15 Cutest Facts That Will Make You Smile

We all need something in our lives to makes us smile. When we can´t find that in the world around us then we hit the web to see what we can read that will put a smile on our faces.

When we were children smiling was the norm, we were so simple in our humor that we could find joy in most things in life. That’s the beauty of being young. As we grow older we get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we can sometimes forget to do something as simple as smiling.

It is said that a woman’s best asset is not her body, but her smile. So keep on reading and find out these happy 15 facts that will make you smile. It will also make you feel better in the process.

15 Smiling has many benefits

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According to an article in the Huffington Post smiling has many benefits for your health. It can improve your mood by sending the message to your brain that you’re happy, and even forcing a smile can do the trick since the muscles on the face reinforce or transform the feelings we are expressing. Smiling also makes you seem more approachable; in a study performed by Penn State University it was found that authentic smiles from employees influenced their impression on customers in a positive way. If this were not enough, smiling retrains your brain for the better by helping your mind shift to a positive space, and what’s even better is that smiles are contagious. So the more you smile, the more the world around you will smile.

Come on try it now! Smile, you might not feel the benefits straight away but that doesn’t mean that magic is not happening in this very instant while you're smiling. And actually when you smile too much, even if you’re feeling sad you trick your brain into believing that it is happy so your brain believes that it is happy and it eventually makes you happy. It’s like a lie, when you say a lie too often you start to believe it, and the same goes for smiling.

14 Thousands of Trees Are Planted By Squirrels

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Deforestation is happening every second of the day somewhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if we’re not a witness to it, it’s happening. Of course we can sometimes get sad with the situation of the world and thinking how many trees are being chopped down, but don’t worry, planet earth also has its little helpers that are contributing greatly by planting the trees that we so dearly need: squirrels.

Squirrels tend to bury their nuts for a rainy day, but sometimes when there’s too much food around them they tend to hoard their nuts and bury hundreds of them. As a result, they can sometimes forget where they buried them and a tree will be the joyous outcome. Dr. Smallworrd and his colleagues discovered that squirrels buried 60% of the red-oak acorns that they came upon in their study. Can you imagine this times millions of squirrels? That’s a lot of trees.

13 Someone, Somewhere is Having The Best Days Of Their Life

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Sometimes we can get too self-centered and forget that we share this world with 7 billion other people. I know that right now you might not be having the best day of your life. You’re probably at home after a long day of work trying to find something entertaining to brighten up your day. Maybe you’re at work looking for something to make the time go faster (you’ve found it by the way).

But you can rejoice on the fact that someone in the world is just absolutely happy and having the best day of their life. As you read this, someone is being kissed for the first time, someone is being born, someone is laughing, someone is on their honeymoon, someone is getting married, someone just got their dream job and many are happy. Tomorrow it might be you and someone in the world will be wondering who that person is who’s having a wonderful day. You’ve had amazing days already, just look back at your life and you’ll probably see so many moments that have made you so happy. Like they say, the best is yet to come, so cheer up because you don’t know what tomorrow has in store for you.

12 Cows Have Best Friends

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You have best friends and you love spending time with them because you love them. Friends are an essential part of our lives here on earth; can you imagine how horribly boring life would be without friends? Better not imagine that. Well… you didn’t think that it was only humans that liked hanging out with their best friends right?

You probably didn’t know this but cows have the capacity for forming friendships with other cows and they like spending their time together. It is said that when a cow forms a friendship, their friendship lasts for their lifetime and they spend most of their days together. We don’t really know what it is that they do to have fun except of course eat grass and lay in the sun. That is, for the happy cows who live freely in the fields.

I bet this will make you think twice before eating a burger, you’ll probably think that you’re eating someone's friends.

11 Otters Hold Hands So They Don’t Float Apart

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We all love holding hands with our loved ones. But unlike otters we don’t need to hold hands while we sleep so we won’t float apart, we hold hands because it’s a nice feeling that helps us feel closer and connected to the person whose hand we’re holding. Still though, when we sleep it is nice to cuddle with our partner and feel them close to us.

Some animals in the animal kingdom are no different, they might not be able to verbally express their emotions but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them. Animals like being close to their loved ones and otters have an amazingly adorable way of showing it.

