15 Daily Things That Feed Our Insecurities

If you think you’re the only person who struggles with insecurities, think again. Every day, we all come face-to-face with certain things that really trigger our insecurities and can really do a number on our self-confidence. It's bad enough that the media displays unrealistic images of women on the covers of magazines, and turning on the television means you'll have to see women who look like they have it all together: the perfect bodies, the perfect relationships, and the perfect lives. No matter where you turn, there's bound to be something that gets under your skin, and if you really let it get to you, it can do some damage to the way you see yourself and the way you feel about yourself.

As much as you may think you're confident and self-assured, your insecurity likely creeps out a bit when you come in head-to-head with one of these 15 things that we all come in contact with on a daily basis.

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15 Swimsuit Stores

Going swimsuit shopping can definitely do a number on your self-esteem. It seems like every bathing suit is made for women with tiny frames, and the women who model the bathing suits look absolutely flawless in every single piece. Getting the courage to actually venture inside a swimsuit store is hard enough, but trying on some of the styles can really feed your insecurities. Swimsuit designers seem to think every woman should feel comfortable wearing a tiny string of floss on her butt and itty-bitty triangles to cover her boobs, but that's just not the case. When it comes to shopping for the perfect swimsuit, sometimes I'd much rather just wear a pair of shorts and a tank top. I can never compete with the supermodels who look absolutely flawless in every single piece, so why should I even bother?

14 Relationships

If you've ever been madly in love with someone, I'm sure you can relate to the struggle of keeping your insecurities at bay during your relationship. For whatever reason, being in a relationship seems to bring out the utter craziness in us all. The tiniest thing can bring out some insecurities that we never even knew existed.

If your boyfriend glances at another woman or you notice he has added a new friend on Facebook, these simple things can send a girl's mind into overdrive. Her insecurities will lead her to believe that her boyfriend's cheating on her. No matter how hard she tries to ignore this unsound accusation, her inner voice will make her believe that her man is up to no good.

Guys are attracted to girls who are confident and have high-self esteem, but being in a relationship can make even the strongest girl breakdown at some point.

13 Celebrities

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Just turn on your television , and you'll run into images of celebrities that really bring out your insecurities. Celebs have access to top notch trainers, chefs to prepare healthy meals every day, tons of money to make alterations to their bodies and all the money in the world to spend on the upkeep needed to ensure they look impeccable at all times. It's really not fair that girls compare themselves to celebrities and the unattainable images that they are forced to view daily.

The media dictates what's hot and what's not, so many girls believe if they don't fit into the mold that society has deemed beautiful then they're less attractive. Being forced to deal with these modern beauty standards is definitely trying for many girls, and it's no wonder that seeing images of beautiful celebrities can really do a number on a girl's self-esteem.

12 Clothing Sizes

Trying on clothing can be a horrifying experience for some girls. Many girls think the size they wear determines who they are and how beautiful they are seen to others. When a girl's body changes, and her size goes up, it can be a devastating situation that causes all types of insecurities to emerge. When a girl isn't completely satisfied with her clothing size, it can cause her to go to great lengths to fit into her desired size. This can range from excessing dieting to having an eating disorder.

The fashion industry contributes to these insecurities by creating vanity sizing. Throughout the years, clothing manufactures have decreased the numerical sizing of clothing while increasing the actual physical size of the pieces. Sizing is different for different brands, and this is why a girl can be a US size 8 in Forever21 and a US size 6 in Zara. These discrepancies in size can make many girls feel unhappy about their overall physical appearance.

11 Reality TV


Reality television is far from reality, but that doesn't mean it still doesn't affect our self-esteem. Producers of these programs use a script to concoct various scenarios, and the stars of the show play them out accordingly. These shows are all heavily manipulated, but watching them on a daily basis can really skew your ideas on what is real, what's acceptable, and what's appropriate.

