15 Disgustingly Real Moments On ‘Girls’

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15 Disgustingly Real Moments On ‘Girls’

Whether you love or hate the HBO show Girls, you have to admit that it has made its mark on pop culture. Over the past six years, the characters Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna have definitely gone through a lot of typical things that millennials have gone through… and some totally unique and quirky things, too. Some fans and critics think that the show has been kind of uneven in terms of quality and others are completely obsessed. The series finale aired the other night but while the show is officially over, its legacy will definitely live on. The thing about Girls is that Lena Dunham’s main character, Hannah Horvath, is not afraid to say what she thinks and feels and just be a totally real person. Sometimes the situations are kind of gross, but they are always real, and that’s interesting. Here are 15 disgustingly real moments on Girls.

15. Hannah Has HPV

Via Her Campus

When Hannah learns in the first season that she has HPV, she gets that it’s totally gross. She figures that she got it from sleeping with Adam who is definitely sleeping with other women, and she really doesn’t want to think about that. But even though this is definitely not super pleasant, it’s also totally and completely real. STDs and STIs may suck but they are a real thing. While you can try your best to be careful and safe, sometimes these things do happen. The guy that you’re hooking up with could lie and say that he’s been tested when he hasn’t, or you could forget to ask him that super important question and then, oops, this is what happens. While Hannah is freaking out about this, Jessa says that when it comes to having HPV, “all adventurous women do.” You don’t think that makes the situation any better.

14. Hannah Is Harassed By Her Boss

Via Her Campus

Also in the first season, Hannah realizes that she is being harassed by her boss who is touching her in totally inappropriate ways. While this is super disgusting and not something that you even want to think about, you have to admit that it is definitely real. You might have experienced something like this yourself at least once in your life (unfortunately)… or you have at least known other women who have. That is just a really awful and unfortunate reality of being a girl in this world. What is great about Hannah and Girls in general is that even if a scene or a situation is pretty gross and off-putting, it still makes you think. It is awesome that this show has shed light on harassment in the workplace because while not everyone wants to discuss it, it is still something that happens way too often and it can’t be ignored.

13. Jessa Sleeps With Adam

Via Tumblr

In the fifth season, when Jessa stops telling Adam that they can’t be together because they’re just friends, the two of them start sleeping together. This is pretty gross since the idea of one of your best friends hooking up with your ex-boyfriend (and the guy that you are clearly still totally in love with) is enough to make you crazy. This is a betrayal for sure and the worst thing that you could possibly do. It’s just not part of the girl code. It goes without saying, but this was a really tough storyline for you to deal with and you’re probably still pretty annoyed about it. But even though this is a really gross thing to do, it’s also totally real. You have to admit that. This stuff happens all the time and so many girls can relate to it, and that’s why even though you hate Jessa for dating Adam, you still believe that it’s realistic AF.

12. Hannah Is Single Minded About Her Book

Via Salon

Remember when Hannah got a book deal? In the third season, she’s all excited about working on her first novel, since of course that’s been her dream since the very beginning. But then… her editor passes away. The disgusting thing that happens? That would be when Hannah is so single minded about her book that she wants it to still be published and doesn’t seem to care that her editor died. Okay, so maybe she does kind of care, but that’s definitely not the way that she acts. This may be gross… but it’s pretty real. Because to be honest, you might feel the same way in the situation. Yes, it’s sad if someone dies, but you don’t just get over your dream of being a published author. This is one of those moments when you just can’t get on board with Hannah. You don’t always love her and that’s probably the way that you feel about your own best friend, right? You may be super close and share your deepest, darkest secrets all the time, but you don’t always like their choices and you don’t always agree with what they’re saying.

11. Marnie Dates Desi When He’s Got A Girlfriend

Via Bustle

Maybe you think that Marnie should steer clear of Desi when she finds out that he has a girlfriend, Clementine (which you have to admit is the best name ever). Or maybe you agree that she likes him and dating him is totally worth a shot. Or maybe it’s a combination of the two since sometimes, this kind of situation seems really complicated. But you have to admit that the fact that Marnie is okay with getting physical with a guy that already is in a serious relationship is super gross. It’s just not the right thing to do. This is one of those “gross but totally real” moments on this show, though, because there are always going to be people who think that they can convince someone to leave their partner and date them instead. That’s just a thing. It sucks and it’s not morally right, but it’s a thing.

10. Shoshanna Tells Everyone Off

Via The Huffington Post

In the third season episode called “Beach House”, Shoshanna does something pretty crazy, pretty gross and pretty real: she tells everyone off. She says that they’re not really the best of friends and don’t necessarily need to keep hanging out because they’re not good for each other. She says that they are all way too self-involved when they are together and they will each make the situation completely about themselves. It’s horrible to say something like this to your friends (or even to some strangers). It’s just too harsh and too blunt and too difficult to hear. But since it’s also totally true in this case, that makes this a very real and raw scene. There are moments in your life when you realize that as much as you care about a friend, you have to let them go because they’re toxic or there’s some reason why you’re better off without them. You may not tell them that to their face, but you definitely think that.

9. Shoshanna Watches Jessa

Via Youtube

Would you ever watch your friend (or cousin) hook up with someone?! The answer is definitely no. For sure. You would not even think twice about it. But Shoshanna ends up doing that. She accidentally sees Jessa hooking up with someone… and she keeps watching. While it is really gross for someone to watch two people get busy, it is also real because the truth is that this is something that is hard to stop watching. You can definitely say that you would never do that but you might totally freeze in place and find it impossible to look away. That is just being real and logical, right?! Of course, you want to tell yourself that you would not watch this because it makes you seem totally gross. You are only human, though, so you might not be able to stop watching even though you think that you should.

