15 Facts About Halle Bailey Disney Doesn't Want You To Know

Not long ago, we all heard the exciting news – Disney has finally chosen an actress for the leading role in the upcoming Little Mermaid live-action movie. The honor went to aspiring actress and singer Halle Bailey. Although many people still confuse her name with Halle Berry, soon it'll stop because she's going to join Emma Watson as Belle, Elle Fanning as Aurora, and Lily James as Cinderella, by becoming a Disney princess.

But who exactly is this young woman and why do we know so little about her? After all, she's going to deliver an iconic role we're all in love with. So let's see what facts the Internet has about young Halle and try to guess whether she's actually ready to wear the canon red hair and live "Under the Sea"!

15 Halle Sang A Soundtrack For A Movie That Failed

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Halle already has a connection with Disney because she and her sister sang a soundtrack for one of its movies. It was A Wrinkle in Time, a movie released in 2018. It seemed to have huge potential (after all, Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Chris Pine starred in it). However, it flopped because of a terrible plot. Even the soundtrack recorded by Halle and her sister Chloe (they sing as a duo) seems to be better than this film.

14 "Black-Ish" And "Grown-Ish"

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Halle and Chloe also have acting experience. Both of them are part of a regular cast in ABC's Black-Ish spinoff, Grown-ish, where they play twin sisters. In real life, they aren't twins. At the moment, Chloe is 21 and Halle is 19, but the series creators didn't mind the age difference because the girls look pretty much alike.

Chloe and Halle also sing a theme song for the spinoff.

13 Halle Learned To Sing By Writing Songs

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Halle was born in Georgia but when she and Chloe began singing, the family moved to Los Angeles. "We knew that being out here was definitely better for the music scene," Halle shared in an interview. Chloe went on to add: "From 10 and eight we just wrote our own songs, and that's how we learned." Watching online tutorials and Youtube videos, they also learned to play different instruments.

This is how you become successful – through hard work and dedication.

12 Her Sister Chloe Used To Get More Roles

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Even though both sisters began acting very early, as of now, Chloe has played many more roles than Halle. She appeared in a few movies and TV shows.

Of course, as soon as we see Halle as Ariel, she's bound to get more roles. She might even become more famous than her sister. Whatever happens, the future will show.

11 Halle Has Numerous Award Nominations (Along With Chloe)

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Throughout their singing career, Halle and Chloe have been nominated for a number of awards, including Grammy's Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best New Artist. Besides, according to Hype, they also received nominations in "BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and Soul Train Awards in 2018 for Best New Artist, Best Push Artist, and Album Of the Year."

10 The Sisters Started As A Cover Duo (And They Covered Beyonce)

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The rise of Halle and Chloe's popularity began in 2011 when they were doing covers of popular songs and uploading them on Youtube. The most noticeable one was the cover of Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts". It helped them become the proteges of Queen Bey herself (more on that later). In 2016, the girls recorded the first album "Sugar Symphony" that featured their own songs.

9 So Later Beyonce Became Their God Mother

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So how exactly did they become Beyonce's proteges? It was very simple – the R'n'B star liked their cover so much that she repeatedly invited them to make an opening act in her concerts. They traveled with her during her Formation World Tour, as well as during her and Jay-Z's On the Run II Tour in 2018. Besides, they had a cameo in Beyonce's "Lemonade" visual album, along with Zendaya and Serena Williams.

8 Her Movie Debut Also Starred Queen Latifah

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The first film where Halle landed a role was 2007's rom-com Last Holiday that starred Queen Latifah as the leading character. Although Halle only had a minor role there, the film became a jumpstart of her career. Based on her performance in the film, she managed to receive major roles later and moved on to become Ariel herself.

7 Halle's Dad Taught Her To Only Rely On Herself

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Halle's parents have always been supportive of their daughters' singing and acting career. Not only did they move to Los Angeles to help them, but they also gave them the values that allowed them to succeed. For example, according to Chloe's words, their dad taught them a lot of useful lessons. "Ever since we were little girls, our dad instilled in us the importance of not having to rely on anyone, and having a do-it-yourself attitude," she said.

6 But, According To Her, He's "Tone-Deaf"

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Many people claim that talent runs in genes. However, this is not always the case. While Chloe and Halle are natural singers who began performing at an early age, their dad isn't as good at it. A couple of times the girls even joked that their father "is tone-deaf." But it doesn't mean that he isn't creative. In fact, he's a good poet and he helped his daughters to write lyrics.

5 She Received "Heads-Up" From Another Halle

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It's no secret that pretty much everyone who first read the news about Halle Bailey landing the role of Ariel confused her with Halle Berry. I was tricked by the similarity of their names, too, and thought, "Whoah, Halle Berry certainly looks great for her age, but her playing the Little Mermaid? We'll see..."

So it's obvious that Halle had to reply. She wrote a simple but awesome post, "In case you needed a reminder... Halles get it DONE. Congratulations [Halle] on this amazing opportunity, we can’t wait to see what you do!"

4 And From Numerous Other Stars

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Halle Berry wasn't the only celebrity who rushed to congratulate Halle on getting the role. Ariana Grande, for example, wrote on her IG, "I can't express how happy and excited I am at all." Other celebs who revealed how happy they are for Halle were Willow Smith, Chrissy Teigen, Jordin Sparks, and Gigi Hadid. Even Zendaya, who was also considered for the role of Ariel, congratulated her colleague.

3 She's Only The Second Colored Person To Play A White Princess

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Halle is only the second colored person to play a white Disney princess, the first one being Brandy Norwood, who played Cinderella in the 1997 Disney TV film. Needless to say, Black Culture News and many others praised Halle for it and were excited to learn that she was chosen for the role. It is certainly a huge step for the African American community.

2 Is Halle Perfect For The Role If Ariel Is (Supposedly) Danish?

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The decision to cast Halle as Ariel didn't make everyone happy. Some people were angered and claimed that a white actress had to be chosen because "The Little Mermaid" was written by a Danish author, so she was supposed to be Danish, ergo white. According to Romper, Disney's Freeform had a brilliant answer to it. "For the sake of argument, let's say that Ariel is Danish. Danish mermaids can be black because Danish *people* can be black..." they said in their statement. Sounds logical.

1 Halle Herself Is Keeping Quiet About Her Casting

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As of now, Halle didn't comment much on her casting as Ariel. Shortly after the news was announced, she just posted a picture of Ariel you see above and captioned it "dream come true..." Hopefully, we'll soon hear something else from her and learn how she feels about the upcoming movie. And certainly, we're looking forward to seeing her playing Ariel!

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