15 Disney Easter Eggs That Will Kind Of Ruin Your Childhood

Every kid loves Disney. We grow up watching Cinderella wake up with birds chirping around her and dream of going to the ball with a cute Prince (and hope her carriage doesn't become a pumpkin). We love the story of Snow White and the apple, of Aladdin and Jasmine, and we think that being a princess would be so perfect.

As we get older, we realize that being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be and we want to have a lot more power and control over our own lives. We also start wondering if those Disney films that we loved so much are as innocent as we thought. It turns out that people have figured out that the answer might be no.

Here are 15 Disney Easter eggs that will kind of ruin your childhood.

15 Aladdin: People Swear He's Whispering 'Take Off Your Clothes'

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According to Slate.com, people wonder if Aladdin is saying, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes."

This is definitely a Disney Easter egg that will ruin our childhood since we truly had no clue. We just thought that this was a sweet story about a prince and his princess. And we thought that Jasmine had pretty long hair.

14 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: What Is Happening Here?!

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Buzzfeed has pointed out that in this screenshot of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it seems like Frollo has his face in Esmeralda's hair. Even worse than that, he seems to be getting quite a good whiff of it.

This is gross... and not what we thought about when we watched this movie as a child.

13 The Little Mermaid: This Castle Isn't Quite So Innocent

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According to Buzzfeed, this image of The Little Mermaid isn't quite so innocent because there's a certain object in the castle. It's not the most appropriate, especially given the fact that this is a sweet movie about a mermaid who falls for a human. And she has a lot of adorable friends, like Sebastian the crab.

12 Frozen: Yup, Anna Is Actually Saying That


When Frozen came out in 2013, it was a massive hit and adults and children alike were taken with the story.

There's a Easter egg that will ruin us in this movie, too: in one scene, Anna says, "Foot size doesn't matter." Um... what?! How is she actually saying these words? Chances are, we're going to watch it this weekend and see for ourselves.

11 The Lion King: The Sky Spells Out Something Inappropriate

via offbeat.topix.com and The Hollywood Reporter

Many fans of The Lion King have realized that there's an Easter egg that is truly confusing. It seems like there is a word spelled out in the sky that is just not appropriate for a Disney movie aimed at kids.

We're going to forget about this and keep remembering this as a moving and emotional movie about Simba and his pals...

10 The Great Mouse Detective: This Is A Super Suggestive Dance

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This character in The Great Mouse Detective, a Disney film released in 1986, seems to be dancing in a pretty suggestive way.

This is one of those things that we would have never have noticed as children. After all, we would have been focused on the adorable mice and the rest of the story.

9 Peter Pan: People Got More Than They Bargained For In This Scene

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In this scene from Peter Pan, you can definitely see something inappropriate in the shadow on the wall.

Talk about something that would ruin our childhoods. We'd rather think of this movie about a boy who never wants to grow up and all of the super magical things that happen to him.

8 Jessica Rabbit: She Has A Marilyn Monroe Moment... And Shows A Lot

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Jessica Rabbit, the cartoon character with the bright red hair in the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, had a crazy moment when her skirt seemed to go flying up.

This showed quite a lot... and it's enough to totally ruin our childhoods. If we grew up loving this movie, chances are we're feeling pretty strange about this.

7 Alice In Wonderland: Alice Almost Gets Stuck There Thanks To The March Hare, Red Queen, And Mad Hatter

via Finding The Wrong Words

According to Buzzfeed, the Red Queen, March Hare, and Mad Hatter are "trying to trap Alice in Wonderland." This is something that we most likely never even noticed. 

Sure, this is a movie that has a bit of a dark history already, since people think that Lewis Caroll might not have been in his right mind when penning the story that it's based on. We probably didn't know that the character wanted to keep Alice there. We just thought it was a colorful film with singing flowers.

6 Aladdin: The Genie Has A Dirty Joke For The Newlyweds

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In one of the Aladdin movies, the Genie says,"‘I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move ’til the honeymoon!"

This is definitely a dirty joke and something that most likely went right over our heads when we watched these films during our childhood. It does make us think about them differently.

5 The Rescuers: There's Actually A Totally Nude Woman

via Snopes.com

According to Cosompolitan.com, there's a nude woman in one scene from The Rescuers.

This movie came out back in 1977 and is about The Rescue Aid Society which is run by mice. We probably thought that this was a cute movie about very cute mice. We wouldn't have known that this happened.

4 Toy Story 3: Um, That's Weird...

via Dorkly.com

Yup, this is actually something that Mr. Potato Head says in Toy Story 3. This is going to completely ruin our childhoods. We need a minute to deal with this.

We not only love these movies but we most likely grew up with Mr. Potato Head dolls. He was so great.

3 Aladdin: He Visits A Brothel

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Cosompolitan.com points out that Aladdin visits a brothel. Of course, when we were growing up and we watched this movie (about 100 times), we would never have known this. Did we even know what a brothel was? Most likely not.

We wonder what our moms would say if we told them about this scene?!

2 Cinderella: This Is Just Plain Creepy

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Cinderella has adorable birds and tiny mice, and we would think that there were no Easter eggs hidden in this movie that would totally ruin our childhoods. We can look back on this movie fondly, right? After all, the mice are named Gus Gus and Jaq. Those are super cute names.

Wrong. Buzzfeed notes that in this screenshot from the famous film, one mice is holding onto beads that are, um, in a strange position. Let's just leave it at that.

1 The Lion King: The 2002 Poster Showed Off A Lot

via eBaum's World

The 2002 poster for The Lion King shows quite a lot... and we bet that wasn't really the intention. (Just look at the lion's nose. Oops...)

Can we think about our childhoods the same way now that we know about these Disney Easter Eggs? We're just not sure. We need to take some deep breaths.

Sources: Slate.com, Buzzfeed.com, Cosmpolitan.com

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