15 Wedding Traditions Brides Follow In The U.S.

Your engagement and wedding are supposed to be the happiest, most romantic time in your life. And sure, they are. It's a great time and all. However, it can also be the most embarrassing time in your life and you can thank the advent of social media for that.

Social media has completely changed weddings for the worst. There's so much pressure and a never-ending amount of judgment. Let’s be honest, we’ve all judged every single wedding we’ve seen via Facebook and Instagram. And the sad truth is that your wedding will be judged in the same harsh way that you judged others. I know, it’s enough to make you start breathing into a brown paper bag, but it’s just the way of the world now.

Likewise, social media has brought out a whole new slew of traditions that every bride must now follow and they are all pretty cringy.

I mean, posting your engagement ring on Instagram? Calm down, Sarah.

We don’t need to know it’s a 1.5-carat princess-cut with a double halo. Good ring, though. There’s also the wedding hashtag, because if you can’t think an adorable and hilarious way to combine your names into a wedding hashtag you might as well not even get married.

Below are the cringiest things, most embarrassing, most annoying things that everyone has to do before they're allowed to get married thanks to social media.

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17 It All Starts With The “I Said Yes” Post

We Heart It

Here’s a fun one: the ‘I said yes’ post. Let's all collectively roll our eyes, shall we? I mean, we’ve all seen it. It’s when a woman posts a photo (or 23 photos) of her engagement. There’s the surprised face, the happy face, the kissing, blah, blah, blah. And then, the caption always, always, without fail reads, 'I said yes.' Duh, Brittany. You wouldn’t be posting those pictures if you said no. In fact, these pictures would look a lot different if you said no.

We get it, because what are you supposed to caption the engagement announcement with? Well, get creative! Give us something, anything we beg of you other than a generic ‘I said yes.’ Or you could just be really slick and simply change your Facebook status. Though without the photos and ‘I said yes’ to go along with the status change, your friends may honestly think you’re kidding. Seriously, you can't just change your status. You need to post photo evidence that you said yes.

16 Those Close-Up Engagement Ring Photos So Everyone Knows That It's A 1.5-Carat Diamond

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Honestly, this may be the tackiest thing all newly engaged women do. No offense, but it’s just that you can bet Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wouldn’t have been posting these ring pictures. They had class.

Following the engagement announcement or sometimes right along with it, a woman will post a close, close, close picture of her brand new piece of jewelry. Seriously, it’s so close that it’s like she rented a special microscope to take the picture.

Usually, the comments are full of compliments and emojis. Though, I do hope everyone who posts a tacky photo like this is well aware that their ring is definitely being judged.

Someone screenshot that picture, sent it to a group chat, and they are all making fun of how small/big/fake/lame/unoriginal the ring is.

Posting a close-up picture of your engagement ring is literally asking for people to pick it apart. If you love your ring, don’t post it.

15 You Have To Share Every Single Detail Of Your Engagement Or Else It Didn't Really Happen

via brides.com

Why do we all do such lame things right after we get engaged? Maybe it’s the excitement, adrenaline, or simply that we just lose our minds. Whatever the case, brides are pretty much expected to share their entire engagement story with the whole world. This can be done in one of two ways. The new fiancée can post a video of the engagement, so it’s like we were all there with her in that intimate moment that is no longer personal or private. The other way is that she can recount everything in a rather long, wordy caption. In this situation, the video may actually be preferred because no one needs a long, poetic story about the engagement. You're not J.K. Rowling, Jill.

Sure, this may not be the cringiest thing one can do, as you’re simply inviting people into your very special moment. But still, wouldn’t it be nice to have some private details from one of the biggest moments in your life?

14 The “Feyonce” And “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged” Coffee Mugs Are A Must

via meganandliz.com

Resist the urge to buy corny mugs and wine glasses. Trust that there is nothing chic or cool about all this fiancée gear because there really isn’t.

