15 Disgusting Things Women Say When Men Aren't Around

It's no secret that there are some conversations that women reserve for when men are in the room. Even we're completely open and unashamed in the presence of men, there's no doubt that some topics are way more relatable and fun to talk about with your closest girlfriends than they are in a room full of guys. Well, that... and they might get a little too disgusting or personal for the company of anyone else. However, it makes sense. After all, what's more fun? Talking about your flow with your boyfriend or talking about it with your best friend? We're going to guess you chose the latter. Not only because your best friend has most likely gone through it but also because we would do the same!  And guess what? That's totally okay. We would too. You're definitely not alone. We've been around long enough to know what girls talk about behind closed doors. Read below to find out!

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15 The Most Disgusting Things We've Ever Done

For some reason, it is more than a little bit rewarding to sit around a table and talk about all of the repulsive things we have done. We will confess all the times we ate food off of the floor or drank expired milk from our fridge (ouff that one might even be a little too gross for us to handle). We will talk about the times we picked our noses when we thought no one was looking or wiped our snot somewhere it should not have been. We will admit how many months it has been since we washed our sheets and even go back to tell all of the disgusting things we have done during the extent of our lives. Whether we were in college, high school or even children, we will tell each other about it all the while laughing hysterically at how bizarre some of our habits were.

14 We Talk About The Bedroom. A lot.

Not that being intimate is disgusting by any means, however, the way us girls talk about it, without holding any details, can be pretty unsettling to an innocent bystander. You've probably heard the stigma that men talk about it way more than women, but that's certainly not true. When girls are alone with girls, nothing is off topic, especially when it comes to what goes down in the bedroom. Just like men, us girls share out dirty little secrets, no matter how intimate or private they may seem. They talk about what they like, what they didn't like, and why. On top of that, no details are off limits and all details are indulged. Sure, they may hold back on some aspects to respect their boyfriends but for the most part, they're completely open and honest. Of course, there's no harm in any of it. It's just an innocent (well, mostly) conversation.

13 We Talk About Our Bathroom Habits

Yes, girls go to the bathroom, too. Myth, debunked. And yes, girls talk about their bathroom habits just as they talk about what they had for lunch. It is like a rule that as a lady you should not be sharing the fact that you go to the bathroom with any guys, ugh what?! We aren't robots...or aliens (maybe). And no, it's not embarrassing... but yes, it could be disgusting. Us girls talk about how often we use the bathroom, if we're having a little problem or if everything is moving smoothly. Pun intended. We complain if we're constipated... or the opposite of constipated (you know what that means). We complain if it's too often or not enough (for both number one and number two). Why? Because it's relatable. And let's be honest, it's the twenty first century. Pretty much everything is out in the open these days, even the things that happen behind bathroom doors.

12 Our Children's Habits

If you’re with a group of women that’s had children, nothing is off limits when it comes to discussing all the different aspects of going through pregnancy, childbirth, and the first few years of raising the child. While pregnancy, labor, and motherhood are both beautiful things, they’re not always 100 percent beautiful. In fact, motherhood can be quite unsettling to those who haven’t experienced it firsthand. For the women that know what it’s like, you understand how fun it is to talk about all the weird changes your body went through while you were pregnant with your child- the gas, the bloating, the uncontrollable bladder- and about the unexpected parts of labor that you simply couldn’t stop from happening. On top of that, you know just how gross some of the habits of your child are. Yes, they’re certainly more adorable than disgusting… but nonetheless, it can be a little nasty at times.

11 We Can't Stop Talking About Food

As much as we hate to admit it, we do talk about food a lot. Now, food in itself is the opposite of disgusting... but the way we talk about it at times might be enough to ruin anyone's appetite. We talk about how much we love certain things- like cheese, and pasta, and ice cream- just as we talk about how we hate certain things- like pate or minestrone soup. We talk about our struggles with eating and our accomplishments. Of course, food doesn't tower every conversation (contrary to popular belief), but you better bet if one of your friends is dieting, it certainly does. It's almost a dirty little secret to talk about fad diets, the ones you've tried, and what works for you. Once someone says one thing about diets, a massive conversation ensues. We talk about our guilty indulginces, our cheat days, and the days we did well. We talk about our goals, our weight, and even our allergies and intolerances. It seems almost as if there's not enough time in the world to talk about food.

10 Aunt Flo. Of Course.

Yes. Urg. It seems like there can't ever be enough discussion about periods. And no, they're not gross... at least not to us girls. We all go through them, we all struggle with them and we all secretly despise them from time to time. It's almost as if we all can bond on a common enemy. We talk about when we got them, how long they last, and what our symptoms are. We tell hilarious stories about when they've made us moody or embarrassed and never leave details out about our first time. On top of that, if we live with another girl, we talk about it whenever we get it. Why? Because most likely our cycles have synced to each other and we're both going through it together. Of course, there's nothing to be ashamed about... only worried if it hasn't come on time... which isn't a topic that's off limits either.

9 Our Partner's Habits

Just as we can be absolutely disgusting sometimes (we will talk about that later), our husband's, boyfriends, and even guys we've just dated a few times can be way worse than we are. This is why whenever us girls get together, we love to talk about all the repulsive things they do. We complain about how they never leave the toilet down, or how they're constantly scratching their crotch, or how gross we think it is when they bite their nails and then kiss us. We laugh about all of their cringe-worthy habits that always seem to come out at one point or another in every relationship. Of course, we love them just the same... which is exactly why we'd never talk about it in front of them. Instead, we just bond with our girlfriends over all the things we have to put up with for the men we keep around.

