15 Embarrassing Celeb Pics That Make Us LOL Over And Over Again

Embarrassment feels like the newest trend in the tabloids lately, but it’s been the lifeblood of many alternative news sources for ages. Humans love to watch people being embarrassed, and they love even more the fact that there’s more than enough different kinds of embarrassment to make everyone feel bad. No matter your size, shape, color, or social status, we can all relate to some of these embarrassing things. From wetting yourself in public to walking around in unbuttoned pants that don’t fit, there’s always something gross, uncomfortable, and unfortunate coming down the grapevine. While tabloids mostly might be covered with pictures of break ups, make ups, and break downs, flip through a little further and you’ll see these gems of photos. Celebrities getting gross, inappropriate, and regretting their clothing choices. From reverse wedgies and too-tight tops to tricycles and lazy sundays, read on and see celebs looking their worst.

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15 Is That A... Pet?


No, that’s not a small animal. And no, it’s not paint. While upon a first glance it seems like the type of thing you would see painted on the back of a jean jacket, it’s actually not a fun and festive pattern. Oh no. It’s much, much worse than that. Do you know what hair extensions are? In case you’re out of the loop (like living under a rock out of the loop), you know that hair extensions are long pieces of fake hair clipped up near the roots of a person’s hair. It’s supposed to make it look like they have longer hair, which can be a great thing if you’re trying to grow out a bob and want to skip the pesky in-between phase. Unfortunately, if they aren’t put in right, situations like this can happen. Yes, that’s part of her hair that’s come unclipped and caught on the upper thigh of her jeans. It’s not as gross as the extreme camel toe, but it’s certainly embarrassing for anyone who gets caught in this hairy situation!

14 Mad(onna) With Power


Oh, Madonna. While we’re all supposed to love this queen of pop, she might not have as glowing a reputation as she used to. That’s right. Madonna, over the last couple years, has fallen further and further down the rabbit hole of fame. She’s aged gracefully for many years, but is now trying to claw her way into staying famous rather than actually producing quality work or aging gracefully out. Case in point, this situation. Madonna was drinking heavily on stage, and ended up in this uncomfortable position. For starters, let’s look at that facial expression. She’s way more than three sheets to the wind. She might even be six or seven, judging by the level of tequila in that bottle. What else can we see? Her outfit is looking off. Not off the chain, just… Off. Weird. We don’t really know what she’s going for outside of “I wanted to wear a sparkly hat”. Finally, take a look at that little bike. There are few things more embarrassing than this, and we hope she learned her lesson.

13 Wet and Waiting (to clean up!)


Poor Victoria Beckham. During an art opening she and her husband were perusing the art and fancies when all of a sudden… WOOSH! A little too much champagne, maybe? Or perhaps all the toilets had been turned into Duchamp exhibits. Whatever it was, Mrs. Beckham found herself with wet pants and sadness. The general consensus on the internet is that she peed herself, though we can’t necessarily know for sure. Maybe she sat in a puddle? Or spilled something on herself? We can’t be sure. All we know is that this is embarrassment city over here. David doesn’t look too pleased either, though we’re sure he was mostly just concerned with making sure his wife is happy and comfortable and getting out safely. All that care couldn’t stop them from snapping a picture though! And now we can remember this moment forever. Sorry, Victoria.

12 Always Upsetting


Britney Spears in a crop top is a special kind of hell. While we love Brit, we don’t particularly want a piece of her while she’s in that shirt. The jeep is hot, the pattern is hot, and she looks happy. These are all awesome things, but they result in the same: she doesn’t look like the hottest woman in the world out there now. Once upon a time everybody dreamed about Britney Spears. They wanted to be her or to be friends with her, and we can’t believe that she’s fallen so far from grace. Honestly? It was probably the meltdown. When the fame started going to her head and she couldn’t handle the pressure, as well as for a few other reasons, she shaved her head and got right down to the nitty gritty process of wrecking her reputation. While we don’t hate that it happened, we do hate the fact that it resulted in her losing friends and family. They should have been more ashamed of this outfit than her deteriorating mental health!

