15 Drinks And What They Say About Him

Let's face it - when most adults go out to dinner or on a date someplace that serves food and alcohol, the majority will end up getting some type of drink with dinner. Sure, there are some people who simply don't enjoy drinking and don't drink whatsoever - and that's totally fine. However, for those who aren't averse to the occasional libation, what you order can say a lot about what kind of person you are.

Are you high maintenance or easygoing? Are you very tightly wound, or usually pretty relaxed? Are you comfortable in your own skin, or are you always desperately trying to impress someone? With the amount of choice available at most bars and restaurants, the fact is that what you choose definitely says something about what you enjoy.

There's not really a right or wrong answer - it depends on what you're looking for. If your dream guy is a party animal who will support you during a keg stand, then by all means, find a guy whose drink choice indicates that might be the case. If you're looking for something a bit more long term, perhaps find a guy who puts a modicum of thought into his beverage of choice, as it generally indicates that he'll put a decent amount of effort into any relationship he cultivates.

Here are 15 drinks a guy might order, and what they potentially reveal about him.

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15 Wine (Someplace With A Wine List)

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If you’re out somewhere that has a wine list and he asks to see it, chances are he at least has an interest in art and culture. Sure, he might not have sommelier-level knowledge, but if he knows the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon, it means he’s at least tried to educate himself and his palate – and that’s sexy. Sure, maybe you’re not wine-compatible – perhaps he prefers robust reds while you always stick to whites, pairing be damned. Regardless of what he picks, a man who can enjoy a fine glass of wine is just plain sexy.

14 Wine (At A Dive Bar)

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It’s one thing if he orders a glass of shiraz at that cute tapas bar with the extensive wine list. However, if he orders wine at a dive bar, or really anywhere that your wine options are basically limited to ‘red’ and ‘white,’ that’s a bit of a warning sign. Sure, maybe wine is the only thing he likes to drink – but in that case, why did he agree to go to where you’re currently drinking, or why did he suggest it in the first place? Chances are he’s just trying to cultivate an air of sophistication by ordering a glass of red, s’il vous plait. Any red. The important thing is, he’s drinking wine, and not cheap beer like those uncultured men in the corner (who are probably your better bet in this situation).

13 Craft Beer

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Beer is without question one of the most common drinks that men order. It’s simple, they like it, and there are generally enough options on a menu to please anyone, from the guy who only drinks dark beers to the IPA fiend. A man who drinks craft beer takes an interest in his drinks – he’s whittled down the types of beer he enjoys, and he likes hearing about the different small brewers and how they do things. He’s okay with paying a little bit more for a high quality product. A guy who drinks craft beer will treat you right.

12 Vodka Red Bull

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Okay, maybe it’s just because you enjoy that sweet, sweet artificial taste of Red Bull. Maybe it truly gives you wings, as the commercials promise. However, for the most part, a guy who drinks vodka red bull is not a guy you want to settle down with. He’s either still in college, or he’s an older guy who will tell you for the sixth time that really, he used to be on the football team in high school and it was great, really, did you know he was the quarterback? Unless you’re ready to party all night, or are absolutely dying to hear about his former glory days, steer clear of this one.

11 Martini

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If he winks at the bartender and asks for “shaken, not stirred,” chances are he’s just a big James Bond fan and thinks ordering a martini makes him look suave and impressive. However, if it’s actually his drink of choice, that says a lot about him. First of all, martinis are pretty customizable – does he want it dirty, does he want a certain amount of olives, does he demand a specific brand of his liquor of choice? A man who orders a very, very specific martini knows exactly what he wants. That can be good, sure – but that might mean he’s equally picky with his mate. A guy who has a die-hard preference between Grey Goose and Ketel One will not be an easy guy to please.

10 Anything Pastel/Fruity

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Okay, ladies, listen. I know, I know – everything from the names of drinks to our cultural view on certain drinks associates any drink with a pastel hue or fun, flirty name with women. Why on earth would you want to date a guy who orders a Razzle Dazzle, complete with crushed berries and an umbrella? Well, here’s why – because he’s not trying to impress anyone. He’s not like the guy across the bar choking down an old fashioned because he thinks it makes him look cool. The guy who orders a stereotypically ‘girly’ drink likes what he likes, and he’s confident in his own skin. That’s sexy.

