15 Disney Easter Eggs You Probably Never Noticed

Disney and Pixar movies are full of magic, wonder, and wonderful music. If you grew up in the last 20 years or have small kids in your family, then you're probably an expert on all-things Disney/Pixar animation. These movies are so entertaining and so magical that it's hard not to get addicted and watch them again and again. You definitely know all of the songs by heart, can pick any princess out of a lineup, and even know that Disney and Pixar have a long history of sneaking easter eggs into their movies. But can you spot them all? Probably not! There are so many easter eggs, some that are really hard to spot that we're sure even a Disney film expert like you have missed them. But don't worry. We're here for you and we're going to tell you what you've missed. Here are 15 Disney easter eggs you probably never even noticed!

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14 Buzz Lightyear In 'Finding Nemo'

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Buzz Lightyear is obviously one of the most popular toys from Toy Story. Sure, that might be debatable, but since he was definitely calling a lot of the shots in Toy Story, it's not crazy to assume that he carries a certain amount of weight. We adore him and we know we're not the only ones since so many adults have dressed up as him for Halloween year after year. The makers of Finding Nemo obviously love him as much as we do because Buzz Lightyear ended up making a sneaky appearance in the film! If you look closely, you can see Buzz lying on the floor of the dentist's office. We don't see anyone else from that world like his friends Woody or Jessie. So we're going to have to assume that he was on some kind of solo mission. Maybe he's going to rescue an unwanted toy? Now we want to watch this scene and this movie ASAP.

13 Pizza Planet Truck

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At this point, the Pizza Planet truck isn't so much an easter egg as a staple of most of the movies in the beloved, magical and amazing Pixar universe. The now famous truck appeared in the first Toy Story installment back in 1995... but eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the truck appears in almost every single Pixar movie. So far this fun and cool object has been spotted in Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, Brave and Monster's University. The only film that this object has not appeared in? That would be The Incredibles, but hey, do not quote us on that, okay? It is totally and completely possible that people just are not looking hard enough. The Pizza Planet truck has actually become so popular that people have been searching for its appearance in each new film. It's a movie version of hide-and-go-seek.

12 Lots-O-Huggin Bear In 'Up'

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Even though Lots-O was a total tyrant in Toy Story 3, we definitely felt sorry for him once we learned his backstory. If you don't remember, here's the deal: his human parents replaced him with a lookalike after she left him outside. He made it back home (along with a couple of other toys)... only to see that he had been replaced with another Lots-O! After that, he and his sidekicks went kind of crazy, hitchhiked to Sunnyside Daycare and started running it with an iron paw. It can't be easy to have your human turn your back on you, but he definitely went a little overboard. Now that you're up to speed, as it turns out, Toy Story 3 isn't the only movie that Lots-O has appeared in. One year before Toy Story 3 was released in theaters, Lots-O made a cameo in the 2009 Pixar film Up! As the old man ascended into the sky, he passed a little girl's window and that's when Lots-O can be seen sitting peacefully on the floor. We'll assume that this was another look-a-like, though.

11 Nemo in 'Monster's Inc'

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Long before Nemo had his father, Marlon the clownfish scouring the ocean to look for him, he appeared in the 2001 animated film, Monsters Inc. Yes really. In the scene picture above, you can see Boo holding Nemo in her hands before she hands it to Sully. Nemo also makes a second appearance on her couch at one point. Pixar films are supposed to all take place in the same universe, so it makes sense that other characters would show up. I mean, that's kind of their thing. The only problem is that Nemo is a living, breathing fish who needs water to survive, so we're going to assume that this is some kind of action figure or toy. There's no way that he would be able to make it out of the water for so long.  Either way, it's pretty cool to see our favorite orange fish make a cameo.

