15 Drag Queens Who Are Hotter Than You

Defined as a person, usually male, who dresses in an exaggerated form of femininity, the drag queen has basically been around forever. That's right, with the first drag queen seen on screen in the 1937 movie, Upstairs, featuring Eugeniusz Bodo, the art of drag has also been featured in a number of songs, most famously on The Kinks classic, "Lola". Although very much associated with gay culture, drag includes all preferences and genders, with female drag kings, a woman who dresses as a man, becoming much more popular as of late. Often disregarded as 'just a little fun', the art of drag is actually a serious art form, with a number of people all over the world going to extreme lengths with regards to what they do. With the process often taking hours, a drag queen's aesthetic is extremely important, as well as having that extra special something as a performer. Plus, now with the success of drag superstar RuPaul, and the extremely successful RuPaul's drag race, drag is at its most famous, with a number of well-known drag queens celebrated all over the world.

So, to celebrate its success, and the art of drag itself. Here are 15 drag queens who are hotter than you. Burn!

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15 Roxxxy Andrews

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First one on our list is Roxxy Andrews whose real name is Michael Feliciano. Roxxxy Andrews grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. Member of the acclaimed "Haus of Andrews", a renowned drag house, Andrews began her drag career in Orlando at the now well-known Pulse nightclub. Speaking of her connection to the club, Andrews recently revealed a tattoo that she had done in honor of the 49 victims that were shot and tragically lost their lives on June 15th, 2016. Appearing on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, usually thought of as one of the most successful seasons, Andrews became a firm favorite early on, winning one of the first main challenges. Often expressing her hatred of "comedy queens", and those who were "unpolished," Andrews focused more on "classic beauty." Winning a number of titles with regards to her appearance, Andrews recently won the Miss West Virginia Continental, in 2012.

14 Tatianna

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Stunning to say the least, Joey Santolini, AKA Tatianna, is best known for her appearance in season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race (starting to see a pattern?). A controversial contestant, Tatianna was often lauded for being rather bitter, especially when speaking of other contestants. Extremely "fishy", a term used to describe someone who excels at being a woman in the drag world, Tatianna is as tasty as they get. However, although having the looks, Tatianna did not have the style and was criticized for not having the most fashionable of clothing, especially with regards to her glamor look. Famed for her Britney Spears impersonation, Tatianna nailed the pop starlet to perfection, resulting in her winning one of the most sought after challenges in the series, the snatch game. Beginning drag at the tender age of 14 years old, Tatianna is definitely one of the prettiest and is a whopping 6'5 in heels. Sizzling.

13 Aquaria

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Blonde, buxom beauty, Aquaria, is one of the most famous drag queens in the world not to have appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race. However, not letting that slow her down, Aquaria is still exceptionally famous and is known worldwide, having endless reviews written about her hilarious performances, and talented numbers. That's right, a star in her own right, as well as being exceptionally beautiful, Aquaria is also known for her artistic and creative drag look, bringing in audiences all over the globe to see her in New York City. In fact, Aquaria is so beautiful that she was even featured in Italia Vogue, as well as launching her own shade of lipstick. Talented to say the least, it has been suggested that Aquaria will be appearing on series nine of RuPaul, and is a hot favorite to win the season already, even if she is a measly 21 years old.

12 Latrice Royale

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A favorite among many, Latrice Royale, real name is Timothy Wilcots and she appeared on season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race, managing to become a firm fan favorite early on in the series. Outraging audiences worldwide upon her elimination, the starlet even made the judges cry with regards to the emotional speech she gave on her way out. Rocking some serious luscious curves, as well as a voice so sexy it could cut glass, Royale is also pretty smart, especially when it comes to politics. Becoming an ordained minister not long after her rise to fame, she is a strong supporter of same gendered marriage. Now, a fully fledged pop star, Royale released her first single, "Weight" in 2014, to rave reviews. Obviously getting a taste for the music world, Royale followed up with an EP two years later, aptly named "Here's to Life: Latrice Royale Live in the Studio". BOOM!

