15 Facts About The Famous 'Jersey Shore' Stud, DJ Pauly D

Okay, we have to admit — we have a bit of a soft spot for Paul DelVecchio a.k.a. DJ Pauly D. At first glance, he seems like he'd be one of the more over the top Jersey Shore cast members. After all, that hairstyle is definitely a little extra. However, it turns out he's actually got a pretty amazing personality — in fact, we'd go so far as to say that Pauly is probably the sweetest member of the cast, especially now that he's a father and a bit more mature. He knows how to have a good time and how to turn the beat up, but he also knows how to check in with his friends and make sure everyone else is having fun as well.

And, out of all the Jersey Shore cast, Pauly is probably the most successful after the show. While some of the other cast members have also had brief spin-off reality shows, and done things like release fragrances and work on other projects, Pauly has kept his eyes on his main goal — to be a DJ. Now that he has a little fame behind his name, he's managed to score gigs in major Las Vegas venues — and we can't wait to see what he does next.

Here are 15 things you may not know about DJ Pauly D.

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15 He Started DJ'ing When He Was Just 14

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There's a reason that Pauly D picked, well, Pauly D as his nickname for the show — that was also the name he used while DJ'ing, and he wanted a little brand recognition when the reality show wrapped. Talk about a smart cookie! Now, while many reality television stars end up pursuing some career goal that they dream up in their fifteen minutes of fame, that's not the case with Pauly's music career. In fact, he's wanted to be a DJ ever since he was a teenage boy, and started DJ'ing when he was just 14 years old. As he told Buzzfeed,

"I love music and I love playing loud music, so every time I would hear a car drive by with the loud music I'd be like, 'When I get a car and my license I want to have loud music like that.' So I ended up having music for my car in my room before I even had a car."

Adorable! Now, he's constantly surrounded by loud music as he crafts amazing mixes behind the DJ booth. We have a feeling teenage Pauly could never have even dreamed where his life would take him back when he was thinking about his love of music.

14 His Favourite Travel Destination Is The Bahamas

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Pauly D is definitely no stranger to travel. Between the various seasons of Jersey Shore filming in Italy and Miami, his life in Las Vegas, and his travels for his music, he's constantly jet-setting. However, when it comes to his favorite destination, believe it or not, it's not the Jersey Shore — it's the Bahamas. He spilled his ideal vacation to Buzzfeed, saying that "I really like the Bahamas believe it or not; it's my favorite place to go. It's so nice, the weather's beautiful, the water, the beaches, and it has a few different areas. When you really want to turn up you can go to Atlantis, or you can go a couple hotels down and there's no one there. So you can be secluded if you want to, or you can turn up if you want to. I like going there." We have to admit, it's kind of charming that Pauly seems to have two vacation modes — one when he wants to party hard, and one when he wants to take a break from his busy life and just kick back and relax in peace. I mean, don't we all feel that way sometimes? Totally relatable, Pauly.

13 Forget GTL — He Has A New Routine, PBC

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Every fan of Jersey Shore will know all about the GTL routine. For those who may not know, GTL stands for gym, tan, laundry — the three essential stops for any guido's day, as the cast explained over and over again. Back in the day, Pauly was dedicated to the routine — he wanted to make sure his physique was on point and would impress all the ladies at the club, that he was looking like bronzed perfection, and that he had plenty of fresh clothes to make a good first impression at the club. Nowadays, his life is a little different. While he definitely makes time in his schedule for hitting the gym, freshening up his tan, and doing his laundry, his new routine prioritizes PBC.

As he explained to Buzzfeed, "now it's always planes, then I do my music, so beats, and also clubs. If I had to think of a new acronym it would be PBC."

"GTL's a lot easier for people to do. Now, planes, beats, and clubs, that's a tough one."

Hey, success doesn't always come easy — PBC may be harder than incorporating GTL in your life, but he seems to be doing really well and achieving a ton of success!

12 His Trademark Blowout Took 25 Minutes To Perfect

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At this point, Pauly's hairstyle isn't just a hairstyle — it's sort of part of his personality. We've only seen his natural hair a few times since he stepped into the spotlight, and it's always a little bit jarring. I mean, he's a handsome guy, and he would definitely look amazing with a variety of hairstyles, but there's just something about the blowout that has become so synonymous with him at this point. And, ladies — he can probably relate to the time it takes to craft a perfect hairstyle because that blowout takes a fair bit of effort. Apparently, Pauly admits, it takes a good 25 minutes to get totally perfect. He still wears his hair in a similar style, but doesn't quite do the full blowout anymore — and he's got a whole lot more time in his schedule. As he spilled to Buzzfeed, "for a guy, that's [25 minutes] pretty bad. There's one thing that I do know is I have so much extra time in the morning now that I don't have to do this blowout. I woke up and I didn't even know what to do with myself — I allowed too much time for the airport; I was extra early. I have so much time."

