15 Facts About Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet's Relationship

When we think about couples we admire and look up to, many of us will think of people we're close to in real life, but also a few couples in the public eye. Whether we like it or not, many of us become invested in the lives (romantic or otherwise) of celebrities. This can be rather difficult considering the majority of celebrity couples seem to break up. However, this perception is partially because the press only seems to focus on troubled relationships.

If you need a little reminder that it is possible for couples to make it in the long run, look no further!

Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones and Aquaman and Lisa Bonet of Cosby Show fame are one of those Hollywood couples that have managed to make it last. These two keep their relationship relatively private (which may be part of the reason for their success) but they've recently been catapulted into the spotlight after tying the knot. Jason and Lisa have a rather interesting and perhaps unconventional relationship, but it works! From the struggles of juggling a star-studded blended family, to their unexpected rules about television in their home, there are a lot of things about this couple that might make you rethink the secrets to making relationships work.

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15 Jason Had A Huge Crush On Lisa For Decades

Ever dreamed of growing up and marrying your childhood crush? Most of us did, yet most of us let go of this dream as we got older. However, Jason and Lisa's story is proof that we may have given up on this ideal prematurely. Jason has admitted that he had a crush on his wife decades before they actually met, all the way back to The Cosby Show days.

According to Essence, the actor only candidly confessed, "I was definitely...that was the first time when I was like, ''I want that one. I want her. I'm going to get her."

It's true if these two hadn't ended up happily married a statement like this may seem a bit creepy, yet under the circumstances, it seems that Jason's feelings were eventually reciprocated. It's impressive that Jason seemed to be so sure of what and who he wanted when he was so young (Elle reported that he was about 8 years old when the show was airing). Many of us look back at our childhood crushes and wonder, "what was I thinking?" Apparently, he's always had better taste than us. If you do still have a thing for your TV crushes of yesteryear, let Jason be the encouragement you need that things can still work out. All you have to do is become a gorgeous, majorly successful actor...

14 He Even Copied Her Hairstyle

During an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jason revealed just how far his infatuation with Lisa went before they even met. He said, "I actually had dreaded my hair for her. I had dreadlocks, she had dreadlocks." Not a lot of men would be able to play off copying the hairstyle of their female celebrity crushes, but somehow Jason managed. Is there anything he can't do?

Jason has since shed the dreadlocks. He said, "After six-plus years,  my head and neck were starting to hurt a lot." While filming the show Stargate Atlantis, he actually had to maintain the dreaded hairstyle even after shaving it off, which he did using a wig according to Celebuzz. Lisa has continued to maintain her signature locks, but we're glad Jason cut his off since they seemed to be giving him so much trouble. At this point, he probably doesn't need them to impress Lisa. Still, the level of admiration he had for her before they even got together is clear in the length of time he maintained the hairstyle to emulate her. Who would have thought "copied my hairstyle" would ever make it on the list of most romantic gestures someone had ever done for a crush?

13  Everyone Thought They'd Been Married Since 2007...

Jason and Lisa have been together for quite a while. They started a family together and have obviously been in a very committed relationship. So committed in fact, that many people wrongly thought they've been married since 2007. magazine reported that the pair, who initially met in 2005, were believed to have gotten married in November 2007, a little while after Lisa gave birth to their first child Lola.

They were both spotted wearing rings on that finger, and Jason referred to Lisa as his wife in a number of interviews.

This seems like a fair enough reason to assume the couple was married, although it seems strange that no one in the media ever asked about their wedding. The confusion over Jason and Lisa's marriage status prompts the question of what truly makes a marriage. It's obvious from the rings to the way they referred to each other, and their commitment to their family that Jason and Lisa were just as committed as any married couple. Then again, we must admit that legal recognition does make a difference. Anywho, this unintentional hoax took ten years to come to light in 2017 when the Jason and Lisa "actually" got married.

