmopolitan, "I didn't eat the catering here [backstage at Monique Lhuillier], I went and got a cheese croissant somewhere else, but I haven't eaten since. I did have two iced coffees, two hot coffees, and two bottles of water though."

Model Suvi Riggs also follows the principle of carrying her own snacks to runway shows with her. She revealed that she likes to bring granola bars with her just in case the catering at a runway show sucks. This also ensures that they stay in control of what they’re putting into their bodies, thus minimizing chances of unnecessary splurging.

8 They snack smart


The demands on a model’s body are harsh and in order to keep up with that sort of lifestyle, they must make sacrifices. Because of this and the healthy lifestyle many of them like leading, they snack smart. Many snack on nuts, fruits, granola bars, hummus and veggies, to name a few. Model Kendall Jenner revealed that her go-to snacks while on the go include apples and snacks that are high in protein to keep her energy going.

7 Detox tea


For those who follow famous models on Instagram, you will notice that many of them endorse various slimming or detox teas. As we are not sure if they actually use these products, these models claim to use detox teas all the time, especially when preparing for a big runway show. Kendall Jenner claims to drink 12 cups of detox tea a day! If you just read that over, believe us we were shocked too. She claims to drink that high amount of detox tea during fashion week, to help her slim down.

6 They drinks lots and lots of coffee


In order to keep them awake after waking up in the wee hours of the morning to make early morning castings, models claim to drink a lot of coffee, drinking up to 10 cups per day. Not only that, but coffee is known for boosting the metabolism, so models will do this in hopes of staying wired while replacing meals. This is not to say that all models replace meals with coffee, but there is a trend in Hollywood of stars gulping big cups of coffee instead of meals. Some actresses are known for not eating while on-set and replacing meals with various coffees throughout the day.

5 Cheat meals


Vanessa Packer, the co-owner of modelFIT, says her gym is used by many famous models needing to prep for runway shows. Some of their clients include Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk. Packer revealed to Elle magazine the sort of indulgences these models eat. Organic dark chocolate and steak are some of them. She also shared that it’s not how many calories you eat, but how you eat them. Counting calories is an old traditional method for the girls – many of them simply lead healthy lifestyles, making it so that indulgences are no big deal.

Some models actually indulge in a spoon of peanut butter while others will have a spoonful of Nutella just to curb their cravings, but these indulgences usually won't happen when preparing for a runway show.

4 They rarely drink carbonated drinks


Pop and other carbonated drinks are a big no-no to anyone who is looking to lose weight or simply maintain their slim figures, like most models. Drinking your calories becomes a major problem when drinking pop becomes a habit. It’s high in sugar, causes crashes throughout the day and makes you gassy and bloated – all things models want to avoid. It can also cause cellulite and other health problems. Instead, as mentioned above, they sip on lots of water, teas and green juices throughout the day.

3 Their Fashion Week diets can be quite extreme


Fashion Week is everything to models – it’s the few times in a year where they put all their skills and designer duds to show. People travel all over the world to attend and all the events are highly broadcasted in the media. Because of this, models want to ensure they’re looking their best and often go to extreme lengths to achieve this.

Many stick to a plant-based diet, cutting out things like red meat and dairy, while others sadly eat nothing at all except water and nuts – an extremity that leads to eating disorders.

2 They incorporate lots of superfoods into their diet


Superfoods, the nutrient-rich food items, which are extremely beneficial to one’s health and well being, is a must for many models. Former Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr, swears by it, often using things like goji berries and acai berries in her morning smoothies.

Macha is another superfood that is perfect for giving any metabolism a much-needed boost. Models incorporate these sorts of foods in their everyday diets and also when prepping for a runway show, sprinkling some on their meals, in their juices and smoothies.

1 Avocado is a major part of their diets


Avocados are one of the healthiest fats a person can eat and it’s an added bonus that it easily mixes well with a variety of foods, from toast, eggs, smoothies, juices to it being the main ingredient in guacamole. Model Abbey Lee eats one whole avocado with her breakfast and Miranda Kerr has hers with eggs in the morning. In an interview with Victoria's Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, she revealed that she incorporates it into her diet daily. “I make sure I eat a lot of protein, carbohydrates, good sugars and good fats, like avocado.”

If you are looking to get into shape, please do so in a healthy matter, extreme diets, detox teas and and crash diets can be detrimental to your health.

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