8. All The Weird Bedroom Scenes

Via Pinterest

This show has some seriously weird scenes where the characters get intimate. Weird things happen. That’s just a fact. One of the grossest and yet totally real scenes is when Marnie breaks up with Charlie… while they are sleeping together. Yup. Really. If he had done that to her, she would have totally freaked out, and yet she probably didn’t mean to say this at that time. She probably had been thinking about it for a while and the words just came out before she meant them to. You can understand… kind of. In another scene that got a lot of flak and criticism, Marnie and Desi get busy but in a totally unique and different way. This is super erotic and nothing else can really be said here. But let this be said: while what happens is totally gross, it’s real because some people like to experiment and that’s just that.

7. Adam Streams On Hannah

Via Bustle

UGH. That’s really all that you can say about this. When the two of them hook up in the shower, this is what happens and you can’t even handle this. You just can’t. While it’s insanely disgusting and impossible to even think about, it’s also kind of real. Because maybe this has happened to you (by accident, of course). Or if not you, then it’s happened to someone else for sure. Maybe it even happened to one of the writers or the cast or crew and that’s why it became a scene on the series. The idea must have come from somewhere, right? Lots of people secretly pee in the shower which is really, really gross and which shouldn’t ever happen, but it probably also happens by total and complete accident. It makes sense that if you were with someone else in the shower, this would happen. It’s just real life (even though it’s super gross).

6. How Marnie Treats Charlie

Via FanPop

It’s seriously frustrating to watch Charlie and Marnie’s relationship in the first season of this show. It’s just nuts how Marnie can’t seem to appreciate that he’s a really good guy and a really good boyfriend, though. It’s super disgusting that Marnie treats Charlie like he’s not good enough for her and like he’s a total bore. She just seems like she could care less about the relationship and like all she wants to do is ignore him and leave. While that’s gross and it’s a horrible way to treat someone, it’s also pretty realistic. This is what happens sometimes. You can’t always date the guy who seems perfect on paper or who even seems perfect for you. You can’t stay with someone just because you’ve been together for a long time or because your friends and family think that you’re the cutest couple ever. You have to listen to what you want.

5. Hannah’s Offensive Story

Via DailyMail

When Hannah goes to grad school in the show’s forth season, she writes the most offensive story imaginable — and the episode is called “Triggering.” It’s really weird that Hannah didn’t realize that her classmates would react in such a negative way to her piece. It’s frustrating to watch a character like this because she always seems to say the wrong thing and make the wrong decision and sometimes, it’s like she really doesn’t think at all. But even though it’s truly disgusting that she is so offensive, it’s also real because it doesn’t seem like she meant to offend anyone at all. That doesn’t make it right. It just makes it realistic. You have definitely done something at least once in your life where you said or did something that offended or hurt someone else, even though you had no idea that was going to happen. It just wasn’t your intention at all and it probably wasn’t Hannah’s, either.

4. Hannah And Adam’s Hook-Up In The Pilot

Via Pinterest

Remember the pilot episode? It includes a whole bunch of horrible bedroom scenes between Hannah and Adam. He is totally into himself and does not care if she is enjoying the experience, and that is a totally disgusting thing. It is also totally real. It is super sad and awful but most women have had terrible experiences with the guys that they have dated and you probably have, too. Hannah does not stick up for herself and she just pretty much lets Adam do whatever he wants. It is seriously difficult to watch and maybe you have blocked this episode out of your memory (for good reason). Another awful yet real thing is that he does not want to hear what she has to say. When she tries to speak up, he says “Let’s play the quiet game” and just continues on. Ugh. It is awkward AF.

3. Jessa Gets Her Period While Hooking Up

Via Pinterest

OMG. Remember this moment?! This happens pretty early on in the show and it is something that you honestly think could only happen to Jessa. While it is totally disgusting and cringeworthy that Jessa gets her period literally while she is getting it on with someone, it is also pretty real. Because this has probably happened to someone out there in the world, don’t you think? It must have. That is like the law of probability or something. It also shows how mother nature has a funny way of working, which everyone can relate to! Hopefully it has not happened to you, though, because you would probably be grossed out and scarred for life and no one needs that. Of course, since this happens on a TV show, it is pretty funny even though it is absolutely terrifying to think about. So you probably laughed when you watched this scene and then texted your BFF to see what her reaction was.

2. Hannah’s Interview Mistake

Via Pinterest

Oh man. When you first watched the scene where Hannah makes a date rape joke during a job interview, you wanted to crawl under your couch and stay there. Seriously. You couldn’t imagine ever saying this and you thought it was all kinds of awful and inappropriate. It is just the grossest thing that you could say in a job interview (and in any kind of situation, really). But then… there’s the fact that this is a moment that feels real. It’s something that really could happen. You might accidentally make a joke along these lines in a job interview or when talking to your boss… and you would cringe as much as Hannah does. Or maybe your BFF would do the same thing. It’s really tough to say the right thing in a job interview because it’s such an awkward AF situation and you’re incredibly nervous.

1. Hannah’s Q-Tip Hospital Visit

Via Bustle

In a second season episode, Hannah’s OCD gets so bad that she sticks a Q-tip in her ear… way too far. As in way, way, way too far. She ends up bleeding and has to go to the hospital. It’s probably one of the most disgusting moments on the show, if not THE most, and it’s hard not to remember how much you cringed while watching this scene. But even though this is truly gross and tough to even picture, it’s also real. Some people must have done this, especially people who suffer from OCD. It must be a thing. The essence of Girls is definitely all of the moments on this list — things that are gross, things that make you uncomfortable, and things that are still totally and completely real. You can’t complain about the characters and the storylines because even though they can be annoying sometimes, you have to admit that this stuff could really happen. And that’s really the legacy that this series will always have.

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