When otters are chilling in the water and before falling asleep they hold their mate's hand so that they can rest peacefully knowing they’ll wake up next to each other. Water can make two beings float away from each other, especially if they’re not awake to swim to reach the other, so otters want to make sure they remain together by holding hands, or should I say paws.

10 A Pig Can Get Its Thrills For Up To 30 Minutes

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Some women can have multiple orgasms and they’re the lucky ones, but we do consider them rare and extremely special. We would all want to be like those women right? Well… not so fast. Pigs are considered the kings when it comes to orgasms, no other animal can have as long an orgasm as a pig. A surprising and amazing 30-minute lasting orgasm would be pretty awesome!

After reading this many men are going to wish they were pigs. Yes! Some animals in the animal kingdom were blessed with incredibly long orgasms, but our men were not one of them, even if many are considered pigs. Your boyfriend might have been feeling happy because his orgasms can last 10 seconds. Well, that’s nothing in the pig world! If for whatever reason your man is the exception and his orgasms can last 30 minutes then it's safe to say he is a pig.

But can you imagine? Men are crazy for sex as it is. If their orgasm lasted 30 minutes it would be officially impossible to get them out of the bedroom.

9 Caligula Named His Horse A Senator

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Caligula is known in history for being a mad man, so you might be wondering what on earth his name is doing on this list. He did some pretty atrocious things during his rule over Rome, which are not funny at all. Nevertheless, he had a sense of humor and he wanted to get back at the chambers of senators in Rome because he despised them so much. He, however, found a very funny way of doing so.

He decided to name his favorite horse Incitatus a senator of the Roman Empire. He also had a collar made with precious stones for his horse and servants to satisfy his horse’s needs. That horse truly lived like a king and Caligula made sure all of his needs were well taken care of, because how could a senator of Rome live in precarious conditions? It really didn’t matter if the people of Rome were happy as long as his horse was.

What can we say? Maybe Incitatus made a better senator than many of our current senators.

8 Sea Horses Are Partners For Life

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We all dream we could meet a man with whom we could spend the rest of our lives, someone who wouldn’t cheat, someone who would believe in monogamy and who would promise us eternal fidelity and monogamy until death do us part. People might refer to animals as primitive and insensitive, but they might not know that some animals are better than most men, because they treat their other half in a way that all women wish they were treated, such being the case for the adorable and precious sea horse.

For those who are doubting monogamy and fidelity, you should know that it does exist in nature. Sea horses are actually very good mates because they are monogamous and only have sex with their partner, they procreate several times during their lifetime and the male sea horse carries the babies. They also travel together by holding each other's tails. Wouldn’t we all want to be sea horses!

7 WWI soldiers had a truce at Christmas

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There’s usually nothing about wars that we consider beautiful, since wars involve a lot of death, cruelty and the word enemy is everywhere when it comes to war. Because enemies are the ones who go to war to fight, to conquer, to punish or to expand an ideology. There are many reasons why enemies go to war.

WWI was no exception, the world was submerged in a bitter war that many countries participated in. For during war there are no holidays, no days off and no weekends. When a soldier goes to war he knows that it will be cruel, tiring and hostile.

But miracles do happen, even in the most remote and hostile places. Love can flourish in the hardest of hearts and Christmas holds the power of bringing enemies together, even if it’s just for one night.

During the Christmas of 1914 the German and British soldiers decided to put their differences aside and celebrate Christmas together. They exchanged gifts like cigarettes and alcohol and played a friendly soccer match in the area known as ‘No Mans Land’, which lay between the trenches. They also sang Christmas carols together and for one night they became friends. It is said that many soldiers left the war after this event because they couldn’t bear the idea of killing their new friends.

6 Cats Bring You Presents

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Cats are adorable creatures. They’re usually very elegant, clean, independent and they might even seem indifferent to many simply because they’re not as emotional as dogs. Dogs will wiggle their tail when they see you, they’ll lick your face with joy and you can always tell what your dog is feeling because they show it so freely. Cats on the other hand are more reserved, they’ll pass through your legs every now and then, but they certainly don’t wiggle their tail when they see you. It might even seem as if cats don’t really love us as much as dogs do. But don't be too quick to judge cats because they actually have a very funny way of showing you that they love you.

