15 Disturbing Stories Brought On By Fifty Shades

You may love it or hate it, but Fifty Shades of Grey has created quite the stir as it has become a sexual fantasy for both women and men everywhere. The book and movie adaptation has been credited with increasing sales of sex toys as well as igniting an obsession over new and less common sexual practices. To add to that, sales of duct tape, cable ties and rope at many hardware stores have gone through the roof thanks to the extreme nature of the sexual scenes depicted in the book and film.

There is a definite hype around Fifty Shades of Grey and with it comes some pretty weird real-life stories. Some of the stories are awkward; others are scary, while some are just hilarious. Here are 15 disturbing and funny stories brought on by Fifty Shades of Grey

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15 Fifty Shades of babies due November 2015

Nurses are on alert as a second wave of the Fifty Shades baby boom is about to hit them in November 2015, nine months after the film was released in February of the same year. They are being asked to use up their remaining holidays before then in order for staff to be able to cope with the surge of pregnancy. According to the Daily Mail, the Saint James University Hospital in England, went as far as posting a notice to its staff saying: "Important information for midwives. The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is being released 13th February 2015 + 40 weeks = 20th November 2015. Book your annual leave now." Christian Grey will be the “father” of many babies this coming November! A hospital spokesperson could however not confirm nor support the origins of the notice sent to its employees.

14 Hotel replaces bible with copies of Fifty Shades

The manager of the Damson Dene Hotel in northwestern England decided to swap the bible in all of his 40 hotel rooms for copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. According to the manager, women and men might be too shy to go to the book store and buy it for themselves. Therefore, it is simply an act of hospitality to have it available for them when they visit his hotel.

13 Scientists test Fifty Shades for germs and viruses

Some readers of Fifty Shades of Grey are enjoying the book a bit too much. And although the storyline is somehow inappropriate, what we can imagine people are doing with the book is completely out of boundaries and just downright disgusting. Belgian scientists tested 10 of the most borrowed books at a local library for chemicals, germs and bacteria. One of these books, the steamy novel Fifty Shades of Grey, tested positive for the herpes virus. Opponents of the book still have to find another reason to convince fans not to read it since scientists insist that traces of the virus were so minimal that it would be impossible for anybody to contract the disease. You just might want to think twice before borrowing Fifty Shades from your public library!

12 Woman arrested during Fifty Shades of Grey screening

A Mexican woman got a little too exited while watching Fifty Shades of Grey at the movie theatre. The 33 year old woman from Sinaloa, Mexico, was red-handedly caught pleasuring herself while watching the movie. She thought she had secured herself by sitting in the twelfth row of the cinema but other moviegoers noticed and reported her. Police abruptly ended her self-exploratory session and took her out of the theatre in handcuffs.

11 Fifty Shades baby boom


It appears that Fifty Shades of Grey is behind the biggest baby boom observed in 40 years. Women reading the sexually explicit book are “in the mood” more often and therefore causing them to act on their “fantasies”. Ultimately, they are getting pregnant faster. This is true for 3 couples who had been trying to get pregnant for several months, literally taking the fun out of sex. But after the women started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, the husbands noticed exciting changes in their wives. One husband described his wife as being all over him. What was the end result? These 3 couples were all expecting babies, precisely nine months after the book trilogy sales were at its peak.

10 Jessica Simpson and her “Fifty Shades of Johnson”


Hollywood couples are no different than regular people when it comes to their desire to reenact scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey. Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson celebrated Valentine’s Day with a sizzling photo shoot inspired by the book and then shared these intimate pictures with her 1.1 million followers on Instagram. In one picture, Jessica is wearing a sexy black blazer, showing lots of cleavage with one leg wrapped around her man. In a second picture, Johnson poses shirtless holding her leg with one hand on her derriere.

9 Journalist reenacts all Fifty Shades of Grey sex as job assignment

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One journalist took her assignment very seriously when her editor asked her to try all of the sex from Fifty Shades of Grey in one weekend. Without thinking twice, the Marie Claire journalist woke up on Saturday morning and started having sex with her boyfriend. Although she notes that they routinely have sex on Saturday mornings, by supper time, she was onto her fourth sex session of the day and literally exhausted! On Sunday, she decided to pick up the pace to round up a total of 8 sex sessions (because six rounds of sex on Saturday from 10 am to midnight was slacking on her job assignment). What was the overall pleasure roundup for those two days? A total of 15 climaxes for both of them combined.

