15 Evil Snapchats Girls Sent After A Breakup

If we have said it once, we have said it a million times.

Kids, keep your relationship drama off of your social media channels.

It continues to baffle us how couples can consciously decide to air out their personal laundry all over the internet on a daily basis. From straying to breakups, makeups to make outs, everything young lovers do these days is as public as possible.

Some aspects of relationships are meant to be private. This is a concept that these fifteen mean spirited ex-girlfriends never grasped because their Snaps are vile! Someone, please teach these ladies human decency stat!

15 Yeah They Can

via mutually.com
via mutually.com

Here is the thing, a break up that gets publicized over social media is always going to come across as classless. Regardless of what the guy on the receiving end of this Snap did to trigger his ex's hostility, ladies should always try and take the high road. That high road is miles away from announcing the end of a relationship on social media.

14 Guys, You Can Only Do So Much

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Okay, good for you. If it's chicks you want, then, by all means, gather them up. Who you date is entirely your business. Remember, cheating is cheating. So no matter what team you are batting for, make sure you end things with your partner before hitting the town looking for action. No guy deserves to discover that his lady suddenly belongs to another lady.

13 Not A Very Nice Parting Gift


Oh gross. Who does this? Announcing to the virtual universe that you contracted an STD is appalling. We are pretty sure this is the kind of thing that isn't supposed to be plastered on billboards for all eyes to see. It would be courteous to call up former partners and let them know the news personally.

12 Keeping It In The Family

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This jilted boyfriend is either confused or the most chill guy alive. Most boyfriends we know would go through the roof if their lady sent them a snap of themselves and a family member in compromising positions. Bros before hoes guys. No girl is worth decimating your sibling relationship. That we are sure of.

11 Message Clear

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For starters, where did this girl even get a phone that old? She is channeling her inner Carly Rae Jepson with this Snap, letting her former partner know that he need not ever call her again. She is good without him. We think you are supposed to punch some numbers in there and tell this to him when he answers though. Kids these days really are confused.

10 She Has Hit A Dead End

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Waa, Waa. If the relationship is going zero miles an hour, then yes, a breakup is imminent. No need to post a mean Snap to the guy though. Chances are he knows that things aren't going so great and won't be surprised to hear you want to end things. Do the right thing and dial his digits. Don't mock the man.

9 She Is Done With Your Rambling Dude

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I think we have all been here a time or two. Sometimes your partner simply needs more emotionally than you can give. If an entire bottle of pain reliever is required to speak to your man, then save your time and your organs and cut him loose. Try letting him down gently though because Karma is a real biotch.

8 Take It Or Leave It

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Nice try, but no thanks. No guy, or gal for that matter, wants to be demoted from one and only to friend with benefits. That move is generally a kick to the gut unless both parties decide on the arrangement. Pairing the suggestion with a cheesy Justin Timberlake movie makes us greatly dislike this Snapper. She never took her relationship seriously in the first place.

7 Congrats On Becoming A Dad

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He thought he could get away with one more post-breakup romp. But she showed him who is boss, and who is crazy. Who does this? Tricking someone into becoming a parent by sabotaging contraception is the most outrageous thing that we can think of. This message is one of the scariest snaps we have ever seen a female send. She needs therapy.

6 She Is NOT About To Let This Go

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It is time to find some new hobbies and activities post break up girlfriend. Once the relationship is over and done with, there is no need to continue sending your ex these catchy, yet pathetic Snaps. Also, the cyclops look won't send him running for your front doorstep. Most dudes prefer gals with two eyeballs.

5 Return The Tux

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Poor kid. He thought that he was being innovative when he proposed prom via Snapchat. It turns out the girl he was hoping to dance with all night long didn't share in his vision. She fired back with using his own technique. We hope his tuxedo rental had a full return policy on it.

4 No Need To Rub It In

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This scorned lover doesn't seem too concerned about his ex-girlfriend moving on. According to him, she doesn't have very many prospects lined up at her door. Sometimes guys think they have an absolute winner, but when they remove themselves from the relationship they discover that they were better off on their own all along.

3 Seems Fair

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The ex-boyfriend who used to love this lady is losing more than just his girlfriend. She took his beloved hoodie sweatshirt and put her forever stamp on it. No longer will he have his favorite hoodie on his back or his favorite girl on his arm. Never leave your cherished items at your ex's house: lesson learned.

2 Ok, We Want To Date Her. Funny!

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Sure this is on the meaner, more immature side of things, but we kind of love it. This jaded ex-girlfriend managed to find the perfect product to describe her former partner. The nest part? It was sitting on the shelves of the cheapest store in all the land. Too perfect if you ask us.

1 A.J. Is In A World Of Trouble

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So what you can not see here is the explicit language crucifying an A.J. from Kansas State University. Whatever he did landed him in some seriously treacherous waters with his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. She's madder than a hornet. It might be best for all of the A.J.'s of the world to lay low for a while.

Resources: guff.com, via postize.com

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