15 Everyday Things You Do That Mean You're Insecure

Being insecure is pretty much the worst, and unfortunately, everyone goes through it at one point or another. You always think you're doing something wrong, your mind goes a million times a minute whenever you have to make a decision, and you can never, ever relax. It's pretty much hell on earth. What's even worse is you don't want people to know how you really feel about yourself so you hide your emotions and don't really talk much about what you're thinking, and that can be a real shame because you deserve to share your feelings. But while you may think that you're totally and completely alone with your insecurities, that's just not true. You're a lot more normal than you probably think! But even though you're convinced that you're hiding how you really feel, the truth is that some of the things you do on a daily basis are a dead giveaway for your insecurities. Here are 15 everyday things you do that mean you're insecure.

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15 You Double Text

The thing about double texting is that, yeah, sometimes it's totally necessary. You might have texted your best friend, boyfriend or the guy you've just started seeing something, and then although they haven't written back yet, you honestly had to tell them something else. You just couldn't possibly wait for their reply because you really had to give them that information. Sure, that makes sense and it works sometimes. But for the most part, it makes you look crazy insecure because it's like you're dying for their response, and you're making it super obvious that they didn't respond yet... and that you noticed. So don't do this. Wait for replies because going ahead and texting someone again, and if that seems hard to do, then remember that waiting is just a necessary part of life. It sucks but people are busy and they have lives and that's just the way that it goes.

14 You Check Social Media Every Second

You may not realize that checking your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds every two seconds makes you insecure. But it honestly does. Sure, you're killing time while you wait for the subway, while you wait for your morning meeting to start, or when you're bored at the office. Everyone does that sometimes, so it doesn't make you special. But the thing is that if you can't experience life that's unfolding right in front of you, if every commute is just a chance to stare at your iPhone, if you're always wondering what other people are doing and talking about, then that means you're insanely insecure. You should enjoy yourself every day of your life and not worry so much about other people. You're definitely not missing the amazing things on Facebook that you think you are. In fact, your news feed is always a lot more boring than you think, right?

13 You Ask Advice About Everything

When you're insecure, you're insecure about everything in your world, and that really affect your decision-making process whether you realize it or not. If you have to ask your friends and family for advice about every little choice that you make, from whether you should take up running or yoga or whether you should quit your job and find a better one, then you really need to work on your self-confidence. You can't always expect other people to tell you what to do because that's only not realistic, but it's not the best way to go at all. You're never going to be happy if you don't figure out how to make yourself happy! You have to be able to make the right choices for you and your life and your future. That means sucking it up and making the difficult decisions, even when you wish your BFF could make them for you. Sorry, but she can't -- she has her own stuff to deal with!

12 You Don't Talk About Yourself

You chat with your coworkers every single day. They're pretty great, cool people and they make the workplace a much more interesting place to be. But what do you talk about? Definitely not yourself! You never mention how you feel about something, your opinions or what's going on in your world. You're way too insecure to tell someone what's really happening because you're totally afraid of their judgment. But the truth is they're really not going to judge you that often... or at all. People have their own stuff to think about and deal with, and they're going to help you if anything. So being afraid that people will be horrible if you let them know your thoughts or if they see the real you is honestly crazy. It's not going to make for a very interesting, fun life, so you might want to stop that and soon.

11 You're A Worrier

Sure, you hate worrying and you know it's not good for your health, but you can't help it. You think that being anxious about normal everyday stuff is just, well, normal, but it's really anything but. There is no reason you should spend all your time worrying. Sure, everyone gets freaked out about things every now and then, because life is hard and you want to make sure that you're doing your best at work and in the rest of your life, too. But you shouldn't worry all day, every day, and learning something new about a friend or getting a text that your boyfriend has to reschedule dinner because of a work commitment shouldn't send you into an emotional tailspin. If you're a worry wart, that definitely shows that you're insecure, and people can probably see it written all over your face since that kind of stuff becomes super obvious after a while. Oops.

10 You Take A Million Selfies

You may not think that posting a ton of selfies on Instagram makes you insecure because doesn't everyone do that? Yes, and that's exactly why it makes you super insecure. You should never do something just because everyone else does it. Remember that old cliche that if so-and-so did something dangerous, would you really follow in their footsteps? You probably don't want to do that at all. If you're taking tons of selfies because you think that's going to make you seem more attractive to others, then you're totally wrong. It actually makes you look like you don't trust your own beauty and that you're not confident enough in your appearance. If you were, you really wouldn't need the validation of social media likes and comments. If you want to dial back how you feel about yourself, then stop posting so many photos of yourself and watch your self-esteem soar. Seriously!

9 You Second Guess Yourself

You have to make a ton of decisions on a daily basis. Like a ton. Sometimes if you stop and think about just how many, it can be pretty overwhelming and it makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning. You have to write emails and sometimes those can be pretty tricky since dealing with others can be hard and complicated. You have to figure out a different route to the office when you learn there are huge subway delays, traffic or road closures. You have to tell your boss when your big project will be ready even though you've barely started. That's not even counting what you're going to have for lunch! Yeah, it's a lot. But if you're super insecure, then decisions are basically your worst nightmare and you second guess yourself with every choice you try to make. You always regret what you decide in the end and it ruins every day of your life.

