15 Dating Habits That Need To Be STOPPED

Dating is hard. Period.

But when you constantly fall into bad habits when trying to conquer the dating world, it can be even harder on you and the person you’re going on a date with. Which is exactly why we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to kick those terrible dating habits to the curb so you won’t have to worry about messing up the chemistry between you and your potential soulmate! When you sign up for the latest and greatest dating app, it’s important to remember right away that you’re all on the same page as those on the app. Keep the playing field level and fair before moving forward. We’ll go over everything you need to know to make sure that you don’t come off in a negative way towards someone you’re trying to really connect with. Maybe we should all just have a peaceful outlook like Nicole Scherzinger and go with the flow! We’ve included this very warm and tear worthy quote below, because not only should we be thankful for our relationships, they should be pure and honest. They should be out of love, not anything else.

“I love a man with a great sense of humor and who is intelligent - a man who has a great smile. He has to make me laugh. I like a man who is very ambitious and driven and who has a good heart and makes me feel safe. I like a man who is very strong and independent and confident - that is very sexy - but at the same time, he's very kind to people.” Nicole Scherzinger

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15 Fluffing Yourself

You can’t just go out to a dinner date with a potential partner and boost yourself up like you do on your resume. While it might not exactly be lying, it’s not being truthful either. This isn’t like a small time job application where you can just make up things to make yourself look better. While you can do that, it doesn’t mean you should ever do that. It’s lying and eventually the truth will come out and it will just make you look extremely bad and could even ruin the relationship. Be honest with your potential partner and be yourself. Start focusing on what would make you more confident and really try hard to implement those into your life. Not only will it benefit you but it will help you out in the dating world too! It could also inspire others to start accepting themselves more as well. Trust us!

14 Don’t Act Shy Just Because


It’s normal to be nervous on the first few dates, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you put on this facade of a character just because you think it comes off as cute, sexy, or mysterious. You should never pretend to be something you’re not. Be transparent and be yourself in the most natural way possible. You should never act like something you aren’t. It’s not cute or cool to basically lie about who you are. Because all this will lead to is your partner later on being disappointed that you’ve changed, when you actually start acting like the real you. This is toxic and not honest, overall just a bad choice. This is so common in dating today because everyone is trying to be someone they aren’t. Make sure that you’re doing what you can to be the real you when you go out on dates. It’s the key to making it work.

13 Sorry For Everything


When you constantly apologize over every little thing it can be a huge turn off. If you make a mistake, just take a second to regather yourself and just apologize if you need to once and move on together. When you apologize for every little thing, not only does it come off as you being extremely nervous, but it also makes the individual you’re on a date with feel like you’re guilty or lacking a lot of inner confidence. Be strong in how you hold yourself on a date. Don’t let a little mistake ruin the whole night. All you have to do is own up to the slip up and continue forward with your head held high. If they do the same thing, make sure that they know they shouldn’t apologize so much, talk to them about it and move forward as soon as possible so you both can form a real connection.

12 Stop With The Expectations


You shouldn’t go on a date when you have a checklist of everything you need to see in a potential date. Who cares if he’s shorter than you want or if his style isn’t exactly like yours. While it’s okay to not be interested in someone because of these things, it should make you completely shut someone out of your life because of it. You shouldn’t ever go into a first date, basically scanning the other individual to see if they have everything you want in a guy. While there are so many different individuals out there, if you place your expectations on to someone, you will never be able to feel satisfied ever in your life. It’s simply impossible. Focus on yourself for a while and figure out why you’re never happy with the dates in your life, because we can almost always guess that it has something to do with you and not the other party.

11 Settling


Don’t settle for someone you went on a date with just because you feel sorry for them. Just take a moment and ask yourself if you would want someone to do this to you? Would you want someone to pity you and that’s the only reason they stay with you? We know we wouldn’t. Don’t settle for someone because all this will do is create an extremely toxic environment that will make you and your date unhappy. You deserve to be with someone that cares about you just as much as you care about them. You should let your feelings or your pity for the other individual dictate how you will continue on with your life in the dating scene. Just remember this as you move forward, because you really are worth it. Don’t settle ever, because you deserve to be happy too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, ever!

10 Don’t Ignore Your Gut


Your gut is your instinct. If you ignore your gut feelings when you go out on a date you could get yourself in some serious trouble. Listen to what you think is right. Communicate and tell them how you feel, don’t let your nerves get to you and make you feel like you can’t express how you really feel about the date. Your gut is what keeps you alive, it’s what makes you react when something is wrong. If you go out on a date and something just feels wrong, you need to make it clear to the individual you’re dating that this can’t continue. Either tell them how you feel and figure out a way to make it work, or just cut it off so you both can happily move on with your lives. We suggest that you just move on because you don’t want to get into a situation where you settle either!

9 Disconnecting

If you happen to go out on a date that’s uncomfortable, don’t just disconnect until the experience is over. Either give it a real chance or you need to tell them exactly how you feel so you can quickly end the date and you both can move on. This might seem hard, but most people will greatly respect your decision if you’re being forward and honest because they don’t want to waste their time either. It’s hard to deal with someone when they are shut off from everything around them. We know it can be hard to open up to someone you care about, but that doesn’t mean that you should just shut someone out. If you’re on the dating scene and you’re not connecting with someone and you feel like you can’t be open with them about who you are as a person, you need to cut it off before you waste any more time!

