15 Dark Things Brad and Angelina Have Kept Secret About Their Children

Most of us who keep tabs on our favorite celebrities are pretty familiar with the Jolie-Pitt family. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—who recently got a divorce—are the parents of six children. The kids are Maddox (16), Pax (14), Zahara (12), Shiloh (11), Knox (9), and Vivienne (9). Pax, Maddox, and Zahara are adopted.The other three are biologically Brad and Angelina’s.

As we can all imagine, they are a very busy family. With two parents who are actors and six kids to keep track of, there’s got to be a lot going on behind the scenes. With so much being shared across the globe about the Jolie-Pitts they’re likely to hide their more private information.

They have kept some things a secret over the years in order to protect themselves and their children. Plus, they want to do anything they can to make themselves look better and avoid backlash. No matter how hard celebrities may try, there’s always a chance for secrets to be leaked and shared.

Let’s explore some dark secrets about the Jolie-Pitt kids and learn more about this famous family! They have done a good job of keeping these ones under the radar—so far.

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15 Angelina Is Worried Shiloh May Reveal Sensitive Information To The Public

As most divorces go, custody battles are a big deal. This is no different in the breakup of Brad and Angelina. It turns out that one of their kiddos is making it even tougher than it was expected to be.

Shiloh is a big daddy’s girl, which makes this battle trickier. Because the kids haven’t been able to spend as much time with Brad, Shiloh is a bit resentful of her mother. Angelina ended up filing for full custody of the kids, but there were some concerns about Shiloh in this. When the kids were with Angelina, she naturally said some negative things about Brad—which made her concerned that Shiloh would spread the word to him.

One source mentioned, “…Ange is worried Shiloh will pass on sensitive information that could be harmful to her in their legal battle...”

14 Rules And Routines—Take Em Or Leave Em

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Parenting has evolved over the years—naturally. Some parents choose to instill fewer rules in their children and allow them to make their own decisions. Other parents have their kids on a strict schedule. Of course, we’re going to peek at how the Jolie-Pitts raise their offspring.

Some of the family’s nannies have spoken out and mentioned that the kids have no rules and routines in their lives. This means that they have no bedtimes—one nanny said that the parents go to bed before the kids do! This has got to be rough for all parties involved. Angelina believes in letting them do their own thing at all times, which can’t always be the safest choice.

In a family of this size, some regulation is necessary just to keep everything under control! Six kids is a lot, even if they are perfectly well-behaved.

13 Brad Is In Denial About Shiloh/John

Some of us have heard the news that 11-year-old Shiloh is claiming to be a boy. She wears boys’ clothing whenever she can and asks that the family refers to her as John instead of Shiloh. This is totally normal, and it will likely become more common as time goes on. Slowly, we are all becoming more accepting of these kinds of differences.

Angelina has been pretty supportive of Shiloh and her feelings regarding this change. Brad—on the other hand—is a little slower to catch on. For a while, Brad was hesitant about this. As we know, Shiloh is totally a daddy’s girl, so maybe Brad was scared to lose the connection there.

One source mentioned, “Listening to Shiloh at such a young age say ‘I am a boy and not a girl’ is killing him.”

12 Zahara’s Heartbreaking Childhood Is Rarely Spoken About

Usually, sob stories can make headlines without a problem. Heartbreaking news is mass-shared daily through social media. Sometimes these are blown way out of proportion. One truly sad story that we may not have heard about is Zahara’s past, but it’s got a happy ending.

Angelina made the decision to adopt Zahara Marley from Ethiopia. At the time of the adoption, Zahara was only six months old and was an orphan. When Angelina first brought the baby home, she probably didn’t know a whole lot about the little one’s history.

Later, Mentwabe Dawit—Zahara’s biological mom—spoke about her experience. Zahara was born as a result of her mother being raped. Dawit shared that she became unable to care for the child’s basic needs, such as food. The biological mother also shared that she was lucky that her child was adopted by Angelina.

11 Fans Became So Obsessive Over Shiloh It Was Scary

While half of the Jolie-Pitt clan was adopted from foreign countries, we would assume that the biological children would be born in the United States. We have no reason to think otherwise, right? Well, it turns out that Shiloh was born in another country, just like her older sister and brother.

We may think that there has got to be a big story when we hear that Shiloh was born in Namibia. Perhaps her parents were traveling, and she ended up being born early. In reality, the family planned this in order to avoid the media’s obsession with the child.

It may seem contrary to their initial plan, but Angelina ended up selling Shiloh’s baby photos to People and Hello! for seven million dollars. We would have thought that she would keep those images private. She then donated the money to UNICEF.

10 Pax Hates Being Photographed But Is Forced To Deal With It

As soon as this family walks out of any building, they’re bound to be chased by the paparazzi. It’s inevitable just because of their popularity. Families this big have a lot going on, so the media always assumes there is something to write about.

While most of the Jolie-Pitts can take the cameras in their faces, Pax isn’t a fan. He happens to be very shy in front of the cameras and tries to avoid them at all costs. Of course, he can’t hide out at home all the time. He always ends up getting photographed no matter how hard he may try to avoid it.

We’re kind of surprised that he hasn’t gotten used to the whole deal by now, but we totally get that life in the limelight isn’t for everyone. Maybe he’s just fed up with it because it’s been happening for so long.

9 Is Maddox Getting Feisty With His Dad?

Somehow the Jolie-Pitts have managed to keep the dirty details of their divorce under the radar. Yes, we have gotten a brief explanation, but it only scratches the surface of what could be going on. Some divorces are filled with affairs, fights, and abuse. We aren’t sure what all is going on for this family, but we’ve gotten a slight glimpse.

