15 Embarrassing Celeb Tweets That Were Quickly Deleted

Everyone living in today’s age of technology has been told time and time again – be careful what you post online. What might seem clever and witty at the moment may turn out to be something you regret. However, let’s put things into perspective for you a bit. Most normal individuals have a few hundred followers, perhaps a thousand if they’re fairly active on their Twitter account. Many celebrities have literally millions of followers, and since they’re not immune to cringeworthy tweets, things can go very wrong, very quickly.

Sometimes a celeb realizes a tweet was perhaps not the best idea (or their publicist tells them to take it down immediately!), but by the time they take it down, it’s already too late. With things like re-tweets and screen caps existing, even if a tweet is deleted fairly soon after it was posted, chances are that one of a celebrity’s hundreds of thousands of followers has saved or documented it in some way. That’s right – when it comes to cringeworthy tweets, even celebrities aren’t immune.

Whether they made a joke that was just way, way too controversial, exposed far more of themselves or their personal drama than they should have, or just made a stupid error in judgement, there are countless examples of celebs who have been embarrassed by a faux pas they committed on Twitter. Stars – they’re just like the rest of us (come on, don’t pretend you haven’t tweeted anything ridiculous after four glasses of wine on girls’ night!).

Here are 15 embarrassing celebrity tweets that were deleted quickly… but not quite quickly enough.

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15 Bow Wow

Drinking and driving is an absolute no-no. Many celebs get caught with DUIs, but when it comes to the rules of the road, no one is above the law. Additionally, it’s a touchy subject – many individuals have lost someone to an accident created by a drunk driver. Rapper Bow Wow (formerly Lil Bow Wow) made the world shake their heads when he tweeted about his drunken new years’ eve. To quote the tweet in question, “I’m $*#$ed up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y I drive the lambo.” It takes an incredibly stupid person to drink and drive, but to admit to doing so in a tweet? That’s about as dumb as you can get.

14 Hayley Williams

Nude leaks are becoming more and more of an issue in the celebrity world, thanks to technology like the Cloud and the legions of determined hackers. However, sometimes a celebrity reveals a little more than they wanted through mere human error – just ask Hayley Williams. The red-haired Paramore singer took a selfie of herself at one point – topless. Then, through some error, she mistakenly tweeted it out to all her followers (rather than, presumably, sending it to the individual it was intended for). Whoops! She quickly took the tweet down, but at that point it was too late – it just proves that you have to double and triple check anything you tweet, lest you accidentally share something you didn’t want to.

13 Demi Lovato

Celebrities are generally incredibly grateful to their fans – after all, without them, they wouldn’t have any of their success. Even the most skilled performer wouldn’t accomplish much if they were singing to an empty audience. Demi Lovato accidentally committed the ultimate faux pas – dissing her fans – in a 2010 tweet. Before a meet-and-greet in Frisco, Texas, the pop star sent out a series of tweets commenting on her older fans, saying that they were creepy and making several negative comments. She followed it up by tweeting out that she was looking forward to meeting her fans – older fans included. The strange series of tweets was a definite no-no, particularly since a lot of her older ‘fans’ were likely accompanying their children to see the superstar, given her big tween audience.

12 Russell Brand

It’s one thing when you accidentally tweet out an embarrassing photo of yourself – after all, if you’re perhaps a bit intoxicated and taking drunken selfies, sometimes that just ends up on social media. However, it’s completely unforgivable when someone else does it to you – especially when that someone is your then-husband! Katy Perry’s former beau Russell Brand took a snap of his then-wife with no make-up, in a less than flattering shot. She understandably asked him to delete it – while she would likely have looked gorgeous without make-up, the shot was particularly unflattering since she didn’t know it was being taken. The photo was eventually taken down, but so many people grabbed a screenshot that it lives on to this day. We’re not saying unauthorized pic sharing is grounds for divorce, but they’re not exactly happily married anymore.

11 Kenneth Cole

While old-school fashion designers may have holed up in their studios until emerging at their fashion shows every season, modern day designers are much more social media savvy. They’re constantly tweeting or Instagramming sneak peeks of their latest projects, or just details about their glamorous fashion parties. With that much exposure, someone is bound to screw up – and Kenneth Cole definitely did. In 2011, Cole sent out a tweet that made use of the devastating unrest in Egypt as an attempt to promote his upcoming collection. There are just some boundaries you don’t cross, as his PR team likely told him pretty quickly. The tweet was deleted, but the damage had already been done.

10 Rita Ora

There’s nothing sadder than when you expect something to explode with popularity and media attention and it just falls flat, as Rita Ora knows. In 2014, Ora tried to create some buzz about the music she was working on by threatening to release it – with a ransom of 100,000 retweets. She sat back and waited for the retweets to start pouring in… and in trickled a measly 2,000. Ora tried to rescue the situation by claiming it was the work of a hacker, but… seems like a plain old embarrassing tweet to us. Either way, she learnt the hard way that publicity stunts like that don’t always achieve what you want them to, and often just end up making the artist look bad.

