15 Dirtiest Details About Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' Doomed Marriage

Last week, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris - possibly the most adored couple in Hollywood - announced to their stunned fans that they were going to divorce. It was the shock split nobody saw coming and apparently the details are far dirtier than we actually realised.

During her podcast, Anna said, "Life is too short to be in relationships where you feel this isn't fully right or somebody doesn't have your back, or somebody doesn't fully value you. Don't be afraid to feel your independence if things aren't right. She then added, "I made that mistake, I think, a little bit, like ‘I'm checking my relationship off the list’ and if that would be the final piece of advice I could give you, that would be know your worth, know your independence."

Now the truth has come out and we are starting to see this marriage for exactly what it was - there is certainly a lot of drama going on behind the scenes. From what has been gathered so far, this unhappy couple have being playing the long game in trying to convince the world this marriage was secure - when in reality, it was all falling apart.

15 They Used Wild Adult Scenes As Revenge

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Mind games in a relationship will never work out for the best - it appears the two have been playing the long game by appearing in adult scenes with other actors. In 2011, two years after they were married Anna featured in an adult scene with her What's Your Number co-star Chris Evans. Chris (Pratt) later revealed he was racked with jealousy as Evans was so "handsome and cool."

Then five years later, Chris got his own back when he agreed to adult scenes with his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrance. During an interview with Sway in the Morning, he revealed Jennifer tried to make Anna feel better by showing her with gifts, saying, "Jen gave her this nice Dior handbag." Hollywood hookups are well-known for starting with on-screen romance so it's no wonder they both felt very vulnerable with each other's hot scenes.

14 She Tried To Sabotage His Muscle Gain


Chris had to get seriously buff for his role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and he gained a lot of muscle. Insecure about his weight for quite some time, the transformation made him very happy, as he reflects, "When I was overweight, my bones ached, I had cardiovascular issues, I was unhealthy, I was feeling rotten." He told GQ, "But she was so okay with (him being overweight). Now I have less fun. I focus more. She doesn't get to cook for me the way she used to. I was like a great pet fat guy."

When Chris transformed she was left feeling insecure, according to Radar Online, "She became obsessive about (his weight). That, at least was something she could control. Being alone as much as she is would be enough to make any woman insecure. Her friends are starting to worry that she's frazzled."

13 She Was So Insecure She Turned To Surgery

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Anna suffered the curse many other actresses in Hollywood have - her self-esteem issues meant she went under the knife and had breast implants. Many plastic surgery experts also suspect she has had fillers and a nose job. She told E! News, "I feel like if someone was attractive and wanted to hook up, it was a validation of my own identity." These words from a once amazingly confident star show how far insecurities in a relationship can have a long-lasting effect.

On her most recent Unqualified podcast, she revealed, "I didn't want to think of myself as somebody that could be affected by tabloid s**t. There was a picture of me walking alone on the beach: 'Aging Anna Faris, Alone on the Beach.'" Ouch. That's enough to make anyone feel like rubbish.

12 He (Most Likely) Cheated

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We don't know how to break this to you but it's likely (like most actors in Hollywood) that Chris might have strayed. Radar Online reported that whilst attending last year's MTV Movie Awards, a party-goer noticed the actor getting a little too close to a mystery blonde. They said, "She looked a little like Anna, just a bit younger. No one thinks Anna and Chris will ever divorce because he's incredibly religious, but there's no doubt that things aren't great for them right now." Well, they were soon proven wrong since the divorce has been announced.

Speaking about the rumors Chris had been having an affair with Jennifer Lawrence, Anna told Fox News, "It has been weirdly stinging." Now they are both single, it's only a matter of time until we find out who these two are going to hook up with next.

11 He Won't Give Her Another Child


One thing that can completely tear a marriage apart is having different visions for the future. According to TMZ, the entire split was triggered by her wanting more children and his desire to just focus on his career. They reported, "Our sources say he doesn't want more kids - at least not in the foreseeable future because he can't juggle a growing family with his career. And he can't be corralled in one place - even L.A. - because that's not the way the movie industry works."

In the beginning, the stars had always planned a big family together but following the rise in his career (which seemingly came out of nowhere) his plans changed. His lack of desire when it came to extending their own brood was apparently the last nail in the coffin.

10 She Has Become Too Needy


The short and precious time Anna and Chris do spend together is not of the greatest quality according to many sources. One source told the National Enquirer, (He is) getting tired of having to make her feel better every time they are together. (She is) panicking that the whole world thinks her marriage is failing." Beforehand, Anna was always the rock in the relationship often comforting her then plus-sized husband.

When they are apart he is at his happiest and most confident. Just two weeks before they announced their divorce, he was spotted at a party "in great spirits." A witness told People, "(He) was friendly, outgoing and playful. I was surprised by how he looked to actually be having fun, and that he was there voluntarily. Chris seemed different like he was 'free' almost."

9 She Won't Work Through Their Problems


Anna's first marriage was to Raising Dad actor Ben Indra - they filed for divorce in 2007 and she agreed to pay him $900,000 in the divorce settlement including a property share and acting royalties. She later revealed to Marie Claire that the reason behind the divorce was she had become too famous for him to handle, explaining, "That kind of destroyed my marriage. The divide became too great."

Now history appears to be repeating itself but this time it's her husband's fame which is the problem. She is well-known for unconfrontational personality and will do anything to avoid a fight. Like any good marriage, most problems can be worked through with the right communication skills but Anna prefers to see divorce attorney than a meeting with a relationship counselor.

8 They Faked Their Happiness For Publicity


Celebrities are very good at selling the story they want us all to hear. There have been endless romances between stars where everything is "going well" then just weeks later they announce the split. This is why the Chris Pratt and Anna Faris divorce announcement came as such a shock to their fans - but unfortunately, we were all misled. The "perfect Hollywood couple" was not all it seemed.