12 But They Didn't Actually Get Married Until 2017

A decade after their "fake" marriage, Jason and Lisa officially tied the knot.  Us Weekly reported that the two got married in an intimate ceremony held at their home in October of 2017. Almost exactly ten years after their suspected wedding, these two had a ceremony attended by Zoe Kravitz and celebrity friends like Alice Vikander and Michael Fassbender, Chris Sharma, and many other former costars of the two actors. When asked about the wedding, Jason told People, "You know what, I've been married to my wife for twelve years. It's just a gathering of our families and celebrating our love." This further suggests that Jason and Lisa made the world think that they were married before they officially were not to confuse anyone, but because they genuinely thought of themselves as a married couple. In truth, this is probably what helped them survive so long in Hollywood. If they had simply thought of themselves as a couple that was dating, it's possible they wouldn't have stuck with each other through the more challenging periods of their thirteen-year relationship. Maybe not the key to relationship success for everyone, but this is still definitely the theory behind shows like Married At First Sight. Obviously, the two also have children together, which is a great incentive for making it work.

11 The Couple Are Twelve Years Apart

When Lisa and her daughter Zoe are pictured together, it's usually pretty hard to tell which one's older. We have a hard time believing that Lisa is 50 years old, as she's single-handedly redefining what that age means. Lisa's youthful glow makes the age difference between her and Jason less obvious, but they're actually twelve years apart. Though a considerable age difference, we don't blame you if you expected more because Jason definitely does not look thirty-eight. Talk about good genes! Jason and Lisa's children are obviously going to be age-defying beauties.

Jason and Lisa's age difference makes sense when one starts to consider the timeline of his crush.

Jason's infatuation with Lisa began when she was on The Cosby Show and as Elle reported, while he was 8 she was around 20-years old. In that context, it may seem a little odd to think about his crush, but Lisa and Jason did not meet for decades later, so it doesn't matter much. It's very cool that these two make it work despite the age difference though. Considering she's fifty, Lisa does have pretty young children. However, she's remained active. Both Jason and Lisa are a reminder that we all get to define what each age looks and feels like for ourselves rather than letting society tell us where we should be in our lives at each decade.

10 They Have Two Children Together

Lisa and Jason have largely kept their children out of the spotlight (despite the success of their stepsister Zoe). Their children, born in 2007 and 2008, are still relatively young so there's definitely room for this to change as they grown older. Lola Iolani and her brother Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha (the names are Hawaiian) are the perfect blend of their parents. Though occasionally seen on their parents' social media pages, for the most part, their parents seem to be trying to give them a traditional upbringing.

In an interview with Complex, Zoe admitted that her parents did their best to protect her from the spotlight during her childhood. Lisa enrolled her in school under the name Zoe Moon instead of Zoe Kravitz, and once she turned eleven, Zoe apparently went to live with her dad in Miami instead of being in L.A. She said of her mom, "she wanted to give me the opportunity to be a normal kid." It seems like Jason and Lisa are trying to do the same thing with their younger kids even though they're growing up in Los Angeles. We've seen a lot of children with famous parents struggle because they received too much negative attention from outsiders and not enough from their parents. It's nice to hear that Jason and Lisa are prioritizing their children, and Zoe is evidence that Lisa has also had plenty of practice raising an upstanding citizen.

9 ...And A Donkey

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Most of our words would form questions when it comes to this picture (and a possible meme or two). It isn't technically confirmed whether or not Jason and Lisa own a donkey, but assuming that they don't would make this picture even more confusing.

Shortly after their wedding, People reported that Lisa was spotted walking down the road near her and Jason's home in Topanga, California leading a donkey on a leash.

Also, not pictured was a freely roaming dog that also presumably belongs to Lisa and Jason. Lisa doesn't do many interviews, so it seems that no reporters have gotten the chance to ask her more questions about the donkey. However, since this family is known for being eccentric, maybe they just shrugged their shoulders and thought nothing of it. Since Lisa and Jason live slightly away from L.A. it is possible that they have a farm. A donkey may seem like an unconventional pet, but then again why not? Human or animal, you have to be something special to hang out with the Momoa / Bonet crew.  Stars, they're just like us...except for these two.