9 Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs has had many comedic roles over the course of his career, but when it comes to creating his own comedic tweets, it seems that he doesn’t really know where the line is. After a devastating incident where a Malaysian Airlines flight being shot down ended with 298 fatalities, Biggs threw salt in the very fresh wound by tweeting out “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” Biggs started to defend his tweet, but the powers to be (a.k.a. his PR team, probably) made him delete it and issue an apology. After that, hopefully he got some lessons in the appropriate timing for topical jokes centering on tragedies.

8 Alexa Chung

People post ridiculous crush-related things on twitter all the time – they re-tweet some of their favorite bombshell celebs or make comments about the state of Channing Tatum’s abs. However, Alexa Chung took things in a very weird direction when tweeting about a dream she had. Chung, who is a bit of a fashion icon, tweeted out that she “just had a strange (sexy) Karl Lagerfeld dream. I don’t want to talk about it.” Neither does Lagerfeld, probably. She likely realized that her tweet was slightly TMI, because a few hours after it was posted, she decided to delete the tweet. Maybe keep your strange sexy dreams to yourself.

7 50 Cent

Look, we’re not going to say that 50 Cent sucks at Twitter, but… he kind of sucks at Twitter. He’s had several scandals due to inappropriate or offensive tweets he’s put out into the interweb, and this one is no different. As opposed to some celebrities, who cherish every fan, 50 tweeted that “I don’t want no special ed kids on my timeline follow some body else.” Just lovely. He followed that gem with a tweet saying “I just saw your picture fool you look autistic.” Insults, intolerance… it’s no wonder that he’s gotten a reputation as being a less than savvy social media user.

6 Kim Kardashian

Oh, Kim. Ever since getting together with rapper Kanye West, this member of the Kardashian clan has made several positive improvements, adapting a more polished look and prioritizing different things. However, back in 2012, she made a bit of a twitter faux pas. Presumably, she heard a vague mention of some type of issue between Israel and Palestine (a.k.a. the Israel-Hamas conflict) and decided to jump right in, tweeting her support of both groups. Perhaps leave the politics to someone who follows them a bit more closely, Kim? Safe to say, people were pretty upset with her ignorant tweets. They were quickly deleted by an embarrassed Kim and followed up with an apology.

5 Susan Boyle

Many savvy twitter users know about piggybacking onto popular hashtags to get more people to take a look at your brilliant tweets, but sometimes hashtags can be a tricky thing – particularly when you’re creating your own. Just ask Susan Boyle. The unlikely star, who rose to prominence on reality show Britain’s Got Talent, promoted an album release party she was having with the hashtag #susanalbumparty. Just take a look at that hashtag. She meant to communicate ‘Susan’s Album Party,’ but instead ended up with something a little more X-rated than she wanted. Naturally, her PR team took that down as soon as they were aware of it. Well, one thing’s for sure – everyone probably remembered her newly released album thanks to all the scandal surrounding her tweet.

4 Mary J. Blige

Pretty much everyone has made a grammatical error or spelling mistake of some kind in a tweet – you’re often sending them out on the spur of the moment, and not necessarily taking the time to proofread them carefully. However, when you’re tweeting to assert your intelligence, and you make a series of errors? Well, that’s pretty embarrassing. Mary J. Blige learned her lesson the hard way when she responded to claims that she lied about attending Howard University with the tweet “why is it that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?” How could people, when her ‘intelligents’ is so clearly communicated in the tweet?

3 Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to scandal and publicity stunts, but a 2013 tweet took things a bit too far. She tweeted out that she was pregnant, and given that she was simultaneously being spotted binge-drinking, countless individuals who had seen the tweet started to become concerned about her future child. Lohan cleared it all up when she admitted it was an April Fools joke (although a belated one, apparently). However, no one really seemed to think it was funny – instead, they just accused her of trying to get attention with an outrageous claim that was sure to grab headlines.

2 Rob Kardashian

The public is pretty much obsessed with any of the Kardashian sisters…and then there’s Rob. Sure, he was on their family reality show, but he doesn’t quite get the same amount of attention that his sisters do. So, perhaps he was acting out when he tweeted out some less than kind things about an ex. Rob went on an rant claiming that an ex-girlfriend had cheated on him with 20 guys. He didn’t quite name names, but anyone who was following celebrity culture knew that he was talking about British pop superstar Rita Ora. The tweets were taken down less than an hour after he posted them. Perhaps the anger had worn off? Perhaps someone told him that it just made him look bitter and petty? Either way, it just proves that not even celebrities are immune to failing to take the high ground.

1 50 Cent

Okay, we said it once, and we’ll say it again – 50 Cent sucks at Twitter. Period. Remember the 2010 tweet that offended countless followers when he expressed that “I can’t believe my grand mothers making me take out the garbage I’m rich **** this I’m going home I don’t need this sh*t.” Well, he followed that gem up with a tweet that “my grandma pregnant again trying to talk her out of keeping it.” Safe to say that tweet shocked and offended just as many followers as his previous twitter faux pas. The rules of twitter are pretty simple – try not to post anything ridiculously personal, and try not to post anything ridiculously offensive. Or, if you’re 50 cent – maybe just don’t post anything at all.

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