10 Hans Wanted Poster In 'Big Hero Six'

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Hans is pretty much universally despised for how he treated Anna in Frozen. We mean, all the girl wanted was love and a little adventure. Though we don't blame Elsa for having powers, Anna was affected by this as well and spent most of her early years alone. That's why when Hans came along, we thought that he would be the first real person that Anna could connect with. It didn't work out that way. Oh, he also tried to kill her. Long story short, he sucks and we're honestly surprised that Elsa didn't give him a good icicle through the heart for hurting her sister. Whatever. As it turns out, we're not the only ones who have Hans on our hit list. A wanted poster featuring his face in black and white appears in Big Hero 6 in the police station. Hopefully, someone finds him soon and wipes that smug look off of his face. We still don't see what Anna saw in that joke.

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Any Beauty And The Beast fan can spot Mrs. Potts and company a mile away, even without their facial features, so this easter egg wasn't as easy to miss. The makers of Tarzan sneakily acknowledged the beloved cookware in Tarzan. Mrs. Potts and co. made their appearance during the scene where Terk was standing over the nearly identical tea set. Same silhouette, same color, size -- everything! If you don't believe us, then just look at the chipped cup! Coincidence? Definitely not. And to think that Terk doesn't even know what he's got in front of him. The best part is that there's a fan theory floating around that basically says that Tarzan's Jane is a descendant of Belle from Beauty and the beast! Fans who support this theory think that the tea set is an heirloom of sorts from Belle to Jane. That would totally explain why such similarities appear in both movies. Mind blown!

9 Cars Calendar In 'Toy Story 3'

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We could make an entire list just based on easter eggs hidden in the Toy Story franchise. But for time's sake, let us talk about Andy's calendars. If you never looked at these scenes with a fine tooth comb, there is a very real chance that you have never missed what is hiding in his calendars. Do not feel bad, though. In the first Toy Story film, when Andy was young, a calendar in his room features characters from A Bug's Life. Years later, when the third film hit theaters, he has upgraded from the childish bugs to a cooler photo of Snot Ride from Cars. Here is another super fun fact: both calendars say that the current month is August, even though these films supposedly take place years apart. It is little things like this that show how much the writers and animators put into these films. No wonder we love them so much!

8 Flynn Rider And Rapunzel In 'Frozen'

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Remember Elsa's coronation in Frozen? It was a huge occasion... to say the least. This was the first time that the gates of the castle had been opened to the public in several years. Of course, villagers were curious to see what had been hiding behind the gates for so long. Who wouldn't be? We totally expected to see Elsa's sister Anna along with Hans and the other citizens of Arendelle. We even expected to see that persnickety guy from the rival kingdom Weselton. But instead, a couple that totally took us by surprise. Who? None other than Flynn Rider and a post-chop Rapunzel from Tangled. Flynn and Rapunzel can be seen standing along with the other guests wearing purple. Who knows how they got there... but it seems as if Anna recognizes at least one of them, so we think that it's all good. And it definitely makes for a more entertaining scene.

7 Mike Wazowski In 'Finding Nemo' Credits

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Who knew that monsters could swim so well? If you've ended up catching this particular easter egg, then you're doing better than most. At the end of Finding Nemo, when the credits are rolling, all sorts of sea creatures float in and out of frame. You can see a sea turtle, a scuba diver, and even a lobster or two! Near the end, you can see Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. in scuba gear swimming by. He even looks directly into the camera at one point! He's wearing flipper, goggles, and a snorkel, though I'm not sure how effective it is since he's totally submerged under water, but that's another story. Either way, it was really nice to see Mike enjoying some time in the water. It must get pretty tiring spending all of your time scaring little kids, so we're glad that he got a much-needed break. Major props to the animators for this special touch! It definitely adds to the nautical theme of the movie.

6 Nemo in 'Inside Out'

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For a little guy with an abnormal fin, Nemo sure does get around! Not only did he appear in Monster's Inc long before Finding Nemo was released, he also can be seen in a more recent film. That's right. Everyone's favorite clown can be seen making an appearance in Inside Out. If you've never seen this awesome film, know that it's unlike anything Pixar has ever released. It centers around a girl named Riley who becomes distraught after her parents pack up and move across the country. She must then rely on her emotions -- joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear -- to get her through the tough time, which brings us to this awesome easter egg. When Bing Bond leads Sadness and Joy through imagination land, a board game with a fish that eerily resembles Nemo can be seen in the background. Granted, it is a bit blurry, but come on, you know that it's totally him. Either that or he has a doppelganger out there somewhere. But it's him, trust us.

