15 Different Uses For Botox You Didn't Know About

When someone mentions Botox, most people jump to their stereotypical understanding of Botox. They assume that it means tight-lipped smiles and stretched faces due to the removal of wrinkles with Botox. They think of the times when Botox has gone bad. Most often we see images of older celebrities trying to keep their youthful faces intact so they go and get Botox to the extreme and their face is shining with the new shape it has given it. What most people don’t realize is that Botox can also be used for other things!

Wrinkles aren’t the only thing that Botox can fix! There are many different aspects, both medical and cosmetic, that aid people in different ways. Botox may be something that is crucial for a person to be able to handle a certain problem they are experiencing. Botox was actually used back in the day for purposes other than wrinkles and only over time has it evolved to much more than that.

The next time you hear someone speaking about Botox, keep in mind that there is more than one use for it! Who knows  -- once you understand what it can all do for you, you may even consider it yourself! But with anything, it is important that you speak with your doctor before booking an appointment!

Be sure that if you get Botox, it is to help your body be better and not cause it harm in the long run! Check out these 15 other uses for Botox that you never knew!

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15 Muscle Relaxer

Some people may have problems with a constant spasm, where they cannot seem to control the twitch and it becomes distracting in their life. An example of this could be a twitching eye causing you to lose focus and hinder the way you go about your life. Surprisingly enough, Botox can be used as a muscle relaxer to reduce the amount of twitching experienced. The same goes for cramping! Some people may experience consistent muscle cramping and Botox can also reduce these! Injections into the area will allow the muscles to relax more, which will then reduce the cramping or twitching that is annoying the person! If acupuncture, massage, chiropractic appointments, or anything else you try does not seem to be helping, perhaps Botox is a new route you should consider! Talk to a doctor and get those muscles of yours relaxed and get rid of those annoying twitches or cramps!

14 Stops Sweating

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Are you one of those people who seems to sweat excessively? You barely get your deodorant on in the morning and you already have sweat marks under your arms! What is going on and how can you get this to stop? The answer is not what you would expect! Botox is an option that can be used when sweating has become an issue. If you are the type of person who sweats a lot and it leaves you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, take a look at Botox! Injections are made into the sweat glands found in your armpit (or where ever you are experiencing the problem). The Botox then works to block the sweat nerve glands and reduce the amount of sweat created. This is a great alternative to getting surgery or dealing with sweat the rest of your life. Stopping sweating is one use for Botox that you probably never knew!

13 Perfect Smile

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do your gums show a lot and you avoid smiling too broadly in photos to prevent them from showing? If you are looking for a solution to change this, instead of contemplating cosmetic surgery, have you considered Botox? The smile that shows too much of your gums is usually due to your upper lip lifting higher than normal. By injecting Botox into that upper lip, it relaxes the muscles so that they do not contract as high and can lower a bit. This will leave your smiles showing less of your gums and more of your beautiful teeth! These injections won’t last forever, of course, but it is a great alternative to going through more serious procedures that could possibly do more permanent damage to your face. Even if your smile shows more of your gums than you would like, doing possible damage is not a better alternative!

12 Boob Job

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Some women go to extreme lengths to increase the size and shape of their breasts. Implants, plastic surgeries, and other surgeries are utilized to achieve that aesthetic enhancement. These can often cause other problems (back aches, infections, etc) leaving the woman regretting her decision. Ladies, if perkier boobs are your goal, don’t go straight to the extremes! You probably didn’t know that Botox could be used to get a sort of “boob job.” Injections made into the breast areas work the same as if you were getting a face-lift. This type of Botox boob job is said to even increase a woman’s breast size by one cup! It can be used to help those with saggy boobs from old age or pregnancy. Women have reported that their boobs look perkier, firmer and just better overall! If you are considering getting your boobs a job, check out what Botox can do for your girls first!

11 Hair Growth

You probably didn’t know that Botox could be used for hair growth did you? It’s true! Botox can actually be used to help prevent hair loss. Whether you are loosing your hair from stress or from balding, Botox may be your solution to getting your beautiful locks back! It was found to have this effect when a dermatologist was administering Botox for migraines and hair growth was noticed in those areas. Studies followed that strange occurrence and it was found that it could stimulate hair growth! It was also found that putting Botox in areas of scaring on the scalp could also help hair grow back in those places (and even reduce the redness of the scars). So if you or people  you know have been mourning over the loss of their gorgeous hair or is looking to fill in the gaps, Botox could be the miracle you have been seeking!

10 Manage Acne


Thousands of solutions have been provided to us that claim they that will manage acne. From creams to oral pills, there are numerous ways that have been said to help treat acne. Many individuals will go through their lives dealing with acne and the annoyances it causes, and for some, it will not seem to go away. One use for Botox that you might not have known is that it can be used to manage acne! The Botox acts within the body and reduces the oil production in the face. These are the same oils that often are the cause of the blemishes that pop up. The Botox has to be injected into the face in extremely tiny doses so that you still have control over your facial expressions. Botox works to reduce the amount of oil produced by your glands, thereby giving you a better handle on your acne!

9 Face Lift

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Looking for a temporary lift to those wrinkles and sagging areas of skin on your face? Perhaps you don’t want to do anything too drastic and get any surgeries done. Well look no further! Botox can be used as a face-lift! That doesn’t mean you have to get your whole face lifted, but just the spots you would like! Some individuals get their cheeks injected with Botox to lift them up a bit, while others will inject it in various places on their face to avoid that droopy look. This is a great alternative to more drastic measures, although it is only a temporary fix. Botox is not a permanent fix and will begin to fade over time and lose its effectiveness. Depending on the place and how much Botox is administered, it can last for a few months. If you are looking for a quick, easy, and painless solution, Botox may be what you need!