Some reality shows, like The Real Housewives series, are based on wealthy women who live fabulous lifestyles. Watching these women jet off to tropical locales, and watching them spend thousands of dollars like it's nothing, can make viewers feel unhappy about their own lives. Reality TV stars also appear to be dressed up with perfect makeup and luxury clothing at all times. What girls don't realize is that many times, the show's produce will pay for the casts vacations, and the reason why these women appear to look perfect at all times is because they have a team of makeup artists and hairstylists to fix them up every day.

10 Magazines


The publishing industry is notorious for using Photoshop to tweak the images of celebrities and models who grace magazine covers. These digitally enhanced bodies are then seen as the ideal body types - even though it's not a true representation of the cover model's actual appearance. For readers who aren't aware that the images on the cover and inside magazines have been edited, comparing themselves to these virtual body ideals can really bring out their insecurities.

With Photoshop, blemishes disappear, saggy skin is erased, and curves are enhanced with the push of a button. When girls look at their own bodies, they may wonder why their waist isn't as small as the cover model's or why their boobs aren't as perky. But it all has to do with the way the publishing industry manipulates the images. We're all beautiful in our own ways, but looking at magazines can really make us second guess our own attractiveness.

9 Instagram


Social media is a gift and a curse. It's a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, but social media also has a downside that can negatively affect your self-esteem. Users are able to craft their own reality by only posting about the happiest moments of their lives. Many users also embellish the truth to make their lives appear more appealing. People who browse social media on a daily basis may begin to compare their lives to the lives their friends are portraying.

Studies have even linked social media to depression. It's not that these social media sites can cause you to become depressed, but if you're already at-risk for mental health issues, they can really push you over the edge. If you're constantly comparing everyone else's perfect life to your own, you're bound to feel insecure and unhappy about your life at some point.

8 Snapchat


The best thing about Snapchat is the awesome filters. There's the dog filter, the flower headband filter and the face swap filters. These filters are a fun way to jazz up your look and interact with other Snapchat users, but they can also cause some major insecurities. Many of these filters smooth out your imperfections, plump up your lips, and brighten your eyes. Many Snapchat users have admitted to actually liking the way they look in the filters more than they like their actual real life appearance. These filters make people feel like they look so much better than they really do, and that can be really detrimental to their self-esteem.

Aside from the filters, watching other users' lives play out in real-time can also bring out insecurities. You may start to compare your life to people on your friend's list. You may think because they're updating their stories daily about how fabulous their lives are, your life is less than amazing. It can really be a downer and can cause sadness to creep in.

7 The Internet


The Internet is literally the worst place to be if you're dealing with insecurities. The world wide web houses a plethora of images and stories that cause many people distress. Anyone can post anything on the Internet, whether it be true or false, and when you come in contact with things that make you feel inferior about your own life or your appearance, your self-esteem can tke a beating.

We can't imagine life without the Internet these days, but that doesn't mean everything we come in contact with is beneficial to us. While browsing the Internet, you can start to question why you're not as beautiful as other women online, or you may wonder why your life is not up to par with other users who you come in contact with. If you've noticed the Internet is starting to bring out your insecurities, it's time to start limiting your exposure to certain websites that make you feel uneasy. By staying away from things that make your insecurities creep in, you'll be doing your self-esteem a major favor in the long run.

6 Your Insecure Friends

If your group of friends suffer from insecurities, their thoughts about themselves may bring out your own insecurities. They say "birds of a feather flock together," so if your friends have issues with their self-esteem and confidence, it's quite possible you're dealing with some underlying self-esteem issues, as well. Feeding off of someone else's insecurity can make you start to question yourself and everything else that's going on in your life. It's a very negative way to live, and the only way to free yourself from this situation is to sever ties with the people who are causing you to feel even more insecure.

