15 Cringeworthy Celeb Looks That You Should Never Copy

When it comes to major fashion trends, nearly anything goes these days! Whether you’re all about bell-bottoms, in light of your love for 1960s fashion, or you’re obsessed with pairing your studded leather jacket with something super-feminine, the style you rock on the daily is totally in your hands. And, yes, celebrity trends remain a big influence in what we choose to wear – whether we realize it or not! All you have to do is scroll through your Instagram newsfeed, check out a gossip magazine while you’re in line at the grocery store, or turn on some sort of entertainment television show as you wind down from a long day at work, and you may find yourself extra inspired to try out a new style!

But even though fashion is a creatively tangible way to express one’s personality, we don’t think that every single celeb trend is meant for everybody. In fact, we think there are several looks that could would actually embarrass you, and make you look like you’re trying to do the most! From the red carpet and fancy parties to everyday, real life sidewalk struts, these particular celebs really rocked these head-turning styles, heightening the concept that they can get away with wearing whatever they want, even if they’re beyond the verge of ridiculousness. But what about you? Think you could get away with trying out these trends?

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15 Peplum Style

via perezhilton.com

During Kim K’s first budding pregnancy with North, we couldn’t help but notice the trendy fashion pieces she flaunted. And although we dig a chick who takes risks on style and doesn’t let nature get in the way of making a fashion statement, we have to admit that some of her preggo style was semi-questionable. Yup, we’re talking about the peplum blouses, skirts, and pants she often wore. Each gives off an ultra-feminine vibe, but in all honesty, when this style of fashion is worn on a woman who doesn’t have a narrow or waif frame, it can be unflattering. And for the common pregnant woman, adding on the illusion of extra shape in the midsection is rarely a goal. Kim may able to afford adding extra drama to her pregnant body, but we’re betting you don’t want to appear bigger than you are, especially when pregnant hormones are raging! Are we right?

14 Matching Outfits

via buzzfeed.com

Do you like to match outfits with your sweetie pie? Most people don’t – especially if it’s anything like the coordinating denim ensemble that Britney and Justin wore at the 2001 MTV Music Awards. Now don’t get us wrong – this was their era. This means that even with this quirky look, we still found them adorable. This young Hollywood duo could do know wrong! And when pop star Katy Perry attended the 2014 MTV Music Awards with rapper Riff Raff in coordinating denim outfits – an obvious tribute to Britney and Justin’s 2001 appearance – we got a kick out of it. But these are celebs, people! Would you dare attend a fancy event with your loved on in matching outfits to make a fashion statement? If it’s not a themed or holiday party, you may want to think twice. That is, unless you don’t care about all of the onlookers and criticism you’re likely to get.

13 Heavy-Duty Scarf

via reddit.com

A couple of years ago, rock star Lenny Kravitz was photographed walking down the streets of NYC cuddled up with a blanket…er, scarf…around his neck. The oversized, cumbersome accessory was definitely snuggle-worthy, but how heavy and awkward did that thing look? And even though celebs can get away with wearing trends that common folk often can’t, this is one look that we think Lenny could have skipped out on. With his fairly slim frame, it’s practically burying him! We hate to be super-judgmental, especially because it is totally boho and works with his personal style, but the ridiculousness factor overpowers the practicality of it. It almost wears us down just by looking at it! In addition, it gives off a sloppy feel and looks to be quite the hassle of he chooses to take it on and off. Would you rock a scarf like this even in the chilliest of winters? We didn’t think so.

12 Full-On Fatigues

via gossiptrend.com

In the words of “Cher” from the fanatical 1995 film Clueless, you may be thinking “As if!” when you imagine wearing full-on fatigue style. But that’s not what Khloe thought when she rocked a long camouflage-printed jacket with another camouflage-printed jacket tied around her waist. We’ve seen this blonde Kardashian sister wear fatigue fashion often over the last couple of years, which seems to work well with her eclectic, outspoken personality. Because let’s be honest – camouflage is not for the meek. It has “confidence” written all over it! But would you dare wear an outfit that is over-powered with a military-inspired print? Even for the common chick who takes this style literally (by supporting U.S. military efforts), it could be a bit much.

So if full-on fatigue fashion just isn’t your thing, consider incorporating it into your outfit in a more subtle way. Camo-printed bandanas, watches, and beanies are typically less laughable and more realistic for the common fashionista versus a loud statement à la Khloe.

