15 DIY Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

If you haven't noticed from the displays at every Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or convenience store, not to mention the hundreds of commercials that play every single hour, Valentine's day is right around the corner! If you haven't grabbed your guy a gift yet, are on a budget, or simply want to get a little creative, here are some ideas to make this Valentine's day special! You don't have to be a certified YouTube guru to expertly put together these DIY goodies. Here are fifteen of our favorite DIY gifts that won't break the bank and will leave your valentine smiling long after you've made your gift exchange!

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17 Man Basket

The man basket is the ultimate gift for him! If you are guilty of stealing more than a few of his pairs of socks or lounging around in his undies and t-shirts, you owe it to him to replace them! Grab a cute basket and fill with your man's daily essentials. Body wash, deodorant, his favorite cologne, socks, underwear and t-shirts are all inexpensive but much needed. This gift basket can range in price depending on exactly what you decide to fill it with but it will be relatively inexpensive with the items listed above. He will be thanking you for months to come.

16 Candy Jar

Does your valentine have a crazy sweet tooth? If so, a DIY candy jar is the perfect gift for him. Plus, it won't cost you more than a few dollars! Head to your local dollar store and pick up a glass jar and fill it with his favorite candy. If you are on a tight budget search the house for old jars or pour out that spaghetti sauce you know you aren't going to eat. Soak the jar in hot water, scrub off the label, clean it thoroughly then allow it to dry. Once it's completely dry fill it with his favorite candy. You can also use a sharpie to write his name or dress it up with a bow.

15 Movie Night Package

This is a perfect gift for those who think that the perfect date is "Netflix and Chill." Most dollar stores carry this cute popcorn container. Fill it with a few packets of his favorite popcorn, and all of his favorite snacks. This shouldn't cost you more than ten dollars tops. If you feel like splurging a little more purchase some of his favorite movies, or television series and add it to the mix. He will be so grateful the next time you two have movie night, or ahem..Netflix and Chill night!

14 Booze Basket

If your Valentine likes to relax with a glass of scotch on the rocks, or a cold beer, this booze basket is perfect for him! Grab his favorite drinks and put them in a nice container that he can re-use later. You can use big or small bottles for variety. If your pocketbook won't allow you to purchase more than a few bottles of liquor, then you can add some of his favorite snacks and chasers/mixers so he can make his favorite drink. This will definitely come in handy for his next poker night!

13 Decorated Coffee Mug 

Is your man completely dysfunctional without his morning coffee? What better gift than a customized coffee mug. This way he can have his coffee every morning while seeing a cute personalized message from you. Most stores carry inexpensive coffee mugs, or you may even have a plain one around the house. Grab an oil-based Sharpie in his favorite color and starting drawing! It's okay if you aren't the next Michelangelo, simply write a cute message or maybe even his favorite saying. If you have some serious art skills, get creative and draw a picture. Allow the mug to dry overnight and then place it in the oven at around 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. This will ensure the writing stays in place. Let it to cool, then add some of your babe's favorite coffee packets and creamer.

12 Essential Oil Diffuser 

DIY essential oil diffusers are the perfect gift for a guy who appreciates a nice clean smelling home, or if he could benefit from a nice, clean smelling home. The DIY diffuser is extremely simple to make. Head to the dollar store or craft store and select a tall thin glass and grab a handful of thin reeds (even wooden skewers for a grill are okay!). Next, you will need a carrier oil such as sweet almond or grapeseed oil and his favorite essential oil. Grapefruit seed, orange and lemongrass are all great smelling fragrances for the home. A little bit of essential oil definitely goes a long way. The mixture should be 80% carrier oil and 20% essential oil. This gift will definitely keep giving each time he enters a fresh and clean smelling home.

11 Handmade Pillow

Are you the girlfriend that is always stealing his pillows? Or even worse, did you destroy more than a few of his pillows after you were too tired to wash your face after a night out? Don't fret, show him how sorry you are by making him a customized one for him! Pillows are super easy to make. If you aren't the best at sewing, no worries! Take a pillow you already have or buy a new one. That way you aren't making it one hundred percent from scratch. You can take a pillow you already have and iron on words or phrases with letters from the craft store, or even objects like his favorite animal or food! If you have more skills in the sewing room, sew him a pillow from scratch then iron or stencil on something personalized for him.