8 You Feel Stuck

Pretty much every day of the week, you feel stuck. It doesn't matter if you're obsessing over the smallest, silliest decision in the world, you're still going to worry about. You're throwing yourself a birthday party on Saturday night and you wonder what food to make (or buy, let's be real here). She suggests chips and crackers and dip, and you agree because of course, that's typical party fare. But you feel stuck because you're not sure that everyone will like that kind of food, you wonder if you should have other stuff, and you never really feel totally stable and comfortable with the advice that you're given. So you end up feeling stuck, and it ruins your day plus every other day this week, even though the party is days away, and even though it will definitely end up being totally fine and fun. Just another day in your crazy insecure life!

7 You Suck At Making Plans

On a daily basis, someone invites you somewhere. A coworker asks you to go with her to an art show Friday night. Your best friend wants to grab drinks on Thursday. Your boyfriend wants you to see his little sister in her ballet recital on Sunday afternoon. But you're insecure and you're the absolute worst when it comes to making plans! You just can't commit to anything because you're always wondering about what you would be missing and you're always thinking about what you should be doing instead. Yeah, you know you want to see your friend, you want to bond with your coworker and help her out since she needs a plus-one, and of course you want to support your BF's family. But you always get this sinking feeling that you shouldn't be saying yes or that there's something else you should be doing. Yeah, eventually you text back and agree, but it takes you a while and that's because you're just super insecure.

6 You Update Your Facebook Status

Let's agree on something: Facebook statues aren't quite as popular as they used to be. A lot of people still update them, of course, but it's much more common to tweet your thoughts, to Instagram your photos, and to post links on Facebook. But you're so insecure that you update your FB status... a lot. Sometimes even every hour, on the hour. Hey, what can you say? You can't really help it. You want your adoring public to know how you feel and think about things. You don't see anything wrong with this, but the truth is it makes you look like you have low self-esteem. If you were more confident, you wouldn't have to resort to posting things on social media all the time, and you could focus on your own life (and your job, too). You need something to focus on and think about instead of worrying about yourself all the time.

5 You Think You're Left Out

It doesn't matter what day it is or how often you see your friends, you totally think that they're leaving you out. You don't even ever have any real evidence of this, and of course, they're your friends for a reason -- they love you and would never exclude you from anything. But you still believe it because your insecurities seem to take on a life of their own every day of your life. Your friends get tired of hearing that you think they're hanging out without you, so you don't tell them that on a daily basis (that would be kind of weird) but you do ask them to hang out all the time. The thing is that even super close friends don't always see each other 24/7 thanks to the demands of life and work and all that, but when your BFF says she can't hang out for a week and a half, instead of understanding that she's on her plate right now, you think you're being left out of her world. Not the case.

4 You Text For Zero Reason

Do you need to tell your boyfriend that you just ate an avocado? Do you really want to bug your best friend when you know she's got a super nuts, stressful week at work? No, you really don't need or want to text the people in your life about these things that really don't matter at all. But you can't help it. You're so insecure that on a daily basis, you end up sending text messages to your friends, family, and boyfriend that really don't need to be sent. They don't mind, probably. Well, they do but they would never dream of telling you that to your face! They want to stay in your life, after all. But you can usually tell that you're sending silly text messages when you don't get a response until an hour later or when the reply is something along the lines of "haha cool." You don't have to worry about keeping in touch with the people that you love 24/7. It's okay to have some silence and space sometimes.

3 You Ask Your Boss Way Too Many Questions

Hey, you really do want to know these things... even though you keep asking your boss questions that you already know! You love your job, you really do, but you don't think you're doing great there. You always wonder if your boss is going to fire you and wake up one day and realize that you're not as good as the other employees or trying hard enough or working hard enough. Even though you have no reason to, you always ask your boss questions on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these are usually questions that you know the answers to, and that don't need to be asked at all. But you're always looking for your boss's approval, so you keep emailing them or finding random reasons to walk over to their desk and ask them stuff. They're going to get sick of this pretty fast so you might want to stop proving how insecure you are. Insecure employees just aren't attractive!

2 You Think You're Getting Dumped

Yeah, you really do think that every day is going to be the day that your boyfriend finally realizes you're not good enough for him and gives you the goodbye speech. You don't believe in yourself enough to think that he could honestly love you, care about you and want him in his life forever and ever. So you fret on a daily basis that he's going to break up with you and you're going to be left totally devastated. But is that really working for you? Do you really want to go through your days worrying about such a silly thing? If your relationship is good and healthy and strong, he's not going anywhere so you should nip your insecurity in the bud. Or else he really will dump you because he won't be able to take your nagging and insecurities anymore. It's honestly up to you! You may think it's not a choice that you can make but it really is. No one wants to feel like their significant other doesn't believe in the relationship, so you might want to change your tune ASAP.

1 Your Life Is One Big FOMO Case

Every single day, you have FOMO. Other people get it every once in a while, like when they're stuck at home in bed with the flu and everyone else is celebrating your BFF's birthday. Now that kind of FOMO is totally understandable because everyone would definitely feel that way. But you feel FOMO on a daily basis, even when there's not much to feel bad or jealous of. When you have a quiet night with Netflix planned, you wonder if your best friends are doing something fabulous and if you should be doing something more exciting. That means that every day in the afternoon when you're sitting at your desk at work, you keep getting distracted from the job you're actually supposed to be focusing on because you're wondering what you should do that evening. Having FOMO is never fun and it's not going to make for a very happy life. So if you truly feel super insecure about your lack of a social life sometimes, just make the effort to see more people, and those feelings will probably go away. Hopefully. Because no one wants to feel insecure every day of their life.

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