First of all, it’s only cute for the duration of your engagement. After that, why are you drinking out of that coffee mug? Though passing it on to another engaged girlfriend would be kind of adorable in a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants way, but you’re probably going to keep it. Plus, do you really need more coffee mugs or t-shirts? The whole ‘Does this ring make me look engaged’ and ‘Feyonce’ merchandise is just a symptom of consumerism. They are products purchased solely for the one or two pictures and then they lose their glimmer.

If your mom buys you the mug, fine. But don’t make us all look at the corny picture of it. Everyone has already seen the exact same picture on Pinterest. It’s way overdone.

13 Honestly, All Engagement Shoots Are Pretty Cringeworthy

via yourstoryinphotos.com

Admittedly, engagement photos are necessary for some reason. They can be used for save the dates, holiday cards, wedding props, and wedding websites. Also, you have to get a wedding website and the best couples will even buy the domain name. But back to the engagement photos. While they may be useful, they are so very corny and they are all the same. It’s about a million pictures of the couple kissing, holding hands, laughing, walking, and never looking at the camera. Like, that side profile better be looking its best because it’s about to be photographed HARD. There are variations of the theme, as couples will opt for a city photoshoot, beach, woods, and so on. But it's still all about side profiles, giggles, and kisses.

We can all agree that the photoshoot can be useful, but it really doesn’t have to be posted in its entirety to social media. A photo album with 300 pictures of you holding hands and laughing? So inspired!

12 Asking The Wedding Party In Some Adorable, Instagram-Worthy Way

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If you simply ask your bridesmaids to be in the wedding, you are a complete failure as a bride. You cannot just ask. Asking is for losers. No, you have to prepare a scavenger hunt or an amazing box of swag or a whole photo album. You have to get NSYNC to reunite for a rendition of “Bye, Bye, Bye,” but they’ll be singing “Bride, Bride, Bride.” It must be a whole thing.

The sad thing is that this isn’t necessary because you really appreciate your friends and family and want to pay tribute to them in a special way. No, it’s for the Instagram, baby. They need that boomerang of them opening the “Will you be my bridesmaid?” champagne and you need to give them what they want. Seriously though, asking the wedding party in a thoughtful way is a kind gesture, especially since they’ll have to fork out a down payment for a house in order to be in the wedding. However, the elaborate will-you-be-my-bridesmaid gesture seems to be mostly a photo opportunity, which is… well, very 2018.

11 The “I Said Yes To The Dress” Post

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Question: If you didn’t post that you said yes to the dress, did you ever really say yes to the dress?

The wedding dress can be one of the most exciting and most stressful parts about planning a wedding. First of all, they cost a fortune. Forever 21 needs to start an affordable wedding line or something because dropping serious money on a dress you’ll only wear once can be one of the most painful parts of planning a wedding.

So when you do finally find the perfect dress, you may be thrilled and relieved, but that still doesn’t make it okay to post a lame-o ‘I said yes to the dress’ post. Like, did anyone need this update? Does anyone actually need to know where you are in the planning of your wedding? The answer is no. It's always no. Just surprise everyone the day of.

10 Debuting The Wedding Hashtag On Social Media

via theweddingblissthailand.com

Like the engagement photoshoot, a wedding hashtag is useful. If people actually use the hashtag, you’ll have a special little space on the Internet carved out for photos of your wedding day. That’s not only convenient but also pretty lovely. However, the pressure of the wedding hashtag is heavy. There are even wedding hashtag generators online. Basically, you put in all your wedding information and the generator will spit out some generic and uninspired options. But no one wants the generic and uninspired options. And you bet that there are always those annoying couples who have clever, adorable, hilarious hashtags that just make the pressure too much for everyone else.

All that said, the real cringy thing about the wedding hashtag is when there’s a big debut. No one needed a big status about the hashtag. No one needed a photo of the hashtag written on a chalkboard or something. Hashtags are useful but don’t elevate them into a whole other element of the wedding. There’s already enough to worry about and now engaged couples also have to come up with a bomb hashtag.

