15 Dark Things About Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner's Marriage That Everyone Forgets About

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner used to be one of the most notable couples in Hollywood. A lot of this was because of how long their relationship lasted. Lasting relationships are not frequent among celebrities, and we often see them come crashing down.

Affleck and Garner—on the other hand—made their marriage work for about ten years. They got hitched on June 29, 2005. This unexpected wedding took place in Turks and Caicos, right after a quick two-month long engagement.

It all started when they met in 2000 on the set of Pearl Harbor. The two were in other relationships at the time though, so this didn’t blossom into anything big. Then—in 2002—they starred in Daredevil together. Again, they avoided taking things too seriously and stayed with their partners.

Finally, things began to come together so that Affleck and Garner could become something more. In 2003, Garner got a divorce from her husband, Scott Foley. Less than a year later, Affleck called off his engagement with Jennifer Lopez. Affleck and Garner began dating in October 2004 and were married less than a year later.

After a few kids and a ten-year marriage, the two decided to split. Eventually, this led to a divorce. Let’s slide into some of the secrets behind this Hollywood marriage—before things fell apart.

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15 Ben The Bachelor Couldn't Kick His Habits

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When Affleck and Garner’s marriage got a little bit rough, they decided to split. This was ten years into their marriage, on June 30, 2015. Everyone was shocked when this news came out.

When they decided to split, they opted to live in separate houses.

Affleck opted for a bachelor pad, even though he was still technically married to Garner. Allegedly, His intentions in living alone were to live like a single man again.

What exactly was he doing at this swanky apartment? A source close to the family said, “Ben is already living like a bachelor, and he has gone back to his old habits of drinking and gambling. He has been putting up a façade for months. This secret apartment could be the very last straw in any attempt for them to part on mildly good terms.”

14 Jen Had Big Plans To Seek Revenge On Her Estranged Husband

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Given the details of how the split went down, many fans wouldn’t be surprised if Garner was plotting something against Affleck. None of this has been confirmed yet, aside from Garner’s comment. She said she has “big plans for revenge on her estranged husband…”

While a lot of readers may interpret this message to be pretty dangerous, it’s actually not that bad. The revenge that Garner has been working on has to do with her success as an actress. Affleck still might be concerned, but Garner won’t be doing much to hurt anyone if her ideas go as planned.

For one, Garner is hopeful that she can win an Oscar, just like Affleck has. Secondly, she would like to continue to improve her public image. It seems like she will be trying to do this through charity work.

13 A Fourth Child

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Sometimes we will hear women refer to their husbands as their “extra kid.” This usually has to do with the dad’s behavior and whether they help with the kids or not. Celebrities—including Garner—use this term as well.

An insider spoke of Garner’s challenges with Affleck, explaining that,

"Ben was essentially her fourth child, and she resented it. There was constant pressure on Jen, that she admittedly put on herself, to make sure Ben was on track, not partying or drinking too much..."

"...there were always constant reminders Jen had to give Ben about their kids’ school activities, sports, and their social obligations.”

This caused a strain on their marriage. It also added to the stress of parenting, as Garner had to pick up Affleck’s slack when he wasn’t around or capable of parenting.

12 Ben Was Romantically Linked To Blake Lively

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We will be learning more about Affleck’s affairs later on, but this is one that he supposedly didn’t actually act on. Because Affleck is a talented actor who has received many roles over the years, he has had the opportunity to work alongside tons of actresses.

It is rumored that Affleck was caught hitting on some of his co-stars—multiple times. One of these happened to be Blake Lively, who was a part of The Town with Affleck. These rumors weren’t proven to be true, especially since no other actions came out of them.

This could have something to do with Lively being married at the time. From the reports, it sounded like Affleck was pretty interested in Lively. It didn’t go anywhere, and no other mentions of that specific flirting went public.

11 How Jen Held It Together While Ben Was A Mess

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As we will soon hear more about, Affleck got himself into some trouble throughout his lengthy relationship with Garner. From alcohol to gambling, he was a busy man. There were also plenty of rumors of his infidelity, some of which have been proven to be true.

Throughout it all, fans agree that Garner remained very calm and collected. Could she have done that for the sake of their children? It’s unclear how—or why—she was able to hold it all together with everything going on behind the scenes.

It is said that Garner is a very patient and forgiving woman to be able to handle everything that was thrown at her near the end of the marriage.

We haven’t heard much about Affleck’s response to Garner’s cool attitude throughout these struggles.

10 Shookus Shook Things Up

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Here’s where we kick off the topic of Affleck’s affairs. Though there were several rumored cheating scandals about Affleck, this is the most proven one in the media.

It began with a woman named Lindsay Shookus. At the time, she was married to Kevin Miller and Affleck was still with Garner. Shookus and Affleck decided to cheat on their spouses. This started in 2013, which was two years before Garner and Affleck were separated.

One source shares about the affair, saying, “Both of them were married at the time. They were having secret rendezvous every time he came into New York City and other places, too. Both of them were cheating on their spouses so they were very careful about it.” Other reports say that the two only dated when they were taking breaks from their spouses.

9 Ben Had To Go To Recovery For Multiple Reasons

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As we’ve heard, Affleck had his fair share of trouble with women throughout his marriage with Garner. Additionally, he was a heavy drinker when he was living on his own. This turned into a bigger deal than many of his fans probably realized, and there’s a chance it began prior to his bachelor pad days.