10 Framed Quotes 

Everyone needs some encouragement every now and then. A little reassurance that no matter what may be going on in our lives that we have a purpose and a reason to keep going. Inspiring quotes in frames are a clean and classy way to dress up your guy's home as well as keep him motivated in times where he may not be feeling driven. Utilize some fancy word art and write up some of his favorite quotes or phrases you know will keep him motivated throughout the day. Grab a few picture frames from around the house or purchase them at no other than the dollar store!


8 Decorated Cookies

Are you more savvy than Martha Stewart in the kitchen? Do your baked goods put Mrs. Fields to shame? Why not make him some cute decorated valentines day cookies? These cookies are very simple to make. To get the perfect V-day cookies, all you need is flour, powdered sugar, butter, milk, vanilla extract, sprinkles and frosting. You probably already have most of those ingredients in your kitchen so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank! After you bake these delicious cookies wait for them to cool then add frosting or sprinkles. Once it dries you can wrap them in plastic wrap with a bow!

7 Favorite Moments Movie

With the help of super clear camera phones and the most advanced camera quality our generation has ever seen, everything gets documented now days. Gone are the days of waiting to pick up your pictures at the local Walgreens, most photos our uploaded online or saved to our phones before we've even had a chance to go through them! If you have tons of pictures, and videos of you guys' most memorable moments, make a movie! Make a short film including pictures, videos and "your" song to immortalize the times you've shared together. Your valentine will be able to watch it whenever he misses you!

6 Secret Book Safe

Secret book safes are a great gift for the guy who is an avid reader and into a little adventure. If your valentine is into a little mystery this is the perfect gift for him and virtually free for you. Find an old hardcover book or purchase an inexpensive one. Often times thrift stores have them or you can find them online. You will need a box cutter, a paint brush and glue. You will basically be leaving a few pages in the front of the book and then carving out the rest of the book in any shape or design of your choosing for the perfect compartment to hide all of his treasures. You can check out the full directions here.

5 Valentines Day Coupons

If you are on a huge budget this year but still want to give your guy something don't fret! You can print out these cute Valentine's Day certificates online or get creative and make your own. You simply write in what the certificate is for and the date it has to be redeemed by. Give them to your valentine and he can redeem them whenever he wants!  Simple things like a massage, cooking dinner, or watching that show that he loves that you absolutely hate should suffice.

4 Homemade Bodyscrub

If he spends more time than you do in the shower washing, scrubbing and exfoliating, then this gift will suit him well! This homemade body scrub will get rid of all of the dead skin while leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. Body scrubs are very easy to make and require very few ingredients as well. All you need for this srcub is brown sugar, olive oil and honey. Honey is a natural humectant so it will draw water to the skin, keeping it will moisturized while the olive oil has tons of antioxidants. The brown sugar gently exfoliates. Simply combine all three ingredients in a cute jar and gift it to your man!

3 Homemade Book

Nothing says, "I love you," more than words straight from the heart. If you have a way with words or a knack for poetry, share your talent with your loved one! Right out a book of poems that describe your love for him, your relationship or the way he makes you feel. If you aren't the next Shakespeare, borrow someone else's words. Search for love quotes or poems that you feel fit your relationship and create a book out of them. You can also include pictures of you and your valentine or even song lyrics. Print out the lyrics and bind them for an unforgettable gift from the heart.

2 Coffee Sleeves 

These DIY coffee sleeves are easy and fun to make and will go compliment his coffee mug or Starbucks cup. Coffee sleeves are perfect for the winter and can make a huge difference when out and about taking a stroll with your much needed coffee. If your boyfriend is a die hard coffee fan, this is essential for his valentines day list! All you need is an old sweater or sock, and if you really want to get creative you can use buttons or patches to decorate it. A hot glue gun will have this coffee sleeve ready in minutes just in time for vday. You can check out how to make it here.


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