11 Pants Are Better Unbuttoned


Yes, that’s Patricia Arquette. And yes, her pants are unbuttoned. Have you ever seen anything more disturbing? We can’t get over the fact that she’s got pants that are so ill fitting they can’t even go up. And her underwear isn’t even cute! And she looks like she’s running errands! If she was at the beach, or heading to the beach, sure. Send yourself out into the world dressed like a confused slob with nothing to cover yourself with but a shabby sweater. No one will care, especially if you have a wet bathing suit on underneath. But out here in the real world? It’s off putting, especially when your hair looks well put together. We want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she maybe had an accident, or had to deal with something that caused this sort of outfit response. Unlikely, though. She might be just so weird that she’s willing to put up with the embarrassment of it all.

10 Get Out the Cream, Kylie!


Kylie’s cold sore is the show stealer here. While we know that most people in the world get them, it’s hard to believe that someone as #flawless as Kylie is afflicted with such a base and mundane thing. It’s hard to imagine her dressed so perfectly and on point, just to have this big, juicy cold sore hovering around her mouth. There’s no way she could over line her lips that far either. She’s basically stuck with the knowledge that the whole world can see that thing, and are probably judging her for it just as much as she might judge herself. Is there a way to cure them? Yes and no. Kylie’s money can buy her any number of treatments, but there’s no way they’ll ever be totally gone. We can’t wait to see more embarrassing photos like this, especially when she’s got a facial expression like this one on to boot! Ha!

9 A DiCaprio Mystery


Leonardo DiCaprio has done incredible things in his life, including a photoshoot during which he leaned nonchalantly on a table of fruit. It’s hard to believe this is real, not only because of his facial expression, but also because of that HAIR! Look at it. It looks as well curved as one of those bananas he’s holding, and we can’t believe he’s got those clothes on. This is a photo that will last through the ages, and we’re so glad that he’s let it circle the internet. While it might not be the most attractive shot, he’s got this magnetic and compelling attitude surrounding him that makes us think “yeah… Yeah, I should go eat a banana right now”. Maybe if he was holding Oscars we would have been more inclined to give him one sooner! Maybe not. We’d love for him to recreate this nowadays, regardless of what he wants to put in his hands.

8 Lips of an Angel


Keeping your eyes on celebrity fashion is really just a big game of “who’s made the worst clothing choice today”. Oftentimes they don’t dress much differently than us regular folk, especially when they’ve got errands to run or a yoga class to get to. The main differences might be the fact that their clothes are a little more expensive, or maybe that they throw on a hat and sunglasses to try and keep the paparazzi at bay. However, this means they’re just as prone as the rest of us to getting mad camel toe. Especially when they’re off to one of those aforementioned yoga classes. Here we see two different instances of nasty camel on the same hot young celebrity. While it’s not the most embarrassing thing in the world, it doesn’t look great to see all your lines and indents immortalized in a photograph forever. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson and has moved on from all that tight, high-waisted trouble!

7 Butt Why, Amber?


There’s a shocking amount of celebrities that are accused of wearing butt pads. While we can’t say for sure whether or not they’re lying, we can say that we don’t understand the world’s obsession with bums. Sure, they’re fun to play with, look at, and joke about, but they’re also supposed to be private. Not the focus of discussion after discussion! A part of us wants to just ignore the questions surrounding this photo, but we decided to put it in anyway. From Kim Kardashian to Ice-T’s wife, many famous women have been accused to wearing butt enhancement pads. Amber Rose is no exception, and in this case… The speculation may be right! While she insists that she’s actually wearing a “full body trainer”, we can’t help but stare at those pad-shaped lines under her leggings. That certainly doesn’t look like full body anything!

6 Showing Off


Oh man, this is even worse. If the last photo showed off some mad camel toe, this one shows off the whole camel leg. It’s camel toe in the extreme, and we can’t help but laugh, shake our heads, and look away in shock. How did this happen?! We always thought that famous people had dressers and stylists for a reason. Specifically this reason, to avoid the whole flashing and exposing situation that’s happening in this photo. We can only hope that someone told her what was up, and that they swooped in with a safety pin in order to help keep her secure. We just don’t get it… Was it a fashion choice? Was there a statement to be made? Maybe it was a legitimate slip-up. Normally stars wear things underneath that compliment the fashion faux pas, rather than accentuate it. Not in this case!