In the fall of 2016, the family was on a flight home from Paris. Apparently, Brad and Angelina were arguing. Maddox quickly jumped in to stick up for his mom, and then Brad supposedly lunged toward Maddox.

Though Maddox stepped in for the good and safety of his mother, his actions were taken the wrong way by Brad. It’s believed that Brad’s reaction might have something to do with Angelina moving forward with the divorce.

8 They Have No Friends, And All Have To Be Home-Schooled

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When kids are growing up in Hollywood, things are done quite differently than we would all expect. While the average six-year-old is in kindergarten or first grade at public school and taking dance lessons once per week, the Jolie-Pitts like to keep it interesting.

A “team of international teachers” is responsible for educating this group of kiddos. It’s questionable how much schoolwork is actually completed though because Angelina seems to keep the kids on loose reins. The family has mentioned that they don’t like the public school system and that their busy travel schedules would interfere too drastically with a standard education.

The family has also made comments about how the children don’t have a lot of friends and that they don’t really need a lot either. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that there are so many kids in their family!

7 Maddox Single-Handedly Boosted The Brangelina Relationship

Most of us are aware that Brad and Angelina have had their ups and downs. They have been off and on and haven’t always been an official thing. Every good relationship has a great story to kick it off, and theirs is no different.

Maddox played Brad’s wingman in this situation over 10 years ago. It started with young Maddox calling Brad “Dad”. Angelina recalls the situation vividly and shared, "It was amazing. We were playing with cars on the floor of a hotel room, and we both heard it and didn't say anything and just looked at each other. So that was probably the most defining moment, when he decided that we would all be a family.”

It’s funny how things work out. What could have happened if Maddox hadn’t been there to get things started for the two stars?

6 Being A Single Mom Was Easier When It Was Just 1 Kid...

Though we know that there was a time before Brangelina was officially together, it’s hard to think back that far. They had a pretty long-lasting relationship; especially when we consider the standard Hollywood relationship.

Back when Angelina was married to Billy Bob Thorton, the two adopted Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage. At the time, Maddox was only seven months old. After a challenging adoption situation, Jolie was finally able to adopt him by herself. Within three months, Thorton and Angelina got divorced.

Angelina was a single mom to Maddox for a few years before getting with Brad. From the looks of it, she’s returning back to the single mom life now after her split from Brad. One child is definitely a lot different than the six she has now, but we’re confident she can handle it.

5 The Last Name Game

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With celebrity families, there is the chance of complications with last names. A lot of stars choose to keep their last names even when they get married, usually to keep their filmography consistent and to stay recognizable. Why would they change their last names once they’ve made a name for themselves?

For much of their relationship, Brad and Angelina were dating and not married, so they still had their own last names. This made things more technical when it came to the kids’ names. As we’ve learned, Angelina adopted Maddox; Zahara also had her mom’s last name.

In 2005, Angelina adopted Zahara. Then—in 2006—she wanted to switch the kids’ surnames to Jolie-Pitt. After this, Brad and Angelina followed the pattern with their following children.

4 Shiloh, The Rainbow Baby

After Brad and Angelina had adopted two kids—Maddox and Zahara—they got pregnant with their first biological child. They announced their pregnancy once Brad had officially adopted the first two kids.

Immediately, fans began calling them the “rainbow family” and referring to baby Shiloh as the “rainbow baby”. Generally, the term “rainbow baby” is used when a family has been trying to conceive for a long time or has had several pregnancies or infant losses.

Though it appears that Brad and Angelina would have had some type of issues conceiving—because they chose to adopt—they have denied those claims. They stated that they never had any problems when it came to starting a family. Shiloh is simply considered to be a rainbow baby because they waited so long to have her, and she came after two adoptive kiddos.

3 Number 7?

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Though six seems like a daunting number of children, people have since questioned whether or not Brad and Angelina are done adopting and reproducing. They seem to adore their kids and are seen spending plenty of time with them. Brad even stayed home with them while Angelina traveled for a while.

Some of us will know that Angelina has tattoos of the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces. We think this is a super sweet and simple idea! Rumors went wild when it was noticed that she had gotten a seventh coordinate added below the rest. People wondered if the couple was adopting again.

While it wouldn’t have shocked us if they were planning on welcoming another baby into their home, Angelina quickly revealed that the tattoo contained the coordinates of Brad’s birthplace.

2 Baby Pictures—Worth $14 Million

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After Shiloh’s baby photos were sold for seven million dollars, it’s not a big surprise that Brad and Angelina would keep up this pattern. Who could turn down more than a few million dollars—which is then donated to charity—for some pictures that would get released anyway?

When Knox and Vivienne were born in 2008—in Nice, France—Angelina and Brad opted to sell their newborns’ photos. They ended up selling the pictures for a grand total of $14 million. This seems insane for something as simple as an infant’s photos, but when these are Jolie-Pitt babies, it makes sense.

Prior to the twins’ birth, there were bidding wars going on between several different magazines. Once the deal went through, the Jolie-Pitts donated the money to their own foundation to benefit kids worldwide.

1 Angelina’s Hidden Past

We aren’t sure that there is a single celebrity out there who would be comfortable with their kids researching their past. There are just some details that should be kept out of the reach of young hands—or stored away from their eyes.

Angelina is no stranger to scandals and rumors. Over the years, she’s made headlines countless times. This has been due to a combination of true and untrue things, but how are her kids supposed to make that distinction without her telling them? Think about how awkward that conversation could be!

One source shared that “Angie winces when she imagines what the kids are seeing about her during these online searches.” Ultimately, they were going to find out at some point. They’re starting to venture into the details of her past relationships and troubled days.

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