8 Appearance Matters Most


You shouldn’t go on a date just because you think the person is hot. While it’s normal to want to be with someone who is attractive, that should not be the only reason you decide to go out with someone. It should honestly be a little bit deeper than appearance, it should be focused on their personality and what they care about in life. What you two bond over and what you both love to do. Their appearance should just be like a cherry on top, nothing more. Appearance should never be the most important thing you look for in someone you want to date. You should never feel like you have to through a checklist to make sure they have everything you want like you’re shopping for groceries. You shouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone because you feel like you can fix them later on, you need to accept or end the relationship.

7 Being Clingy


Neither one of you on a date should turn into someone who is clingy and “too” available. You need to learn how to find balance and so does your date, No matter who is being too clingy the other individual needs to speak up and make it clear what they want out of having a partner in the future. If the clingy thing isn’t working for you or your date, don’t be afraid to speak up and voice your opinion about it. In most cases they will be understanding, don't overthink it. Don’t be under the impression that this dating habit is cute, because it’s seriously not whatsoever. You shouldn’t cling to someone you barely know, all this will do is slowly push them away from you because there isn’t that understanding you have when you have been dating and in a serious relationship for a long period of time.

6 Lying


Don’t become one of those people who are so used to lying that it becomes too easy to boost up who you are. Don’t make it a habit to lie to someone because when you start off dating, when you lie to someone you’re just getting started to know, it will literally only end in a toxic relationship. It’s never good to start off any relationship, romantic or not, while lying to someone you’re supposed to be honest and transparent with. It’s never a good feeling to be lied to, so put a stop to it. If you wouldn’t want something to be done to you, you shouldn’t do it to someone else. Just remember this as you move forward in the world on dating because there are so many people that will not follow this rule and it is honestly the worst feeling in the world. Be the better person.

5 Don’t Let Things Slide


When someone you’re dating does something that you don’t like, don’t put up with it. Like we mentioned before, you shouldn’t just settle for something because that’s the easy choice. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and make it known that you aren’t okay with something that happened. If someone you’re dating cheated on their partner and you know it makes you uncomfortable even though they say they’re a changed person, don’t even get started investing your emotional time and effort into this person, it will just be a waste in the end and you’ll be wasting their time and most importantly your own time. Don’t just put up with things because that seems like the easy answer. You should always put yourself first so you can protect yourself when it comes to dating new people. While you should be open and honest, always protect yourself. Don’t let someone make you feel less than you are.

4 Being Unreliable


Don’t start off by giving your potential partner a bad impression. Don’t be late and don’t make promises that you can’t keep. All this does is reflect badly on you. We can guarantee that you wouldn’t want someone to waste your time like that either. While it should never be okay to just change plans, when you’re in a relationship with someone it’s not as bad because there is a mutual understanding and communication. You don’t have those important elements with someone you’re dating for the first time. So make sure you take the time and don’t overbook yourself. Because you end up just looking bad and like you don’t actually care. Keep a schedule and stick to it, don’t make a bad impression that could be potentially the first impression when it comes to the person you’re planning on pursuing a future with. Be someone they can trust, that way not only will the connection be stronger but you’ll be able to trust yourself since you’ll have that confidence.

3 Putting Your Life On Hold


You should never feel like you need to put your life on hold for someone, especially when you’re meeting them for the first few times on a date. You should never be made to feel like this either. It’s very important that you put your life, career, and family first when you enter the dating scene, and that needs to be clear when it comes to potential partners. Don’t just pause your life and your long term goals for someone that you don’t even know much about. No one should be able to have that kind of control over your life. While they might not be “controlling” on purpose, this kind of guilt that is forced by your date can easily be considered control if it get’s to the point that they always get their way. Just remember to put yourself first and then open up to those around you, not the other way around.

2 Wanting To Know Their Past

You should never start to go out with someone with the intention of finding out every little detail about their past. Because whether you mean for it or not you’ll just end up throwing that in their face when you two deal with your own insecurities. Just try to remember to be patient and let your date tell you what they feel comfortable with. If you two do end up going steady in the future, there is a huge chance that both you and your partner will open up more with each other. There will be plenty of time to talk about the past in the future when the time is right. You wouldn’t want someone to push and constantly interview you about your life choices in the past would you? If you’re dying to know specific things, bring them up when the time is right, don’t just demand answers, make them feel comfortable and don’t betray that trust that they are putting in you!

1 Being Stuck In Your Past

Lastly and probably most importantly, this goes with the same theme as the point above. Don’t dwell in your past. While it’s okay to talk about your past when the time is right, you shouldn’t constantly bring it up especially when you’re just starting to date. When you meet a potential partner, the worst thing you can do on an early date is force this person to listen to you talk about your past relationships, friends, and family drama. You should always be open to talking about most things on a first date so you can get to know someone, but this subject pushes the limits and can be very overwhelming when you both are missing that understanding that is found later on in serious relationships. Keep the conversation light and interesting, don’t push things and make it uncomfortable as a first impression. Just be yourself and always have fun!

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