15 Dumb Things Guys Will Always Care About

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15 Dumb Things Guys Will Always Care About

The book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” was a huge hit at the time it came out in the bookstores, but today, the ideologies proposed in that series of books is highly flawed. For one, not everyone is alike. Not all men like sports, not all men like beer, not all women like shopping, not all women are naturally born with domestic skills. It’s totally unfair to generalize and say all men think the same way and all women feel the same way. You can take a small subset of the group and make some studies, but it doesn’t hold true for the entire population.

That being said, there are things that matter to some guys that don’t matter to others. And while there are have been multiple articles that list down what things men care about but they actually don’t when it comes to women, so are there things that “experts” say men don’t care about, when in fact they really do, no matter how inane. Again, these examples do not speak for the entire male population. But maybe for a good number, they do. The list is meant to be read and taken with humor. No hard feelings!

15. How much you eat and what you eat


In today’s very health-conscious society, everyone watches what they eat and how much they eat. Canned meat, potato chips, Twinkies, pop tarts, and other high-calorie fares are gathering dust in the grocery stores and less and less people fill their grocery carts with these items and instead, opt to head to the organic section of the store. Women in general are more inclined to chasing after that healthy lifestyle than men and there are some men who don’t really care about the dietary inclinations of their girls. But little do the ladies know, guys actually care what girls eat. Guys like their girls eating healthy, but they don’t like it when they starve themselves just to look skinny. Sure a vegetable smoothie and a whole grain muffin is sexy breakfast food, but guys like seeing their ladies indulge in the occasional bowl of pasta or junk food too!

14. Being dressed to kill


Many feminists insist that when deciding on how to dress, it’s for themselves and not for anybody else, and especially not for any guy. And while that’s well and good, a small amount of us, whether we want to admit it or not, always longs for some sort of affirmation from other people. Not necessarily from a significant other, but can you honestly say that you don’t mentally pat yourself on the back when you walk into a room wearing a skin-tight short dress, killer heels, matched with windswept hair and a good smattering of make-up and have a few heads turn your way? It’s human nature to want that acknowledgment and it’s also but natural for a guy to be proud that the lady on his arm is being drooled over. It’s an ego-boost, plain and simple and what guy doesn’t like some stroking of the ego?

13. Warning him during your time of the month


One of the aspects of being a woman that guys perhaps dread the most is when it’s that time of the month. Menstruation can really mess up any girl’s lifestyle and disposition, no matter how temporary. But the fact of the matter is, it happens once a month for most. Some get stomach cramps, headaches, back aches, and have to skip work or school as a result. And let’s not forget the mood swings and perpetual grumpiness for a week tops. And our guys are usually the recipient of these symptoms and aside from the fact that they have to tamp down on their libido until the menstrual cycle is over, they also have to endure the moods. So they would like to be given fair warning when the time of the month is fast approaching so they can brace themselves and go on understanding/avoidance mode!

12. Saying “I love you” back



When you’re in a relationship and getting ready to take the next step emotionally, you can experience all kinds of nerves. Guys experience the same kind of jitters relationship-wise as girls, especially when it comes to saying those three big words, the middle of which spells out L-O-V-E. Physical intimacy is easy. Many get into it even before they go into their first official dates. But emotional closeness is on a whole different level because it leads you closer and closer to a serious commitment and exclusive relationship. So when the man you’ve been dating works out the nerve and says “I love you,” and you don’t say it back—that can tear him apart in all sorts of ways. For one, his ego will take a blow for putting his heart on the line. And secondly, he’ll have to deal with the sting of rejection. So even if he knows that he shouldn’t expect you to say it back, he really, really hopes that you do.

