15The mannequin challenge


Y’all don’t even know that the mannequin challenge goes way back, like all the way back. Look at these people striking poses for so long that they lose their heads, hands, and limbs. And why are there two heads behind the guy missing his head? Is he a man of

two heads? It’s rather perplexing. But the fact that this photo exists gives us a glimpse into the mind of what people were into during this era. They were into putting mannequins in enigmatic poses and places and taking photos to confuse the hell out of people. I mean, are you not both pulled in and pushed away at the same time? You’re all thinking, “What is happening?” And I wish I had an answer. It’s like those movies that leave you with an ending that you must create for yourself. Go create something, make it gory if you want, but make sure to do justice to the fact that body parts are missing and people seem rather peaceful about it.

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