8 Jason And His Stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz, Have Matching Tattoos

Despite being very close to her father Lenny Kravitz, Zoe clearly had room in her life for another father-figure. One only needs to check the two stars' Instagrams to see how much they love each other. In addition to all the touching tributes to each others' work, the pair also have matching tattoos to cement their close relationship. Both Zoe and Jason have tattoos on their forearms that say, "Etre toujours ire" which translates to "be always drunk." Xpose reported that Lisa Bonet actually has the same tattoo as well, so perhaps it's something like a family motto? If so, it's totally possible that Lola and Nakoa will get matching ink as they get older. Obviously, none of the members of this family are strangers to tattoos, it's definitely part of their aesthetic. According to Popsugar, Jason has shown off a finger tattoo dedicated to a friend that passed away as well as a chest tattoo of his kids' signatures. Between Zoe and her parents, there are a few dozen other tattoos! Just imagine having parents that are so cool that your whole family has matching tattoos! Just another one of the reasons that Jason and Lisa are goals...

7 He Even Gets Along With Lisa's Ex

We can't think of too many families that would be better qualified to write a book about how to create a healthy blended family. Despite having been divorced for about twenty-six years, Lisa Bonet and ex-husband Lenny Kravitz are seen together fairly consistently. This is because the two are still friends. Though many celebrities claim "friendly" breakups with their exes, a lot of times we eventually find out that this was not the case. However, Lisa and Lenny seem to be the exception.

Lisa was only twenty when she married Lenny. Their marriage lasted five years and gave them (and all of us) the ever-so-talented Zoe Kravitz.

When Lisa moved on to Jason more than a decade afterward, the blended family seemed to adjust with ease. While speaking about the dynamic of her family, Zoe told Ocean Drive Magazine, "It makes things very easy that my parents are still very close, they have so much love for each other. My dad and my step-dad get along really well, and my dad loves and is close with my brother and sister. It's really beautiful." The Bonet / Momoa/ Kravitz family really represents the best case scenario after divorce. It's clear that everyone in the family cares very much for each other and that the adults prioritized their childrens' well-being.

6 They Trust Each Other A Lot

One of the most important elements of any relationship is trust. We imagine this is especially true when you're an actor in Hollywood and are constantly working with beautiful people. Luckily, this doesn't seem to be a concern for Jason and Lisa. Lisa has remained close friends with her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz, and considering how he and Jason seem to get along, we suspect this isn't an issue for the couple. For Jason's part, he seems to get along really well with everyone he works with.

Though he was only on Game Of Thrones for a short while, there are many Instagram posts to prove that Jason's connection with his former onscreen love interest Emilia Clarke is everlasting. These two's relationship is adorable, and their personalities seem to meld seamlessly. Jason also has a good relationship with many of his other female costars, including his Aquaman costar Amber Heard. There are a number of Instagram posts and playful interviews that show how much the two like each other as well. While some may be concerned with how close Jason is to his gorgeous female costars, we would argue that it's just a testament to how good of a person he is. It's nice that Jason gets along with everyone he works with, and the fact that his female costars seem so comfortable with him shows what great taste Lisa has in men!

5 The Pair Have Collaborated Twice Before

Though Lisa has for the most part taken a step back from acting the past few years, a little-known fact is that she and Jason have actually collaborated onscreen. According to Essence, the two played lovers in the film Road To Paloma. Jason admitted that he was a little nervous about working with Lisa, "I always wanted to work with her. It's funny- she made me shy." Aww! 

It's so refreshing how much Jason admires Lisa's talent, to the point that despite all of their years together he was still nervous about working with her. 

Yahoo reports that the duo also starred as lovers in the TV show The Red Road. Clearly, it's hard to ignore their chemistry. Jason and Lisa have not worked together onscreen since these two projects but he admitted, "As far as working with wifey again, I will probably be helping her in her directing and producing. I know there's a lot of stuff she wants to do..." Although we love seeing these two on screen, we can certainly get behind the idea of these two working together behind the scenes as well. Perhaps they can make it a family affair by casting Zoe and Lenny? Oh to dream...