11. Getting along with his parents



Family dynamics can be a tricky thing. Some come from a close-knit family and still see their parents and siblings for family dinners on a regular basis. Others just limit their time with their family to special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. And still others have no desire to see their family at all, likely because of not-too-happy childhood experiences. But whatever the case, for a guy to take home his girlfriend to meet his parents is a huge step in any relationship. It spells of seriousness and potential to eventually lead to forever. And even if your man is not close to his parents, a small part of him will always long to have their approval when it comes to his partner of choice. Of course, at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter because he’s the one you’re in a relationship with, not his parents. But it’s still important to him that they can at least carry on a decent conversation with you.

10. Do you know how to cook?


Women are so busy nowadays with career or taking care of the kids, that sometimes, basic chores take a back seat in favor of takeout dinners or hiring a cleaning service to tidy up your house. And because everyday life often gets in the way, a lot of women these days’ culinary expertise consists of heating store-bought spaghetti sauce and boiling pasta noodles to serve at the table for dinner. And while some guys say they don’t care whether you cook or not, even volunteering to take on kitchen duties because you suck at it—many of them secretly want their ideal girl to know how to whip up a decent meal from scratch. Not just your regular TV dinner or processed food, but delicious, nutritious homemade meals like baked herbed chicken and roasted potatoes or a vegetable casserole. Not to say that if a girl can cook she’s a failure. Cooking skills are just some of the many things a guy would love his girl to possess.

9. Having facial hair and body hair


Back in the day, women never bothered to shave or wax or pluck any hair that wasn’t on top of their heads. It was perfectly normal for women to have a forest in their armpits, legs, and nether regions. But today, men and women alike cringe at the thought or the sight of a feminine leg with hair on it or a woman wearing a tank top, lifting her arms, and seeing that patch of hair on her arm pits. It’s equally cringe-worthy when a woman dons a teeny bikini and strolls down the beach or the pool with some pubic hair sticking out of her bikini bottoms. While it’s true that some say letting it grow is a natural part of bodily functions, many think it’s not aesthetically pleasing at all. The same goes for facial hair. What guy wouldn’t want to divert his eyes when he sees his woman with a light smattering of hair above her lip in what is known as a lady ‘stache?

8. Whose career is more successful



Because of feminism and diversity and all that jazz, the role of women today is far different from what women suffered and bottled in 100 years ago. Women today are voting, running for the highest positions in the land, working high-paying jobs, and winning prestigious competitions. In other words, we “run the world” as Beyoncé sings. And while it’s true that most men are themselves feminists, being ever so supportive of women and not minding in the least that women are overtaking them and becoming their superiors in the work force and even at home, not all men enjoy the notion of being whipped. Men still feel threatened when they encounter a successful woman. How many Hollywood marriages have failed because the female actor experienced a surge of popularity that surpassed her actor husband’s? And that’s why women continue to fight for equality. Because though many women hold high positions, they still get paid less than if a man were in that position. Women always love a challenge and that can be pretty intimidating to a guy.

7. Distracting him while he’s watching a game



Women, pay heed. Don’t ever get between your man and his sports. Unless there’s some life or death emergency, guys would be pretty peeved if their sports time is interrupted, whether it’s watching a sporting event on TV or playing the sport they’re into, even for recreational purposes. How many times have we seen those cliché scenes in movies? Girl drop by guy’s house during the middle of a huge football game or boxing match and gets miffed that guy barely looks at her after opening the door to let her in. Girl sits beside him on the couch and tries to start a meaningful discussion with him about the relationship or girl tries to initiate some cuddle time or sexy times. Guy tries to move her out of the way because she’s blocking the TV and it’s an exciting part of the game. Girl gets miffed and either storms out or picks a fight, therefore ruining guy’s sports viewing pleasure.

6. Interrupting boys’ night


Just like we love our all-girl lunches or all-girl vacations, so do our guys treasure their time with their male buddies. There are those guys who get together with their male friends on a regular basis for a variety of activities. They shoot hoops, they grab a couple of rounds at a bar, they watch a UFC fight at someone’s place or they have poker night. Yes, guy time is one of those highly revered events that guys wouldn’t miss for the world. It’s a chance for them to release some testosterone among their fellow males through sports, alcohol and a healthy heaping of guy talk. Yes, guys talk about their girls, too and the last thing they need is their gal interrupting their discussion and raining in on their dude time. Guy time is sacred, just like girls wouldn’t like it if our guy showed up to one of our girl bonding moments.

