15 Creepy Pregnancy Photos That'll Make You Cringe

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and magical times of a woman's life. She and her partner want to remember the moment forever by taking beautiful photos that they'll cherish for a lifetime. While some couples opt for classy and elegant pictures, others try a little too hard to step outside of the box and do something different. And the results are usually disastrous!

Everyone has the right to capture their own pregnancy in their own unique way, but that doesn't mean the rest of us don't get to laugh at their awkward and cringeworthy photo shoots. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse than singer Ciara's maternity photos with Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, we've dug up a bunch of pictures from everyday people that will either leave you speechless or give you a case of the giggles.

From photos that include wild horses to some interesting belly art, these maternity photos prove there's no limit to how far some couples will go to have the most shockingly disturbing maternity photos ever. And then there are those couples who are completely oblivious to how strange their pictures really are.

Get prepared because you're about to see 15 maternity photos that will definitely creep you out!

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15 This Is Just Strange...


Incorporating your pets into your maternity photos is always a good thing! Many people include their dogs and cats in their photos since they're a part of the family, too. We've seen horses used in maternity photos, as well, but not quite like this.

This mom decided the perfect addition to her maternity photos would be a beautiful horse. It would've been nice to see her walking alongside the horse as she held on to its reins. Or perhaps it would've looked good if she just stood next to the horse with her head gently resting against its body. But this photo is the epitome of strange. This mom actually allowed the horse lick her bump. Why? We may never know. Perhaps her love for horses was so intense that she just wanted to be one with the wild animal. Or maybe she's hoping her unborn child will become a horse lover after receiving a few licks in utero.

14 The Circle of Life


OMG this looks like the live-action remake of The Lion King...and that's not a compliment by the way. Something compelled this couple to cover their entire bodies in some pretty artistic artwork. They're both covered in paint to look like lions, and the mom's belly has a tiny cub painted on it. If you look closely at her upper stomach, you can even see the words "the circle of life." If that doesn't convince you that these two are diehard Disney fans that I don't know what will.

Although the artwork is amazing, we're scratching our heads and trying to figure out why they would want to cover their entire bodies for their maternity shoot? Don't they want to look back at the pictures and reminisce on how happy and excited they looked? Instead, all they will be able to see are drawn on fangs on their lips. What a disaster.

13 Push!


We all know a woman has to push to get the baby to come out, but do we really need to see the action simulated in her maternity photos? This woman decided to give her best "push face," while her husband and daughter peeked between her legs. Um, awkward much?

We wonder who came up with the idea for this photo: The mom, the dad, or the daughter? Either way, this idea should've been scrapped completely. We can't imagine the family actually hanging this photo up in their house for the world to see. This is definitely a picture that should've been kept private...or maybe it just shouldn't have been taken at all! We love that this family has a sense of humor, especially the mom who looked like she was about to pop at any moment, but we definitely think they took things a little too far. In the end, this isn't the worst pregnancy photo we've ever seen, but it still makes us cringe.

12 He Looks Thrilled


When a woman finds out she's pregnant, she can't wait to tell her partner the good news! If her partner is also on board with the pregnancy, it can be a magical time in their lives to just enjoy the entire experience, pick out baby names together, and imagine what their baby will look like once it arrives. But sometimes, the father isn't always as ecstatic as the mother. Maybe he doesn't think he can afford to have a baby just yet, or perhaps he's afraid of how his family will react to the news. But regardless, some dads just can't fake their happiness, and their true feelings about the entire pregnancy can be seen in the maternity photos.

This dad looks absolutely thrilled in this photo don't you think? As the mom holds up the positive pregnancy test, the dad has the saddest look on his face. It's almost as if he's seeing his entire life flash before his eyes. We hope that when the baby arrived, he finally warmed up to the idea of being a dad and was finally able to crack a smile.

11 Hello, Hairy Back


For these maternity photos, it looks like the dad is the center of attention - or maybe our eyes are just drawn to him for all the wrong reasons. To start, the smile on his face is skeeving us out, and then there's his back. We all have hair on our bodies because we're mammals, duh. But he couldn't do a bit of landscaping before the photo session? A little bit of hot wax on his back wouldn't have hurt. Okay, maybe it would've hurt a little bit, but it definitely would've been worth it. Or perhaps he could've just covered up with a shirt instead. We just hate that this woman's photos were ruined by her baby daddy's dark and unruly back hairs. We just wish the photographer had a razor in their back pocket and was able to tidy his back up a bit!

10 Before and After


Before and after pregnancy photos are just the cutest. They usually show the mom wearing the same outfit in the before and after photos. The only difference is, the newborn baby is included in the after picture. It's just cool to see how the body changes from a full and round belly to a flat stomach and a new bundle of joy in her arms. But this woman decided to do her before and after pictures a bit differently, and the results were cringeworthy.

In the before photo, she's wearing a blue see-thru shirt with her belly on full display. Everything's all fine and dandy in this photo, but things get weird in the after picture. Instead of holding her baby in her arms, she shoves him underneath her shirt. Um, can you say creepy? We hope the poor little baby can breathe okay underneath all of that fabric.

9 What's Going On Here?


Incorporating older kids into pregnancy photos is a trend that many moms love to embrace in their maternity photos. It's nice to get everyone involved to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new addition of the family. But this photo is just all sorts of creepy.

The parents look less than pleased as they stand off in the distance. The mom looks like she's absolutely hating life, and the dad looks like he'd much rather be lounging on the couch with a cold beer in one hand and the remote control in the other. Then there's their son who's front and center in the photo. He's stealing all the shine with his toy train with the word "baby" spelled out. Don't get us wrong, he looks adorable, but there's just something about this picture that gives us the heebie-jeebies. He looks like he's thinking of all the ways he's going wreak havoc on the entire household as soon as the new baby arrives.

