15 Easy Ways To Instantly Feel Sexy

We all have those days when we hate to look in the mirror, get on the scale, or even get out of our baggy sweats. Those days when you’re feeling anything but hot are the worst, but they don’t have to get you down. Instead of wishing you are someone else during those dark days, there are a few easy ways to instantly get your sexy back. Whether you’ve just been dumped by the love of your life, or you’re feeling bloated and disgusting from your monthly pain-in-the-you-know-what, you don’t have to let that bring you down. You can quickly get back to looking and feeling your best with simple ways that take hardly anytime at all. When you’re feeling low or need an instant boost, these 15 things will have you feeling like the hot mama you are in no time.

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15 Buy Lingerie

Toss out those old standby panties and treat yourself to something new and sexy. Pick out a lacy pair that matches your favorite bra or opt for a sexy set that will instantly make you feel like a sultry vixen the moment you put them on. You don’t need a significant other to wear hot underwear for, either. You are doing this for you. Wear something hot for yourself and once you do, you’ll feel hotter in an instant. You put thought into your attire, right? Of course. It’s essential for you to pick out an outfit everyday that you look and feel your best in, so why wouldn’t you do the same thing with your underwear?

14 Try Something New

Learning or trying a new thing (especially one that scares you) easily makes you feel sexy because you are doing the unexpected. You are treating your mind and soul to something exciting. Learn a new language for an upcoming trip or take a surfing class like you’ve always wanted. Even making a career change or moving to another city or state can really rev up your sexiness. Doing something out of the ordinary makes you feel confident and good about yourself. Instead of sticking to the same boring routine, you are out there experiencing all that life has to offer. What's sexier than that?

13 Relax

Stress isn’t good for anything, especially your inner sexiness. Not only does it bog you down with countless agendas you can’t possibly fit into each day, stress also tenses your insides up and doesn’t leave much time for you to get in touch with yourself. So, when stress creeps up, take a moment to relax. Disconnect from all those electronic devices and sip a cup of tea while zoning out on the couch. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes to capture the mood. Meditation also does wonders for stress and can help you find a peaceful place you didn’t even know you had inside you. Now, that's sexy.

12 Flirt With Someone

Flirting is always a good one to feel sexy. Whether you pick up a stranger at a bar and make conversation over cocktails or you meet someone new at your favorite bookstore and talk about Gillian Flynn for hours, flirting with someone you have chemistry with will easily bring out your inner hotness. Flirting makes you feel vivacious and confident, which ultimately allows you to relax and embrace that sex goddess inside you. This person is talking to you and no one else, which means there’s something that sparked his interest. So, enjoy it. Allow yourself to open up and be present in the moment with this new found stranger. You may not make a relationship out of this encounter, but the playful banter will give you a roaring high you'll be happy with.

11 Pamper Yourself

Treating yourself to something you love is essential especially when you’re looking for an instant boost in your self-esteem. Doing something good for yourself allows you to feel awesome and take away all the day-to-day stress you encounter. And it doesn’t have to be anything big. Take a hot bath with your favorite bubbles, open a new bottle of wine you’ve been waiting to try, or simply slather on your favorite face mask and enjoy the radiant benefits to come. But if you are looking for something a little more extravagant, opt for getting a mani/pedi at your local spa, buy your favorite truffles at the expensive chocolate shop down the street or go shopping and get yourself something nice that you’ve been wanting. Reward yourself for being you.

10 Eat Right & Work Out

Feeling good about yourself starts from the inside, so taking care of your body is important. Eating healthy and working out on a regular basis not only makes you look your best, but makes you feel even better. There’s nothing hotter than a woman who takes care of herself. Sure, we know it’s not always easy and many of us dread going to the gym, but if you seek out different options like Pilates or Zumba, getting exercise might not seem so excruciating. As for eating right, be sure to get plenty of veggies and fruits in your everyday diet along with lots of Omega 3s and protein to help keep a healthy and strong immune system. A healthy body is a sexy body.

9 Buy New Clothes

You don’t have to go overboard with purchasing a brand new wardrobe to feel hot, but getting a new staple piece might do yourself some good. The key is to buy something that truly fits your shape. Toss away those baggy clothes and pick up something that holds your shape. You’ll be surprised at how much better you will feel by wearing something that fits rather than something that hangs off you or is too tight to even be remotely comfortable. A brand new black dress is always a great option because you can wear it pretty much everywhere and always feel hot in it. But  a pair of sexy jeans or a fitted blazer will hold the same benefits too.

