4He's A Huge Fan Of Harry Potter


Harry Potter was (and still is) a story that the younger generations love and cherish. It's something that only us young folk understand, and most of us can remember the days when the first books and movies came out, and the awe and wonder that came along with it. Well,

as it turns out, there are few people in this world who love Harry Potter more than Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson is a huge fan of the Harry Potter Books and movies, and he has revealed as much in an interview quoted by Rolling Stone. He explained: "When I was seven or eight, the first movie came out on my birthday, and I read all the books. I was very excited. It's not a lame-ass love story that they try to put into everything. Harry doesn't get [girls], like, once. It's great. He doesn't change his [expletive] haircut or dye his hair like they do in Divergent. It all [really] sucks."

But he doesn't just love Harry Potter - he's obsessed with it. That's why he has several tattoos showcasing his love for the franchise. According to Rolling Stone, he has more than one tattoo just dedicated to the Deathly Hallows installment alone. These tattoos were all showed off by the actor on his Instagram, but sadly he has deactivated this account.

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