8 Hoop It Up


We love a funny maternity photo shoot when the parents get to show off their sense of humor. This couple decided they wanted to ditch the traditional pregnancy photo aesthetic and go with something that will get their friends and family laughing hysterically. But unfortunately, this picture turned out to be a complete fail!

The mom is standing with her belly exposed why the dad is pretending to dunk her stomach into a basketball hoop. We don't understand why the mom's face is cut off from the picture. This entire photo should be about her not about her baby daddy who's channeling his inner Shaquille O'Neal!

Hopefully, this couple also took some more serious photos to go along with this one. We can't imagine what it would be like to have to look back on our pregnancy pictures and have to relive this hot mess of a photo again and again and again.

7 Back to Back


If you didn't think it could get even more strange, you were wrong. This couple used an equal mix of contemporary elements with a bit of humor for their maternity photo. We love the all-black background. It makes the picture look really classy and elegant. But the way the parents are posing is a complete no-no. As a pregnant woman, it's expected that her belly be a bit pronounced and poking out. Showing a bare stomach is not a bad thing at all. But we really don't understand why the dad has to have his shirt off, too. Just pour bleach in our eyes already. No one wants to see this!

Whether he's poking out his stomach or he's just naturally rocking an extra spare tire around his waist is irrelevant. We just don't need to see his goodies right now. This picture would've been so much better if he had put on a shirt or a tank top at least. But noooo, he had to go and ruin it by showing way too much skin!

6 Just Plain Weird


We're not sure if this is supposed to be a funny picture or if they're serious about that artwork on the mom's belly. Whoever painted that mural sure is talented, though. Look at all the details in that picture, from the baby's bright green eyes to...wait a second. Or those her internal organs peeking out from the sides? Okay, gross!

And then there are the random buttons at the top right corner of the photo. We don't know why they're there nor do we care. We just wish they would go away. They don't make any sense unless the mom is a fashion designer or a seamstress. Also, it was nice that those two women came along with her on her photo shoot, but who are they? I guess they could be her older daughters, but they look to be the same age as the mom-to-be. Ugh, there are just way too many questions that we need answers to!

5 A Balancing Act


We've definitely seen worse photos, but this one is at the top of the list for one of the most cringeworthy of all time! Here's another mom-to-be who decided to go with some body paint for her maternity photo. We actually like this artwork a lot. It's not as realistic as the last one we saw, but that's what makes it so awesome. We love the way the baby is peeking out from the crack and peering down at his dad. But that's about the only thing that's endearing about this photograph.

The placement of the dad's head is just...odd. It looks like the mom is balancing her pregnancy belly right on top of his head. We get the whole idea behind the picture, but we definitely think it could have been executed much better. Who wants to remember their pregnancy by looking at pictures of themselves bending over the dad's head? Not cute. Not cute at all!

4 Who's Really Pregnant Here?


Here's yet another strange maternity photo shoot, or should we say paternity photo shoot? We're not even sure who's supposed to be pregnant in this picture. We see that the mom clearly has a round belly, but the dad is also packing a rather large tummy. He also has a picture of a baby on his shirt. Who's baby is it? Beats us.

To top it off, it looks like he's sitting on a pumpkin. So perhaps the baby's due date is on Halloween? Again, who really knows. And then, the mom seems to be coaching the dad on his breathing technique. And it's all just so strange. We wonder what was really going through their minds when they started to brainstorm about this entire concept. When the baby's old enough to understand what's going on, we're sure they'll be LOLing the second they catch a glimpse of this picture!

3 This Looks Itchy


Nature shots are all the rage for maternity photos. A mom-to-be lounging in a bed of tulips is a glorious sight to be seen, and we've seen many pregnant women utilizing trees, the ocean and the mountains as the perfect backdrops for the scenery in their maternity pictures. But this lady didn't get the memo about picking a beautiful and visually appealing backdrop. Instead, she's all wrapped up in only God knows what. It looks absolutely uncomfortable and definitely a bit itchy. We can only imagine the vast number of critters lurking inside of whatever TF that is.

The scenery is just so drab and blah. We think this photo would've looked much better if there was a splash of color. Perhaps a tree covered in beautiful gold leaves would've done the trick. But it's a little late for all that. If this woman happens to get pregnant a second time, let's just hope she doesn't make the mistake of wrapping herself up in itchy shrubbery again.

2 Inflated Tummy


Here's another pregnancy photo that's purpose was to make people laugh, but it fell a bit short. We're going to guess and say it was the dad's idea to use an inflating pump attached to the mom's stomach. He's giving the impression that he's pumping up her belly to what it looks like now, but we can't help but think this photo is a little bit kitschy. There are ways to create a hilarious maternity photo that doesn't look so corny, but this couple is upping the corny factor to astronomical levels!

The dad seems to be having the time of his life, and the mom looks pretty much into the whole concept so we guess that's all that matters. When it comes to pregnancy photos, the couple has the right to do whatever it is they want to do, and the rest of us will deal! But they shouldn't be surprised if they show up on our next creepy pregnancy photos list!

1 Being One With Nature


A lot of couples choose to take their maternity photos outside. The great outdoors provides the perfect backdrop for pregnancy pictures. We've seen everything from sprawling mountains in the background of pictures to the crashing waves of the ocean. We didn't think it was possible for someone to mess up a nature-themed photo, but this pregnant woman succeeded.

Instead of her and her partner standing against the beautiful tree, the mom decided to completely sprawl out on its trunk. This wouldn't have been such a bad idea if the mom didn't look like one of those people from the commercial, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" She looks to be in pain, there's not even the tiniest smile on her face. Thankfully, her partner brought a bit of joy to the photo. He's looking at her adoringly, and wait, is that a smile we see? Yup, it sure looks like it!

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