15 Extremely Awkward Pics Taylor Swift Doesn't Want You to See

Awkward and embarrassing moments happen to all of us. No matter how hard we may try to avoid being captured in an unflattering angle or pose, we are bound to have a few pictures we wish would never see the light of day. Thankfully for most of us, we can easily discard of the photos we absolutely hate, but celebrities don't have this same luxury. All of their best and worst moments are plastered online, and they can't escape the ridicule even if they tried.

A celebrity like Taylor Swift gets hounded by the press almost every day of her life. Most of the time, she looks practically flawless, but other times, she's caught off guard in a photo mishap. These extremely awkward photos will live forever on the Internet, but Taylor probably wishes we all would forget they ever even existed.

Keep reading to see 15 extremely awkward photos Taylor doesn't want you to see.

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15 Fly Away


Taylor was performing on stage in a beautiful gown. She looked gorgeous as usual, but things went horribly wrong pretty fast. As she was walking across the stage, she got a bit too close to the wind machine, and I'm sure you can guess what happened next. The gust of wind completely lifted up her dress, exposing her pair of nude underwear to thousands of her adoring fans.

Wardrobe malfunctions like this happen quite often to celebrities, but it has to be embarrassing to inadvertently flash all your goodies to a bunch of strangers. We can't fault Taylor for this outfit mishap, and at least she was wearing full-coverage bottoms so she wasn't completely exposed to the crowd. Next time, she may want to opt for a much longer dress, or maybe even a pair of pants. But to make sure something like this never happens to her again, she should try to stay ten feet away from the wind machine at all times.

14 Rollers


We've all gotten ready in the car when we're running late to get to school, work or a date. Women are no strangers to doing their makeup, shaving their legs and styling their hair as they make their way through busy rush hour traffic, but most of the time, these in-car beauty rituals, and grooming habits are kept behind the closed doors of our automobiles. Maybe an occasional passerby will see us mid-primping, but that's no big deal. It's just too bad Taylor wasn't lucky enough to keep this embarrassing moment hidden away forever.

The singer was photographed while driving her vehicle, and the top of her hair is covered in hair curlers. Aside from that, the look on her face is absolutely priceless. Her eyes are crossed and her mouth is wide open. It's hard to tell what's going on in this picture exactly, but we know it's embarrassing AF.

13 Horrible Hair


We've all taken some pretty embarrassing photos during our teen years, especially at the onset of puberty. I - for one - have numerous awful photos that I pray never see the light of day. The difference is, I can politely ask my parents to take those pictures off of the mantle and pretend they never existed. For Taylor, her awkward photos will live forever on the Internet, like this cringeworthy photo from her early years.

T-Swizzle looks so adorable with her chubby and rosy cheeks, but it's her hairstyle that's really making us shudder. It appears to be rows of twists held together with beads. If she had just gotten back from a family vacation to Jamaica then I will cut her some slack. But if she was proudly rocking this hairstyle during a regular ol' day in her hometown of Hendersonville, Nashville, then I just can't go to bat for her. She's on her own for this one.

12 Gettin' Geeky


No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. This is an actual photo of Taylor all geeked up, complete with thick glasses and braces. The singer transformed herself into a nerdy teen, but thankfully, it was all a part of a skit she took part in for Jimmy Fallon's show.

Wearing a pink crochet vest, pink and white T-shirt and a blue skirt, I'm pretty sure you've never seen Taylor quite like this before, and hopefully, this is the beginning and the end of her geeky days. The singer played the nerdy character well, but we really wonder if she will regret taking part in this skit one day? This photo is plastered all over every gossip website, and even though she was playing a character, some people don't know the entire backstory behind this picture. When they look at it, they assume it'an actual picture taken from her childhood. It was all in good fun, but embarrassing nonetheless.