5 Sleeping Beauty's Spinning Wheel In 'Tangled'

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As if Rapunzel did not have enough problems! First, a crazy lady ripped her from her parents' lives and harnessed her magical hair to achieve eternal youth, then she could not even go outside for years. Yeah, that is definitely enough to drive anyone crazy. On top of that, The animation team felt the need to add the ultimate bad luck charm to a scene in Tangled. You see that wheel pictured above? Yes, that one. Seem familiar? If not, it definitely should! That is the same spinning wheel used to put Sleeping Beauty under the sleeping curse, which means that it is crazy dangerous. Like, on top of being captive, she had a dangerous item within arm's reach that could put her under for God knows how long. Let's hope for Rapunzel's sake that the magical effect has worn off, because the girl clearly does not need any more problems.

4 Mulan Poster in 'Lilo and Stitch'

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Nani was the definition of a strong, independent woman, so it makes sense that she looks up to other strong women. In her case, it's Mulan! In the photo above, you can see a poster of Mulan taped to her wall. Yeah, you have to scrunch your eyes to see it, but it's totally there. Strong women embrace each other. They don't compete with each other. Even though she lost her parents at only 19, Nani doesn't really have time to sit around and mope. She has to take care of Lilo, her little sister and make sure that she doesn't get put into the system. It's very admirable for her to step up at all, but especially since Lilo and her little friend can be quite the handful. In the course of day, Lilo and Stitch can get into more trouble than most would, but we love them for it! That's why it's so cool to see Nani honoring Mulan in that way. She made the best of a tragic situation to make a life for herself and her sister.

3 'A Bug's Life' in 'Toy Story'

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Andy's calendars aren't the only time that A Bug's Life is honored in the Toy Story franchise. These characters also appear in another part of the film. In the scene above, Mr. Potato head can be seen reading a book about the little green creatures, which makes sense. A Bug's Life will probably always be one of our favorite animated films, so we're really glad that this film made an appearance. The best part about this egg is that, if you look really closely, you can almost make out the words on the pages. The last line starts with "Dot," as in Princess Dot and ends with the word "angry." If you look a the illustration, you can see that she totally looks pissed, about what we don't know. We can't make out all of the text, sadly unless we zoom in. But we'll make a wild guess and say that it's because she didn't get a bigger part in the movie. Man, those royal types. Of course, we're just joking, but how funny would that be?

2 Scar In 'Hercules'

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We all hated Scar from The Lion King. Of all of the villains in Disney/Pixar history, he was definitely one of the vilest, cunning, narcissistic antagonists we'd ever seen. He basically murdered his brother, Mustafa, so that he could have all of the power. How selfish is that? To kill your flesh and blood is low enough, but over something as silly as power? Ridiculous and horrible. As if that wasn't bad enough, Scar also got a sick thrill out of taunting his nephew Simba with the news that he killed his father, which definitely has us thinking that on top of being a murderer, he's also pretty sadistic. As you can see, Scar's cameo in Hercules definitely proves that karma is real because he's the lion now dead on the ground. Needless to say, this particular easter egg isn't all that sad to us, but it is an interesting one to take note of.

1 Fairy Tales in 'Tangled'

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This easter egg is definitely a favorite. As you know, Rapunzel had a lot of spare time on her hands, being locked up in an inescapable tower and all. She passed the time by singing and reading a ton of books. What's on her reading list? The stories of Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty And The Beast! In the photo above, you can totally see that she read some of our favorite fairy tales while she was being held captive. It makes total sense, of course. Even though she wasn't aware of this fact the time, she was the future heir to the throne, so she was in good company. In our minds, she was totally reading about how those princesses overcame their adversaries so that she could apply their methods to her own life. But really, she was probably just bored. Not that we can blame her, of course. We would have definitely gone pretty crazy if we were locked up for all of those years! We can't even imagine it.

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