If you have a cat then you probably know how it loves bringing you dead stuff that he/she hunts. They don’t do so to make you mad and grossed out but because they think that you’re not a savvy cat so they bring you a meal to ‘help’ you survive. They love you so much that they’re just trying to help you out. So next time your cat brings you something dead don’t get mad at it, remember that it is his/her way of bringing you a present.

5 There was a Day With No News

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Our daily lives are full of news. Now with all the technology that we have around it's almost impossible to shut ourselves away from the news, we can get it on our cell phones, our TVs, our laptops and pretty much anything that connects to wifi. Of course news is nothing pretty, it's usually plagued by horrible events around the world such as death, poverty and bad news.

On April 18 1930 the British BBC thought there was no news worthy of being covered, so they decided to play piano music instead. Can you imagine how awesome? One day with no news, no bad news, no wars, no corrupted politicians, just piano music to help you relax. This has been the only day that the BBC thought there was no news. Maybe they should repeat this and make it happen again, it would be nice to rest from all the drama going on around the world and listen to some piano music.

4 A Penguin Once Became Knighted

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Norway is a far away country that is pretty perfect. Their corruption index is among one of the best in the world, poverty is almost nonexistent, they have beautiful landscapes and they also have a fantastic sense of humor. Nils Olva was just an ordinary penguin born to ordinary penguin parents. We’ll never truly know if Nils Olva’s dream was to become knighted by the king of Norway, but maybe it was and the little guy showed us all that dreams can come true, even for a penguin.

On August 15 2008, 130 guardsmen stood to hear the citation from King Harald V of Norway where he refers to the penguin Nils Olav “in every way qualified to receive the honor and dignity of knighthood”. He is now referred to as Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav and he resides at Edinburgh Zoo.

3 We Are All Made Of Stars

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Billions of years ago there was an incident in the universe where the complex mass of the first stars, dust, matter and energy exploded into billions of new generation stars, planets and galaxies. Of course it took extra billions of years for everything to actually form, but among those galaxies it was ours, and among the planets of our galaxy there was earth. At the beginning, earth was uninhabitable, but everything changed slowly and in the course of millions of years, things started to form and evolve.

When you feel insignificant just remember that you’re made of stars. Everything on this planet from the grass to the animals and human beings were formed billions of years ago in the interior of collapsing stars, and all of that originated from the mysterious BIG BANG. After the explosion and billions of years of evolution we came to be sitting here in front of a computer. So just remember that you are the universe and the universe is you. Now that’s powerful!

2 Penguins Propose With Pebbles

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OK so we’ve pretty much seen it all right? A penguin being knighted and now penguins proposing. Well… penguins are very special creatures. Not only because they’re adorable and walk in the most precious way but because they are pretty unique. They’re not senseless animals. They have emotions and they have several ways of showing those emotions with their penguin partners.

If you thought that only humans gave each other a rock in symbolism of their love you were wrong. Who knows, maybe humans got the idea from penguins since they look for pebbles to give to each other as a present and DeBeers (the diamond company) copied penguins in the way that humans should propose. It’s also important to note that penguins are among the few animals that are monogamous and faithful to their partner. Once a penguin finds its mate, they’ll be together forever. So yes! There are several animals in the world that can teach men a great deal about what it means to be in a committed relationship.

1 Kissing Is Good For You

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When we were young our parents suffered from the idea of having their little girls kissed. Heck! We even felt grossed out about kissing, it seemed so gross, lips together, saliva being exchanged, tongues moving from one mouth to the other. It wasn’t the most pleasant of activities to look at. But of course we were children. We then grew up and realized how awesome it feels to kiss someone. But it’s very likely that for most of our teen years and even in adulthood we’ve experienced the amazing benefits of kissing.

If you want to burn those extra calories then start kissing your mate, because kissing burns 2 calories a minute. It also helps you exercise your face muscles, which helps you look younger and it helps to release oxytocin and serotonin which are brain chemicals that make you happy. So don’t get sad, start kissing and you’ll feel better and look better.

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