15 Dark Secrets The Versace Family Has Tried to Bury

Italian families are known to protect each other. They protect each other until their dying day and even beyond death. Italian families hold onto each other with fierce devotion and refuse to let others slander their names, no matter what. That seems to be the case with the Versace family. But that’s probably the case with many Italian families regardless of class or creed.

However, with such fame and fortune, surely the Versaces want to keep some things from the public eye. Although that must be hard with a household name like Versace. With money, though, all things can be kept a secret. The Versaces, although in the limelight more often than not, did maintain a certain level of secrecy and mystery. It might just be the Italian way. But it might mean something else, something behind the scenes and something that’s none of our business. Whatever the case, there are still rumors floating around the Versace family even after all this time. Think you know about fashion and the Versace name, well, think again.

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15 Donatella’s Daughter, Allegra, Lived In Darkness


How could Allegra be happy when the public followed her non-stop. Eyes were on her all the time and that must have been exhausting. There wasn’t enough time, space, or privacy to get to know herself. Formative years are so vital to who children will become as adults. And Allegra couldn’t find herself during those formative years because much of it was shadowed by the death of her brother who died of cancer. Such travesty caused her to suffer in ways that other little girls never have to face. No wonder she turned to anorexia as a way to control her emotions and, perhaps, even as a way to slowly kill herself. Facing her brother’s death must have damaged her in ways the public will never understand.

14 Allegra Wasn’t Happy (battled with anorexia)

It can’t be easy to be born into the spotlight. Or have a mother and an uncle who are followed by the paparazzi on a regular basis. Allegra was born into a lifestyle that she might not have ever wanted. She, much like her mother Donatella, was constantly under scrutiny. For a girl just trying to grow up, that must be hard. It’s hard enough to grow-up healthy when advertisements and commercials pressure girls into smaller and thinner bodies. And being a part of the elite, surely Allegra must have felt the pressures even more than the average girl. No one likes to talk about her battle with anorexia because it points to a bigger issue –a real need for attention that can’t be won through fame or bought through wealth.

13 Secret Messages Sent By Flying Messengers (pigeons)


Passed down from a yesterday, the use of pigeons to share secret information is nothing new. They have been used by Mafia members and soldiers alike. Gianni followed this age-old tradition, too. Who knows where he learned the trade, but it’s rumored that he and his friends maintained pigeon coops on their properties in order to share secrets between them. While this could just be random gossip, there have been witnesses to the flight of pigeons into and out of the Versace mansion. Whether or not they were actually passing messages isn’t known. However, one might venture to say that Gianni Versace and his family were deep into something suspicious. How else does one get that rich without having connections to secrets societies or the transmission of secret messages?

12 Trap Doors, Secret Passages And Secret Coded Tiles


With so much money and so much creativity, it sort of makes sense that Gianni and the Versace family would create a mansion with more than meets the eyes. Why not? After all, money can buy anything right. It’s said that there are coded tiles that give clues to where the secret passages and trap doors lie. Keeping his designs a secret. Hiding powerful rituals passed down from some Italian Strega tradition. Covering up a secret fetish. The mind is left to its own devices when words like secret passages and trap doors are used. It would make a lot of sense to keep some of his life secret with all the paparazzi on his heels like predators hunting their prey. He might have even been hiding things from other associations or groups that were out to get him.

11 Donatella’s Own Dark Days


It should come as no surprise that Donatella had her own issues. The Versace family doesn’t want to talk about it because not only is it shameful in the eyes of Italian tradition, but it hurts. No family wants to have to suffer the pain of having an addict around. Nor do they want to relive it. After years of battling in private, she finally had to stand up for herself and her willingness to live. Tired of the nightlife and her dependency, she spoke up about her addictions. It wasn’t an easy decision to make with so many pressures surrounding her and her dear brother’s career skyrocketing, but Donatella knew that she couldn’t win if she didn’t seek help. While this must have been shocking for her family, Donatella did what was right for her. Her desire to live was stronger than her pride.

10 Gianni’s Killer Was A Man Of The Night


Gianni’s sexuality was no secret. As a matter of fact, it was something he flaunted despite public criticism and cultural norms. Famous and good-looking, Gianni had a hoard of adoring fan boys trailing behind him. But he never felt that any of them wanted him for him. He was under the impression that his fame and wealth were what caught his fan’s eyes more than Gianni himself. Gianni wanted to be loved for who he was and not what he had. So he looked for a shoulder to cry by hiring the services of male gigolos. Some say that Gianni had even hired Andrew Cunanan on a single occasion. Andrew Cunanan loved to chase older rich men and was very well-known in gigolo circles within the state of California. It has been said that his plan was to find a sugar daddy of epic proportions.

9 Andrew Cunanan Had Killed Before

Who knows what sparked Andrew Cunanan’s killing spree, but surely he was a troubled soul. Before he killed Gianni Versace outside of his Miami mansion, Andrew Cunanan had killed four other men over a period of three months. It might have been his drug addiction or battle with depression that spawned Cunanan’s need to kill, but whatever the reason, the fact remain –Cunanan was struggling with something that has yet to be revealed to the public. David Madson and Jeff Trail in Minneapolis, Lee Miglin in Chicago, and finally William Reese in New Jersey were all left with clues that pointed directly to Cunanan. Who knows what drove him to go after Gianni. Some say it was greed and a need for fame while others say he was clouded by drugs and delusion.