4 They Live In A Television Free Home, Despite Being Actors

The fact that Jason and Lisa don't have TVs in their home is somehow both odd and expected. On the one hand, their lack of a television matches their hippie aesthetic. On the other hand, both Jason and Lisa are film and television actors. We don't expect them to have televisions to watch their own work, but in a way, it feels like they're shunning the very industry they've made careers out of. However, despite the lack of a television, the two still watch some shows and films. Lisa told Essence that she and Jason are big fans of SNL and they often curl up in bed and watch the show on their laptops. That is pretty adorable!

Anyway, everyone knows that televisions aren't really necessary as long as you have a laptop these days, so they could still watch as much media as they want. Considering that they have two young kids at home, we also understand why Lisa and Jason would choose not to have a TV at home. On the one hand, not having television can certainly force people to get off the couch and be productive. At the same time, we are products of our generation and simply can't fathom what we would do while we're eating, or tired, or sick, or procrastinating...

3 They're Opposites In A Lot of Ways...But It Works

They say opposites attract, and while that is a hugely debated idea, Jason and Lisa seem to have just the right balance of similarities and differences. Lisa has described Jason as an "alpha male." It's clear that he's very outgoing and very energetic. Lisa, on the other hand, is much more reserved. She rarely gives interviews, and even though she's mostly known as an actress she told Porter Edit; "Acting is how I've forged my way, but I don't think it's my passion. Maybe directing. I write also."

While Jason continues to build his character as an actor, it seems that Lisa's future holds more off-camera work, a pattern that seems to match their personalities.

Obviously, Lisa and Jason also have a lot in common which helps them balance out their opposing characteristics. They are both creative people. They share ideals about how they want to raise their children away from the spotlight and with limited access to digital media. They are both known for being very kind, loving people. They're also both insanely attractive (never hurts!). Lisa and Jason demonstrate that opposites can attract...as long as they can agree on some fundamental ideas.

2 They Still Plan Romantic Surprises For Each Other

Most people in long-term romantic relationships would testify to the fact that it is important to keep making an effort no matter how long you've been together. Lisa and Jason continue to do just that. E! News reported that while Jason was filming Aquaman in Australia, Lisa surprised him. Not only did she fly down to Queensland where it was filming, she made sure to include many of Jason's favorite people. Lisa brought the party to set, including her and Jason's children as well as some of his friends. This was quite the birthday surprise considering how long the trip is from California to Queensland. We're sure it also took extra effort for Lisa to coordinate the appearance of so many of Jason's friends as well. Sadly most of us adults have to work on our birthdays, but Lisa still found a way to make Jason's special. Jason shared to photo above after the surprise, captioning it; "I have never been so surprised in my life. 38 is the greatest to date." We love that Lisa is still able to surprise Jason after all the years they've spent together. Until someone plans a romantic surprise like this for us, we'll continue to live vicariously through Jason...

1 Jason Never Misses An Opportunity To Gloat About His Wife

Despite keeping their relationship fairly private, Jason often finds opportunities to praise his wife and express how much he admires her. He told Huffpost, "She's so amazing...she's an angel. She's amazing. God bless her." Though Lisa is known for being a bit more reserved than her bubbly husband, she has said some very sweet things about him as well, "We have been together since we met...In that moment, love came and it came big...What's cool about Jason is that he's an alpha male who stands for love and family. Jason embodies a rare form of masculinity in this day and age- he's a leader; he's generous," she told PorterEdit. What articulate praise!

It's so sweet to hear these two talk about each other because their admiration for the other is obvious.

Not only does Jason take pride in their relationship, he also recognizes and applauds Lisa's talent as an artist. After more than a decade together, Lisa and Jason are quietly becoming one of Hollywood's most stable and signature couples. At times it seems as if no one in Hollywood stays together, so let's take a moment to appreciate this beautiful couple for giving us hope. They're proof it's possible to stay in love.

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