13 Current Trends That We Already Regret

Trends come and go. One minute it's cool and the next something new comes in to take its place. God forbid you actually get attached to one of these fickle trends and you'll be accused of being "tacky" or "out of style" because you know, we try styles to keep up with what's cool, not because we genuinely like it right? (Sense the sarcasm)

Of course style is all about self expression and freedom to be what you want. It's an art honestly. However, we have to admit the fact that some of these trends aren't artistic, but more like cringeworthy mistakes that deserve to be scrutinized for how absolutely ridiculous they are! You know how you look at some pics from fashion week and think to yourself "who in their right mind would actually wear that on the street?" Just like you wouldn't advise someone to strut outside the house with a trash bag, polka dot umbrella hat and bunny slippers on, even if it was the trend. We advise staying far, FAR away from these eternally regrettable fashion trends, that is if you'd like to be taken seriously.

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13 Big Frame Glasses

This is a strong current trend, might even be one that has most people hooked. People who have perfect vision as well as people who actually need glasses are flocking to stores to pick up their majorly oversized frames. Some of them look ridiculous and some of them, ok no, everyone looks a little off with these monstrous spectacles. It may be a thing now, very socially acceptable, but like the one inch heel of the early 2000s, this is a trend we will regret a lot in the years to come. Please do not have any identification picture taken while you are wearing these huge lenses. You will regret that pic in a year or so. And for all of you that are into the clear or white oversized geeky glasses, please put them down and swap them out for something a little timeless.

12 Extreme Brows

Ok so we are very thankful for the women who thread our eyebrows and for the makeup products that help us fill in where our brows are sparse. If it wasn't for companies like Anastasia Beverly Hills that make wonderful eyebrow fillers we would be walking around with our thin misshapen brows. We are also very fortunate to have Youtube. This is where we go to find the best ways to fill in our brows to make them look like the Instagram models we obsess over. The issue here is some of us do not ask for help when buying these products or don't properly research how to go about filling them in. And a problem happening everywhere is women overdrawing their brows, making them look like two caterpillars sitting above their eyes. Do not! Seek out a professional to help you finding the right shade and proper way to fill them in.

11 Huge Overlined Lips 

We've all debated on getting our lips done. We've all also tried one way or another to get our lips looking like Kylie Jenner's. We want full puffy and pouty lips and we want them to look like...once again..the girls on Instagram. Lip fillers can go bad and some people have ruined their lips trying to look like a Kardashian/Jenner. But for those of you that are trying to keep it natural by just overlining your lips as you see on Khloe K, you must be careful as she has a team of professionals working on hers (and she also has her lips done too). Putting dark liner way over your lip line can make you look like a mess and kind of like The Joker. Watch a Youtube tutorial or ask someone who works as a reputable makeup artist, they can help you achieve a natural plump pout.

10 Clear boots

Come on guys, even clogs will never be as crazy as these things! At least when you wear Crocs or Uggs you have the "I want to be comfortable" excuse to back you up. As far as these see-through style boots that are plaguing social media, there's no excuse for why anyone would want to wear shoes that make their feet sweat profusely. Besides that, some even have the nerve to forgo getting a fresh pedicure before. If you're going to show off your feet in a fancy plastic bag, the least you could do is make sure they're in presentable shape right? Of all the popular fads of Instagram, the clear boots are among the worst. They're like little sweaty ponchos for your feet.

Whoever thought of this trend, please take it back, immediately. If you don't mind looking cheap, go ahead and keep rocking them. However, we highly doubt you won't look back on this within the next few years and want to smack your old self for being so tasteless.

9 Destroyed denim 

A look that is a bit more distressed here and there can add an edgy touch to a pair of jeans, contributing to that street edge and urban style to a chill or more put together outfit. Sadly, people have decided to take it a major step further and completely rip up the fabric. Like, ripped up to the point where they look ruined. Boho chic? More like "hobo chic".

Explain something: what is the point of exposing the entire thigh and knee, when you could've just worn shorts? Why is it that these jeans look as if  you were attacked by a dog that wanted you for its chew toy? Why is it that they look as if someone literally slashed them up with the biggest pair of scissors they could find? What exactly is so fashion forward about jeans that no longer look like jeans, we aren't sure. We do know that everyone is going to look back on this trend and wish they had worn something less shredded. 

8 Built in chokers

Chokers have come and gone in and out of style for years. They may have fallen to the wayside after the 90s, but a lot of people didn't really stop wearing them. They have returned and are worn by everyone, everywhere. Chokers are mad cute and very stylish. On the other hand, we think it's a bit much (and quite unnecessary) to build them into our clothes. It's honestly quite tacky to say the least. Someone may have thought incorporating a huge trend like the choker into their designs was innovative, new and fresh, but outside of Instagram, we’d prefer to keep them separated. Besides, chokers are supposed to be jewelry, not sewn into the clothes we are wearing. This is one of those things you see a while later looking at old pictures of yourself and scoffing "Ugh, what was I thinking?"

