15 Different Things All Couples Do When They're Truly Happy & Connected

Falling in love is one of those things that a lot of people dream of experiencing. Those who have fallen in love before, or are in love now, know that there is a lot more to being with someone than just the romance portrayed in books and films. Relationships take some work, and if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort, it’s likely that you won’t be in love for very long. Being in a couple and being happy isn’t all about the good times. When you’re able to work through issues together and come out the other side, still in love, that’s when you know that you’re in a healthy and happy relationship.

Here, we’re taking a look at 15 ways to know if you and your significant other are in a happy relationship. If you haven’t checked off everything on the list as something that you two do, don’t worry—this doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed. However, you may want to re-evaluate some of the ways in which you and your partner interact, to ensure that in the future, your relationship is even better than it was before. There’s always room for improvement, and there’s nothing wrong with building a strong, happy relationship.

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15 Even The Mundane Is Important To Them

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Romantic gestures are always a welcome thing in any relationship, whether you’ve just started dating, or have been together for many years. However, there does come a time in every relationship where flowers and fancy dinners start to make way for grocery shopping and laundry day. If you and your boo are able to find the romance in just living your day-to-day lives—even when things aren’t exciting or the most romantic, you’re probably doing alright, and are in a happy relationship. Being able to enjoy mundane chores and tasks together means that you’ve got a future because you’re still as excited to run errands as you are to go on a hot date. Let’s be real, in the long run, there are probably more chores and errands than hot dates, so it’s good to be prepared.

14 Compromise Isn't A Burden

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Everyone likes to get their way at least once in a while. However, if all you’re interested in is getting your way, regardless of how your partner feels, you’re probably not in the happiest relationship. People who are in healthy, happy relationships aren’t necessarily free of conflict. However, when conflicts arise, coming to a compromise, instead of just fighting to get your way is a something that shows that your relationship is likely going to last. If both you and your significant other are willing to make small sacrifices for each other from time to time, it means that you value what happens between you and your partner over just wanting to get your way. This is a sign of a solid relationship that’s filled with love and mutual respect.

13 They Can Easily Find Common Ground

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Just as most couples disagree on occasion, they also aren’t likely to have absolutely everything in common. Having your own sets of hobbies and interests is a great thing, especially because it paves the way for you and your partner to find things that you both enjoy together. Finding things that you and your significant other can enjoy doing together could be anything from trying new restaurants, taking up new sports, or just finding new books that you both want to read. If at the beginning, you and your boo don’t have a lot in common — there’s no need to worry! This is just a great way to explore new things together, to see if there are things that you can both enjoy! You might find that this brings you closer together.

12 Happy Couples Listen To Each Other Attentively

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Listening to your partner might seem like a no-brainer to having a happy relationship. However, there are still many people and couples who struggle with this concept. Listening to someone isn’t just nodding and saying, “Uh huh,” in the hopes that that will pacify the situation. People in happy relationships really take the time to listen and understand their partner's needs and concerns, so that they can address them and try to make things better. Listening to each other also shows that you genuinely care about each other, because you want to learn how to be a better partner to them. Listening to each other is a great way to do that because chances are, you’re not a mind reader, and aren’t able to predict your significant other’s every need and desire.

11 They Are Each Other's Best Cheerleaders

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A little competition isn’t a bad thing, but a lot of it can lead to a very unhappy relationship. If you and your partner are constantly in competition with each other, it can lead to resentment in the future, especially if by your standards, one of you has surpassed the other. People who are in happy relationships are always there to cheer each other on. They recognize and celebrate each other’s triumphs, but they’re also there to be a source of comfort and encouragement when things aren’t going so well. They also work as to team to better each other, instead of putting one another down. Being supportive of your partner is a way to show that you care, and it also means that their happiness is an extension of your own, making their wins that much sweeter.

10 Confrontation Isn't A Problem As They Know Facing Issues Head-On Is The Best Way

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When the going gets tough, people who are in happy relationships get to work. When you and your significant other get into a fight or argument, avoiding the problem means that you aren’t addressing the problem. If you’re willing to get confrontational (without being mean-spirited or rude), this is actually a good thing! If you and your partner are taking the time to confront your problems, it’s probably because you want to fix your issues and make your relationship better. Confrontation might even help to improve the way that you communicate with each other.

Disagreements are a natural part of life, so you shouldn’t take confrontation to mean the end of your relationship. Rather, you should consider it an opportunity to better understand your significant other, as well as strengthen your bond by trying to improve your relationship.

9 Expressing Their Love Is Natural To Them

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If you’re not the type to get lovey-dovey about your significant other, that is totally okay. People express their love in a plethora of ways that don’t always involve grand, romantic gestures. However, showing love to your significant other, however you express it, is a great thing! People who are in happy relationships aren’t afraid to express their love to their significant other. And no, we don’t mean the sort of superficial declarations of love that people post on social media, but rather, honest and genuine statements of love shared between two people. Just because you said I love you once, it doesn’t mean you never have to say it again. It’s still nice to hear and have that reassurance that your partner really cares, and wants to let you know.