8 Family Skeletons

Yes, we talk about our families. This one isn't disgusting... but it can be, especially when we start telling the deep and dark secrets surrounding our childhoods and our family's (extended family included). We don't only talk about how we were raised, we talk about exactly what that was like. We discuss shocking things that happened to us or to people we knew. We talk about scandals that happened in our hometowns and even about our weird uncle's that always creeped us out. We talk about our parents, our siblings, and our extended family. Sure, we talk about this stuff in front of guys but when we're with our girlfriends, it gets a little more intimate. We cry, we laugh, and we even try to resolve pent up problems. It's only normal to feel safer with our close friends because we know they won't judge us and have likely gone through similar experiences.

7 Our Bad Habits

We all have them. If you pretend you don't, we don't believe you for a second. Every single person in the world has at least one or two that they tell their closest friends about. Perhaps they always forget to flush the toilet no matter how hard they try. Or, they're completely addicted to sugar and eat a pound of candy every night. Or maybe, they always pick their teeth or talk with their mouth's full. Whatever it is, it's not something they like to broadcast to a room full of strangers, especially if they're of the opposite gender. No one likes having bad habits and if they were given the choice, they'd probably chose to get rid of them. In fact, they've probably tried countless times to reverse their bad behavior with little luck. This is why the discussion of these little secrets is better left for when only our girlfriends are around.

6 Relationship Problems

If we're going through a complication in our relationship, there's no doubt we're talking about it behind closed doors, every single detail, no matter how gross or off putting it may be. After all, if we didn't, we'd most likely go insane. It's only human. For example, if a guy cheated on one of us, we'd spend hours going over the details and consoling whoever it happened to. Or, if someone wants to break up with her boyfriend, we'll all spend hours analyzing what the right move for the relationship. And of course, it's not catty but it's certainly not PG. It can't be, especially if your friends like to let loose a little bit. In the long run, the goal of any conversation is to choose whatever is best for our friend, no matter the situation. It's never to stray her in the wrong direction but instead, offer support the best way that you can.

5 Dirty Secrets

There are definitely things that girls only talk about with other girls when there are not any guys around. What are those things? Dirty little secrets, of course. We will talk about the craziest bedroom fun we have ever had over coffee, laugh about the most embarrassing thing we have ever done while hiking, and then tell stories about the worst things we have ever done over cocktails. We do not leave out any details and as we have said many times before, nothing is off limits. We tell our best friends things that most people try their best to keep burried for their entire lives. For example, that one awful bedroom experience you have done everything in your power you could to forget about it. We talk about that. It is like we have a whole secret life that only shows itself when we are in the company of our closest friends.

4 Our Hopes And Dreams

Note: These are not disgusting. They're the opposite. The only reason why they made this list is because they're hard to talk about in certain company. Why? Because they're extremely personal and make us feel vulnerable whenever we talk about them. We talk about our plans for the future and what we want in life. We debate having children and getting married, discuss career options and even relocations. If there's a major life decision surfacing in the near future, you better bet we're talking to our friends about it. We speak frankly about things we're terrified to say out loud out of fear they won't come true. Of course, we share these things with our partners as well but everyone knows it's different. Our friends tend to have the ability to be more detached and supportive whereas the men in our life tend to be closer to the events and less sensitive.

3 Our Faults

Now, faults in themselves are not disgusting. That being said, some of our own personal faults can be. For example, we all have that friend that doesn't ever wash her hands after she goes to the bathroom. In front of men, were often guilty of putting on a front. We act as though we're stronger or better off than we really are. We pretend to be extremely confident and have everything together. In reality, though, there's another side to us. We can be fragile and sensitive? Sure. But we can also be super strange and quirky as well as emotional and irrational. And no, there's nothing wrong with that. However, we do understand that if we acted completely unfiltered around men all the time, they'd probably end up a bit freaked out. This is why we save all the extremely emotional, bizarre, and more insane aspects of our personalities for our closest girlfriends. We can be emotional and irrational. We can be weak and insecure.

2 Past Relationships

We could literally spend hours talking about our exes. As lame as that sounds, we will even discuss guys we dated in high school when twenty years have passed. Of course, it is all in good fun. That is, unless it was a recent split and the wounds are still raw. If that is the case, we will spend hours reliving that relationship.... letting every little dirty detail out in the open. We will talk about the ins and outs and why it failed and why it was awesome. It is therapeutic in a way- as if it is a healthy, safe release of emotion. We will tell funny stories, sad stories, nostalgic stories and even horror stories. We even tell stories about past relationships that we haven't thought about in years. The point is, it doesn't matter the guy, if he's relatable, he'll be discussed- no matter how weird the relationship was.

1 Hygienic Behavior

We talk about how many days we have gone without having a shower. We talk about how many weeks we have lasted without washing our hair. We talk about how badly we need to do laundry but instead, just cover our stench with perfume. We talk about all of the unhygienic habits we have gathered. For example, we discuss how long it has been since we have scrubbed our bathroom floors or cleaned out our fridges. We talk about how long we will go without shaving our legs or grooming the rest of our bodies. We tell each other when we forget to wear deodorant or when we did not have any clean underwear left in our drawers. And what is worse? We are never disgusted with ourselves or our friend's terrible hygienic behavior. In fact, we think it is hilarious. Men, on the other hand, might not be so enthralled.

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