11 Peek-a-Boo


This is probably every girl's worst nightmare! At a red carpet event, Taylor showed up looking beautiful in a strappy gown that showed off a little more than she expected. The singer was wearing appropriate undergarments, but the fit of the gown just wasn't right. Maybe she picked out the gown without trying it on first, which is a fashion no-no, especially for a red carpet event! Without even knowing it, Taylor gave everyone in attendance a peek at her strapless bra. Celebrities are bound to have wardrobe malfunctions at some point, and since all eyes are on them at all times, we're more likely to spot any outfit mishaps almost immediately. It's too bad Taylor's red carpet moment was ruined when her bra decided to play peek-a-boo, and we're pretty sure this is one embarrassing photo she would like for us all to forget forever.

10 Frenemy


This photo pretty much sums up Taylor's on-again-off-again frenemy relationship with Katy Perry. The two started off as friends, but things went all the way left after they both dated John Mayer. They then began taking jabs at each other through the media, and Taylor went on the record to say she was never really sure if Katy was her friend or not. Katy fired back by calling Taylor a "Regina George in sheep's clothing." And thus, the most entertaining pop star beef was born.

In this photo, Taylor is looking towards the camera while Katy is sticking her tongue out at her. If Taylor wasn't sure whether Katy was her friend or not, this picture pretty much sums things up. Maybe Taylor was genuine with her desire to be friends, but Katy practically dissed her right to her face!  How completely embarrassing for Taylor, right?!

9 How Low Can You Go?


Back in the early-2000s, low-rider pants were on every fashion website's on-trend list. These pants were so low, your entire midriff would be on display, and it was almost impossible to wear underwear without the straps peeking out from under the waistband of your jeans. It looks like Taylor was totally in on the low-rider trend based on this picture we dug up from back int he day. Don't get us wrong, she looks great. Her tummy is flat and toned, and she's definitely rocking those jeans with confidence, but this is probably one picture that really makes her cringe whenever she looks at it.  We've all taken part in fashion trends that we later regretted, but photographic evidence of these blunders are hidden deep in our now-defunct Myspace profiles or within a hidden photo album on our Facebook. But for Taylor, her embarrassing fashion choices will live on forever.

8 Rough Day


We all have those days when it feels like nothing is going right for us. Our hair is a mess, our makeup is anything but fleeky, and we feel like we can burst into tears at any moment. When these days occur, we can throw on a baseball cap and some oversized sunglasses, and venture out into the world with hopes that the day will go by quickly and painlessly. But for Taylor, her worst moments are captured by the paparazzi who hound her every day.

In this photo from 2011, Taylor stepped out in Nashville on a rainy day to get some coffee with a friend. She looks a lot different from the woman we're used to seeing on stage. Her hair was a bit disheveled and her outfit was a little frumpy. It's nice to see Taylor toned down and dressed casually, but we're pretty sure she wasn't expecting to have her picture taken on this day.

7 Unflattering Bikini


Back when the world was obsessed with her midsection, Taylor would always wear high-waisted pants, skirts, and bikinis to cover up her navel. It became a running joke where people actually wondered if her bellybutton actually existed or not. In order to keep the mystery of her navel alive, Taylor stepped out wearing this red and white polka dot bikini. The retro style is definitely one of her favorites, but we can't help but think this swimsuit is a bit unflattering for the singer and her lean and toned body type. It doesn't help that she's a bit hunched over in this shot, giving the appearance of really bad posture. It's pretty obvious the photographer caught the singer at the wrong place and the wrong time, so we'll cut her some slack. Let's all just move on and pretend we never came across this photo. Deal?

6 Nose Picker


Here's yet another embarrassing picture courtesy of Taylor's frenemy Katy Perry. The two stars look beautiful in their sparkly dresses. Their hair and makeup is on point, and they look like they're ready for a night full of fun. But there goes Katy once again acting shady right in front of Taylor's face. We're going to have to agree with Taylor and say Katy was never really her friend. Would Katy ever pull this kind of mess on Rihanna? Definitely not! She was definitely testing Taylor by pretending to pick her nose right as the camera flashed. Thankfully, Taylor still looks absolutely beautiful in this picture, and Katy's the one who looks like a moron. Even though Taylor had nothing to do with what's going on in this picture, we can't help but feel a tad bit embarrassed for her.  She's just an innocent bystander in this nose picking fiasco.