8 Holding Grudges Isn't A Thing For Them

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Do you’ve gotten into an argument—now what? Being in love and in a happy relationship doesn’t mean that you don’t ever fight. All couples fight and might even go through some rough patches. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not happy. When people fight, how they get through it is a testament to the strength of their relationship. If you’re able to forgive and forget when you feel hurt by your partner (and they’ve apologized), this is a sign that you’re in a happy relationship. Holding a grudge means that you probably haven’t completely forgiven that person, and that can mean a lot more conflict in the future. Not holding a grudge also shows that you’re mature enough to move forward from whatever it was that upset you in the first place.

7 They Still Flirt With Each Other On The Daily

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When couples have been together for a long time, people say that they get very comfortable around each other. Some will also say that this comfort pretty much kills the “spark” or “magic” that may have attracted them to each other in the start. While being comfortable with your partner is wonderful, truly happy couples still find a way to be playful with one another, and for most, this means that flirtation is still a part of their lives. Flirting is one of those things that can give you butterflies, and just because you and your significant other have been together for a while, that certainly doesn’t mean that the butterfly feelings have to go away. You can still have that comfortable intimacy while still keeping that fun, flirty banter alive.

6 Without A Doubt, Making Time For Each Other Is A Priority

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When you get busy with work, social lives, and whatever else occupies people’s time, it’s very easy to start to take significant others for granted. Knowing that someone is there for you can sometimes lead people to assume that even if they’re not present, their partner will be around. Truly happy couples make sure that they take time to spend with their significant others, even when life gets a little busy. Carving out time to spend with your significant other, whether it be a special date or just hanging out on the couch with some pizza, is key to maintaining a happy relationship. This demonstrates that you really want to spend time with them, even when you could be busy doing other things, and that being with them is a priority of yours.

5 They Compliment Each Other Regularly

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If you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s safe to say that there’s a mutual attraction there. You might think that that is a great compliment in and of itself. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t also nice to let someone know if they’re looking cute or doing something exceptionally well. Happy couples don’t think twice about complimenting their partners because it shows that they notice when their significant other is doing something that you’re really liking. Sometimes, when people get comfortable, they forget that even a bit of recognition in the form of a compliment can have an impact, especially when you’re feeling a little unappreciated. Paying someone a nice compliment once in a while also doesn’t take a lot of effort, so it’s a small gesture that can really make someone’s day.

4 They Behave Like Best Friends

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Romance is a wonderful thing. Romantic relationships are different from platonic friendships, for many reasons, but there is something to be said about having an element of friendship between you and your partner that really emphasizes how great your relationship is. Many people refer to their significant others as their best friends, and for a lot of reasons, this is true. Like a best friend, your significant other should be someone that you’re comfortable sharing your life with, as well as have a good time with. Being someone for the rest of your life is a long time, and once the superficial elements of romance fade, a truly happy couple will still be able to hang out and offer each other love and companionship, as the very best of friends do.

3 They Understand That Alone Time Is Just As Important As Time Together

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Spending quality time with your significant other is an essential part of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. However, truly happy couples will also see the value of spending time apart. While your partner is a significant part of your life, it’s also important to remember that you’re individuals first, and that it’s important to spend time apart, whether it’s to spend time with your individual social circles, or just to hang out and do things that you enjoy doing that your partner might not have an interest in. Spending time apart doesn’t mean that you want to be apart permanently. However, spending time on your own, without being constantly attached to your partner can be a really healthy thing, because as they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2 They Aren't Afraid Of Trying New Things Together And Expanding Their Horizons

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Sharing your life with someone means that you’re bound to experience things together that you haven’t yet before. In the course of a relationship, people can go through so much together because life just has a way of surprising us. If you’re in a happy relationship, you probably want to include your partner in all the cool stuff you want to do, and vice versa, which means that being in love can lead to a lot of wonderful, new experiences! By making an effort to find new experiences to try together, you’re showing each other that you’re happy together because you’re actively trying to find ways to share new and exciting things as a couple, as well as create a lot of lasting memories with someone that you really love.

1 They Are Rarely Jealous And If They Are, They Express It In A Healthy Way

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Now here is a big, tell-tale sign that you’re in a happy relationship: if you and your partner can put jealousy aside and avoid drama, you two are probably doing alright as a couple. Jealousy is a completely natural emotion and reaction, and it can affect us all, whether we want it to or not. However, truly happy couples are able to get past jealous feelings, because they’re secure enough in their relationship to not feel totally threatened by the presence of a new person. As well, people who are in happy relationships trust their partners implicitly, which means that there really is no need to be jealous, since you can trust that your significant other won’t ever over-step boundaries and do anything to betray that trust and cause you pain.

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