Of course, it's never hard to move on from a friendship, but if your friends are always talking about how horrible they feel, and if they constantly compare themselves to you, it will eventually start to ruin your confidence. You have to put yourself first in these types of situations, and feeling good about yourself should be a priority. Anyone who makes you feel less than amazing shouldn't be allowed in your life.

5 Dating Losers

Being in a good relationship can bring out your insecurities just as much as being in a bad relationship can. But when you date a guy who many would label a loser, it can really start to affect your self-esteem. Staying in a bad relationship with someone who doesn't deserve you can cause irreparable damage, and it can bring on that dreaded baggage that we all wish we could avoid.

Dating a loser means you may be faced with cheating, lying, someone who's untrustworthy, and someone who isn't loyal. These negative traits breed insecurities. You may start to snoop through your partner's things, become violent and irate, and the two of you may get into a vicious breakup to makeup cycle. It's always best to avoid relationships with losers, but sometimes, we can't help but to get sucked into it. And when we're in too deep, it's almost impossible to pull ourselves out of it.

4 Getting Dumped

Even if you're not the one at fault, getting dumped can make you feel very insecure. When a relationship comes to an end, all sorts of questions run through your mind. You may wonder what you could have done differently, you may become obsessed with trying to win your ex back, and you may even start to judge and compare yourself to the new women in your ex's life. Suddenly going from being in a relationship to being single can really shake up your self-esteem. If you centered your entire life around being a girlfriend, finding yourself suddenly single may make you question your own self-worth.

It's hard to avoid feeling insecure when a relationship is over, and it's definitely something we have all gone through at some point in our lives. Instead of focusing on your failed relationship, it's best to pick up the pieces and get a game plan in place on how you will proceed with your life moving forward.

3 Makeup Companies

Makeup companies market their products to women of all shapes and sizes, but many of these ads have one common theme: beauty. When looking at makeup ads, you may start to compare yourself to the model in the photographs. But little do you know, this model was not only glammed up with some help from skilled makeup artists, but her image was likely altered, edited and Photoshopped prior to the ad being released. If you're worried that you don't look as good as the model in the pictures, you're definitely not alone.

Makeup advertisements also make girls feel like they have to have a full face of makeup on at all times. Girls are constantly trying to emulate these looks by watching hours worth of you YouTube beauty tutorials. Without makeup on, many girls feel "naked," and they believe they're made up face is much more prettier than their natural beauty.

2 Millennials

Millennials are a group of people who reached young adulthood around the year 2000. This generation of people have caused insecurities to breed amongst themselves, and it can really be harmful to their self-esteem. When it comes to Millennials, it seems like they are all battling out, and the competition is fierce. They all want to have the absolute best high-paying jobs, Ivy League degrees, they want to have the most handsome husbands, perfectly groomed children, beautiful houses and flashy cars. They tend to craft their lives online to make their entire existence appear enviable, but as with most things, everything doesn't appear as it seems.

For Millennials who feel they're behind in life, or things aren't going as smoothly as their counterparts, they may struggle with their own identity. Instead of embracing their lives and who they are today, they constantly pit themselves against friends, neighbors and strangers as they try to attain the perfect lifestyle. You can just imagine how self-destructive this can be.

1 Your Job

In the workplace, you should try to become the best employee possible. Learning and growing within a job is something that makes many people feel accomplished and secure in their lives, but their place of employment can also cause insecurities.

Bosses and coworkers can cause insecurity to be fed on a daily basis. When a boss has extreme demands that you're not able to fulfill, it can make you feel like a failure. Also, office politics, gossiping amongst coworkers, and competition between employees can also make you feel inferior. It's hard to escape these daily insecurities because most of us have to go to work everyday in order to make ends meet. So we have to put on a brave face, try to keep our insecurities at bay, and proceed throughout the workday cheerfully while we're slowly dying on the inside. When it comes to insecurity at work, it's something that will remain with you, and switching jobs usually doesn't fix the problem. You'll just be confronted with brand new insecurities that do major damage to your self-esteem.

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