9 All The Countdown Posts 365 Days Before, 6 Months Before, 30 Days Before, And So On

via number-2-pencil.com

If you’re engaged, you’re essentially always counting down to the wedding. That’s kind of what being engaged is, right? Still, people feel the need to post countdowns until their wedding. 356 days, six months, four months and three weeks. Calm down, Judy. No one needs a play-by-play of how many days away your wedding is, except for maybe the vendors.

On top of that, anyone invited already knows. You sent the save the date and the invite. They know the date, girl.

The countdown is actually a weird way to remind a few certain people on social media that they weren’t invited to your wedding.

I mean, it is truly only people who weren’t invited who would be actually updated via countdown, right?

The one time it’s not completely corny and lame is when you’re reminding your guests about something. If you put a countdown that also just so happens to remind your guests it’s their last chance to book a hotel room, that’s allowed. That’s also a good rule of thumb for wedding posts. Is it useful? Okay, post! If not, skip it because it’s super cringy. Instead just, like, text your fiancé about the countdown. That's literally what he's there for.

8 If You Aren’t Traveling For Your Bachelorette Party, What Are You Even Doing?

via popsugar.com

Bachelor and bachelorette parties used to be a single night of debauchery. A few friends got together in the time nearing the wedding and partied. That’s great. Everyone is down for that. Nothing cringy there. However, social media has suddenly transformed every single wedding related event into its own event. Now, bachelorette parties are long weekends of travel. You have to go to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York for a long weekend with your girlfriends. And we’re definitely not knocking a girls trip. In fact, we’re not even necessarily knocking the idea of a destination bachelorette party. However, we are knocking the fact that it feels necessary

Social media has put pressure on people to have these big, perfect weddings, which includes all these events leading up to it. And so, people fork out a ton of money for this girls trip that is pretty much necessary by society’s standards these days. If you can’t afford to go to Cabo for a long weekend, you shouldn’t feel like you are less. And yet, that's exactly how it's starting to feel. Why all the pressure?

7 All Of The Embarrassing Stuff You’re Expected To Wear During The Bachelorette Party

via theknot.com

We’ve already established that a destination bachelorette party is kind of part of the package with getting married in 2018. So, you’re going to drop some serious dough to go to whatever party city you choose. That’s great. You’ll dance, dine, and drink your heart away. You’ll look like fire… except you won’t. You’ll have to wear very cheesy t-shirts, sashes, and crowns. Forget wearing a sizzling outfit and looking glam. Instead, you’ll be in generic bachelorette party gear. It may be goofy and fun, but it also makes for some embarrassing photos.

Skip the bachelorette gear, especially if it’s dirty because that’s borderline tacky. Maybe wear a white dress, but definitely not that sash.

6 All Of The ‘Getting Ready’ Photos In Matching Robes

via brides.com

Speaking of gear, you have to buy matching outfits for your bridesmaids to get ready in. It's mandatory. In fact, they don't let you walk down the aisle unless you and your bridesmaids wore matching outfits beforehand.

The reason for the matching robes or sweatsuits or whatever else is because the wedding photos begin before the wedding. That’s right, they begin with the getting ready process. There’s some value to this, as getting ready for the wedding can almost be as much fun as the actual wedding. You’re drinking champagne, laughing with your girlfriends, and being pampered. It's literally heaven. However, who wants their photo taken before their professional makeup is done? Like, wait until you look good.

While there’s some value in the getting ready photos, it’s just another thing that we all do now because of social media. It’s another expectation. And also, just try to make sure the robes or sweatsuits are reusable. You don’t want to make your bridesmaids have yet another item of clothing they'll never wear again.