8 Treat Yourself To A Date

Don’t have a date on Saturday night? Who cares. You don’t need a guy to go out with on the weekend because you have yourself. Sure, it sounds lame but it’s not. Treat yourself to a nice home cooked meal with a killer glass of red to compliment the dish. Enjoy this time alone and relax. There are no worries when you are on a date with yourself. And if cooking sounds like a grueling task, head out on the town solo. Sit at the bar of your favorite restaurant and order something decadent off the menu while chatting it up with the bartender. Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. If you can’t feel good alone, how can you expect to feel good with other people?

7 Watch A Rated Movie Or Read A Steamy Book

You don’t have to go all Fifty Shades of Grey but getting lost in a sensual movie or book is a great way to instantly feel sensual. Whether you stream a steamy movie off Netflix or rent something naughty off those adult channels (or Cinemax), watching an arousing flick will be sure to make you feel foxy. A good book does the same and since women love to fantasize, reading about people having sex can sometimes be more stimulating than watching it. Who doesn’t love to envision their own risqué encounter with the half-naked, buff plumber off page 55? Yum.

6 Get A Massage

Being touched is a sure way to make you feel relaxed and sexy. Getting a relaxing rub down by a professional will quickly take your mind off the huge workload of the week and instead have it focusing on you. This is your time to wash away all those cares and concerns and simply give into the moment. When we allow ourselves to really chill out for an hour, we become less stressed and more in-tune with our own bodies. When your mind and body are in harmony, you feel your absolute best, which in return makes you feel hot, hot, hot.

5 Pleasure Yourself

This is kind of a no-brainer. If you want to feel sexy, have an orgasm. You are the sole person on this earth that knows what you like and where you like it, so work your magic to the fullest. But this alone time is also a great time to learn something new about yourself. Maybe you didn’t know you liked to be touched in a certain spot or that watching kinky movies actually heightens your arousal (duh!). Experiment with your own touch (or the touch of a toy) and take all the time you want to play. There's no one there to tell you otherwise.

4 Use Self-Tanner

A really easy way to feel hot is by using self-tanner. We all feel better when we are tan but know how bad the sun is for our skin. So skip on the real rays and opt for something that comes in a bottle. You’ll get the same radiant glow but without the harmful skin issues. You also won’t look like a lobster (phew!). Instead, you’ll have a gorgeous, bronzy glow that happens in just a few hours and lasts a couple of days (especially when you keep up with it). You’ll feel thinner, toner, and so much hotter with a slight tan, and feel even better about it because you know you aren’t hurting your skin in the process. Sun damage is definitely not sexy.

3 Sleep With No Clothes On

Sleeping in the nude is a cheap and easy way to feel incredibly sexy. While we all love those flannel pjs, we can’t deny that they are anything but hot. Comfortable, yes. But hot? Definitely not. And while a short, lacy nighty always does the trick, sometimes slipping under the covers au naturel is so much better. Fix your bed with clean sheets and super soft blankets so they feel good against your skin. You’ll feel relaxed, sexy, and comfortable in your own body, which will help make you feel even more comfortable when you invite someone else in the bed with you.

2 Try Matching Body Wash And Lotion

There’s nothing like spoiling yourself with some intoxicating bath products, and if you’re looking to feel sexy, this is a quick trick that will help. Pick up a matching shower gel and body lotion and use it tonight during and after your hot shower. Using the paired scents during your nightly routine will make you feel pampered and pretty. Choose something exotic like a fruity mixture or stick to a sweet staple like vanilla. Your skin will never feel or smell better which will make you feel good. It’s a small thing but provides big benefits.

1 Listen To Sexual Music

Turn down the lights, flick on some of Sade’s greatest hits, and rest your head back on the couch. Sip on a glass of wine and light a few candles to help create the mood. Sexy, isn’t it? And the best part is, you don’t need to be in someone else’s presence to enjoy an evening like this. A night this nice will have you feeling your hottest (even if you are home by yourself) because you are relaxing and getting in touch with your sultry side. Sexy music really helps the mind relax and take it to a whole other seductive place.

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