8 Firefighters observe a spike in strange situations

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Since the release of the Fifty Shades trilogy, the London fire brigade has had to respond to a yearly rise of emergency calls from people stuck in embarrassing situations. Things have gotten so bad that the fire brigade has started a campaign called 50 Shades of Red to urge people to think twice before trying to recreate some of the things depicted in the book and movie. Just last year, firefighters came to the rescue of seven men who had metal rings stuck around their 'members' for days. The fifty shades effect also caused a spike in handcuff incidents with 28 cases of people trapped in handcuffs. Rest assured, in both cases, firefighters were able to safely help those in need.

7 Boyfriend makes girlfriend stop reading Fifty Shades using steak sauce

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One lesson to be learned is to never date someone reading Fifty Shades of Grey, especially if you are the jealous type. A British man sought a saucy revenge on his girlfriend of 5 years after he discovered that she was indulging in the erotic novel. Things initially escalated when he told her to stop reading the book because he considered it wrong. When she refused, he went over to her place, carrying with him a bottle of unidentified brown sauce, forced himself though the door and squirted the sauce all over her. That ought to show her what “saucy” really means!

6 Sexual assault as a side-effect of Fifty Shades of Grey

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On a less funny note, a kinky encounter inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey landed a 19 year old college student in hot water. Mohammad Hossain, an engineering student at the University of Illinois, was accused of sexually abusing a fellow female classmate. Reports state that a young woman accepted an invitation to come to Hossain’s dormitory and “do something dangerous” with him shortly after she had gone to see the hit film alone. When she arrived, he blindfolded her, tied her hands and feet, covered her mouth with a necktie and started hitting her naked body. Although the encounter was consensual in the beginning, it quickly turned violent despite her crying and begging to stop. When asked about the incident, Hossain told officer that they had just been acting out scenes from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Hossain was cleared of the charges with the judge claiming there 'wasn't enough evidence to proceed with the case.'

5 Fifty Shades of Grey is becoming a cause for divorce

If you think sexual infidelity, emotional disconnect and communication problems are the only reason people divorce…think again! One British woman has decided to leave her husband for a totally different reason: his refusal to recreate scenes from 50 Shades of Grey with her. In an attempt to help her marriage and spice up her sex life, the 41 year old woman bought sexy underwear and hoped that reenacting scenes from the film would get a rise out of her husband’s lacking libido. When her husband became extremely furious and refused to participate in her fantasy, she was fed up and simply filed for divorce.

4 Man gets beat up by 3 women during movie screening


Fifty Shades of Grey is definitely driving moviegoers completely insane and making movie theatres less and less safe. A man was savagely attacked and beaten by three loud and drunken women in a London movie theater. What was the reason? He asked them to quiet down. He probably felt they were hampering his understanding of the plot and affecting his enjoyment of the visuals

3 Underwear and condoms found after screening

Movie theater workers have been finding all kinds of kinky objects left behind by some of the Fifty Shade of Grey audience members. Items such as handcuffs, masks, condoms, empty bottles of wine and a pair of underwear were all found after the screening of the movie. This suggests that people are having sex right there alongside Dakota and Jamie!

2 Teen riot over Fifty Shades


Teenagers are also going berzerk over the movie as a group of about 100 teenagers staged a riot after they were denied entry to Fifty Shades of Grey. Being minors, they were not allowed in the movie theatre without the presence of an adult. Security personnel and theatre employees lost control when the thrill seekers pushed their way in and caused a major disturbance.

1 Couple caught having sex during Fifty Shades themed event

One couple went all out and all over a Las Vegas museum that was holding a Fifty Shades themed event. The incident was caught by security cameras placed all over the museum. The lovebirds, who had a lot of difficulties keeping their hands off each other, can be seen sneaking from room to room to engage in some public fornication. Once employees took notice, the couple had time to escape through a back door. Unfortunately, the woman did not have enough time to secure her breast into her bra. That was a sexcapade the couple will probably never forget.

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