5 The Corny Poses During Your Wedding Photoshoot

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Wedding photos can be the most beautiful photos you’ll ever take. There’s something lovely about the formal photos that include several generations of a family. There’s also something lovely about candid shots in which the bride and groom look their happiest. However, everything else is cringy and it’s all thanks to social media.

Now, there has to be photos of the couple inside the veil together. There has to be a photo of the groomsmen carrying the bride away. They are all so posed, staged, and lame. Basically, there’s a never-ending list of corny photos we all have to take now, all thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. If you need to take these pics then do it, just don’t post them on social media. We’ve all seen them before. Those corny poses are all over the Internet already. Keep that inside-the-veil picture to yourself, girl. But please do share the candid picture in which you look genuinely happy. Genuine happiness is never cringy and we'd all like to see those.

4 The Tradition Of Having Your Garter Belt Taken Off Is The Absolute Worst

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While many of these traditions are new-ish, this one is old school. In this case, we’re talking about the weird moment during the reception in which the bride is supposed to sit in front of everyone as her new husband pulls off her garter belt, with his teeth. No one, I repeat no one wants to watch this.

Everyone feels absolutely uncomfortable and weird during this part of the reception.

In fact, it’s actually the perfect time to get a drink refill so you can do something other than watch this weird tradition. How it’s lasted so long as a wedding tradition is unclear, but it’s time to put this one to bed.

If you still want to force all your single friends to duke it out for the bouquet, fine. Just please, don’t make us watch the groom take off your garter belt. We'll all feel really weird about it.

3 Endlessly Sharing Honeymoon Photos Instead Of, I Don’t Know, Having Some Private Time

via hindustantimes.com

The wedding itself and the time leading up to it is such a highly social experience. You’re constantly talking to family, vendors, and other people. You’re meeting your fiancé’s extended family, who you may have never met before and now they're you're family too. You may even be meeting some of your own extended family who you’ve never met before because apparently, your Great Aunt Rita had to be invited? Whatever.

The point is, it’s one of the most social times of your life. The idea of a honeymoon is to relax with your new husband. The point is not to spend the entire time on your phone. Sure, you do want to document it. However, the snaps of your breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and midnight cocktails is a bit much. Put down your phone and be with your partner. Plus, it’s actually cooler to disappear for your honeymoon than to show your followers every single moment of it. Just go be married for a minute, you know?

2 Sharing The Previews Of The Wedding Photos

via southernweddings.com

We get it, Kristen. You’ve just gotten the preview photos from your photographer and you’re super excited. So maybe share one or two, I guess. When you share them all with big watermarks all over the photos, it’s just too much and very cringy.

Oh, and here's the biggest sin of all. Do not make one of the watermarked photos your profile picture. Girl, resist the urge. Wait for the real deal and don’t waste those precious likes on a watermarked photo.

When you do finally get the photos, don’t share them all. No one wants to have 700 photos of your wedding pop up in their newsfeed. Or hey, maybe make a private album. Or just share the best photos. There are so many options, but just don’t force all of your followers to relive your wedding over and over and over. They already sat through your engagement post and countdown posts. They are sick and tired of the fact you got married.

1 Guess What? It Literally Never Ends!

via 100layercakelet.com

The horrible truth is that the cringy events don’t end with the wedding. You are in for a lifetime of cringy events. Because of social media, we live in a world of documentation. You have to post pictures for your anniversary and every single holiday. When you buy a home, you have to post the photo of the keys or else you probably didn’t buy a home. When you get pregnant, you better have a creative gender reveal. Cutting into a cake with either a pink or blue filling simply isn’t enough these days. You have to throw water on a new Mercedes that then turns pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby.

At the end of the day, social media has changed us all as a society and it has most certainly changed weddings. Social media creates these corny expectations for life events and it can feel like you aren’t measuring up if you aren't posting the same things other people post. Resist this pressure and do what’s best for you. If what’s best for you is being cringy, be the queen of all the cringe. But if you’d rather keep your engagement private, do it.

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