5 Stopping and Staring


WOAH! Save it for backstage! Sometimes actors have to take one for the team. This might mean kissing someone they don’t really enjoy kissing, or eating food that they might not like. Sometimes it means getting naked on the corner of a busy intersection while everyone stares at you. During the filming of Doubt, she found that she had to do a public quick change. What did this superstar do? She buckled down and did it, without much grumbling or complaint. While you might not think of this as a big deal, it really is. Many actors would feel ashamed, exposed, and upset at having to be put in this situation. There’s something so valuable about being able to laugh at yourself though, and that’s what we like about this photo. Sometimes work makes us do weird stuff; might as well embrace it, and let yourself be seen.

4 How's the Breeze, T-Swift?


Marilyn Monroe isn’t dead. Or at least, her spirit isn’t. Monroe’s spirit is alive and well in all the celebrities that happen to have this happen to them. The “Monroe Blow”, as we lovingly call it, happens when a celebrity is wearing a skirt or a dress and is placed almost directly overtop of a fan. In this case, Taylor Swift got to experience a little Monroe Blow, showing off some not-super-hot panties underneath her dress. It’s probably for the best, as she no doubt had to plan for a situation like this before stepping on stage. Good performers wear underwear that protects, supports, and can hold its own during a wardrobe malfunction. If Taylor had been wearing anything different, this wouldn’t have been as good as it is. Thank goodness we’ve got the ugly granny panties though, because now we can make fun of them! Next time she could at least wear something graphic…

3 Nicki had a Slippy

...Of the nip, that is!


When has Nicki Minaj NOT had a nip slip? It seems like this is the most common wardrobe malfunction for her, and it’s no surprise. Running around in outfits like this, or any of her Anaconda outfits, you can see where the threat lies. Her boobs are always right on the cusp of coming out, and the more she dances the more they seem to shift. She’s had nip slips many times, and Good Morning America was no different. Literally all of her nip slips have resulted in her laughing it off and readjusting, going back to the way she was before. Sometimes, on public television, the outcome can be a little more controversial. This nip slip was one that didn’t seem intentional, and got her a bit of backlash for wearing such revealing items. Our thoughts? So what! If she can pull off shirts like that, more power to her. Get it, Nicki!

2 Grande-Sized


When has Ariana Grande not been involved in some sort of scandal questioning her innocence? It seems like scandal clings to her no matter where she goes. Be it through Instagram photos or out of context quotes, outfits or flirty messages, the world has this obsession with trying to get Ariana Grande caught in something sexy, something weird, something uncomfortable, and sometimes even something controversial. While her school girl outfits with short (SHORT) skirts already get us raising an eyebrow or two, what’s really got us honed in on her embarrassment factor is this photo. While she might insist that that’s a power bar in the corner, we can’t help but see something else… Something that can only be described as inappropriate, lots of fun, and essential when you’re living the #singlelife. Male or female, everyone can enjoy the pleasure that this item brings. While we can’t confidently say that she’s got a toy box, it certainly looks as if this one popped out...

1 The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but...

...The food in her teeth!


Ah, Katy Perry. The queen of embarrassing photos, it’s a good thing she’s able to poke fun at herself. Her videos are consistently hilarious and well devised, though the seriousness and quality of tunes can often be lacking. What’s the big scandal we chose to hone in on? This. The quinoa fiasco. Katy Perry called out her friends for letting her go out on a red carpet with quinoa stuck in her teeth. The embarrassment has been immortalized forever in various photos, up close and far away, and it’s really, really gross. While it’s happened to all of us, the sheer mundanity is the key to why this is so embarrassing. If a superstar hotshot like Katy Perry can get caught with food in her teeth, so can you. It can happen at any time, after any sort of meal. And if you’re worried about getting food caught in your teeth, just imagine how other people feel. Let this photo be a lesson and remember: Always mention when there’s quinoa in someone’s teeth.

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