5. How neat your apartment is


Though it’s not really fair to start boxing gender characteristics in, it’s safe to say that girls are generally neater than guys. That’s not to say that there aren’t those females who can live with some mess. But girls are usually wired to be more organized than their male counterparts because girls can be more detail-oriented and meticulous than guys. And that’s why girls usually take such painstaking care of themselves and their surroundings. Guys who are slobs usually like getting together with girls who are neat freaks because their apartments are in stark contrast to the guy’s. No dirty dishes in the sink, no clothes strewn about the living room, no empty pizza boxes and soda bottles on the coffee table. A lot of guys like having their girl pick up after them, much to the ladies’ chagrin, of course! But a girl’s neatness and organization skills do matter to a guy.

4. Well-groomed feet and toe nails


There’s a reason why some people have foot fetishes. It’s because feet are a challenge to take care of because they trod dirty grounds and floors. And when you see persons with clean feet, you know that they most likely have impeccable grooming skills and that they value cleanliness and neatness. Having lovely feet is especially expected of ladies. Guys certainly find it sexy when a woman’s soles are smooth and free of calluses, feet properly moisturized, and with neatly trimmed and clean toe nails, especially if she’s going to wear sandals. It’s understandable that not all women are blessed with naturally beautiful feet and a guy won’t really hold it against her. But if she makes the effort to take good care of her feet, that’s something many guys appreciate and admire. It’s hard work, for sure, and takes a lot of time, given busy schedules and chores. But it’s definitely doable.

3. When you don’t like some of his hobbies and passions



While guys do like compartmentalizing their lives, choosing to share sports, poker, and video games with their fellow dudes, they do also like doing some shared activities with their partner, as it should be with any relationship. Aside from going on dates or binging on Netflix while eating take out, a couple that does activities together makes for a healthy relationship. The trick is to find a common interest and indulge in it together, whether it’s taking up a new sport or working out at the gym or going hiking or maybe even taking up some culinary classes. What happens, though, if they’re both so different in terms of interests and she doesn’t like any of the stuff her guy is into? Some guys feel slighted or hurt if their girl shows absolutely no interest in any of his hobbies. For girls, just because you detest basketball doesn’t mean you’re going to ditch your guy’s game. A little effort in getting into his interests will go a long way.

2. If you beat him in video games


When they say that men are fiercely competitive, it’s true in almost every aspect of their lives. To be fair, women, especially of the Type A personality, can be insanely competitive as well and when you put two competitive people together in a relationship, the result is nothing short of combustible. Men are quite proud of the fact that playing video games is a guy thing. And not very many of them have girlfriends who enjoy playing video games as well. But there’s that rare gem of a girl that you find who enjoys the occasional video game and it’s something of a common hobby that’s great to do together. Now if the girl constantly whips his butt in these games, that can certainly put a dent in his ego. Playing video games with his girlfriend may be fun, but being constantly beaten? Not so much.

1. Whether you work out or not



Nobody likes a lazy slob and that’s why there are a lot of fitness-conscious people these days. Not only do people want to live longer, but they want to look better as they grow older. Gym memberships are soaring, organic markets are reaping in the profits, and wellness retreats are becoming all the rage—for most people, at least. Whether it’s lack of time or pure laziness, there are still the occasional people who choose not to tread down the healthy lifestyle path, even though for guys, nothing is sexier than seeing a woman indulge in physical workouts and sweat it out profusely. Yes, it matters to a guy how healthy his girl is. Making the effort to take care of her body means that she loves herself enough to better herself to look and feel good. Because when she looks good, her confidence levels increase and it enables her to take on life with a positive outlook, which is definitely a trait any guy would want in a girl.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com

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