11 Overly Filled Lips

via usweekly.com

Think faux clown-like lips will continue to be a trend in 2016? Well, from Kylie Jenner to Reality TV star Kim Zolciak’s teenage daughter Brielle, it doesn’t look like this Hollywood beauty trend is dying down anytime soon. Don’t get us wrong – we understand that enhancing this facial feature can, in turn, enhance a chick’s confidence. But full lips are typically characterized as sexy and can make a girl appear much older and way more advanced then she really is. We can only imagine how many teens idolize pop stars and are looking into lip fillers!

Just like a “good boob job” on the average chick is one that appears natural-looking, a good lip job should maintain a similar sense of authenticity. ‘Cause think about it – big ‘ol fake lips will get you stares, may get you compliments, and is likely to get you free drinks on a Saturday night. But how comfortable will you feel in an friendly, intimate environment. Say…the dinner table with your family during Christmas? Exactly.

10 Itsy-Bitsy Denim Shorts

via theoldreader.com

When Lady Gaga explores a certain style, she really goes there. And with some sort of theatrical or comical quality to each of her looks, we rarely think of replicating her outfits into our everyday lives. Some celebrity looks should really just stay within their world…for obvious reasons. They can get away with criticism, ridicule, and making it to the “worst dressed” lists. But can you?

Case in point: Wearing itsy-bitsy denim shorts to the office (risking your job) or when walking down the street (risking catcalls and rude responses). Gaga can afford to let her cheeks hang out because we expect nothing less than the queen of risqué, especially when she maintains a certain vibe from her album; the itsy-bitsy denim shorts were relevant to her October 2016 “Dive Bar Tour,” which is clever and makes complete sense. But if you’re simply dying to mimic Gaga’s distressed, tiny shorts, then consider wearing a pair of leggings or tights underneath ‘em. That way, you’re still a bit covered up and respectable-ish.

9 Vamp Lips

via eonline.com

When the common woman talks, the attention often goes to her mouth. Yet for celebs who are on display at events and parties with vamp-stained lips, such as Taylor Swift, the focus is more on their overall sex appeal and style. To show off a darker vibe at the 2016 Met Gala, Taylor confidently flaunted a dark lip paired with a metallic mini dress. As this beauty trend worked great with the event’s theme – “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” – we know that this was quite the opposite from Taylor’s typical softer and more feminine lip shades.

So unless you embrace an edgy look on a regular basis, going for a vamp lip could be kind of annoying. In addition to creating a distraction with the person you’re communicating with and causing someone to misjudge you, it means attentive maintenance. Possible vamp-stained teeth? No thanks!

8 Neon and Pastel Wigs

via pinterest.com

Oh how we appreciate the drama that used to come from Nicki Minaj – mainly when it came to her colored wigs! Her attention-getting hairstyles truly helped to carve out her name in the entertainment industry and kept her ahead of the game. Not to mention, her wigs helped add exciting theatrics to the stage! From bright green to pastel pinks, Nicki did her thing – and she did it well.

So it’s no surprise that her style continues to inspire hip-hop stylistas! (Just watch an episode of “Love and Hip Hop” to get a feel for her colored-wig inspiration.) But, in regular life, this beauty trend seems to be limited to certain environments. For instance, it could work perfect for nighttime appeal, a club, an industry event, and/or Halloween. But the average chick wearing it in casual circumstances, such as to a grocery store? Or, for a chill date at the coffee shop? It may look like you’re going incognito or trying a little too hard to stand out. Agree?

7 Monochromatic Outfit

via gotceleb.com

A skintight monochromatic outfit like the fiery red one Kat Von D recently worn around town is hot! This isn’t just because the bright shade is lovely, and that it looks awesome against her black hair and excessive tattoos. This look works because it’s a Kat Von D outfit, meaning it works because it’s her. So from afar, we can respect and adore her amazing wardrobe choice. But is this right for you? Hmmm….maybe. Maybe not. It all depends on the type of attention you want and how many heads you wanna turn!

To play it safe, you may want to leave a bright red, fitting outfit to someone as badass as Kat – unless you’re ready to live on the wild side. But if you dig the concept of wearing an outfit that consists of one color (with shade variations here and there), then maybe deeper hues would be best. Think maroon, olive, and of course, black.

6 Smeared Makeup

via thesun.co.uk

We bet you’d never leave your home with smeared makeup all over your face like Lady Gaga did in 2013. ‘Cause, like, why would you? But as part of her “Applause” promotion, this look was artistic, wild, interesting, and a tad shocking – even for Gaga. Even if it wasn’t part of her marketing and branding, and she decided to step out in this Joker-ish beauty statement, we know that this isn’t a makeup “trend.” Rather, it’s Gaga costuming.