11 Forget Jersey — He Was Born And Raised In Rhode Island

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Pauly fits in so well with the whole Jersey guido aesthetic, and blended in so seamlessly on the shore, that most people just assumed he was from Jersey originally — or, at the very least, from somewhere in New York state like the rest of the cast. However, Pauly is a bit of a wild card — the guido dreamboat was actually born and raised in the tiny East Coast state of Rhode Island. Who would have guessed? He discussed it a bit with Boston Magazine, confessing that "a lot of people think that I'm from New Jersey, but I'm not."

"I always have to emphasize that I'm from Rhode Island and even when I say that, they're like 'Rhode Island, where's that, Long Island?' I'm like, 'no, Rhode Island,' and I have to explain to them what it is."

It must get a little tiring to have people assume they know all about you, including where you were born, but hey — it definitely sets him apart from the rest of the cast and gives him a bit of a different perspective. He's loving life in Vegas right now, but we wonder if he'd ever go back to his roots and buy some kind of a vacation home on Rhode Island.

10 He Started Out His DJ Career Playing Birthday Parties And School Shows

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One of the things we respect most about Pauly D is that he didn't just decide he wanted to become a DJ when he became a household name thanks to the show — it was a dream he had long before, and his past proves that. While he may be headlining in the hottest Las Vegas clubs now and even traveling to open for pop stars from time to time, back in the day, he took any gig he could find — and they definitely weren't as glamorous. He told Boston Magazine that "I made a little name for myself just in that small state [Rhode Island] DJing almost six nights a week. I was doing all different kinds of bars, all different kinds of genres of music. That's why I'm so open format because some of the bars were like a rock bar, some would do just hip-hop, some were just dance. That's how I created me being an open format Dj and it allows me to DJ for different kinds of audiences, just because of Rhode Island." We totally love that his Rhode Island roots helped shape him and the kind of DJ he is now — what a cute story!

9 He's A Die-Hard New England Patriots Fan

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We have to admit — we don't really know which sports teams the Jersey Shore cast loves because, well, they're not allowed to do things like watch television in the house, so it's not as if they're all gathered around to watch the big game. However, in real life, Pauly is like most other guys — he makes time in his busy schedule to watch his favorite teams. And, it turns out that he's an East Coast boy through and through. He may be living on the West Coast now, but in his own words,

"I'm a New England fan, the New England Patriots, like that's my team. It's always been ever since day one. It's never changed."

Nowadays, his experience is a little different — he can do things like invite Rob Gronkowski up to the DJ booth and likely has the ability to buy tickets to see just about any game he wants. We wonder if he ever entertains members of the Patriots if they decide to head down to Las Vegas — after all, it's kind of his town now, so he'd probably be able to tell them exactly where they need to go to have a good time on a quick vacation.

8 He Doesn't Eat Fish

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The cast members on Jersey Shore are frequently gathering to enjoy Italian family feasts together, with plates of pasta and salad and plenty of fresh bread available. However, there's one thing that Pauly will likely never reach for if it's on the table — fish. While he obviously eats a fairly healthy diet (after all, abs are made in the kitchen, and he's got a pretty insane body), he's apparently just not down for fish. Hey, we get it — everyone has their preferences when it comes to food, and sometimes there are certain things that you just don't love. We have to admit, knowing his distaste for fish kind of makes us curious about what a day of Pauly's eating really looks like. There are plenty of magazines that explore celebrity diets, so why not ask Pauly what he regularly consumes in order to look the way does? We have a feeling it's a lot of lean protein, vegetables, and protein shakes — with a few cheat meals of Italian staples, of course. After all, when you're Italian through and through, it's not as if you're going to give up spaghetti and meatballs forever! That would practically be a crime (and his mother would likely never forgive him!).

7 He Used To Fly Home Once A Week For A Haircut To The Same Barber He'd Been Going To For Years

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Anyone who has been watching the new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation knows that Vinny had a bit of a situation with a barber last week. And while it was amusing to see Vinny getting so worked up about whether or not a barber would be able to master his complex list of hair demands, it was sort of refreshing to see Pauly in the other chair, totally chill and just trusting that his new barber would do the right thing.

His attitude to his hair is a bit more relaxed now, and he likely has a guy in Las Vegas who does his hair on a regular basis now that he lives there.

However, back in 2011, he confessed to Us Magazine that "I fly home once a week for a haircut — same guy for 14 years!" We're betting he just doesn't have the time in his busy schedule to do that now, but hey — maybe rather than flying back to Rhode Island, he flies his barber out to Vegas for a quick style. After all, if basketball players can do that for their trusted barbers, why can't Pauly D? Although it's likely a little easier now that he's not quite as particular about his hair as he was in his blowout days.

6 He Gets A Manicure Every Other Week

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He spilled another detail about his grooming routine to Us Magazine back in 2011 when he chatted with them — it turns out, Pauly hits up the beauty salon every second week in order to get a manicure and get his nails looking fresh. As he says, "A DJ's hands have to look good." Well, it kind of makes sense — after all, there's always close-ups of his hands on the records, doing their thing, and all eyes are on him when the club's photographers try to get a shot of the DJ area. And there's nothing wrong with taking good care of yourself — in fact, there are a lot of guys out there who could learn from Pauly's example and make time to get their nails taken care of as well. While he may not be a model, his appearance is still a big part of what he does — people want to see the lean, groomed, gorgeous Pauly D on the DJ stand, not some unkempt guy who hasn't taken the time to do his hair or put on a clean shirt. So, making sure to fit all those grooming tasks into his schedule is actually kind of a big priority in his world, and we get it.