5 Too Edgy


Taylor usually nails it when it comes to her fashion choices. She likes to keep things simple with straight lines and modern silhouettes, especially when it comes to her red carpet gowns. On stage, she usually wears a cute two-piece outfit consisting of a crop top and a high-waisted skirt or a pair of figure-flattering pants. She usually plays it safe when it comes to her fashion choices, and now we know why. Taylor just doesn't have it in her to be edgy and the proof is in this picture.

The singer stepped out wearing a black and silver cutout dress, and a pair of lace-up stilettos. Her makeup was drastically different from her previous looks, with really dark lipstick and darkly-rimmed eyes. We understand the look she was going for, but the execution was flawed. We prefer it when she sticks to her whimsical and girly dresses, so this is one outfit that definitely needs to be burned.

4 Overbite


Oh, the horror! Have you ever taken a photo mid-sentence and your mouth is all twisted up and you're looking absolutely cray? Yeah, so have I. Taking a picture when you're not ready is a recipe for disaster, and your photo is bound to come out looking hilarious. Taylor found this out the hard way while performing on stage in front of her adoring fans. As the photographer took the picture, the singer was right in the middle of belting out a tune, but instead of looking like a goddess, she ended up looking like a goof. She was caught making this face, and it totally looks like she has an overbite, right? Super embarrassing!

These types of moments are par for the course when it comes to being a celebrity who is photographed at all times. We're not going to rag on her too hard because this is something that's just beyond her control, but that doesn't mean we won't stop laughing at the hilarious expression on her face.

3 With the Ex


For most of us, when a relationship ends, we like to get rid of all the evidence. This means teddy bears get burned in bonfires, love letters get flushed down the toilet and Instagram photos are promptly deleted like they never even existed. Unfortunately for Taylor, photographs from her past romances will haunt her forever, like this photo of her performing on stage with ex-boyfriend John Mayer.

These two had a pretty intense relationship with Taylor was just 19 and John was 35. After they broke up, she called him out for dating her when she was so young. So let's just say, their breakup was anything but amicable, and we are pretty sure they haven't spoken to each other since going their separate ways. No matter how hard Taylor tries to forget him, these pictures that are plastered all over the Internet will never let their brief romance die.

2 Creepy Sweater


We're all for an ugly sweater, especially when Christmastime rolls around. It seems like everyone is on the hunt for the most hideous outfit they can get their hands on. The uglier, the better, but something tells us Taylor doesn't really think this particular sweater is an eyesore.

In this photo, she's wearing a sweater that a fan sent her. It's hand-knitted - which is sweet - and it shows a Polaroid of the singer wearing a green dress. She posted the photo to her social media accounts, and said it has quickly become her "everything" before thanking her "mysterious knitter." The thought is sweet, but there's just something cheesy about wearing a sweater with your own face on it, don't you agree? To top it all off, Taylor's actual face looks less than thrilled, and even though she's holding two thumbs up, we can't help but think she's just as disturbed by the sweater as we are.

1 The Worst #TBT


There's no doubt Taylor was a very cute kid, but some of her photos from back in the day are beyond awkward and embarrassing! The singer's childhood friend Dan Haulk posted this cringeworthy #TBT on social media from their pre-teen days. The picture was taken in March 2001, and it shows Taylor and Dan taking a photo together after a community performance of Bye Bye Birdie. Taylor is cheesing like there's no tomorrow, and she's definitely hamming it up for the cameras.

Taylor still has the same cute face, but even Dan knew what he was doing when he posted this photo. He asked for Taylor to recreate the picture with him, complete with her floral dress and headband. We think she would totally do it because she usually has no qualms about embarrassing herself in public, but we secretly hope this picture will stay right where it belongs: In the past!

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