7 Waist trainers

Waist trainers aren't meant to be a fashion statement, but you'd think otherwise when you scroll down Instagram. They were EVERYWHERE! The social media world was completely oversaturated with the obsession of unrealistic waist to hip ratios, and waist trainers accompanied with expensive detox teas were the miracle duo to get you the body you're told you want. If we are going to be honest here, it's foolish to believe that wrapping a tight fabric around your waist will magically make your love handles disappear, permanently that is. However, due to the likes of the Kardashians and more influencers, more and more women fell for it, resulting in a fashion trend we will look back on and shudder.

By the way IG models, don't they belong like, underneath your clothes?? After all, that's what shapewear is for. 

6 Flashing Your Underwear Sets

Remember back when it looked as if every celebrity and model on Instagram were sporting their Calvin Klein underwear on IG (some pictures more sleazy than others). Not surprisingly, those pics were sponsored. How many #ads did we have to scroll through of people wearing their underwear outside of their jeans? It wasn't cute before, so who knows why they expected it to be cute now.

Obviously the famous guys were just making a profit off the photos, but guess what ended up happening anyway? Millions more were influenced by the hype and began posting pics of themselves mimicking celebs in their CK undies. It wasn't long before our newsfeed was flooded with pics of people in their undies, too much and too alike. Isn't fashion about being unique, not following everyone else? 

5 Ripped up top  that go with the ripped up jeans

We know this look is super popular right now but the torn apart look should not be 'hot' but it is and it all happened to fast and now we will never be able to escape it. Ever since Kanye came out with his line of crazy cool clothing, the world has been crazed with this style. Was it because he got his whole family to wear his clothes or because he is the face of the brand? Either way this is the sh*t right now and everyone wants a pair of these crazy expensive, destroyed clothes.

This look is so popular that brands all over the world are coming up with their own kinds of Yeezy looking clothes. So basically what we now have are racks full of clothes that look like they were found on the street and most likely hit by a few cars.

4 Crazy Nails 

Why, just why is this even a thing? How do you come across this look and think "yeah, this is what I want my fingertips to look like!" Who actually went to the salon and requested velvet, duck tips or pom pom nails? Think about it, people have actually paid for this!? It seems like all you have to do is glue pom poms from any craft store to the tip of your nails. These are colorful looks but these are not styles you will look back on in years to come and think "ya that was great, loved that." Do yourself a favor and sit on this thought for a while before you spend money on getting velvet glued onto your nails. Another reason to deter you should be how unsanitary these nails must be.

3 Cold Shoulder Tops

A few of them are cute, but overall the trend doesn't seem to make sense. If the purpose of a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck is meant to keep you warm from the neck down, why are the shoulders exposed? Why do I want my shoulders to be cold? It's such a silly concept, huh? It's understandable if you have a thin t shirt with a cold shoulder or off the shoulder thing going on during the spring or summer time, but can anyone explain why people are wearing long sleeve cold shoulder tips in the winter? Here's just another one of the random fashion trends that don't make sense on most occasions, and will probably be a regrettable one sooner than later.

2 The Crazy Expensive Sock Boots

While maybe no other trend is near as atrocious as the clear boots, the sock boot comes a close second. Thank you  Yeezy for this god forsaken new trend. From the first season of Kanye West’s own fashion line, millions clowned him for his “hobo chic” designs and how hideous his clothes were. Now all of a sudden, those same millions have latched on, especially lusting after his shoes, from the Yeezy sneakers to the Yeezy boots, sock boots included. Because of their high price tag, you can find hundreds of DIYs dedicated to replicating the shoes on YouTube and fashion blogs alike. Sadly, these DIYs literally had people putting their heels through their socks and walking around in public this way! It's like flashing back in time when you thought you could wear your mom’s shoes with the thickest pair of socks you could find. This trend is pretty juvenile, and we will look back on this and laugh our butts off, or cry if you found yourself participating in this crazy trend!

1 Leather Mini Skirts Paired With Fishnets 

We know that the 90's grunge era, as well pop stars like Madonna and Britney Spears made this piece popular way back when. And for some reason it has crept its way back onto the current fashion runways. The fishnet stalkings may have been cool then, but now, can you say tacky? Even if everyone is wearing it right now, that does not mean that it is nice. Sorry to all the vintage fashion enthusiasts, but some trends simply shouldn't be revived, and the leather mini skirt paired with the fishnets is certainly one of them. It looks just looks outdated now, and it probably (thankfully) won't keep up with all the other currents teens like midi skirts and velvet dresses. Who knows, it just might die out soon enough before we really begin to regret its existence.

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