15 Darkest, Most Disgusting McDonald's Secrets

Since being founded in 1955, McDonald’s has become the most popular place to eat, and is the sixth-largest private employer in the United States. People love to stop off at the golden arches, grabbing a quick bite or picking up something while on the go. It is no surprise people have focused documentaries on the fast food chain, trying to expose just how dangerous the food is. With documentaries and social media exposing the dirty secrets, people still need their fries and Chicken McNuggets. To freak you out even more, here are some scary stats about how popular the fast food restaurant is. According to thefiscaltimes.com, "McDonald's sells more than 75 hamburgers every second. 3. McDonald's feeds 68 million people per day, that's about 1 percent of the world's population."

However, from tampered food and extra special toppings to health destroying deadly salads and subliminal messages, it would be shocking if you were still ‘lovin’ it’ at McDonald’s after these 15 secrets - it’s about time you learnt the REAL truth about McDonald’s!

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15 Tampered Food

When it comes to preparing the food, going to fast food chains like McDonald’s requires a huge level of trust. You expect each chain to prepare the food in a clean and sanitary way because, you know, it’s kind of their job and responsibility to do so. But would you still be ‘lovin’ it’ if you saw the kitchen staff at McDonald’s dropping buns on the floor and still serving them? What about licking your fries and them serving them. If you’re not careful, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting! Allegedly, if you’re rude and disliked by the staff at *some* McDonald’s locations, you’ll get a side order of spit or hairs from the floor with your meal, so make sure you remember that politeness goes a long way!

14 McDonald’s Monopoly Was The Biggest Scam

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s Monopoly? The addictive game is one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever - every year when McDonald’s announces the Monopoly season, millions of eaters go crazy collecting the tiny coupons attached to the food’s packaging, hoping to hit one of the jackpots. Sadly, if you lived in the US and took part in McDonald’s Monopoly during 1995-2000, you had zero chances of winning. That’s because Simon Marketing, a subcontracting company hired by McDonald's to organize and promote the game, failed to recognize a flaw in its procedures. Chief of security Jerome P. Jacobson figured out that he could remove the most expensive game pieces and pass them on to associates, who would then redeem them and share the proceeds. The associates won almost all of the top prizes between 1995 and 2000, and netted over $24 million. Try to remember that the next time you score yet another free apple pie token!

13 Pink Slime

Most of McDonald’s consumers are aware of the pink slime scandal. If not, this is something you need to be aware of. The franchise was rumoured to have been using a lean, finely ground beef and beef by-product mixture in their burgers. This controversial mixture, composed of cow muscles and connective tissues, is known as pink slime. The image seen above, is meat, the meat that customers of the franchise are ingesting every time they eat a Mc meal. Up until 2011, the rumors were true – McDonald’s were indeed using this gross pink slime in all of their burgers (take that in). However, the chain now claims to use 100 percent pure beef without a trace of pink slime in any of their burgers.

12 McDonald’s Food NEVER Goes Bad?

Fast food chains like McDonald's are called ‘fast food’ for a reason – the food is prepared quickly and efficiently to meet sky-high demands, at the expense of nutritious value. If you’re sceptical, there’s an experiment you can carry out at home so that you can see the truth for yourself. Just buy a cheeseburger from their Saver menu, and leave it lying out. While healthy and natural food would start rotting in a matter of days, preservatives make up such a large portion of McDonald’s food content that the cheeseburger wouldn’t ever go bad – 100 days later, it will still be in the same condition as it was when you purchased it. Go ahead and try it for yourself if you don’t believe me!

11 Extra Toppings?! What if you found a rat in your food?

McDonald's are always adding new and exciting products to their menu to keep us coming back for more. However, some of the extra toppings McDonald's have served in the past that certainly won’t make you want to come back ever again. In 2000, one lady reported that she had found a deep fried chicken head in her box of Chicken McNuggets, while in 2006 one man from Texas unfortunately found a dead rat in his salad, how does that even get past the staff? Other revolting extra special ingredients include dead flies, bolts, syringes, pubic hairs, maggots, faecal matter and even condoms – mmm, nutritious! Have you ever debated on having your meal tested to see what might be hiding in there?

10 Why are we so addicted to this food?

When you think of addiction, the first image which might spring to mind is that of a fragile person hooked on illegal substances. Believe it or not, addiction takes many forms, with one of them even being McDonald’s. After in-depth research, scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in California discovered that the food from McDonald’s is actually just as addictive as hard substances, the ones that are illegal and very dangerous. This is because the dangerously high sugar content in their food generates too much dopamine, unlocking the brains reward pathway in the same way hard drugs do. Have you ever noticed how happy you are while biting into a Big Mac or when eating some salty fries. Sometimes, too much is definitely enough.

9 Expired Meat and Dangerously Hot Coffee

As you’d expect, McDonald's have been embroiled in their fair share of scandals since becoming a globalized franchise. In 2014, a McDonald’s meat factory in Shanghai had to be permanently closed after the staff there were exposed for supplying McDonald’s outlets in the country with expired meat. The factory staff were caught on camera combining raw, castoff meat with cooked produce, and then packaging it with bogus expiration dates. Perhaps the most iconic McDonald’s scandal is the coffee incident in 1992 – one lady sued the chain for $160k after an improperly packaged coffee spilled and burned her so badly that she required skin graft surgery. When McDonald’s refused to pay out, the court forced them to reimburse the lady by $640k!