5 He's A Total Mama's Boy

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His Jersey Shore BFF Vinny may have the reputation of being the biggest momma's boy on the cast, but Pauly likely comes a close second — he's a total mama's boy. He spilled it all in an interview, saying that "the number one woman in my life is my mother. For me to introduce a girl to my mother, she has to be significant, she has to be important to me.... my mother's like, 'you treat someone how you would treat me.' I treat my mother like she's a queen, so I treat my girlfriend like she's the same."

We have to admit, we kind of dig Pauly's attitude.

Particularly when you compare it to someone like his fellow cast member Ronnie, who definitely didn't treat his ex-girlfriend Sammi "Sweetheart" like she was royalty, it's all the more admirable. Pauly may be single right now, but we have a feeling any girl who he ends up getting serious with in the future would be lucky to have him. And, if she ever gets to go home to meet Mama DelVecchio, she'll know that their relationship has reached a pretty major milestone. After all, he doesn't just take anyone home to meet mama — it's a unique honor.

4 He's Been On The List Of Forbes' Highest Paid DJs

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We have to admit — we kind of had no idea how much super successful DJs made. After all, while some of them ended up crossing into the music industry and recording songs you might hear on the radio, there are plenty of successful DJs who really just do their thing live. Well, it turns out, some of the big names make a ton of dough — and at one point, Pauly was definitely one of those names. Back in 2012 and 2013, he actually ended up making Forbes' list of highest paid DJs, with an earning of $11 million and $13 million in each of those years. Uh, talk about a major paycheck! He's constantly working on his DJ game and looking for ways to expand his empire, so we have a feeling you'll see him on a whole lot more of those lists in the future. Plus, once you carve out a spot for yourself on one of those lists, it's not like you want to give it up and fall off the list forever! We have a feeling he's constantly pushing himself to be the best that he can be, and that's part of what we love about him — he's not content to rest on his laurels.

3 His Las Vegas House Is Majorly Luxe

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The Jersey Shore cast has all upgraded their living situations, both personally and on the show. They're no longer in a cramped shore house — nowadays, they're relaxing in a luxury villa in Miami as they get ready to hit the club. And in his own life, Pauly D is living large in a luxe Las Vegas home.

And, he's explained that he definitely wasn't thinking small when looking for a home — he wanted a space that had, well, everything he wanted!

As Pauly explained, "I wanted my house to be a home for me and have everything that I needed in it. So it has a basketball court, a gym, tanning beds, laundry, an arcade, a garage for my cars and bikes and mini golf. You know, the essentials." Hey, if you can afford it, why not? It probably makes his busy life a whole lot easier now that he can achieve every step of his old GTL routine literally right in his home. Plus, can you imagine what a fun spot it must be to hang out? When all his friends come to Vegas, we have a feeling they don't even want to hit the strip — they just want to hang out at Pauly's crib!

2 He Has A Daughter — And Is Crazy About Her

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One of the sweetest moments in the new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season was when Pauly took Ronnie out for lunch and gave him some advice, from dad to a nervous dad-to-be. You may or may not know that Pauly D is officially a dad, and has an adorable daughter named Amabella. However, unlike some of his fellow Jersey Shore parents, Nicole and Jenni, who have adorable family units and are happily married, he isn't married to the mother of his child. His daughter is the product of a hook-up, and it wasn't always easy to make sure he got time with his daughter when his relationship with her mother wasn't always the greatest, but he always made it a priority — and as a result, he has a great relationship with his daughter. He gushed all about his baby girl, saying that "my daughter is Daddy's little girl, she gets whatever she wants, but remarkably does not act spoiled! he has a matching toy Lamborghini truck, a Mercedes Benz G63 toy truck and her own turntables." Um, that's so adorable we can't even handle it. Can you just imagine Pauly working on a new set with his actual turntables and his daughter playing along on her toy turntables beside him? Too cute.

1 He Has Trouble Sleeping And Is Always Up

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Let's face it — if you're an early bird who loves nothing more than to wake up before the sun rises, the life of a DJ probably isn't the right choice for you. While Pauly has certainly probably played his fair share of Vegas pool parties and bigger daytime gigs, the majority of his work still takes place in the evening hours — and we're talking late evening when the clubs are really pumping and everyone wants to have a good time all night long. It's no issue for Pauly, though — back in 2011, he admitted to Us Magazine that

"I don't sleep a lot, I'm always awake."

Well, if he's really having trouble sleeping, it's probably a better use of his time to work on his career in the club by spinning sick playlists than by getting up to trouble. Plus, all his time hitting the club with his castmates probably helped his career a little — he's been at the club plenty of time as just another party goer, so he knows what the average person might want to experience when they come to the club to see him — and he knows how to deliver that. DJ Pauly D is always up, working on his hits.

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