8 Gianni and Donatella More Than Siblings


From an early age, Gianni and Donatella were inseparable. They spent all of their free time together. If there weren’t out parting the night away, they could be spotted at the most elegant boutiques and restaurants or shopping in luxurious areas. They really depended on each other. Gianni needed Donatella’s body to make his dresses. And Donatella needed Gianni’s dresses to make her stand out in the crowd. But their dependence on each other has led to other rumors, ones that point to things that are inappropriate. Being so close and having a very tight relationship that rarely let others in, speculations arose that Gianni and Donatella engaged things siblings definitely shouldn't do. We'll never know how far they went and close they actually were. But the fact remains, no two siblings were closer than Gianni and Donatella.

7 Gianni Didn’t Just Have Inner Ear Cancer


The Versace family did go public with the news about Gianni’s rare inner ear cancer, but they didn’t want his health record to be shared with the world upon his death. While the world was pleased when Gianni beat inner ear cancer with miraculous treatments and the help of chemotherapy, they were puzzled when the family didn’t release his health records. Of course, this meant they were hiding something. And because Gianni was gay, the easiest conclusion to jump to was HIV-related. Gianni was known to be promiscuous and hire male prostitutes which lead his fans and the public to believe that his deteriorating health was a result of the AIDS epidemic. There were even some coroner reports that claimed Gianni was, in fact, HIV positive.

6 Gianni’s Death Could Be Mafia-Related


Rumors say that Andrew Cunanan was just the fall guy for a Mafia hit that had been ordained as a result of Versace family affiliation. No one knows the truth about the Versaces and the mob, but there seems to be a connection. And it goes deeper than Italian blood. The Mafia supposedly hired the Versace family to do money laundrying for their drug cartel and other illegal activities. Another rumor says that Gianni owed the Mafia money from a loan prior to his fame. Even the dead turtledove that was present at the murder site hints at a Mafia affiliated hit. While it seems too easy to call out the Mafia for Gianni’s death because of the Italian ties, that could be exactly what they want us to think.

5 A Younger Sister That Tragically Died


No one, no matter where you come from, likes to talk about tragedy. It’s living old memories that we wish to bury. It’s opening up old wounds. And for those very reasons, you’ve probably never even heard of the other female Versace daughter. Tragedy is hard, but even harder is tragedy that touches young ones. The other Versace daughter died as a result of a tetanus shot gone wrong. No one knows the details except the Versace family. That’s just how they plan on keeping things, too. They don’t want to share the details of her death as a sign of respect for the dead. No doubt, for an Italian family, such a death doesn’t just hit close to home, but it touches the heart in ways that might be hard for most to understand. The Italian bond is known across the world and the Versaces are no different.

4 Racist Allegations


Italians might try to erase their links to Africa and ignore the racial mixing that took place several centuries ago, but it’s hard to deny the olive-tones in their skin and some physical traits that point to interracial relationships. However, that doesn’t keep some Italians from upholding a status quo that puts them above non-Italians. How quickly they forget their own past in the new country when settlers treated them like slaves and even considered them black. It’s rumored that the Versace name has tread into dangerous racial waters. By using a code, D410 (the code for all black shirts in a Versace store), employees could alert each other and security without giving away their racist attitudes. This got decoded when an African American employee figured out what was going on and was fired shortly thereafter.

3 The Spying Game (novel) Banned


Frank Monte, the author of The Spying Game, wrote a book about his experience as a corporate international spy. He had even spent time working for the Versace family at one point. And he wasn’t shy to put those stories in his novel. However, that didn’t fly over well with the Versace family. Once they discovered that Frank Monte had given out personal information about Gianni and the Versace name, his book was quickly banned. Of course, the Versaces weren’t the only one outraged by Monte’s book. His willingness to divulge personal information about VIP families and companies removed his book from the shelves. The book was first banned in Australia and other countries followed. No word of the ban policy in Italy, but if Gianni really did have ties to the Mafia, you can be sure that The Spying Game won’t be found in any bookstore within Italy.

2 Suing Another Label With Similar Name


Like any artist, fashion designers want to be unique. They don’t just want their designs to stand out and make them a household name, they want their name to be their defining mark. When the Versace family learned that another brand from Italy had taken the Versace name, things got sticky. Versace took the company to court and sued them for slander among other things. The company has since had to alter its name in a way that does not use the actual Versace name. Cleary, Gianni and his family did not want to confuse their brand with another one, even if they are both Italian-made. After all, Gianni must have felt that he wanted to be set apart from his competitors. Years of toil weren’t going to simply be ignored, the Versaces made sure that others who might try and follow suit would be in for a big surprise if they dared to copy the Versace name.

1 Gianni Was HIV Positive


Gianni’s health was in really bad shape before he died. Having undergone chemotherapy for an unusual inner ear cancer had left him susceptible and even vulnerable. This might explain the rumors that he was, in fact, HIV-positive. With a weakened immune system, Gianni was more likely to catch the disease. And of course, with the AIDS epidemic so prevalent in the 80s and 90s among gay men, it makes sense that people would jump to such conclusions. But now with more information we know being gay and having AIDS are not mutually exclusive. What raises eyebrows, however, is the fact that the Versace family refused to reveal Gianni’s health records to the public. They have the right to privacy, surely, but in most murder cases, the health report isn’t kept from public knowledge. Maybe with an HIV-positive status, Gianni could have put the family at risk or shamed the family. Both in dangerous ways that only an Italian can understand.

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