15 Facts About Pregnancy That Will Keep Moms Up At Night

Even though it is something that happens every day, there is a lot about pregnancy that remains a mystery. The fact that a woman’s body can conceive and grow a whole other human being is nothing short of a miracle. Researchers have been studying pregnancy for years now, and they are always learning something new.

Health professionals are constantly finding out more about how a baby develops in the womb and when, and women who are about to be new moms are fascinated by all this information. While they may be fascinated, some of the information is a bit intimidating.

To know what is going on in their bodies can be a lot to take in. It makes everything a bit more real and can even freak them out a little bit. There are certain things they may read in a pregnancy book or online that has them laying in bed at night pondering.

We have found 15 of these pregnancy facts that can leave mom-to-be in a state of awe, and they are quite fascinating.

15 Pregnancy Can Be Longer Than 9 Months


The one thing we all know about pregnancy is that it lasts a long time. Nine months to be exact; though it may feel a lot longer than that by the time it is all over and done. However, there have been documented pregnancies that have lasted longer than that!

Mrs. Beulah Hunter from Los Angeles was pregnant for 375 days. This means that she was pregnant for over a year! This is the record for the longest pregnancy to ever occur.

14 Born With Teeth


All babies’ teeth at some point, and it usually starts around three months of age. Of course, every baby is different, and their teething journeys will also be different. However, sometimes teething starts right at birth.

For every 2,000 babies born, one will be born with a tooth already sticking out. It doesn’t happen too often, but there is a chance your little one will be born with a pearly white already. This can make breastfeeding a lot more interesting.

13 Baby Girls Vs. Baby Boys


There are a lot of differences between baby boys and baby girls, but the biggest difference is going to revolve around the reproduction system. Baby girls are already born with all of the eggs that they will have for their entire lifetime. They just don’t get released until puberty.

Baby boys will not produce any sperm at all until they go through puberty. This makes a lot of people think that is why they say boys mature slower than girls.

12 Moms Have One Thing In Common With A Blue Whale


There are always interesting facts that make us think, and it is not always about pregnancy. We hear things that we lay awake in bed at night thinking about. Mammals may all be different but there are certain things that are the same.

All mammals are conceived essentially the same way and born the same way. The ‘egg’ of a mammal will always be around the same size. That means that the eggs in the ovary of a woman are the same size as the eggs in the ovaries of a blue whale.

11 The One True Old Wives Tale


There are a ton of old wives’ tales out there, and we are all interested in them. Women do or listen to them to try and figure out the gender of their baby or their due date. They look for any hint of who their new baby will be.

Apparently, there is one old wives’ tale that happens to be true. This is the tale about the amount of heartburn a pregnant woman experiences relating closely to the amount of hair the baby is born with.

10 Mom May Have Technical Difficulties


There have been countless studies done to try and prove if ‘pregnancy brain’ is a real thing. No matter what these studies say, any pregnant woman will tell you that it absolutely is true, and it happens.

Apparently, if mom is carrying a baby boy, her pregnancy brain will be worse. To look back at my own pregnancies—I have one of each—I was more forgetful when I was pregnant with my son, too!

9 Babies Start Crying Before Mom Even Knows


We have been able to see that babies yawn, smile, and suck their thumb while they are inside the womb. We have also discovered that babies do cry when they are in the womb, as well. Don’t be too sad, though. The chances are they are just practicing their new skill and are not really emotionally bothered by something.

8 Your Belly Isn't Getting Bigger - Your Uterus Is


We all know that you get bigger when you are pregnant. Everything seems to grow a little bit. The most obvious thing that grows is your stomach. However, your stomach doesn’t actually grow — your uterus does.

The uterus expands when a woman is pregnant, up to 500 times its normal size to be exact. What is even more fascinating is that it is able to shrink back to its original size after, bringing your stomach along with it.

7 You May Love Tacos, But Does Your Baby?


Pregnancy comes with a lot of food cravings, and sometimes they are a bit strange. There are women who crave weird combinations of food, like pickles dipped in ice cream. Then there are women who crave certain flavors, like spicy foods.

As the pregnancy progresses, the food that mom eats can actually end up altering the taste of the amniotic fluid. This means that there is a chance that your baby will taste the food you are eating, which might make you rethink those jalapeno peppers.

6 How Babies Learn To Swallow


The reason that babies can taste the amniotic fluid is because they are swallowing it. Babies don’t just physically grow in the womb, they also practice new skills, including swallowing. The baby will start swallowing the amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

They then will digest it through their body and then release it. This starts a cycle where they are constantly swallowing and releasing the amniotic fluid. It is a bit gross if you really think about what they are drinking.

5 A Baby Already Has Their Own Identity By The End Of The First Trimester


We all know that a baby will have a heart, lungs, ears, and even eyelashes develop while they are in the womb, but there are other things that are often overlooked. Like fingerprints, we often don’t stop and think that babies need to develop fingerprints as well.

Fingerprints are like snowflakes, they are all unique to the person. Well, a fetus will have developed their own unique set of fingerprints by the time mom is out of her first trimester. They already have their own unique identity before mom even realizes.

4 Being Pregnant With Child May Mean Never Fitting Into Your Pre-Pregnancy Shoes Again


The uterus is not the only thing that grows during pregnancy. A woman’s feet and heart increase in size during pregnancy too. A woman’s feet will likely grow a bit and will not return to their normal size after birth. This means mom gets to go on a shoe shopping spree.

A woman’s heart will also grow to accommodate for the extra flow needed to support mom-to-be and the tiny little baby that is growing.

3 Leaking Early


We have already established that the woman’s body is a wonderful thing, and it is capable of a lot. The body starts preparing for the baby’s arrival long before they are actually born. Whether or not you plan on breastfeeding, your body will prepare to do so.

This means that a lot of women will start lactating and leaking during pregnancy, even when they don’t physically have a baby to feed yet. Hearing a crying baby in a store can even trigger this to happen, which may be a bit embarrassing.

2 Let's Talk Hormones


Hormones play a part in pretty much everything there is to do with pregnancy. They are why we get acne, morning sickness, forgetfulness, and even gas. If we look at when a pregnant woman is full-term, we will learn a lot about her hormone levels.

When a woman has a full-term pregnancy, her placenta will produce more estrogen than a normal woman will in three years. That is a lot of estrogen and can probably explain all the mood swings.

1 Past 21 Weeks? It's Not Just The Baby In There


There are certain things that happen at each stage of pregnancy, and most moms are up-to-date on them thanks to all the pregnancy apps out there. There is an app for everything, and there are tons that can show mom what is happening at each week of pregnancy.

The baby starts working on their first bowel movement by the time they are at 21 weeks of gestation. Don’t worry, they won’t actually go to the bathroom for the first time until after they are born.

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