15 Extremes Women Will Go To For Perfection

What wouldn't you do to look perfect, beautiful, and young forever? What extreme procedures would you be willing to undergo and what weird things would you try? For some women, there is no such thing as extreme. There is only the results.

Aging is a terrifying thought for many women who rely on their looks to get them what they need or want and to keep them in their job, if beauty and youth are factors in their employment. Models do not want to age and neither do Hollywood actresses. Even the average woman is willing to fight aging to the best of her abilities. With advancements in plastic surgery and the spread of strange beauty treatments online, women are fighting off aging in any way possible.

Body image is another reason why women take the extreme road to treatment. Whether or not they actually have a body problem, they are determined to fix what they think is wrong with them. It can be anything, from wanting perkier breasts to wanting thinner legs. There is no treatment too extreme or bizarre and no such thing as too much pain if it will get them the looks they so desperately want.

If women aren't opting for surgeries or procedures, then they are trying out strange concoctions at home, under the advice of other extreme beauties.

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15 Kybella


A person will do just about anything she has to to get rid of a double chin or neck fat. There is now a non-surgical procedure for this called Kybella. A detergent is injected into the fatty area and it eats away the fat. Patients only need two to four injections for the permanent results. It sounds like the miracle cure for fat problems since it actually eats away the fat, but it is only approved for neck fat at this time.

14 Skin Bleaching


According to Fox 5 news, skin bleaching is extremely popular among women in South America, Africa, China, and Indonesia. Many times, the bleaching is done for months on end using over the counter products that thin the skin, cause stretch marks, and hyper pigmentation. In spite of the dangers of using skin bleach, women are willing to take the risk just so they can look whiter instead of embracing their natural skin color. However, I really can't judge them. My Native American bloodline allows me to tan into a beautiful brown every summer.

13 Hemorrhoid Eyes

Many of us have long heard about the benefits of applying Preparation H under our eyes to get rid of the bags, but does it even work? According to StyleCaster, it probably doesn't. Preparation H used to contain an ingredient called Bio-Dyne. It constricted blood vessels and could reduce puffiness. Bio-Dyne has since been replaced with a different ingredient and there is no proof that the new Preparation H can help reduce eye bags.

12 Baby Food Weight Loss


This extreme practice almost makes sense. Baby food comes in organized packets or jars and there are many healthy, organic baby foods available. Instead of making homemade smoothies, women are grabbing a baby food pouch to eat. Celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, are said to eat baby food when they want to lose weight. The downside is that eating baby foods can wreak havoc with your bowels and you are more than likely not getting the nutrition that your body needs to be healthy.

11 Plant Stem Cells


Originally used to help victims of severe burns, plant stem cells are now being used in skin cream to not only prevent wrinkles but to also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. One such miracle cream, Dior's Capture Wrinkle Cream is capturing numerous users who say that they are seeing skin improvement in as little as one hour.

10 Hairsprayed Face

This beauty extreme is simply bad, bad, bad. Women who want to set their makeup for a long night of partying or hanging out are using hairspray. They are spraying the hairspray into the air and letting the mist fall down onto their face. This hairspray treatment can clog skin pores, cause acne, and dry your skin.

9 Eye Surgery


The double eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, is very popular among Asian women who want to have their eyes look more American and, interestingly enough, there are plenty of caucasion women who have overlapping eyelids, as well. Former news anchor, Julie Chen, had the procedure done to help boost her career. In 2006, 300,000 Asian women had the procedure done in the United States, according to Marie Claire. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of makeup tutorials on how the rest of us can get the look of beautiful Asian eyes.

8 Vinegar Weight Loss


Years ago I heard how healthy it was to drink a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day. I lasted for two days trying it out and gave up because I could not handle the taste. I even tried a bottled vinegar drink bought at an Amish grocery store (vinegar drinks are popular among the Pennsylvania Germans and the Amish), but it was undrinkable. Strangely enough, there are many women who have learned to tolerate or even like the flavor of apple cider vinegar and drink it because it is believed to help one lose weight by curbing the appetite. It makes sense, but vinegar can also damage your teeth enamel making the experience a costly one.

7 Fake Dimples


Dimples are just the cutest thing and all the little girls who had them got all the attention. What's that? You don't have dimples? No worries. You can get a dimpleplasty at the plastic surgeon's office. People who have always wanted dimples can get them these days and it has become a very popular surgery.

6 Caviar Skin Cream


Being a somewhat picky eater, the thought of putting caviar on my skin instead of inside my mouth really doesn't bother me. In other words, it is better to wear the stuff than eat it, in my opinion. A popular skin cream among the wealthy is made with caviar. La Prairies Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is one of Angelina Jolie's favorite. A 30 ML bottle of the stuff sells for $280.

5 Kitty Litter Face Scrub


If there is a line to be drawn in the sand, here it is, at least for me. Some women are using unscented, clumping kitty litter as a combination skin scrub and face mask. Kitty litter is made out of bentonite clay, the same clay that is found in expensive clay face masks. Instead of paying the large price for the face masks, women such as Snooki and Christie Brinkley, are using cat litter. They swear it works wonders for their skin, but so far I am way too chicken to test it out.

4 V-Steam


Not only do we women have to worry about having a perfect face and a perfect body, but now we have to worry about having a perfect uterus, too. In the world according to Gwyneth Paltrow, mugwort and infrared steam baths for the uterus are the perfect thing for a healthy vagina. She, as well as a handful of other women, recommend getting a v-steam at the spa, but is the procedure safe? Not according to an article in The Guardian. V-steaming your lady parts is just a bad idea all around. The increase in heat to that sensitive area can kick off a yeast infection and the increase in blood flow to the region can make the vagina itchy. The vagina is self cleaning and does not need to be cleaned out with artificial methods. If you are having problems down there, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor instead of going to the spa.

3 IV Therapy


Not only are women worried about looking perfect on the outside, but they also want to feel perfect on the inside. IV drip bars are a huge craze among celebrities, such as Madonna, Rihanna, and Cindy Crawford. The IV drips contain vitamins that are believed to help people recover from hangovers, fatigue, jet lag, and the flu. There are mobile services available in some areas that drive around to people's homes and neighborhoods to give the IV infusion. The cost for the IV therapy is around $200.

2 Tattoo Makeup


Imagine waking up to a perfect face every morning? Many women and even a few men are opting to get permanent tattoo makeup. This includes tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. The cosmetic tattoos will fade away over time so you aren't necessarily stuck with this look for life but still, the makeup will be on for a while so make sure you like it.

1 Weight Loss Hypnosis

Undergoing hypnosis is nothing new. For the past few decades, people have been undergoing hypnosis to help them quit smoking cigarettes. Recently, people have been using hypnotherapy to overcome their addiction to food. Singer Lily Allen was reported by People to have gone to a hypnotherapist to overcome her own food addiction. The report says she paid $600 per hour for the treatment. Another popular hypnosis therapy is for gaining confidence. Women, and men, pay good money to be able to strut their stuff with confidence. For those of us who don't have deep pockets, there are free YouTube hypnosis videos and there are inexpensive hypnosis audio files readily available on Amazon.com.

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