9 Domestic Beer

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A guy who orders ten cheap, domestic beers over the course of your date probably has a bit of a drinking problem, and just wants to get as hammered as possible as inexpensively as possible. However, if a guy orders a reasonable amount of regular, domestic beer? Chances are he’s just easygoing. He doesn’t care too much about what he drinks, he’s just there to have a good chat and sip away at a few brews. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and it’s reliable. The guy who orders domestic beer is like your favorite cozy sweater.

8 Jungle Juice

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Okay, if his drink of choice is jungle juice? You are dating a frat boy. You are at a frat house, or else, at a bar or club populated solely by college kids. If you’re currently in college and just trying to have a good time, then sure – a guy who will bring you a cup of your own jungle juice when he goes to get his might be just right. However, if the mere thought of a frat house makes you want to get out the hand sanitizer, then you’re with a man-child and you need to run away very very, very fast.

7 Margarita

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When people think of margaritas, many immediately think of the slushy concoction in a huge glass, usually served in some tropical locale or beachy-themed bar. However, there’s something to be said for the elevated margarita – I’m talking good tequila, real lime juice, on the rocks rather than the artificial concoction straight from the margarita machine. A guy who orders a blended margarita thinks Chipotle is authentic Mexican food. A guy who orders a margarita on the rocks will take you to that cute new hole in the wall restaurant, and then surprise you with a fun post-date stop someplace you’ve never seen in the city.

6 Old Fashioned

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A guy who orders an old fashioned wants to be Don Draper so badly it hurts. He probably picked you up in a tailored suit, because he’s all about that suave, gentleman style, haven’t you noticed? He has a bar cart in his apartment, fully stocked for all the classic cocktails. He pretends to like jazz, even if he can’t name a single jazz musician. Sure, maybe he’s truly a huge fan of bourbon and enjoys a nice sipping cocktail – if so, props to him. However, all the cultural associations with this cocktail mean that he’s probably trying to appear much more smooth than he is.

5 Scotch

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A guy who orders scotch knows what he’s doing with his life, let’s be serious. A fine scotch isn’t something that you shoot and quickly order another. It’s something you savour, something you cherish. This guy knows exactly how to treat a woman, and yes, he’s looking for something serious. He just got promoted at work, but you won’t hear about it until a few dates later, because he doesn’t really care to boast. He’s probably drinking the exact same thing he drinks to unwind after a long work week at home. This guy is your future husband (or, if you’re lucky, your current husband – way to go, girl!).

4 Rum and Diet Coke

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If your guy is trying to make some more healthy choices and perhaps shed a few unwanted pounds, then a highball with a diet mixer shows that he’s trying to make an effort, shaving a few calories off his regular order. He’s trying to better himself, and that is totally admirable. However, if he’s a super ripped guy who is fanatical about keeping his drink as low calorie as possible? Avoid. He’s never going to split dessert with you, and in fact, if you order that ooey gooey chocolate soufflé after dinner, he might just raise an eyebrow and ask if you really need it. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

3 Artisanal Cocktail

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Forget rum and coke with a squeeze of lemon or lime – nowadays, super fancy cocktails are all the rage. They’ll generally start out with a simple liquor base, and then be enhanced with house-made syrups, perhaps custom bitters, a crazy liqueur that you’ve never heard of and can only get in Sweden, etc. The guy who orders this loves being on trend, and he always knows the hottest hot spot in town. If that’s the type of guy you’re looking for, great – you can both order an awesome cocktail and then sample one another’s to see if the mixologist is really as amazing as the article said he was. However, if you’re a simple girl who loves going to the same old restaurant over and over again, then Mr. Elderflower-Basil-Gin-Spritzer might not be the guy for you.

2 Shots

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If your guy orders a round of shots when you’re out celebrating a special occasion, or joins in his buddy on that ridiculously named shot in honour of his birthday, then he’s just a guy who knows how to loosen up and have a good time. However, if it’s a simple date night and he’s ordering the fourth straight tequila? He either has a really serious drinking problem that needs addressing, or he thinks he’s still in college. Either way, run. A guy who only does shots is not the kind of guy you want to be staying in to watch Netflix with.

1 Simple Highball

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You know the type – gin and tonic, rum and coke, rye and ginger. The guy who orders a simple highball is kind of the same as the guy who orders a domestic beer. It’s probably one of the first drinks he ever ordered, and he figured it tasted good and worked just fine. He’s not interested in constantly switching things up and keeping up with the latest trends, nor is he trying to impress you by ordering something he doesn’t know. He likes what he likes, and his tastes are simple. He’ll totally split dessert with you, and he’ll be down to spend the night in sometimes.

Sources: glo.comsavvymiss.com

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