Affleck made his way into rehab for alcohol addiction and completed his treatment. Afterwards, he shared this experience, saying, "I want to live life to the fullest and be the best father I can be. I want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it, and to be a source of strength for anyone out there who needs help but is afraid to take the first step."

8 Ben's Infidelity After Infidelity, After Infidelity

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Beyond flirting with Blake Lively and having an affair with Lindsay Shookus, it seems as if Affleck was dealing with an infidelity issue. As mentioned previously, it is said that his relationship with Shookus is the most covered and best proven one. We’ll dig in deeper to another one soon.

In addition to his most publicized faults against his marriage with Garner, Affleck has constantly been in the media. He is often accused of cheating on his wife, even if it’s just slight flirting here or there.

The New York Daily News has shared that no matter how many rumors came out about Affleck’s affairs, Garner always welcomed him back into their home.

This was after Affleck came forward to Garner and ’fessed up about the rumors. It’s unclear as to how many are 100% true.

7 Does She Still Want Him?

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After the split went down, the two then finalized their divorce. Their divorce was due to “irreconcilable differences” in the marriage. Few rumors have been spread regarding what actually started the whole separation, but it is assumed that it has something to do with these differences as well.

As mentioned before, Garner was patient with Affleck, no matter how many times he messed things up. She was also welcoming whenever he cheated on her.

Since the separation occurred, Garner mentioned wanting Affleck back in her life. She made comments saying that she would fall back in love with him if she could. Based on the new life that he’s living on his own, this may not be all too likely for the ex-couple. She also tried couple’s therapy at the tail-end of their relationship as a saving grace.

6 Ben’s Year-Long Plan

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As we can likely tell from the cheating patterns that Affleck followed, he might have been out of this relationship much longer than we realized. Early on in the separation process, it was announced that the two had been living their own lives without each other. This is where that fancy bachelor pad came in.

Around this same time, an insider shared about Affleck’s attitude toward these potentially huge life changes. The insider said, “He can’t wait to go back to being the man he was before they met.”

In addition, it was rumored that he was planning to leave for up to a year before he actually went through with it. There may have been more going on in their relationship than was reported initially. To most fans, it sounds like a pretty sticky situation.

5 They Needed A Nanny Cam

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Some of us are familiar with the whole nanny scandal that Affleck dealt with a while back. This was a pretty big deal to readers all over. Other celebrities have cheated on their wives or girlfriends with their nannies before as well.

The Affleck and Garner kids’ nanny was Christine Ouzounian.

Not only was Ouzounian present at their primary residence, but she was seen alone with Affleck at a house he had rented. As far as the reports go, there were no children to care for at that house at the time.

In addition to spending time with her, rumors circulated that Affleck had paid for the nanny to stay in a hotel for about a week. He paid for $12,000 worth of expenses during that week. The two also made their way on a trip to Las Vegas together.

4 Jen’s In Control Of Everything

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Throughout their marriage, it appeared that Garner was in charge of how their lives were run. This applied to parenting and marriage, among other things. As the divorce unfolded, rumors began flying. These rumors were based upon assumptions that Garner would continue to take the reins, even as the couple split.

One source investigating the situation said, “They didn’t sign a prenup, and she’s very savvy when it comes to their assets. She knows exactly what they have and where it’s invested.” It’s been said that—because of Garner’s wisdom—Affleck may not walk out on top here. From what it looks like, Garner might receive the benefits of their $150 million combined fortune.

Another source mentioned that Affleck constantly felt like Garner was taming him and that he didn’t like it.

3 The Secret Pact

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It has been said that Garner and Affleck came up with a pact to keep their dirty secrets undercover. This mostly has to do with keeping their failed marriage private. Naturally, the media and the fans want to know much more about what went downhill and why.

A rumor has since come out, explaining that...

Garner and Affleck created a pact as a way to keep their secrets hidden. To make things more interesting, they decided to share “talking points” with their close friends.

These points will be about the marriage’s success.

It’s possible that the details about the pact will come out soon, especially now that the divorce has been finalized and things seem to be clearing up. What could be coming out next? Haven’t we heard it all?

2 Ben—Handling The Split Almost Too Well

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Following the split, news of Garner’s and Affleck’s reactions flooded the headlines. People wanted to know how the two were doing on their own and if it would be permanent. Some of us might assume that they would both be a little rough right after they called it quits, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Matt Damon—Affleck’s close friend—shared about his pal dealing with the separation. Damon said, “He’s great, he’s great. He’s got a big smile on his face.” This comment was made at the Project Greenlight premiere where Affleck kept quiet for the most part.

The combination of his quick recovery, his affairs and his want to go back to who he was before the two met has left more than a few fans shocked.

1 There’s More To Tell

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Due to the nature of breakups in general, there is always a chance for rumors and lies to be spread. It appears that Affleck is less concerned about what’s false and more worried about what’s true. When they were trying to keep it all together, he voiced these thoughts. It seems like he was worried that Garner would share more about him than he would like her to.

One source explained Affleck’s feelings, saying, “Ben would rather be anywhere than back with her right now…he fears she’ll air even more of his dirty laundry.”

Because of all this, some of the ex-couple’s fans and followers are assuming that we haven’t been told the whole story yet. Could there be even more secrets yet to come out about Affleck’s and Garner’s marriage?

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