It may have seemed the couple was inseparable but the truth is they were in a long-distance relationship. Opening up to the public for the first time after the split, Anna revealed on her Unqualified podcast, "We do spend a lot of time apart. But the advantage of that is it makes you so appreciate the time you have together, and you really, really value that. And you don’t want to waste it fighting." Was this Anna's way of telling us all that the precious time they spent together was spent fighting - certainly looks that way.

7 She Was Threatened By Jennifer Lawrence


Chris Pratt signed up for the 2016 movie Passengers and the majority of his scenes were shot beside his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. Anna had previously spoken about her "loneliness" before the split and she would often turn up on set to be with her husband. An insider told US Weekly, "(Pratt's career] definitely caused tension in their marriage. Anna would stop by his movie sets a lot more than the other wives." Well, wouldn't you show up to your husband's workplace when he's hanging around with one of the most desirable women in the world?

Anna revealed during her podcast that she felt "vulnerable" about her husband's flirting with his co-star. She said, "In this crazy world where he’s off doing movies and I’m in L.A. raising our child, of course, I’m going to feel vulnerable like any normal human would. It made me feel incredibly insecure."

6 She Is Completely Ignored During Appearances


In the beginning of their relationship, Anna was the bigger star with a string of comedy movies and TV shows under her belt. During that time, Chris spoke about being ignored in an interview with GQ magazine and he was just "the guy holding the purse." He added, "Actors come up and just blatantly hit on my wife in front of me and don't even look at me. I'm like, 'What the f**k, dude?'"

Now Chris has landed a hit of string movies including Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and The Lego Movie, the tables have now turned and people are now approaching him whilst blanking Anna. He revealed, "Producers and studio people now who will come up to me and treat me the same way that they were treating Anna." It looks like Anna can't quite cope with the switch in roles as she's been eclipsed by her husband in the fame game.

5 She Is Jealous Of His Success


Next year, Chris has got some huge blockbusters coming out including Avengers: Infinity War, Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom and he will likely start work on another Guardians of the Galaxy installment. Whereas Anna's career isn't as lucrative; she voiced a character in the collosol fail that was The Emoji Movie (which scored an embarrassing 8% on critics website Rotten Tomatoes), her TV series Mom, and one low budget movie Overboard.

Anna blames the dry spell in her career on hard it is being a woman in the showbiz industry. She revealed on her podcast, "The hardest thing in my industry is longevity, getting your next job. It's hard to get the first job, but it's so much harder to get the sixth or seventh as a woman." Watching lucrative roles being thrown at your husband when you're struggling to hold onto a career would be enough to make anyone jealous.

4 He Struggled With Being A Multi-Millionaire


Chris and Anna both come from very humble beginnings. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and her parents were teachers. He was born in Virginia, Minnesota, his mother worked at a Safeway supermarket and his father was a miner. Now that he is worth a staggering $30 million the pressure of becoming a multi-millionaire in such a short space of time has not been without its problems.

A source told Radar Online, "Chris doesn't come from a lot of money. He has worked hard for what he's got. Chris knows what it's like to struggle with money. Now that Chris is rich, he feels a lot of pressure to bail his family members out of their money woes. He hates to see them struggle, but he doesn't like the expectation that he'll provide for them financially. The whole situation is a strain on Chris." It's unknown if he was bailing out his own family members or hers - but everyone knows financial stress at home can spell big problems for any marriage.

3 She Struggled With Parenting Alone

Last year, Chris revealed to Parade magazine that he had been traveling for 14 months straight. Whilst he was jet setting across the globe, she stayed at home in L.A and juggled shooting scenes for Mom with looking after his son, Jack. Anna said, "(Jack) was born at three pounds and we were told, 'OK, you need to be prepared for raising a special-needs child.'''

Most recently she revealed in her podcast "he's off doing movies and I'm in L.A. raising our child" which is a struggle for any parent going it alone. A source told People magazine, "Anna is a very sweet girl, and it did often seem that the distance between her and Chris—his busy schedule and hers—was hard on her." Now their son is happy and healthy aged 4-years-old, she is more determined to put herself first just like Chris did.

2 She Was Sick Of His "Fake" Speeches


There is nothing worse than your relationship not going well but having to keep a brave face for the public. Just three months before they announced their divorce, Chris and Anna attended a ceremony for his Hollywood Walk of Fame induction. He told the crowd, "I want to thank my wife Anna, I love you. You've given me so much. You gave me the greatest star in the galaxy in my little boy, I love him and I love you. We have bonded to make this molecule that is more important to me than air or water, and without it none of this means anything to me."

Adding, "You're very caring, and thank you for your trust and your sacrifice—and for your dedication and your heart. I will do my best to protect it, and in return I will give you all of those things as well. You have my heart, my dedication, my trust." Now we know the troubles they were having behind closed doors, it's clear that she would have heard this speech likely through gritted teeth.

1 She Couldn't Handle His New Fame

Last year, Anna told US Weekly, "Now that Chris is, like, a crazy huge movie star, going out is just a whole different thing. It's just a whole different weird. I don't think that's something when you're an actor, that you're prepared for." Adding, "There are two different roles that you play—the one on-camera and the one in public. That's the tricky part."

When he's around his fans, Chris will most likely have to slip into his Guardian's of the Galaxy Star-Lord super ego or play the cheeky and outgoing character Owen in Jurassic World. Out in public, Anna likely can't deal with how her husband's personality has to completely change in the public eye. That and his autograph will likely be requested more than hers - a hard thing for any wife of a superstar to deal with.

Sources: People, US Weekly, GQ, Radar Online

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