8 Help Your Jaw

Is a perfect lined jaw what you are after? Perhaps you have noticed that your jaw isn’t as defined as you would like it to be. Ever considered Botox? Because Botox has such a good effect on relaxing muscles, it can be used to create that defined jaw line that you want. Injections of Botox are inserted into the jaw, which will pull up the skin in that area making it more profound. Botox can also be used if your jaw has caused problems. Perhaps you have had issues with grinding your teeth and experienced jaw pain. Over time, because your jaw has expanded from the pressure put on it, the pain can become extreme. Injections into the jaw will relax the muscles, which will relieve the pain. Grinding teeth is a bad habit that can cause a lot of future soreness and discomfort. Check out Botox and see what it can do for your jaw!

7 Nose Job

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For those who are not overly pleased with the aesthetics of their nose, some may turn to getting a nose job. Nose jobs are painful procedures that require surgery to cut into the nose and change it to the desired shape or angle. For some, it is for a medical reason, such as the inability to breathe properly, but for those who are just looking for a little bit of a lift, Botox can help you out instead. Botox can be injected into the nose and lift it up. It will lift up your nose and may even allow you to rearrange it in the way you want without undergoing surgery. It is important to speak with your doctor for the best method to go about changing the look of your nose. Do what is best for you and your nose and be cautious when using Botox for appearances and not medical reasons!

6 Smooth Your Neck Lines

Most people think that Botox is used for wrinkles in the face, but what you didn’t know is that Botox can also be used for your neck! It can be injected into the neck at certain areas to smooth out your neck lines! Usually, as we age, our necks are strained and can begin to sag, bulge, or appear thicker. By using Botox, you are able to tighten up that visible area of your neck and make your skin appear firmer and younger! The Botox acts within the neck and relaxes the muscles that have been strained or bulged over the years. The muscles will relax and the skin around your neck will look smoother! Of course, as great as that fix is, it is one that will need more than one injection to keep it looking that way. Check out Botox options next time you are looking at your neck and wanting smoother lines.

5 Treat Headaches

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Do you suffer from headaches or continuous migraines? Many people constantly struggle with headaches and migraines and try anything and everything to get rid of them. Because they are so intense, many supposed fixes are found to be unhelpful. If this is the case for you, have you tried Botox? You may not have known that Botox can be used to treat headaches! Botox is inserted into the neck, forehead or shoulders (often places that can hold tension and stress) and the Botox acts as a relaxer. It reduces the tension kept in those muscles, which can help to minimize the headache. If you have found that essential oils, massage, acupuncture, and painkillers have not helped relieve your headaches, Botox may be another option that is worth a shot! It probably won’t be a one-time cure, but will at least last for a few months, leaving you headache-free in that time! Give it a try!

4 Bigger Lips

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For some women, bigger lips are desirable. They want that Angelina Jolie look with large puckered lips that draw the eye. Whether it is just a feature they like or they are trying to achieve a younger look, some women will go to extremes and get surgery or get inserts into their lips to make them larger. If this is what you are seeking, there is a less painful alternative! Botox can actually be used to give your lips a lift. Instead of getting your soft lips under the knife, do the alternative and get some injections into your lips! Doctors will inject small amounts of Botox into your upper lip that will raise it, making it appear bigger! Next time you hear someone talking about wanting bigger lips (or you want some yourself), you can be the knowledgeable one and let them know that Botox is the less painful way to go!

3 Eye Problems

Oddly enough, Botox was not originally used for wrinkles back in the day. In the 1960s, it was actually used to help fix individuals who were cross-eyed! Injections would be made to make sure the eyes could relax the spasms that occurred so that the person could live a normal life. It was also used to control excessive blinking. Individuals who had problems seeing because their eyes were constantly blinking would use Botox to help control this. Botox can and is still used for this today to help those who are cross-eyed as well as those who suffer from blurry vision. Although it may be to help with the aesthetics of the eyes, it can also improve the quality of living of the individual (see straighter and more clearly). You probably didn’t know that Botox could be used for any of these things! If you know anyone who suffers with these issues, recommend Botox.

2 Bladder Problems

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Some individuals may experience problems with an overactive bladder, whether this is due to an injury, a disability, or just simply bladder problems! Botox is something that can be used to assist with controlling the bladder! Some individuals with more serious problems (such as multiple sclerosis or a spinal cord injury) may not have the ability to control their excessive bladders. Botox injections are made into the bladder to help relax the muscles and allows the urine to be stored rather than eliminated. This will help reduce the excessive need to go to the bathroom. The FDA has even approved this type of Botox injection to help those who need assistance with bladder problems! If you are one with a bladder problem, speak with your doctor about this so you can be sure it is best option for you! Stopping overactive bladders is a use for Botox that you probably didn’t know!

1 Vocal Chords

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Some individuals who have had serious problems as a result of their vocal chords may also consider Botox! If someone suffers from spasms that make his or her voice shaky or creates other voice issues, Botox can help! Because Botox is there to help relieve tension and relax muscles, it can calm those spasms and leave the vocal chords less shaky, therefore leaving the person with a more stable voice. Doctors will be most likely to recommend this to individuals who suffer from vocal chord dysfunction or hoarseness. It is a great unobtrusive option for people who need help with their voices. The Botox is injected into vocal folds and is totally safe for the person. These individuals will have to go back for another injection every two to three months, as the effects of Botox will fade. You probably didn’t know that Botox can help those with vocal chord problems!

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