The main reason why you probably wouldn’t even try to get away with wearing smeared makeup in regular life is because it doesn’t look deliberate. It just looks like you really effed up your face! In fact, your mom, sister, roommate, or partner would stop you before you could leave the house! So unless you’re 5 years old and just left a face-painting party, you’re likely to feel embarrassed, silly, and a bit clownish. (Sorry, not sorry.)

5 Heels Over Socks

via zimbio.com

Remember the days of Sassy Magazine in the early 90s? This girl power publication featured tons of mod styles for the independent chick, including heels over socks. It was awkward, yet granny-ish and cool. Fast forward about 20 years, and you can still find rebellious fashionistas taking on this look. But it’s a very small subculture of those who would have the guts to do so!

Rihanna, being the trendsetting pop star that she is, has flaunted this look around town more than once over the last several years. And what can we say? RiRi can rock nearly any style – heels over socks included. Although this isn’t a look that is super-shocking, it’s definitely a head turner. Especially if the rest of your outfit isn’t on point with the vintage vibe or school girl look you’re going for. Ultimately, you better love it if you're gonna flaunt it! Other celebs who’ve rocked this style: Taylor Swift, Kelly Osbourne, and Katy Perry.

4 American Flag Fashion

via newnownext.com

…And speaking of Katy Perry, what is it with her love for rocking the American Flag fashion? Halter tops, skirts, and dresses are just few of her prideful pieces we’ve seen the 32-year old wear over the years. As a fashion risk-taker and great entertainer, we understand turning to a look that grabs the attention of the paparazzi and the media. So for Katy Perry, American flag fashion has become her thing -- especially because she rocks 'em when performing at patriotic events. Ultimately, we accept this style because it’s her.

But does this much tackiness, er...comical pride, belong in the streets? Could you imagine wearing a mini-dress with the American flag printed all over it the next time you hit the club with your girls? Well, if you’re into poking fun at fashion and rocking it with confidence, then maybe you can. But for the majority of chicks, it would be a no-go. Really, the 4th of July is your only excuse for American flag fashion.

3 Sheer Madness

via popsugar.co.uk

In today’s day and age, nudity is hardly passé. Letting bits and pieces of your womanhood peek out is becoming so common, one is nearly a prude if she chooses to cover up. And with Hollywood’s overly hyped “It” girls (the Kardashians) leading the way in showing it all off, how can we ever escape the sheer madness taking over?!

Recently, before she went into hiding, Kim K was photographed hitting several hotspots as she attended fashion week shows and her hubby Kanye’s concerts. One of these cities was Miami. And one of the dresses that she rocked to a Saint Pablo concert was basically bodysuit lingerie with a see-through material that hugged her hips and bum. This look is a Kim K-exclusive, and we think it’s best to leave it on her body (or on one of her sister’s). We are betting that you don’t have bodyguards and security at your side for protection. So just don’t try it. Um, yeah, no further explanation needed.

2 Controversial Costuming

via vh1.com

No one can forget the controversial looks that Amber Rose and her crew, including BFF Blac Chynna, wore to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. It was a full-bodied leotard full of colorful words that most would cringe at – from “hoe” to “whore.” In support of her “SlutWalk” event and female empowerment movement, this fashion ensemble was full of sarcasm and radicalism, accomplishing exactly what it was intended to do – make everyone talk. (Chynna wore a dress that mimicked Amber’s bodysuit, while her two male supporters wore two-pieces that also carried shock appeal.)

If you dig the statement that Amber made with fashion, think carefully about copying her look. Be aware that a style such as this could be offensive to the public in everyday environments, with mistreatment and embarrassment haunting you throughout the day. But it could work for you if you’re planning on actually attending Amber’s SlutWalk event or another protest event where this type of statement is welcomed.

1 Meat Dress

via giphy.com

Lady Gaga once again makes this list of celeb trends that you’d be embarrassed to try. This time it’s the number one spot with her infamous meat dress! Do you remember when this fashion icon showed up to the red carpet at the 2010 Video Music Awards wearing a dress and accessories made of raw beef!? It was both shocking and fascinating, as she went for a look that matched her gutsy personality (pun intended).

And, seriously, we couldn’t think of anywhere the common chick could get away with wearing a meat dress….or would want to get away with wearing it. Whether you’re a vegan or not, the concept of cold meat – heavy with preservatives and gunk – probably would never even cross your mind had Gaga not worn this. Other than Halloween, should you choose to sport something like this on the street, we might actually question your sanity!

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