11 Valentina

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Revealed as the first queen to have signed up for RuPaul's season 9, Los Angeles native Valentina is definitely one to watch, especially with regards to who will eventually take the crown. New in the game, Valentina has only been in the drag world for a mere ten months (and she is already winning if you ask us), naming herself after the Mexican spicy sauce of the same name. That is right, choosing a hot sauce to reflect her spicy personality, and very promiscuous and sizzling appearance, Valentina is already a front runner for the show, especially after only auditioning once! Cute and sexy at the same time, Valentina is definitely up there as one of the hottest contestants ever to grace the catwalk, and is also noted for being just as sexy out of drag, seemingly having the best of both worlds (talk about lucky). Ahh to be a drag queen.

10 Biblegirl666

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Another one yet to make their RuPaul debut, BibleGirl666 is actually a major internet star, basing her image on the glory days of MySpace (major throwback). Commenting on her strange choice of drag name, BibleGirl666 stated, "I grew up being heavily into MySpace. I wanted to base BibleGirl off of the 16 and Pregnant MySpace famous, hot mess white girls that drank too much that I had seen in the media growing up. They’re so the opposite of me." Also known for her killer Britney Spears impression, a running theme among drag acts, BibleGirl666 is regarded as the blonde b*+ch you love to hate. That's right, often caught throwing shade to a number of other more successful and famed drag queens than herself, it seems BibleGirl666 couldn't care less with regards to who she upsets, making her one of the sassiest entries on the list. In other words, Hot mess.

9 Alyssa Edwards

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Who says being funny is not sexy. Born, Justin Johnson, Alyssa Edwards started life as a pageant queen, and is part of the renowned "Haus of Edwards." Appearing in the 2008 documentary, Pageant, Edwards was stripped of her 2010 Miss Gay America Title, for reasons unknown, with the crown eventually going to rival drag superstar, Coco Montrese (talk about terrible). Taking part in the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Edwards quickly became a fan favorite, especially with regards to her pageant queen look, and hilarious sense of humor. Now, a drag mother in her own right, Edwards counts previous contestants, Shangela Laquifa, Gia Gunn, and Laganja Estranja as her protege, as well as still being high up in the game herself. Often thought of as the most successful drag queen who did not win RuPaul, Edwards is recognizable all over the world, and is a favorite of RuPaul herself.

8 Manila Luzon

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Famed for being one of the most liked, as well as the prettiest, Manila Luzon is definitely one of the most remembered (a number of accomplishments we wouldn't mind having under our belts, or dresses). Real name Karl Westerberg, Manila appeared in the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race finishing a mighty second. Getting her name from the Philippines capital city, Manila, and also the largest island, Luzon, Manila chose the name as a nod to her mother who was born there (aww how sweet is that). Flawless, Luzon is also a staunch campaigner, attending a number of LGBT events throughout the world, as well as being extremely active with regards to AIDS awareness. Ridiculously popular, Luzon stands as the only drag race contestant to have been immortalized as a doll (who doesn't want a doll made of them?), with the action figure made by Long Island based company, NiniMomo. You slay girl!

7 Violet Chachki

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This sexy number's real name is Paul Jason Dardo. Violet Chachki is noted for winning the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, receiving a whopping $100,000 as a result. Known as the first contestant to have never been in the bottom two (wow!), Chachki was a winner from the start, especially with regards to her look. Aesthetically different from many of her fellow cast mates, Chachki based her look on the 1996 lesbian thriller, Bound, which sees a leather bound Jennifer Tilly rocking all kinds of sexy. As well as using Dita Von Teese as a style inspiration (we can definitely see that), burlesque plays a huge part in the overall appearance that Chachki has tried to convey, with her look celebrated by the world of burlesque itself. In fact, Von Teese was so impressed, that she cast Chachki in one of her shows, excited by her physical charm and appeal.

6 Raja

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One of the most controversial winners of RuPaul's Drag Race, Raja, real name Sutan Amrull, appeared on season three of the acclaimed series. Getting into the drag scene at an early age, Raja is noted for being rebellious, with regards to her look. Inspired by that of gothic and punk undertones, Raja was often criticized by her other co-stars. Winning the show, Raja was the first Asian American to do so. As a result of winning, Raja also toured the United States and Canada on Logo's Drag Race Tour in 2011 as part of her duties. Now, a renowned makeup artist, Raja has been working on the acclaimed reality show, America's Top Model, for nine cycles, working with some of the most renowned stars of the show. In fact, Raja is so well looked upon, that some of her famous clients include, Tyra Banks, Twiggy, Iggy Azalea, and Adam Lambert. Fishy!