8 Destroying Our Health, One Big Mac at a Time

McDonald’s are just as known for their golden arches logo and clown mascot Ronald McDonald, as opposed to their actual food. In fact, the chain is infamous for how unhealthy their food actually is – it’s not good for us, yet we’re still ‘lovin it’ regardless. But just how bad is it? Over the years, the food from McDonald’s has been linked to causing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and rising obesity by 70%. In some cases, their trash food is even known to cause erectile dysfunction. McDonald’s addict Don Groske doesn’t agree that their food is unhealthy though – the man ate his 25, 000th Big Mac in 2011, yet astonished doctors with his clean bill of health.

7 Child Recruitment- The dangerous Happy Meal

McDonald’s doesn’t just appeal to adults - they appeal to children too. But how? Two words – happy meal. Yes, the McDonald’s happy meal was engineered to appeal to children, in order to turn them into lifelong customers from a young age. The happy meal toys are what makes those bright red boxes so appealing and irresistible, to the point where they have turned McDonald’s into the largest distributor of toys for children, distributing over 1.5million annually. Alongside this, secret documents leaked to the public exposed McDonald’s for manufacturing Ronald McDonald to be a father figure to kids in order to make them want to have their birthday parties at one of their restaurants. Creepy!

6 The rounded shape of the logo actually represents boobs!

Who doesn’t know the famous McDonald’s logo? The two golden arches are globally recognized in pretty much every country. What does it mean though? You’d probably guess that it stands for the M in McDonald’s right? Well, you’d be wrong… kind of. While the logo does symbolize the M, the rounded shape of the logo actually represents boobs! It was revealed that in the 1960s, McDonald's hired design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin to come up with a new logo. Cheskin convinced McDonald's executives that breast-shaped arches would send a subliminal message and help bring in customers, adding that they had significant Freudian importance in the subconscious minds of customers. On some crazy level, it seems to have worked!

5 Deadly Salads

With all of the grease, salt, sugar and fat, McDonald’s is obviously not that healthy. To combat the public’s perception of McDonald’s as the bearer of obesity, the chain introduced salad bowls as a healthy alternative for the more health-conscious eaters. Their marketing campaigns were very convincing as well. At least, that’s how it sounded on paper. In reality however, with all of the added cheese and salad dressings, the salads from McDonald’s are even unhealthier than the world famous Big Mac! Isn't that terrifying. People all over have been opting for the salads, hoping they will keep them slim. In fact the salads are the worst menu items. Jeez, you know it’s bad when even the salad isn’t a healthy option!

4 Chemical Meals

They say you are what you eat, which means that if you eat at McDonald’s, you’re a walking body of chemicals! Their chicken nuggets contain the same offcuts of meat used in dog food, like blood vessels and nerves. Also, ever wondered why the nuggets have that slight rubbery taste to them? It’s because the nuggets have been found to contain silicone oil – the same oil used to create breast implants and contact lenses. As if that wasn’t bad enough, former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara found that a whopping 19 ingredients go into creating something as simple as fries at McDonald’s, including a form of silicone named Dimethylpolysiloxane and a petrol-based chemical called tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ). And you thought salt was the worst thing added to fries at McDonald’s!

3 McCruelty

Since 2000, animal rights activist group PETA have been campaigning against McDonald’s inhumane treatment of animals. PETA alleged that in the US and Canadian slaughterhouses, workers are allowed to abuse live birds and cut their throats while they are still aware. Many of the animals are callously thrown into tanks of boiling hot water, even though they are still alive and capable of feeling pain. They also claim that this treatment would be highly illegal if committed against cats and dogs. The Guardian further exposed McDonald’s for really putting the ‘fast’ in fast food; the chain were accused of breeding their chickens on steroids in cramped windowless sheds, in order for them to grow at alarmingly quick rates.

2 McLibel

Perhaps one of the most famous McDonald’s scandals is the McLibel incident. This 1986-1997 case became the longest-running case in English history when McDonald’s sued environmental activists Helen Steel and David Morris for libel. The duo had been distributing a damning pamphlet by London Greenpeace, called “What’s Wrong With McDonald’s — Everything They Don’t Want You to Know,” which accused McDonald’s of destroying the environment and using artificial chemicals in its food. McDonald’s actually lost the case against the two individuals and their limited resources, with the judge residing that McDonald’s food does not have the nutritional value it had been advertising and that the company had been paying rock bottom wages.

1 Labor Law Violations

It isn’t just animals that have been treated horribly by McDonald’s – employees have been treated just as badly. Since November 2012, McStaff have been staging walk-outs on the job in retaliation to the horrible working conditions, while in 2014 the company was accused of forcing some staff into working unbelievable 25 hour shifts! As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the staff were not even paid overtime! How is that even possible! The staff start off at minimum wage. To make matters worse, it was alleged by The Guardian that McDonald’s in Brazil had been mistreating pregnant employees and paying poverty-level wages.

After reading this article, have your opinions changed? Would you still be willing to order some fries and McNuggets, or will you be making your own food from now on. Let us know how you feel after learning these secrets.

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