5 Naomi Smalls

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Real name Davis Heppenstall, Naomi Smalls was born and raised in California, as well as her eleven brothers and sisters. Appearing in the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Smalls finished in second place, alongside fellow friend and drag superstar, Kim Chi. Standing at a whopping 7ft in heels, Smalls was influenced by the likes of supermodel Naomi Campbell, with the likening evident in her drag appeal. Noted for her long and luscious legs, Smalls was often called out for being too pretty, whatever that means, with her beauty often criticized. New to the drag world, Smalls was the youngest contestant on the show, as well as having hardly any previous drag experience. Commenting on the time, Smalls claimed, "whenever I had a challenge, I tried to attack it 100 percent and not complain about it, but try and get it done. And I try to look good while doing it". And yes you did girl.

4 Pearl Liaison

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Famed for being one of the hottest out of drag as well as in (honestly, talk about an ideal situation), Pearl, real name Matthew James Lent, appeared in the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, finishing in joint second place. Growing up in Florida, Pearl claims her inspiration came from "rich, old ladies, with diamond rings and furs." Going on describe her look as a "Stepford wife robot b*+ch," Pearl was noted for being extremely relaxed, with a number of queens insinuating her love for the green stuff. Venturing into music, Pearl released her first album, aptly named Pleasure, with the first single entitled, "Love Slave". Charming. Featuring no vocals whatsoever, the album charted at number eleven on the US Billboard Dance/Electronic chart, making Pearl one of the most successful musicians to have come from the show. We have to say she has accomplished quite a bit! You go, girl.

3 April Carrion

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Appearing on season six of RuPaul's Drag Race, the Puerto Rico princess was eliminated in episode 4. Known as one of the prettiest drag queens to have ever graced the catwalk, April Carrion, originally named Jason, chose April due to the month she was born in. Studying at the acclaimed, La Escuela de Artes Plasticas, April garnered a huge amount of praise, as well as winning the most coveted art award that the school had. Going on to win Miss Krash Puerto Rico in 2011, the Drag version of the Puerto Rican Miss Universe, April was well on her way to becoming one of the most recognizable faces in drag history. Interested in gender constraints and expression, April recently released a documentary focusing on trans, and drag queens in Puerto Rico. The movie, named Mala Mala, received rave reviews across the globe, with April intending to bring more awareness to the subject matter.

2 Courtney Act

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Can you even believe this hottie was not born female?! Wow what a beauty, we can't get over it. Hailing from down under, Aussie superstar Courtney Act, originally found fame on the first season of Australian Idol. Going on to compete in season six of RuPaul's Drag Race, Act was noted for her extremely attractive appearance, as well as having legs to die for. Finishing in second place, Act went on to be exceptionally successful, becoming the first drag performer ever to sing live with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. In fact, Act is so aesthetically pleasing, that she, along with fellow drag stars Willam Belli and Alasaka Thunderf**k 5000, were chosen to become ad girls for designer brand American Apparel, featuring in a number of advertisements. Also known for her powerful vocal chords, Act has released a variety of musical records, as well as performing with Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs. Woah.

1 RuPaul

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So you had to guess that the number one spot was reserved for the queen of all queens! Yeah yeah, maybe it's obvious, but you can't have a list of beautiful drag queens without the woman herself, and you most definitely can't have a list of beautiful drag queens without this particular woman topping the poll. That's right, known for basically putting drag on the map or at least mainstream television, RuPaul has changed a number of lives, socially and mentally. Probably one of the most famous drag queens in the entire world, RuPaul is also one of the most beautiful, as well as the fishiest. Slaying every catwalk, RuPaul's is one of the sexiest drag queens to have ever graced the world of drag. Jack of all trades, RuPaul has dabbled in the world of acting, writing, singing, and endorsing, advertising a number of prestigious makeup lines. Al hail RuPaul!

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